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									                      The High School Planning Page
Please print all information and return this sheet to Ms. Algarin by Tuesday, October

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                               Specialized High Schools

1.   Bronx High School of Science        5. H.S. of American Studies@ Lehman College
2.   Brooklyn Latin High School          6. Queens H.S. for the Sciences@ York College
3.   Brooklyn Technical School           7. Staten Island Technical H.S.
4.   Stuyvesant High School              8. H.S. of Math, Science and Engineering
                                             @ City College

Your child must take the Specialized High School Test (SHST) if they wish to apply to
any of these eight schools. The test for the above mentioned specialized schools will be
given on either October 29th or 30th for all general education students. If your child
receives testing accommodations, they will be taking the test on November 5th. If your
child wishes to take this exam, please check Yes below and I will register them for the
test and provide them with an admission ticket the week before the test.

______ Yes, my eighth grader will take the Specialized High School Exam.

______ Yes, my eighth grader will take the Specialized High School Exam
       with testing accommodations.

______     No, my child will not take the Specialized High School exam.

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                                    Private Schools

If you are interested in applying to private schools, I encourage you to call or visit the
web sites of the schools that you wish to apply to immediately. You can obtain
information on application requirements, open houses, scholarships, etc. which I cannot
provide. Every private school is different and it is your responsibility to research that
information. Catholic Schools require that your eighth grader take the TACHS Test (Test
for Admission to Catholic High School). There is a fee and you must register your child
for that exam yourself. You can register for the TACHS on line at ,
or you can call 866-61TACHS. If your child currently receives extended time on
exams, she/he is also eligible to receive extended time on the TACHS provided you
complete page 10 of the TACHS Student Handbook and return it to me immediately
so that I can attach the required documentation and send it to the Archdiocese by
the October 7th deadline

_____ Yes, my child will apply to Catholic High Schools.

_____ Yes, my child will apply to Catholic High Schools and is applying for
      extended time.
____ _ No, my child will not apply to Catholic High Schools.

PARENT’S SIGNATURE:___________________________________________

                   Schools Requiring a Special Admissions Process

The following are examples of schools in the Bronx and Manhattan that have additional
admissions requirements: Bard (M51A), Beacon (M71A),Belmont Preparatory
H.S.(X42A), Bronx H.S. for Medical Science (X56A), Columbia Secondary School
(A15A), Frank McCourt High School (A21A), Gregorio Luperon H.S. (M62A), High
School for Dual Language and Asian Studies (M59A), High School for Health
Professions and Human services (M70A), Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science (X14J),
Manhattan/Hunter Science H.S.(M55A), Manhattan Village Academy (M94A),
Millennium H.S. (M25A), New Explorations into Science, NYCiSchool (M52A), School
of the Future H.S. (M83A), Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social
Change (M47A), Technology and Math H.S. (M29A), The American Sign Language and
English School (M54A), The Cinema School (Y42A), Washington Irving H.S./
Baccalaureate Program (M24B).
 You must register on-line or by phone for the interview, writing sample and/or to
complete an on line application requirement.

                               Performance Audition Schools
Some schools emphasize the arts, as well as academics and require a performance
audition. If your child is interested in any of these schools, please indicate which schools
they are interested in and circle ALL areas of performance below.

               THEATER PRODUCTION               VOCAL MUSIC

Bronx and Manhattan audition schools that require a ticket:

   1. Fiorella H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art
      and Performing Arts:                                           YES / NO

   2. Art and Design High School :                                   YES / NO

   3. The High School of Fashion Industries:                         YES / NO

   4. Professional Performing Arts High School        :              YES / NO

   5. Talented Unlimited High School:                                YES / NO

Bronx and Manhattan Schools that do not require a ticket:

   1. The Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music                      YES / NO

   2. Fordham High School for the Arts                               YES / NO

   3. Theatre Arts Production Company School                         YES / NO

   4. Wings Academy                                                  YES / NO

   5. Choir Academy of Harlem                                        YES / NO

   6. Gramercy Arts High School                                      YES / NO

   7. Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts                 YES / NO

   8. Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing Arts              YES / NO

*If you wish to audition for schools in Queens and/or Brooklyn,
  please indicate your choices here :

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