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									Endangered Species
 US Fish and Wildlife Service
           Endangered Species
   Endangered Species Act
       Passed in 1983

   Purpose
       Conserve Endangered and Threatened
        Species and the ecosystems they depend on.
            Endangered Species
   Endangered
       In danger of extinction throughout all or a significant
        portion of its range
   Threatened
       Likely to become an endangered species within the
        foreseeable future
   Proposed
       Proposed to be listed under section 4 of the Act
   Candidate
       Considered for listing; not enough biological info
       No legal protection
            Endangered Species
   Critical Habitat
       Constituent elements (Physical or biological
        features) in and outside geographic area
         Essential to the conservation of the species
         May require special management considerations or
   Examples: Whooping Crane, Piping
              Endangered Species
   Section 9 - Prohibits “Take”
    Harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill,
    trap, capture, collect or attempt to engage in
    any such conduct
        Harm – significant habitat modification that results in
         death or injury by significantly impairing behavioral
         patterns such as breeding, feeding or sheltering
        Harass – likelihood of injury and not limited to breeding,
         feeding or sheltering.
       Endangered Species
   Prohibits import or export or T&E species or
    products made from T&E species

   Prohibits interstate or foreign commerce of
    T&E species or their products

   Prohibits possession of unlawfully taken
    endangered species
           Endangered Species
   Incidental Take Permit

       Authorizes “take” of listed fish or wildlife
        species that results from, but is not the
        purpose of, carrying out an otherwise lawful
        activity conducted by a Federal agency or
           Endangered Species
   Section 7 – Federal Agencies
       Use their authorities to further the
        conservation of listed species
       Consult with the USFWS to ensure they are
        not undertaking, funding, permitting, or
        authorizing actions likely to jeopardize their
        existence or destroy or adversely modify
        designated critical habitat
       Biological Opinion authorizes Incidental
           Endangered Species
   Section 10 – Private Individuals

       Scientific Permits
       Habitat Conservation Plans
       Safe Harbor Agreement
             Endangered Species
   29 Listed Species
       8 Birds
       3 Mammals
       7 Reptiles
       10 Plants
       1 Amphibian

           22 Endangered
           5 Threatened
           2 Candidates
           6 with Designated Critical Habitat
Endangered Species
Bald Eagle (endangered)           Aplomado Falcon

  Adult        Immature

 Immature      molting to adult
Whooping Crane   Brown Pelican
(endangered)       (endangered)
Attwater’s Prairie Chicken   Least Tern
Piping Plover   Eskimo Curlew
(threatened)    (endangered)
Leatherback Sea Turtle   HawksBill Turtle
(threatened)             (threatened)
Green Sea Turtle   Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle
(threatened)       (endangered)
Loggerhead Turtle   Houston Toad
(threatened)        (endangered)
Ocelot   (endangered)
Jaguarundi   (endangered)
Ashy Dogweed   S. Tx. Ambrosia   Zapata
(endangered)    (endangered)     Bladderpod
Walker’s Manioc   Slender RushPea
(endangered)      (endangered)
Texas Ayenia   Johnston’s Frankenia
(endangered)   (endangered)
Black Lace Cactus   Star Cactus
(endangered)        (endangered)
Cagle’s Map Turtle   Manatee
(candidate)          (threatened)
For Additional Information visit:
   www.fws.gov

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