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									                                                           SAES/NIFA COMBINED RESEARCH INITIATIVES

                                                                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                        Food Safety                 Global Food Security and
  Human and Community                 Sustainable Energy              Climate Change              Agromedicine, Nutrition and                Hunger                    Childhood Obesity
     Development                      Biotechnology and             Water and Soil Quality              Food Safety                 International Trade and
                                         Biodiversity                                                                                    Development
                                                                                                                                     Small Scale Agriculture

Socioeconomic, infrastructure,   NIFA contributes to the         NIFA -funded projects            NIFA food safety programs       NIFA supports new science to     NIFA -supported programs
and public policy analyses for   President's goal of energy      generate knowledge to            work to reduce the incidence    boost U.S. agricultural          ensure that nutritious
fully optimizing human capital   independence with a portfolio   develop an agriculture system    of foodborne illness and        production, improve global       foods are affordable and
and strengthening                of grant programs to develop    that maintains high              provide a safer food supply     capacity to meet the growing     available, and provide
communities...                   biomass use for biofuels,       productivity in the face of      by addressing and               food demand, and foster          guidance so that
                                 designing optimum forestry      climate changes. This will       eliminating causes of           innovation in fighting hunger    individuals and families are
                                 and crops for bioenergy         help producers to plan for       microbial resistance to         by addressing food security      able to make informed,
                                 production, and to produce      and make decisions to adapt      contaminants, educating         for vulnerable populations.      science-based decisions
                                 value-added bio-based           to changing environments         consumer and food safety                                         about their health and
                                 industrial products.            and sustain economic vitality,   professionals, and developing   Helping disadvantaged rural      well-being.
                                                                 and can take advantage of        food processing technologies    communities fuel economic
                                 Plant and animal systems        emerging economic                to improve safety.              growth by becoming players
                                 research, including genetics,   opportunities offered by                                         in the global marketplace...
                                 with beneficial implications    climate change mitigation        Promoting health, nutrition
                                 for human wellbeing...          technologies.                    and safety in communities       Alternative enterprises, niche
                                                                                                  that depend on agricultural     markets, innovative farm-
                                                                 Providing solutions to           and natural resource-based      based businesses and
                                                                 environmental issues which       industries...                   environmentally sustainable
                                                                 are practical for small-scale                                    production systems…
                                                                 farms and communities with
                                                                 limited resources...


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