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					                                           February Book Report
Students are required to read a biography book on a person of their choice for their February book report. A biography is
an account of a person's life. A biography is more than a list of impersonal facts (like birth, education, work, relationships
and death); it also portrays the subject's experience of those events. A work is biographical if it covers all of a person's life.
As such, biographical works are usually non-fiction. An autobiography is a biography written by the same person it is

There are many wonderful biographies available that are appropriate for young readers. We have listed names of people
that students may be interested in reading about, however students DO NOT have to choose someone from this list. The
bottom of this page includes titles of biographies including the author’s name to offer you some suggestions in selecting a

Each student is required to study a different person.

As part of their book report we will be hosting a “Wax Museum”. Children will “dress up” as the main character and
pretend to be that person giving a 1 minute report on that person’s life.

POSSIBLE people to explore

       Pocahontas                                    Martin Luther King Jr.                       Della Reese
       Elizabeth Cady Stanton                        Yo-Yo Ma                                     Condoleezza Rice
       Susan B. Anthony                              Mia Hamm                                     Beverly Cleary
       Harriet Tubman                                Princess Diana                               Madeleine L’Engle
       Orville and Wilbur Wright                     Thomas Edison                                Neil Armstrong
       Jackie Robinson                               Rosa Parks                                   Vincent Van Gogh
       Dolores Huerta                                Queen Elizabeth                              Other Artists
       Benjamin Franklin                             An Athlete                                   Maria Montessori
       Davy Crockett                                 George Washington Carver                     Christopher Columbus
       Sitting Bull                                  Mother Theresa
       Helen Keller                                  Connie Chung

                                              PROJECT DUE DATES
         Due Date                                       Project Component

         March 9th                  Written report
         March 9th                  Completed Portrait
         March 9th                  Completed Timeline
        March 16th                  Prepared oral presentation
                                    Props brought in and dress-up like character for Wax
                                    Museum Day
        March 16th
                                    We will be presenting in the afternoon. We will begin getting
                                    after lunch.
                         February Book Pick – Biography
Fill out this sheet and turn it into your teacher by February 7th. You MUST bring in the book you
would like to read with this sheet before it will be approved. Each student MUST do a different

Student Name: _____________________________________________________________

First Choice
Book Title: _______________________________________        Author: ________________________

Number of Pages: ______________________

Second Choice
Book Title: _______________________________________        Author: ________________________

Number of Pages: ______________________

Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Teacher Signature: ___________________________________________________________
                            Wax Museum Biography Project
                                   Project Due Date: Friday, March 9th
       The Wax Museum will open at 11:30 for family and friends to come and visit on Friday, March 16th.

The February Book Report has a variety of components. Information for each part of this month’s book report is
     Get into Character                      Written Report                           Oral Report
     Create a Timeline                                          Create a portrait

Get into Character
You will present a dramatic oral report by “stepping into the shoes” of a subject. You must do one of the following as
part of your oral report on our Wax Museum Day – Friday, March 16th.
        Option One:
        Dress in costume as your main character. Include at least 3 props that help identify your character.
        Option Two:
        Draw the torso of your person on a large sheet of poster-board, leaving a whole for where the person’s face
        would be, and add accessories; for example, a “feather pen” in Ben Franklin’s hand. You must also include at
        least 3 real props that help identify your character. See your teacher for more explanation on how to use the
        poster board.

Biography Report
Oral reports are to be given about the notable person using the information learned in the biography. Each student will
deliver their presentation multiple times as people will tour as visitors to a museum. Each student’s presentation should
be about one minute in length. This should be done from memory. Note cards can be used to help when needed.
      For your oral report you will need to tell your audience: who you are, when you were born, a brief statement of
          why you were important, and least three important facts about your life.

You will also provide a written research report (at least five paragraphs) sharing information about your notable person.
The main areas of your oral/written report should include cover:
     information about the childhood and/or family of the person
     important events that shaped the person’s life
        hardships or obstacles faced by the person
     Interesting facts/stories about the person
        contributions the person has made to society

      Use the graphical organizer to record information about your person. Use your note-taking skills (DO NOT
       write in complete sentences. Put the information in your own words.). These must be turned in.
      Students should type or write their final reports in their best handwriting. Typed reports should be in 14 point
       Times New Roman font and double spaced. Students must provide a written report.
      A bibliography must be completed as well indicating at least two sources (including the biography book you
       read). See biography card sheet for help.
Student will create a timeline. Large paper is available in class for students to use.
 Students must list at least 8 important facts that happened in the person’s life. Date of birth and date of death should
    be added to the timeline, however will not be counted as one of the 8 facts.
 The timelines must be accurate and a scale must be used to evenly space out years.
 Each event must be written (manuscript) or typed in complete and quality sentences.
 Pictures/graphics may be used to help describe the events on the timeline.

Student will create a portrait of their notable person on the sheet provided (the frame). Students may use any art media
to complete their portrait (no markers – please). The portrait should not have any blank space. The background should
be filled in as well. Students should practice their portrait rough draft on the notes pages provided. This must be drawn
by student---tracing is allowed.
                                  Biography Notes
Name: _________________________________________ Number:____             Date: ________

Notable Person: ________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____________   Place of Birth: ___________

Date of Death: _____________   Place of Death: __________

Famous Quote:

Information about the childhood or family of the person.

Contributions that the person made to society.
Interesting facts or stories about the person.

Important events that shaped the person’s life.

Hardships or obstacles that the person faced.
                Timeline Information – Rough Draft
Date of Event                       Event written in a complete and quality sentence.
                    ____________________ was born on ________________________
                    in _________________________________ to the parents of
Portrait Rough Draft
                              Biography Book Report
                                                                         Points     Points
                           Requirements                                 Possible   Received

“Get into Character”
Student has dressed in character or has created poster costume.            10
Student uses at least 3 props that identify the notable person.             9
Props/Costume accurately depict notable person.                            10
Written Research Report
Reports typed using a 14-point readable font.                               5
Reports are at least five paragraphs in length.                             5
Introduction includes who the person is, when and where they were
born, early childhood and family information. It should also start in      10
an exciting way.
Detail paragraph(s) include(s) the important events that made the
person notable like interesting facts/stories about the person,            25
hardships that they may have faced.
Conclusion includes what the person has contributed to society (why
they are important) and ends in a memorable way (examples:
conclude your report with a quote, music, and poem). DO NOT end
your report with “The End”.
Bibliography includes at least two sources.                                 4
Bibliography is complete and accurate                                       5
Oral Presentation
Student began presentation with something interesting to get the
audience’s attention.
Oral presentation included who the person is/was, when they were
born, why they were important, and at least 3 important facts.
Student spoke loudly and clearly.                                           1
Student made eye contact with audience.                                     1
Student stood still and had good posture                                    1
Student ended presentation in a memorable way.                              4
Student presentation demonstrates that they memorized the
important information or are very comfortable with the information.         6
–No reading directly from a paper.
Audience: Student was a great audience member during other
presentations. Student was respectful to all presenters.
Timeline lists 8 important events that happened in the person’s life.        24
Timeline lists the date of birth and date of death (if not still alive).     6
Timeline events are written in manuscript or typed.                          3
Timeline demonstrates student’s creative and effort.                         5
Timeline is set-up with years spaced using an interval.                      5
Timeline was labeled with an appropriate title.                              2
Portrait is created in color and is pleasing to the eye. Portrait is
drawn or traced by student.
                                                                   Total:   200

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