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									Renewable energy

Possible discussion points
• In the field of renewable energy there
  are already many stakeholders already
  on the field.
• These include technical,
  environmental, energy sector, private
  entrepreneurs, farmers and food
• Important aspect of the objective to increase
  the portion of renewable energy is to reduce
  total energy use.
• In general to use less energy consuming
  methods in agriculture can directly decrease
  use of fossil fuel and probable contribute
  more than possible by replacing fossil fuel
  with renewable.
• Agricultural part of the sector is mainly
  regarding bio energy.
• That includes utilization of the organic
  material available in agriculture and
  direct cultivation of energy crops.
• To increase the usage of agricultural
  products for energy (in form of fuel,
  heat or electricity) the conditions and
  needs of present production systems
  must be taken into account:
Geographical distribution of farming
 affects the feasibility of centralized bio-
 energy plants vs. farm based plants.
Important component in farm based fuel
 (e.g. methane) production can be to
 produce the fuel needed on the farm
 rather than selling it to other customers.
There is in the Nordic region a wide range
 in the size of farms.
This variability must be taken into account
 in the technical solutions provided and
 the financial part of the project.
There is also a large variability in the
 quality of the organic matter
 available that must be considered.
The maintenance of the nutrient cycle
 must be taken into account in
 structuring fuel production in
One contribution of agriculture to the
 energy sector can be cultivation of
 energy crops..
Cultivation of energy crops competes
 with other land use e.g. traditional
In some areas it might be possible to
 combine cultivation of energy crops to
 harvesting from areas here to left un-
This might include revegetation of nude
 areas, or wetlands (undrained), woodland
 with fast growing species (willow).
The net energy output from cultivation of
energy crops can easily be negative if
much synthetic fertilizers are used (they
are very energy demanding in
production) or transporting distances are
to long.
• Topic for discussion now:
• How can renewable energy be put on
  the agenda at the NOVA universities?

Each table in the auditorium discusses
 the matter untill 10:20 and suggests one

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