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									                                Groom Independent School District
                                  033-901 September 20, 2011
                                    Regular Monthly Meeting
The Board of Trustees of the Groom Independent School District met in a regular Monthly meeting on the
above date in its usual place in the school administration offices with the following members in attendance: Ron
Kuehler, Jeannie Ruthardt, Cecil Gwyn, Curtis Downs, Greg Hendricks, Charlotte Whatley, Seth Ritter. Mr.
Johnson, and Mr. Lamb were also in attendance. Guest Michelle Bohr was also present.
(Unless otherwise noted, all votes on motions were unanimous.)

-Opening prayer was offered by Mr. Hendricks.
-The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Mrs. Whatley.
-Motion made by Mr. Gwyn to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2011 Public Hearing on Budget and Tax Rate. Seconded
by Mr. Ritter. Motion Passed.
-Motion by Mr. Downs to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2011 Regular Monthly Board Meeting. Seconded by Mr.
Hendricks. Motion Passed.
In Open Forum:
-Michelle Bohr requested to address the Board concerning current projects of the Booster Club. She reported that t-shirt sales
raised approximately $500.00. Top-of-Texas Basketball Book had 27 ads this year. Boosters also had the concessions at the
annual Groom cross country meet and did well financially. Athletic boosters provided food in the park following the
Coronation Ceremony during homecoming week. There are also plans to provide glow bracelets for sale at the annual black-
out pep rally. The Boosters are also willing to do the concessions at the Groom BB Tourney if no class group wants to do it.
The Athletic Boosters are very much appreciated, they raise funds to help support numerous extracurricular programs at
Groom ISD.
- Mr. Lamb addressed the Board concerning student supplemental insurance coverage. Most school programs with
extracurricular activities carry supplemental policies to assist parents in the event a student becomes injured while competing
in an extracurricular event. Groom currently carries only catastrophic coverage for major medical expenses. A listing of some
of the injuries sustained this year was also given. Mr. Lamb will bring several proposals to the Board for consideration at a
later date concerning supplemental insurance coverage for students.
- Mr. Lamb also discussed with the Board that the Groom 4-H Program will have over 20 pigs in the Ag pens this year. He
would like to expand the water access for the pens by running a water line on the south end of the pens and bringing it up the
east side. Additionally, Mr. Lamb would like to add 3 freeze-less faucets- 2 on the South and 1 on the East side of the pens.

In Regular Session: (Board Consideration Items)
A. 2010-11 Budget.
Mr. Lamb reminded the Board that we have yet to make the Food Service (Fund 240) Transfer from the General Fund (Fund
199) to balance the Food Service Budget for the 2010-11 school year and that there are still several outstanding expenses to
close up the 10-11 Budget. It currently appears that the Fund 240 transfer will be about $19,151.00. Mr. Lamb pointed out
several other items on the August Financial Statements: a) Currently we are still short in estimated revenue by $38,460.08; b)
the deficit for 2010-11 is currently $42,690.50 – with the Cafeteria transfer this number increases to $61,841.21; c) Groom was
short $6800 in CATE spending for the 10-11 year – therefore, we upgraded the CATE/JH computer lab with 14 new Dell
desktops at a cost of $8,374.80. In Fund 224 (IDEA), Groom ISD has drawn-down $30,966.00. It appears that we will be short
on our Federal Maintenance of Effort (MOE) for IDEA by $10,895.00 for the 10-11 Year. This means that we will likely have
to pay TEA this amount back in the near future. The up-side of this situation is that our MOE for the 11-12 Year will be
lowered by this same amount –requiring us to spend less local money for IDEA in the 11-12 Year. In Fund 411 (Tech
Allotment) Groom still has $3,800.00 that will be utilized for some tech expenses out of Fund 199.
Groom has also been notified that we will receive an additional $15,599.00 back from TEA to spend in approved IDEA
expenses for the 10-11 school year. These funds must be spent by September 30, 2011. These were funds sent to TEA by
Groom last year because they were disallowed expenses during our 2009-10 Audit. Our 2010-11 IDEA Budget was amended
by the Borger SSA/TEA and the money was placed to be expensed in technology supplies: The following technology items were
purchased with these funds – A) Apple I-Pad Learning Lab (10 I-Pad IIs w/cart) , 12 Active Expression Votes with a bag, and
5 Dell desktop computers for the SPED room at a total of $12,659.00. The unspent portion will be returned to TEA. These
items are excludable from our MOE calculation because they are 1-time technology expenses – not annual expenses.
Mr. Johnson also discussed our NIKE Contract for team uniforms and how this contract helps our district raise funds by
providing Nike clothing free to the District.

B. 2011-12 Budget.
The official 11-12 Adopted Budget was included in the packet simply to ensure that all Board members had a current copy. No
other discussion was held concerning this item.

C. Consider/Adopt UIL Concussion Policy.
The 2011-12 UIL policy concerning establishing a Concussion Oversight Committee and drafting a Concussion Policy were
presented to the Board. Mr. Lamb recommended that we adopt the UIL Medical Advisory Committee as our Concussion
Oversight Committee and adopt the UIL approved Concussion Management Policy as our official policy on Concussion
management. Mr. Downs made this motion. Seconded by Mr. Ritter. Motion Passed.

D. Consider/Adopt Local Policy Updates.
Local policy updates concerning EIA(Local) and EIC(Local) were not available for consideration because they have not been
returned from TASB Policy Service. They will be moved to the October Agenda for Consideration.

E. Consider Resoultion to Suspend EIE(Local) for the 2011-12 School Year.
Because of current changes in the state testing – TAKS being replaced with the STAAR exams, passing standards will not be
set in time for enforcement of the Student Success Initiative in grades 5 and 8. Therefore, the Board of trustees has to suspend
the policy requiring the enforcement of the SSI provisions- Policy EIE(Local). Mr. Ritter made the motion to suspend the SSI
provisions of EIE(Local) for the 2011-12 school year. Mr. Hendricks seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

F. Consider/Change Time of Board Elections.
Senate Bill 100 has forced Board elections in even-numbered years to be moved to November in many districts because voting
equipment will not be available for use. Our county election clerk has agreed to allow Groom ISD and the City of Groom to
use the voting equipment as always; therefore, no change is required in our School Board election times or procedures.

G. Consider Purchase of Board Book Service from TASB.
Board was given a detailed presentation of the Board Book Electronic Board Meeting Service available from TASB. Initial
cost for the service is a one-time set-up fee of $1,000.00 and an annual fee based 9-1 to 8-31 yearly of $700.00. Some of the
advantages of the service include: a) paper conservation, b) better/more efficient time utilization by the Superintendent and
the Board, c) 5-years worth of archiving of Board Packets that are searchable, and the d) Board packet becomes a digital
record that can be page numbered and indexed – plus securely accessed by members of the Board wherever they have internet
-Motion made by Mr. Ritter to approve the Board Book Contract for the 2011-12 school year. Seconded by Mr. Hendricks.
Motion Passed.

Board returned to Item B.

H. Consider/Adopt Competitive Bids for the 2011-12 School Year.
a) Fuel. No bids were received for gasoline and diesel for the 2011-12 year.
b) Milk. A competitive bid was received from the Groom S&H Grocery. [½ Pint Lowfat 2% Milk at $14.33 per case, ½ Pint
Lowfat Chocolate Milk at $14.72 per case – Prices will vary based upon the Raw Milk Federal Market Order plus any state or
cooperative premiums or fees and other ingredient costs. Mr. Hendricks made the motion to approve the Milk Bid of S&H
Grocery of Groom. Mr. Kuehler seconded the motion. Motion Passed.
c) Bread. No bids were received for Bread for the 2011-12 School Year.

I. Consider/Adopt 4-H Resolution and Adjunct Faculty Agreement.
Mr. Lamb recommended to the Board approval of a Resolution to recognize the Carson County 4-H Organization as an
organization approved and eligible for extracurricular status as authorized under 19 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter
76.1. Mr. Gwyn made the motion to approve the Resolution as presented. Mrs. Ruthardt seconded the motion. Motion Passed.
Mr. Lamb recommended to the Board approval of an Adjunct Faculty Agreement appointing Jody Bradford and Jeanene
Montgomery as Adjunct Faculty of Groom ISD for the 2011-12 School Year subject to terms of the Agreement. The
Agreement is authorized under Section 129.21 (d)(1) of the Texas Administrative Code. Mr. Gwyn made the motion to
approve the Adjunct Faculty Agreement. Mrs. Ruthardt seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

J. Consider/Approve Transfer Applications.
Motion made by Mr. Downs, seconded by Mr. Ritter to approve the Transfer Applications of Hali Bohr and Nick Bohr for the
2011-12 School Year. Motion Passed.
Motion made by Mr. Kuehler, seconded by Mr. Hendricks to approve the Transfer Applications of Eric Clifton and Jacob
Clifton for the 2011-12 School Year. Motion Passed.
Motion made by Mr. Kuehler, seconded by Mr. Hendricks to approve the Transfer Applications of Neva Corley and
Kashaunna Corley for the 2011-12 School Year. Motion Passed.
Motion made by Mr. Downs, seconded by Mr. Ritter to approve the Transfer Applications of Tiffany Fehr, Brenda Fehr, and
Kevin Fehr for the 2011-12 School Year. Motion Passed.
Motion made by Mrs. Ruthardt, seconded by Mr. Ritter to approve the Transfer Application of Leslie Germany for the 2011-
12 School Year. Motion Passed.
Motion made by Mr. Downs, seconded by Mr. Ritter to approve the Transfer Application of Molly Stewart for the 2011-12
School Year. Motion Passed.
Motion made by Mrs. Ruthardt, seconded by Mr. Kuehler to approve the Transfer Application of Kearston Tolleson for the
2011-12 School Year. Motion Passed.

K. Consider/Appoint TASB Delegate and/or Alternate.
Motion made by Mr. Ritter, seconded by Mr. Hendricks to appoint Mrs. Whatley as the District TASB Delegate to the 2011
Convention and to appoint Mr. Downs as the Alternate. Motion Passed.

L. Consideration and Authorization to join other Texas Public schools in School Finance Litigation as proposed by the Equity
Motion was made by Mr. Kuehler, seconded by Mr. Downs to authorize a Resolution Joining the Equity Center in School
Finance Litigation. The Resolution is to be worded as follows:
“The Groom ISD Board of Trustees authorizes a one-time expenditure not to exceed $1 per WADA to
join with other Texas public schools, taxpayers and parents as an unincorporated association for the
purpose of speaking with a unified voice in the litigation of public school finance matters essential to the
fair treatment of Texas taxpayers and public school children.”
Motion Passed.

Under Principal’s Report:
Mr. Johnson presented the Board with the Master Schedule for the 2011-12 school year. Current enrollment for the District
stands at 134 students (43 High School, 27 Middle School, 64 Elementary). Homecoming Activities are in full swing and will be
continuing all week. The annual Groom Cross Country Meet was a huge success thanks to all the volunteers that participated
in the meet. There were over 160 runners participating in the meet.

Under Superintendent’s Report:
A. Maintenance Report.
Mr. Lamb advised the Board that several maintenance items are currently nearing completion. The Bathroom on the
Wilkerson home is nearing completion and still required some plumbing work – moving water inlet pipes to accommodate the
vanity being installed – then completing the wall tile installation. Two school bus windshields were replaced and 10-12 rock
pits were repaired in District vehicles. The small bus (Allenreed Route) required some electrical repair and had been in the
shop at Panhandle. The Van will be undergoing some body repair in the next month or so. The passenger front fender was
damaged by school personnel during the summer. Thanks to some generous donations by several local individuals and
businesses, the Groom logo will be painted in the center of the football field for Homecoming. The girls’ showers in the gym
are currently in need of repair and we are in the process of looking at several options for repair and/or replacement of the
shower parts. The costs associated with replacing the parts with like kind are extremely expensive –part bids from several
vendors range anywhere from $350 to $500 per shower. Mr. Lamb will keep the Board informed as to possible solutions to
fixing the showers. Broken (cracked) windows on the building will be the next target for improvement and the football stands
are in serious need of attention.
B. Chapter 41 Status Report.
Mr. Lamb presented the Board with the official TEA letter designating Groom ISD as a Chapter 42 District for the 2011-12
school year.
C. TASB Convention Update
Mr. Lamb presented the Board with information to be presented at the TASB Convention in Austin on September 29 –
October 2. Mr. Lamb, Mrs. Whatley, and Mr. Downs will attend since TASB convention fees have been waived for the 2011-12
D. Annual HQ Report and Notifications
Mr. Lamb reported to the Board that Groom ISD is Highly Qualified in all Areas except Life Science - Biology. Appropriate
Parental Notifications were mailed out by the District prior to the end of the fourth week of school. Our High School Science
Teacher had to assume responsibility for Biology this year after the departure of another teacher. He will be taking the
appropriate certification exam to correct the HQ issue in Life Science as soon as possible.

E. Next Meeting.{Public FIRST Rating Meeting, Public Hearing for Taxing Goods in Transit, Regular Meeting}
The next meetings of the Board of Trustees were set for Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at the following times:
Public Meeting to Discuss District FIRST Rating – 7:00 PM
Public Hearing for Taxing Goods in Transit – 7:10 PM
Regular October Board Meeting – 7:15 PM

Under Personnel:
A. Consider Aide Position – Subject to Assignment.
Every staff member has been performing extra duties this year because of staffing changes necessitated by declining state
funding; but, we still have a few areas in real need of help. Mr. Lamb feels that we are in need of an additional educational
aide to help in Special Education and in the Cafeteria during Breakfast and Lunch times. Personnel reassignments and
resignations for the 2011-12 year resulted in the loss of 2 educational aides. Monies are in the adopted budget for an additional
aide position. Mr. Lamb advised the Board that the search for an acceptable candidate would begin this week.

The Board went into Executive Session at 9:47 pm under Texas Governmental Code 551.074for
Personnel – specifically, Item B - Deliberation Concerning an At-Will Employee.
The Board returned from Executive Session at 10:10 pm – No Action was taken by the Board.

The Motion was made by Mr. Downs, seconded by Mr. Gwyn to adjourn at 10:15 pm. Motion Passed.

Approved: _____________________________
Charlotte Whatley, President, Board of Trustees

Attest: ______________________________
Jeannie Ruthardt, Secretary, Board of Trustees


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