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									Purpose of the USDA
   Established in 1862 by
    President Abraham Lincoln

   Back then, more than half
    of the Nation’s population
    lived and worked on

   It was established to
    improve the Nation’s
    economy and quality of
Purpose of the USDA
   Today, some of the improvements of the Nation
     Enhancing   economic opportunities for U.S. farmers and

     Supporting the sound, sustainable development of rural

     Working   to reduce hunger and improve America’s
      health through good nutrition
Mission Statement
“To provide leadership
  on food, agriculture,
  natural resources,
  rural development
  and related issues
  based on sound
  public policy, the best
  available science,
  and efficient
Vision Statement of the USDA
   Dynamic organization that is able to enhance
    agricultural trade

   Protect the Nation’s food supply

   Protect and enhance the Nation’s natural resource
    base and environment
USDA Organization Chart
USDA Mission Areas

   The USDA established mission areas which
    are a collection of agencies that work
    together to achieve USDA’s strategic
Natural Resources and Environment

   Forest   Service

    - 193 million acres of national forests and grasslands

   Natural   Resources Conservation Service

    - Assists famers, rancher and other private landowners
    in managing their acreage for environmental and
    economic sustainability.
Farm and Foreign Agricultural
 Farm  Service Agency (FSA)
  - Delivers most traditional farm programs

 Foreign   Agricultural Service (FAS)
  - Assists with U.S. agricultural exports

 RiskManagement Agency (RMA)
  - Handles programs that help farmers and ranchers
  address the unavoidable challenges in agriculture, such
  as natural disasters
  Farm and Foreign Agricultural
  Services (Continued)
Includes Two Government-owned corporations:

   Commodity   Credit Corporation (CCC)
    - Works to stabilize farm income and prices to help ensure
    an adequate, affordable supply of food and fiber.

   Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC)
    - Improves the economic stability of agriculture through a
    sound system of crop insurance.
Rural Development (RD)

Focus on creating economic opportunities and improving
            the quality of life in rural America.

 Rural   Utilities Services

 Rural   Housing Service

 Rural   Business-Cooperative Service
    Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services

 Food and Nutrition Service (FNS)
   Administers Federal nutrition programs

 Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP)
   Provides science-based dietary guidance to the

*15 Federal nutrition assistance programs
Food Safety

 Food   Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)

  Public health agency responsible for ensuring
   that the Nation’s commercial supply of meat,
   poultry, and egg products is safe, wholesome
   and labeled and packaged correctly.
Research, Education and Economics
 Brings together all of the efforts underway throughout USDA to advance a safe,
               sustainable and competitive U.S. food and fiber system

   Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

   Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
   Economic Research Service (ERS)

   National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)

   National Agricultural Library
    Marketing and Regulatory Programs
   Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)
     Facilitates domestic and international marketing of U.S. agricultural

   Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
     Protects the U.S agriculture from plant and animal health related
     Ensures humane treatment of animals

   Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyard Administration (GIPSA)
     Promotes fair and competitive trading practices for the overall
      benefit of the consumers and American agriculture.
Strategic Plan Goals

   enhance international competitiveness of
 To
 American agriculture

   enhance protection and safety of the
 To
 Nation’s food supply

   support increased economic opportunities
 To
 and improved quality of life in rural America
    Strategic Plan Goals
   Through these six goals, the USDA will strive to:

     Improve   nutrition by providing food assistance and
      nutrition education and promotion

     Provide  financing needed to help expand job
      opportunities and improve housing, utilities, and
      infrastructure in rural America
Ongoing Objectives
   Research                    Manufacturing
     Provides the               products
     foundation for modern                   dyes, and
                                  Insulators,
     agriculture                   other bioproducts

   Developing                  Food-based health
    renewable resources          products
     Bioenergy                   Neutraceuticals    and
                                   functional foods
Ongoing Objectives
   Genetics and molecular biology
     Reduce    recurring problems of plant and animal disease

   Education
     Builds   scientific and agricultural literacy
Continuing Research
   Bio-fuels/Bio-energy
     Bio-fuel   production from Bio-dried animal manure

   Nanotechnology
     Genome     sequencing of Haemophillus para

   Obesity/Weight Control
     An integrated approach to prevention of obesity in
      high risk families

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