Biography project by 3Q6Zu6B


									                             Biography project
                                                               April 30, 2012

Dear Third Grade Families,

       Beginning the week of April 23, our class started a biography project
where we are researching important people. We are conducting our research
at school, using both book and internet resources. We will then organize our
research into a biographical report to be completed at school.
       The next part of this project is to create a model of your person
using a 2-liter bottle and any other materials you would like. An example of
a bottle head is on the next page. This part of the project is to be
completed at home, and will be due Monday, May 14. Students will share this
project with their biography report during Cortina’s Celebration of Learning
night on May 17.
       Please contact me with any questions. Please sign, detach, and return
the bottom portion of this page. As always, I appreciate all of your support!

                                                                  Thank you,
                                                                  Mrs. Barber

I have received the note about the upcoming biography project and
understand that my child needs to complete the 2-liter bottle project at
home and return to school by May 14.

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