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									                             Attention Senior Parents!

Parents, we need your help to make the Band Souvenir Yearbook 2012 the best ever. We would
like to honor all senior band students by including a short biography and photo for each in the

Senior Biography & Photo

We need your help to gather this large amount of information in a timely fashion. Please work
with your student to turn in a Senior Bio Info sheet. There are two ways to complete it: via email
or on paper. You only need to do one submission. Choose either:

       Via Email: Go to the North band website and find the yearbook forms. Then download
       the Senior bio form and save as a Word document. Add your answers to the document,
       save, and send as an email to (Another option would be to type
       your answers into an email or text file and send that.)

       On Paper: Complete the attached form and put in the appropriate large envelope behind
       Ms. Stockhouse’s office door.

Biography and photo submissions are due Monday April 2. Please encourage and work with
your student to get these forms in on time. Be sure to include a photo, or let us know how we
will be receiving one.

Yearbook Happy Ad

Please also consider congratulating your student for their years of hard work and dedication to
the band program by placing a Happy Ad in the Souvenir Yearbook. You can include photos,
sayings, and words of congratulation. An Advertisement Order form is attached. Just be sure to
write “Happy Ad” on the form. Happy Ads are ½ price the business price! If you need help
designing your ad, let us know and we’d be glad to help. Happy Ads are due April 2.

We realize these last days of high school are busy ones. Please take a few minutes to help us
with the Yearbook now, and years from now you’ll have a treasured keepsake of band memories
to enjoy.

Thank you for your help! If you have questions, please contact Joslyn Ellison by phone at 336-
3418 or by email at
                 Senior Bio for Band Souvenir Yearbook 2012
It’s your turn for the honor of a Senior Bio in the Annual Band Souvenir Yearbook! Please take
a moment to complete this form and relate your thoughts on your experiences in the band
program at BHSN. Remember to attach a photo or let us know that you will need one taken.
Please return to Band Office or send via email to by Friday, April 2.
Please write legibly. Thanks!

Parents’ Names_____________________________________________
Instruments Played___________________________________________
____ Photo attached              ____ Labeled CD of digital photo attached

____ I need a photo taken        ____ I will email photo to

Indicated the number of years you were in each group below.
____ Concert Bands                                 ____ Jazz Bands
____ Marching Band                                 ____ Jazz Combos
____ Winter Guard                                  ____ Orchestra

List any Musical Honors and Awards you have received while at BHSN.

List any Musicals you have been involved with and how.
List other Activities and Groups you have been involved with at BHSN.

Tell us about your special memories, favorite moments, or thoughts about your
years in the Band/Guard program.

Give us your thoughts on people you will remember and words of wisdom to next
year’s band members.

Tell us about your future plans.

Other Honors, Awards, and Offices held during High School.

Any other comments or thoughts you would like us to include.

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