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									                                         English II Pre-AP Poetry Portfolio
                                                           4th 9 Weeks
Create a personal portfolio containing original poetry, poetry analysis, personal comments, biographies, quotes, and graphics.

Portfolio Contents:
1. Book Jacket                      (Personalized Art Work)              6. Analysis of 4 Modern Poems      (Modern Poets)
2. Glossary of Poetic Devices       (Poetic Devices)                     7. Analysis of 4 Classic Poems     (Classic Poets)
3. Quotes                           (Personal/Philosophical)             8. Poet Biography                  (Renowned Poet)
4. 15 Original Poems                (Personal)                           9. Lyric Poetry                    (Musical)
5. Analysis of 8 Original Poems     (Classmates)                         10. Read a book of Poetry          (Choice)

          Create a portfolio book jacket to house all of your work.
          Set the tone for the contents with the design of your portfolio book jacket.
          The art work may be original material, a collage, photos, print outs or any other artistic materials.
          It must, however, be school appropriate!
          Define 25 words from the list of poetic devices.
          Give an example of each. (original or found)
     QUOTES
          You must find 7 philosophical quotes that are meaningful to you.
          You must write 3 personal quotes that are meaningful to you.
          It must be original!
          The poem must have the poetic style listed in the right hand corner.
          No single couplets or quatrains!
          All analysis papers must be at least 1 page.
          You may not analyze the same poet twice.
          You must analyze the poems by looking at the diction, imagery, details, language, & syntax. (DIDLS)
          You must also analyze the tone of the poem.
          How to – Poetry Analysis
          Gather pertinent information on your selected poet, focusing on biographical information that may have
             influenced the poet’s choice of subject matter and /or the poet’s viewpoint on his/her subject matter.
          Find information on the decade(s) in which your poet lived and composed.
          In a 500 word essay report your findings, in which you connect biographical information and decade influences
             to specific poems. Tell me how your poet’s poetry was inspired by their life and the time they lived in. Be sure
             to cite specific poems and personal events.
          Submit a Works Cited page stapled to the back of your essay that follows the format provided in your notes.
          No two students may cover the same poet.
          How To: MLA Works Cited – Citationmachine.net
           You must find music lyrics containing poetic devices from the 1900s to 2000s.
           You must give me the Poetic Device, Composer, Singer, Lyrics (the poetic device), Release Date, and Genre.
          All papers must be typed! (12pt. Calibri)
          All papers must include name, date, and class in the left hand corner.
          All papers must be double spaced (except original poetry)
          All papers must have a title centered.
Poetry Styles

Found                              Acrostic                            Tanka
Nursery Rhymes                     Free Verse                          Sonnet
I Can’t Poems                      Ode                                 Epic
Lyrics                             Ballad                              Fable
Limericks                          Didactic                            Shape Poetry
Cinquain                           Haiku                               Enjambment
Quatrain                           Renga                               Elegy

Glossary of Poetic Devices

Poems up for possible discussion: (The following poems are also linked for your viewing pleasure on the net.)

Dulce et Decorum Est – Wilfred Owen                              1

O Captain My Captain – Walt Whitman                              2

Fear – Gabriela Minstral                                         3

The Street– Octavio Paz                                          4

Columbus Dying – Vassar Miller                                   5

The Wind – tapped like a tired man – Emily Dickinson             6

Spring and All – William Carlos Williams                         7

Uncoiling – Pat Mora                                             8

A Pace Like That – Yehuda Amichai                                9

Metaphor – Eve Merriam                                           10

Right Hand – Philip Fried                                        11

Success is counted sweetest – Emily Dickinson                    12

I dwell in possibility – Emily Dickinson                         13

Haiku                                                            14
                 Pre AP Final Poetry Portfolio Check List
1.   Poems =10pts                Typed 2pt    Headings 1pt    Poem Type 1pt       Must have an original
         1. Found                                                                 example of each.
         2. Nursery Rhyme
         3. Quatrain
         4. Acrostic
         5. Free Verse
         6. Ode
         7. Ballad
         8. Haiku
         9. Renga
         10. Tanka
         11. Cinquain
         12. Slam
         13. Elegy
         14. Limerick
         15. Rhyme
2.   Peer Analysis =10pts        Typed 2pts   Headings 1pt    Analyzed Poem 1pt   Must be at least 1pg.
         1.                                                                       You cannot analyze the
         2.                                                                       same person twice.
3.   Classical Analysis =15pts   Typed 2pts   Headings 2pts   Analyzed Poem 1pt
4.   Modern Analysis =15pts      Typed 2pts   Headings 2pts   Analyzed Poem 1pt
5.   25 Poetic Terms =10pts      Typed 2pt    Headings 2pts   Examples 2pts
         1. – 25.
6.   Book Jacket =10pts                                                           Illustrated 5pts
7.   Poet Biography =10pts       Typed 5pts   Headings 5pts
8.   Lyric Poetry =10pts         Typed 2pts   Headings 3pts   Information 5 pt    Figurative Language
         1. 1900                                              Composer
         2. 1910                                              Singer,
         3. 1920                                              Lyrics,
         4. 1930                                              Release Date
         5. 1940                                              Genre
         6. 1950
         7. 1960
         8. 1970
         9. 1980
         10. 1990
         11. 2000
9.   Quotes =10pts               Typed 2pts   Headings 2pts   3 Personal 2pts     7 Philosophical 4pts
         1. 7 –Philosophical
         2. 3 – Personal

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