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									                                              Biological Survey of Canada (Terrestrial Arthropods)
                                             Summary of Actions from Scientific Committee Meeting
                                                                 November 2005

        (NOTE: Most of the continuing work of the scientific project subcommittees is not listed here, see minute items 4.1.and 4.2.)

Item in                 Subject                                 Roles                               Deadline               Responsibility
Items from November meeting:

3.1           Letter to ESC editor about   Alert new editor of the Canadian Entomologist. When new editor is         Committee
              faunistics                                                                  appointed

4.1.1         Grasslands                   Submit outstanding chapters for Grasslands        A.S.A.P.                J.D. Shorthouse, R.E.
                                           volume to T.A. Wheeler.                                                   Roughley and G.G.E.

                                           Communicate with T.A. Wheeler to assist in        A.S.A.P.                H.V. Danks
                                           moving publication forward.

                                           Cost publication and consider sponsorship.        Report at next          H.V. Danks

4.1.2         BSC e-journal of             Prepare editorial guidelines.                                             H.V. Danks, S.A.
              arthropod identification                                                                               Marshall, editorial board

                                           Prepare to launch product.                        2006                    S. A. Marshall

4.1.3         Terrestrial arthropods of    Continue to organize 2006 BioBlitz in             Report at next          D.W. Langor
              Newfoundland and             Newfoundland.                                     meeting

                                           Contact D. McCorquodale if anyone wishes to       As needed               Any member
                                           collect in Cape Breton prior to BioBlitz.
4.1.7         Invasions and reductions     Continue planning for one-day symposium to        Report at next          D.W. Langor
                                           precede 2006 Joint Annual Meeting in              meeting
Item in             Subject                                 Roles                               Deadline             Responsibility
4.2.2      Survey web site             Send updates to Secretariat for revised web site. February 2006          All project leaders

4.2.5      Arthropods and fire         Explore feasibility of preparing a publication to Report at next         Subcommittee led by C.
                                       follow-up from symposium.                         meeting                Buddle

4.2.8      BSC Award                   Encourage student applications by promoting       Prior to award         J. Sweeney
                                       award among universities.                         application deadline
                                                                                         in Feb.

4.2.9      Biodiversity sampling       Develop Survey proposal; contact P. Bouchard      A.S.A.P.               N.N. Winchester
           brief                       about possible linkage with handbook series.

5          Membership of Scientific    Submit names of potential new Committee           A.S.A.P.               Any member
           Committee                   members to J.D. Shorthouse or H.V. Danks.

9          Dates of next meeting       Reserve April 20-21, 2006 for Spring meeting      At once                All members
                                       in Ottawa.

Outstanding items from April 2005:

6.1.2      Arthropods of Canada        Prepare a definitive plan including cost          A.S.A.P                S.A. Marshall
           e-journal                   estimates.

                                       Prepare expert submissions for ejournal.          A.S.A.P                Any member    Family key project          Adapt material from the Insect families of BC     2006                   G.G.E. Scudder
                                       for the BSC ejournal.

                                       Consider preparing an electronic version of the   when launched          G.G.E. Scudder
                                       Myriapod key for the BSC ejournal.

6.1.3      Terrestrial arthropods of   Prepare an entry requesting Newfoundland          A.S.A.P.               D.W. Langor
           Newfoundland and            material for the Survey’s list of requests.
6.2.2      Faunal analysis project     Continue to solicit updates.                      A.S.A.P.               R.E. Roughley
Item in           Subject                           Roles                             Deadline              Responsibility
6.2.4     Databasing           Send list of received data for database of        A.S.A.P.              R.E. Roughley
                               localities to Scientific Committee members
                               with request for additions. Rationalize data in
                               preparation for loading on the BSC web.

6.2.6     Endangered species   Prepare proposal for a multi-authored,            Circulate proposal    S.A. Marshall
                               authoritative treatment of potentially rare       before next meeting

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