Theorist Essay Outline by SZ4v6I


									Outline for Literary Theorist (Auto)Biography
  I.      Introduction: literary theory is fascinating, but _________________ has contributed
          remarkably profound ideas to our canon.

  II.     Brief life history: where, when, what has this theorist done?
          a. Where has this theorist taught? What books/works has this theorist written or
              contributed to?

  III.    What three specific, exact words/terms/ideas are new to you—and are essential to
          understanding this theorist’s contributions?
          a. What do these terms mean?
          b. How are these terms used?

  IV.     What major paradigm (group thinking) changes/shifts have been made by this
          a. What is different now that this theorist has lived and thought hard?

  V.      What other theorists have influenced—or been influenced by—this theorist?
          a. With whom has this theorist collaborated, written, produced?

  VI.     How is _________________ (theorist’s term, book, approach, lens, contribution)
          useful to y/our current study of _________________ (films, novels, poetry, art,
          sociology, psychology, religion)?

  VII.    Include a few famous quotes by this theorist.

  VIII.   Offer your praise for this theorist and her/his contributions to the academic world.

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