Resources and Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa by SZ4v6I

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									Where and when do you think these signs are from?
Resources and Power in
 Post-Apartheid South
       Essential Question

►Are  resources and power
 distributed equally amongst the
 various ethnic groups in South
A Brief History of South Africa
 ► First black South Africans arrived
   about 2,000 years ago.
 ► Boers, Dutch farmers, arrived in 1652.
 ► British farmers arrived in 1820.
 ► Asians arrived in the 1860s from India
   to work for British colonists.
A Multiracial Society
 ►Black: African
 ►White: Dutch and British
 ►Colored: Mixed B & W
 ►Asian: Indian
Apartheid (“Separateness”)
 ►: former official
  policy of separating
  people according to
   1948-1991
Apartheid Social Hierarchy
 ►Whites   had all political & economic
 ►Asians & coloreds were 2nd-class
 ►Blacks were the lowest class.
    forced to live in poor, rural areas.
    couldn’t move freely through the
A South African Black Township under
A South African Apartheid Passbook
Protests Lead to Change
 ►Nelson  Mandela: Lawyer who led
  the fight to end apartheid.
   Jailed for 27 years for his protest
 ►Nearly   600 died in the struggle.
►Apartheid   ended in 1991.
►Mandela was elected the country’s
 first black president.
   Later won the Nobel Peace Prize

 Waiting to Vote in
 Soweto, South Africa,
Assignment:   South Africa Graph Analysis
► ELT:  Explain how the uneven
  distribution of resources can lead to
  conflict among cultural groups.
► Are resources equitably distributed
  amongst ethnic groups in South Africa
► Analyze various demographic graphs to
  find out?
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