The Road to Proficiency by SZ4v6I


									The Road to Proficiency

      Differentiation Training
              Part II

• Although the destination is the same –
  PROFICIENCY- one student’s road map is
  not the same as another’s.
    How Can We Use Content to Differentiate
•   Use pre-assessment data to tie teaching to existing teaching concepts for
    every student.

•   Increase/Decrease the abstractness of the representative topic

•   Change the content material to something more familiar/less familiar

•   Change the material (i.e., within the discipline, across disciplines, time
    periods, people, or events)

•   Offer the opportunity to explore an application, the methodology of a field,
    or the lives of contributor (s) in a field

•   Provide background information about the content material.

•   Break the content material into smaller parts

•   Offer students the opportunity to explore related content .

•   Provide more/fewer examples; offer choice

•   Identify and address students’ misconceptions
                         Process Strategy - Grouping

–   Avoid the one-size-fits-all model of curriculum and instruction

–   Teach to small groups to address learners’ academic and cognitive

–   Use a variety of factors to group students

–   Locate contracts and centers to deliver and manage small group learning

–   Develop in-class extensions around the interests of individuals and small
    groups of students

–   Provide opportunities for students to work in small groups or individually to
    pursue their own questions

–   Provide opportunities for students to present their work to small groups of

–   Use the ESS program to address students’ interests and learning needs
           Products and Differentiation

– Spend only the time necessary to determine the extent of learning.

– Use daily formal or informal assessments

– Develop rubrics with a low baseline and high ceiling

– Link drafts, final products, learning opportunities, and reteaching

– Use a variety of product formats

– Encourage self-assessment

– Provide choice; allow students to express themselves in their preferred
  expression format some of the time

– Keep selected proficient work to showcase as “possibilities”

– Provide time for students to share their work in large and small groups
Advance organizer                                                                  Sculpture
                    Costume           Illustrated story    Pamphlet                Set design
Advertisement       Critique          Interview            Pantomime               Short story
Animation           Dance             Invention            Paragraph               Silk screening
Annotated           Debate            Investment portfolio Pattern                 Simulation
     bibliography   Diagram           Journal              Photo essay
Argument                                                                           Skit
                    Diary             Landscape design     Photo journal           Slide show
Assignment          Dictionary        Learning profile     Play
Audiotape                                                                          Small-scale model
                    Diorama           Lecture              Picture dictionary      Social action plan
Biography           Display           Lesson               Picture book
Blueprint                                                                          Song
                    Dramatic          Letter               Poem                    Sonnet
Board game               monologue    Limerick             Portfolio
Book jacket         Drawing                                                        Stencil
                                      Line drawing         Poster                  Summary
Bulletin board      Economic          List                 Pottery
Bulleted list            forecast                                                  Survey
                    Editorial         Magazine article     Powerpoint slides       Table
CD disc                               Map                  Prediction
Calendar            Elegy                                                          Terrarium
                    Essay             Maze                 Protocol                Textbook
Campaign                              Memoir               Proposal
Card game           Etching                                                        Timeline
                    Experiment        Memoir               Puppet                  Theory
Census                                Montage              Puppet show
Ceramics            Fable                                                          Think piece
                    Fact file         Movie                Questions               Topographical map
Chamber music                         Museum exhibit       Radio show
Character sketch    Fairy tale                                                     TV documentary
                    Family tree       Musical composition Relief map               TV newscast
Charcoal sketch                       Newspaper            Reflection
Chart               Festival                                                       Video
                    Filmstrip         Notes                Reflective essay        Video game
Choral reading                        Observation log      Research report
Chronology          Glossary          Oil painting         Rubbing                 Vocabulary list
Collage             Graph                                                          Weather
                    Graphic           Oral history         Rule                         instrument/log
Collection               organizer    Oral report          Science fiction story   Web
Comic strip         Greeting card     Outline              Scrapbook               Worksheet
Computer game       Haiku             Overhead                                     Wrapping paper
Computer program    Hypercard stack        transparency                                 design
Differentiation Strategies
When you come to the
 edge of all the light
 you have, and must
 take a step into the
 darkness of the
 unknown, either there
 will be something
 solid for you to stand
 on, or you will FLY
Patrick Overton

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