Black History Month Social Studies Research Project by SZ4v6I


									                                 Black History Month
                         Social Studies Research Project 2011

The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the contributions of African Americans while developing
research, report writing, note-taking, and oral presentation skills.

Assignment: Each student will conduct research about their assigned African
American using at least two different sources and write a two (2) page hand-
written report or one (1) full-page typed report about the life of their assigned
American. (If it is typed please use a 12 pt or 14 pt standard font) I
encourage the use of a biography, autobiography, or reference book and will
provide time for students to check a book out from our school library. A
wonderful site for Internet research is the Commissioner’s Task Force on
African American History: , but there are many
other acceptable sites. The students must list their sources. Students will
learn how to write a bibliography during our class time and I have included
information in this packet.

The students will also create a timeline of major events in the life of their
person on a piece of poster board (preferred) or large-size construction paper.
The information must be large enough to be read from six feet away since we
will be displaying these boards from the ceiling. The students will prepare a 3-5
minute talk about their person to present to the rest of the class. Students
should not read their report. Students can prepare note cards or refer to
their timeline to help them remember information about their person. During
the presentation, the other students will take brief notes about each African
American and his/her contribution.

Content: Students should include brief biographical information, such as years
of birth and death, family life (slave or free?), education, and anything else
that is relevant. They must include information about the Black American’s
contributions and significance during the time period when they were alive and
also how their life has affected how things are done today.

Grading: Students will receive two grades for this project. One will be a
Social Studies grade for content and the second will be a Writing grade for the
written portion of the project. See the attached rubrics. I will make the final
decision about the student grade, but students are required to self-assess
their work.

Due Date: Written reports are due on _______________. Oral
presentations will also begin that day. Please do not wait until the day before
to begin.

Parent Signature:
(I'll just be checking these off and returning directions to kids)

     Student checklist of required items:
     ___1-2 pages long
     ___biographical information included
     ___contribution(s) and significance included
     ___timeline large enough to be seen by audience
     ___prepared “talk” 3-5 minutes-NOT READ
     ___used two sources
     ___included a bibliography in proper format
     ___report is organized with a beginning, middle, and conclusion
     ___report is written in your own words-not plagiarized
     ___used complete sentences, capitalization, and proper spelling
     ___turned it in on time:
     ___rubric page is completed by the student and attached to written report
      Please attach this to the front of your written report.

                 Grading Rubrics for the Black History Month
                           Social Studies Project

 Social Studies Rubric

  Component                                 Possible   Student         Teacher
                                            points     Assessment of   Assessment of
                                                       Points Earned   Points Earned
  Biographical information included         10
  Contribution included                     10
  Significance of contribution included     10
  Oral presentation includes relevant10
  information                        10     10
  Timeline done                             10
  Timeline is large enough to be read
  from 6 feet away                          10
  Used at least two sources                 20
  Bibliography is included                  10
  Turned in on time                         10
  Total (add up all points)                  100

Writing Rubric

  Component                                 Possible   Student         Teacher
                                            points     Assessment of   Assessment of
                                                       Points earned   Points Earned
  Report is written in your own words       10
  Report includes an introduction           10
  Report has organization in the body       20
  Report includes a conclusion              10
  Proper conventions are used               15
  (punctuation, capitalization, spelling)
  Report is of proper length(1-2 pages)     15
  Bibliography is done correctly (and       10
  includes all required information)
  Turned in on time                         10
  Total (add up all points)                  100
Writing a Bibliography
The purpose of recording your sources is to give credit to the author for his or her work.
Also, other people who wish to read more about your topic can go to your source to read the
entire article. And finally, if you are writing a research paper, your teachers can also go to
those sources to make sure that you have not directly copied the words of the author

Components of a Bibliography- The following items must be included if they are available.

      Author’s name
      Title of the book, article, or website
      Date that it was published/printed
      Name of the publishing company
      Location of the publishing company
      URL-Website address
      Date of retrieval from the website

Format- There are several different formats, or order of listing things. The authors’ last
names should be listed in alphabetical order. For this class we will use the following:

Author’s last name, author’s first name. (date of publication). Title (either
            underlined or in italics), publisher location: publisher name.


Author’s last name (if known), author’s first name (if known). (date of article
           publication), Title of website and article. URL. date of retrieval (when
           you got it from the Internet)


Smith, Joseph (2005). How to Eat Fried Squid. NY: Frank’s Publishing, Inc.

(No author listed). (2006)., Butterflies.
                    Retrieved on Nov. 2, 2009

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