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									      April 3, 2003                                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                  H2809
        The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is a sep-                      Larsen (WA)        Ose                  Sherwood                          b 2300
                                                                Larson (CT)        Otter                Shimkus
      arate vote demanded on any amend-                         Latham             Owens                Shuster                 LEGISLATIVE PROGRAM
      ment? If not, the Chair will put them                     LaTourette         Oxley                Simmons
      en gros.                                                  Leach              Pallone              Simpson
                                                                                                                           (Mr. HOYER asked and was given
        The amendments were agreed to.                          Levin              Pascrell             Skelton          permission to address the House for 1
        The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
                                                                Lewis (CA)         Pastor               Slaughter        minute.)
                                                                Lewis (KY)         Payne                Smith (MI)         Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I yield to
      question is on engrossment and third                      Linder             Pearce               Smith (NJ)
                                                                Lipinski           Pelosi
                                                                                                                         the gentleman from Texas (Mr. DELAY)
      reading of the bill.                                                                              Smith (TX)
                                                                LoBiondo           Pence                Smith (WA)
                                                                                                                         for the purposes of informing the body
        The bill was ordered to be engrossed                    Lofgren            Peterson (MN)                         as to the schedule for the coming week.
      and read a third time, and was read the                   Lowey              Peterson (PA)        Solis              Mr. DELAY. Mr. Speaker, I appre-
      third time.                                               Lucas (KY)         Petri                Souder           ciate the gentleman from Maryland
        The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                            Lucas (OK)         Pickering            Spratt
                                                                Lynch              Pitts                                 (Mr. HOYER) yielding to me.
      question is on the passage of the bill.                                                           Stark
                                                                Majette            Platts
                                                                                                                           Mr. Speaker, the House will convene
        Under clause 10 of rule XX, the yeas                    Maloney            Pombo
                                                                                                        Stenholm         on Monday at 12:30 p.m. for morning
      and nays are ordered.                                     Manzullo           Pomeroy
                                                                Markey             Porter
                                                                                                        Strickland       hour and 2 p.m. for legislative business.
        The vote was taken by electronic de-                    Marshall           Portman
                                                                                                        Stupak           We will consider several measures
      vice, and there were—yeas 414, nays 12,                   Matheson           Price (NC)           Sullivan         under a suspension of the rules and a
      not voting 9, as follows:                                 Matsui             Pryce (OH)                            final list sent to Members’ offices by
                                                                McCarthy (NY)      Putnam               Tancredo
                          [Roll No. 108]
                                                                McCollum           Quinn                Tanner           the end of the week.
                           YEAS—414                             McCotter           Radanovich           Tauscher           We may also consider a motion to go
                                                                McCrery            Rahall               Tauzin           to conference on the Armed Services
      Abercrombie        Collins             Granger
                                                                McDermott          Ramstad              Taylor (MS)
      Ackerman           Conyers             Graves
                                                                                                        Taylor (NC)
                                                                                                                         Tax Fairness Act and any votes called
                                                                McGovern           Rangel
      Aderholt           Cooper              Green (TX)
                                                                McHugh             Regula               Terry            on these measures, though, will be
      Akin               Costello            Green (WI)
      Alexander          Cox                 Greenwood          McIntyre           Rehberg              Thomas           rolled until 6:30 p.m.
      Allen              Cramer              Gutierrez          McKeon             Renzi                Thompson (CA)      On Tuesday we expect to consider
      Andrews            Crane               Gutknecht          McNulty            Reyes                Thompson (MS)    several additional bills under suspen-
      Baca               Crenshaw            Hall               Meehan             Reynolds             Thornberry
                                                                Meek (FL)          Rodriguez            Tiahrt
                                                                                                                         sion of the rules, as well as S. 380,
      Bachus             Crowley             Harman
      Baird              Cubin               Harris             Meeks (NY)         Rogers (AL)          Tiberi           which is virtually identical to the
      Baker              Culberson           Hart               Menendez           Rogers (KY)          Tierney          Postal Service Reform Bill that we had
      Baldwin            Cummings            Hastert            Mica               Rogers (MI)          Toomey           scheduled for consideration tonight.
      Ballance           Cunningham          Hastings (FL)      Michaud            Rohrabacher          Towns              For Wednesday and the balance of
      Ballenger          Davis (AL)          Hastings (WA)      Millender-         Ros-Lehtinen         Turner (OH)
      Barrett (SC)       Davis (CA)          Hayes                McDonald         Ross                 Turner (TX)
                                                                                                                         the week we have several measures
      Bartlett (MD)      Davis (FL)          Hayworth           Miller (FL)        Rothman              Udall (CO)       that we will consider under a rule.
      Barton (TX)        Davis (IL)          Hefley             Miller (MI)        Roybal-Allard        Udall (NM)       These include the gun manufacturers
      Bass               Davis (TN)          Hensarling         Miller (NC)        Royce                Upton
                                                                Miller, Gary       Ruppersberger
                                                                                                                         liability Reform Bill that was reported
      Beauprez           Davis, Jo Ann       Herger                                                     Van Hollen
      Becerra            Davis, Tom          Hill               Miller, George     Rush                 Velazquez
                                                                                                                         by the Committee on the Judiciary
      Bell               Deal (GA)           Hinchey            Mollohan           Ryan (OH)            Visclosky        earlier today, the comprehensive en-
      Bereuter           DeGette             Hinojosa           Moore              Ryan (WI)            Vitter           ergy policy bill, the FY 2004 Budget
      Berkley            Delahunt            Hobson             Moran (KS)         Ryun (KS)            Walsh
      Berry              DeLauro             Hoeffel            Moran (VA)         Sabo
                                                                                                                         Resolution Conference Report, and the
      Biggert            DeLay               Hoekstra           Murphy             Sanchez, Linda                        Conference Report on the FY 2003 War
      Bilirakis          DeMint              Holden             Murtha               T.
                                                                                                        Watt             Supplemental.
      Bishop (GA)        Deutsch             Holt               Musgrave           Sanchez, Loretta                        I would note for Members that we
      Bishop (NY)        Diaz-Balart, L.     Honda              Myrick             Sandlin
      Bishop (UT)        Diaz-Balart, M.     Hooley (OR)        Nadler             Saxton
                                                                                                        Weiner           plan to stay in session into the week-
      Blackburn          Dicks               Hostettler                                                 Weldon (FL)      end if necessary in order to complete
                                                                Napolitano         Schakowsky
                                                                                                        Weldon (PA)
      Blunt              Dingell             Houghton           Neal (MA)          Schiff
                                                                                                                         the supplemental before our spring re-
      Boehlert           Doggett             Hoyer              Nethercutt         Schrock                               cess.
      Boehner            Dooley (CA)         Hulshof            Ney                Scott (GA)           Wexler
      Bonilla            Doolittle           Hunter             Northup            Scott (VA)           Whitfield          I thank the gentleman for yielding,
      Bonner             Doyle               Inslee             Norwood            Sensenbrenner        Wicker           and I am happy to answer any ques-
      Bono               Dreier              Isakson            Nunes              Serrano              Wilson (NM)      tions.
      Boozman            Duncan              Israel             Nussle             Sessions             Wilson (SC)
                                                                                                                           Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I thank
      Boswell            Dunn                Issa               Obey               Shadegg              Wolf
      Boucher            Edwards             Istook             Olver              Shaw                 Wu               the gentleman for his information.
      Boyd               Ehlers              Jackson (IL)       Ortiz              Shays                Wynn             First, if I might, Mr. Leader, you indi-
      Bradley (NH)       Emanuel             Jackson-Lee        Osborne            Sherman              Young (FL)       cate that we may also consider a mo-
      Brady (PA)         Emerson               (TX)
      Brady (TX)         Engel               Janklow
                                                                                                                         tion to go to conference on the Armed
      Brown (OH)         English             Jefferson                                                                   Services Tax Fairness Act on Monday.
      Brown (SC)         Eshoo               Jenkins            Blumenauer         Grijalva             Paul             Do you know whether that is more
      Brown, Corrine     Etheridge           John               DeFazio            Kucinich             Sanders
                                                                Farr               Lee                  Watson           definite now? The reason I ask that is
      Brown-Waite,       Evans               Johnson (CT)
        Ginny            Everett             Johnson (IL)       Flake              Lewis (GA)           Woolsey          we may want to have a motion to in-
      Burgess            Fattah              Johnson, E. B.                                                              struct on this side.
      Burns              Feeney              Johnson, Sam                         NOT VOTING—9                             I yield to the gentleman.
      Burr               Ferguson            Jones (NC)         Berman             Hyde                 Oberstar           Mr. DELAY. I appreciate the gen-
      Burton (IN)        Filner              Jones (OH)
      Buyer              Fletcher            Kanjorski
                                                                Combest            McCarthy (MO)        Walden (OR)      tleman yielding and I wish I could give
                                                                Gephardt           McInnis              Young (AK)
      Calvert            Foley               Kaptur                                                                      him a more definite answer. We are
      Camp               Forbes              Keller
                                                                ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE
                                                                                                                         trying to consider how we would ap-
      Cannon             Ford                Kelly                                                                       proach this very important bill and we
      Cantor             Fossella            Kennedy (MN)         The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.
      Capito             Frank (MA)          Kennedy (RI)                                                                want to get it out before the Easter
      Capps              Franks (AZ)         Kildee             LATOURETTE) (during the vote). Mem-                      break. And the best I can tell the gen-
      Capuano            Frelinghuysen       Kilpatrick         bers are reminded there are 2 minutes                    tleman is it looks like we are going to
      Cardin             Frost               Kind
      Cardoza            Gallegly            King (IA)          left in this vote.                                       conference on it or we want to go to
      Carson (IN)        Garrett (NJ)        King (NY)                                                                   conference on it. But I do not want to
      Carson (OK)        Gerlach             Kingston
                                                                                       b 2259                            mislead him. There may be other alter-
      Carter             Gibbons             Kirk                                                                        natives available to us after we con-
      Case               Gilchrest           Kleczka
      Castle             Gillmor             Kline                  So the bill was passed.                              sider work with the Senate.
      Chabot             Gingrey             Knollenberg                                                                   Mr. HOYER. I thank the gentleman
                                                                  The result of the vote was announced
      Chocola            Gonzalez            Kolbe                                                                       for that information, and I would ap-
      Clay               Goode               LaHood             as above recorded.
                                                                                                                         preciate as soon as you know how you
      Clyburn            Goodlatte           Lampson
      Coble              Gordon              Langevin             A motion to reconsider was laid on                     are going to handle this if you would
      Cole               Goss                Lantos             the table.                                               let us know.

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