Request for Quotation by JuMhZH


									                           REQUEST FOR QUOTATION

Please provide answers to the following questions with as much detail as possible. To
design the best water treatment system, it is essential to know about all the water
quality problems and conditions at the project installation site.

   1. Where is the project site located?

   2. What is the problem with the water at this location?

   3. Has the water been tested? If yes, please send a copy of the test results.

   4. Does the water contain bacteria or viruses that cause sickness? Do children or
      adults get sick from drinking the water? If yes, please describe all that is known
      about the cause of biological contamination.

   5. Does the water have chemical pollutants in it? If yes, describe all that is known
      about chemical contamination.

   6. Does the water have high levels of minerals such as calcium or magnesium? If
      yes, describe all that is known about mineral content.

   7. Is the water very dirty? If yes, describe what makes the water dirty.

   8. Does the water have a bad odor or taste? If yes, please describe what causes the
      bad taste or odor.

   9. Where does the water come from? A piped and pressurized water system? A
      lake or pond? A river? A well? Please describe the water source in detail.

   10. If the water comes from a well, how far is the water below the surface? What is
       the total depth of the well? Does the water level rise and fall during different

   11. How many people (adults plus children) will need to get their drinking water
       from this site?

   12. How many liters of drinking water need to be provided for each person every
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   13. Describe the weather conditions at the installation site. Is it sunny most of the
       time? Are there times of the year when it is mostly cloudy?

   14. Does it ever freeze at this location?

   15. Is electricity available at this site? If yes, is it generally available 24 hours a day
       or does the electricity go on and off?

   16. Is there a place to put a solar collector where it will receive sun all day long and
       not be shaded by trees or buildings?

   17. Where will the equipment be shipped to? If sent by air, what is the name of the
       closest international airport? If sent by ocean, what is the name of the closest
       ocean port?

Please provide any other information or details that may be relevant to the planning and
preparation of this project.

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