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									                       LIBRARY ACQUISITIONS
                             MAY, 2001

R/028.162/C323         Carter, Betty          Best books for young people

133.43/M528w           Meltzer, Milton        Witches and witch-hunts: a history of persecution
152.148/W636w          Wick, Walter           Walter Wick’s optical tricks
158.1/A223p            Adderholdt, Miriam     Perfectionism: what’s bad about being too good
179.7/Y81p             Yount, Lisa            Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia

R/200.3/W687i          Wilkinson, Philip      Illustrated dictionary of religions: rituals, beliefs,
                                                 and practices from around the world
277.3/B985r            Butler, Jon            Religion in colonial America

302.2/G195c            Gan, Geraldine         Communication
303.376/N476i          Netzley, Patricia      Issues in censorship
305.235/G781i          Gray, Mary             In your face: stories from the lives of queer youth
305.235/R754t          Rollin, Lucy           Twentieth-century teen culture by the decades:
                                                a reference guide
305.26/A267                                   Aging in America
305.4/B418w            Begun, Abbey           Women’s changing role
305.567/S631                                  Slave narratives
305.8/B666c            Bode, Janet            The colors of freedom: immigrant stories
305.896/F872j          Fremon, David          The Jim Crow laws and racism in American history
305.90664/A577g        Andryszewski, Tricia   Gay rights
305.90664/K89g         Kranz, Rachel          Gay rights
305.90829/G148g        Galbraith, Judy        The gifted kids’ survival guide: a teen handbook
306/K65p               Klier, Barbara         Profile of the nation: an American portrait
306.0973/J77o          Jones, LeAlan          Our America: life and death on the south side of Chicago
306.482/B418g          Begun, Abbey           Gambling: a crime or recreation?
307.76/D875c           Duis, Perry            Challenging Chicago: coping with everyday life,
                                                1837 - 1920
R/317.3/S797/2000                             Statistical abstract of the United States
323.448/H496p          Henderson, Harry       Privacy in the information age
324.273/M858p          Morin, Isobel          Politics, American style: political parties in American
325.73/C976i           Currie, Stephen        Issues in immigration
326/S849h              Stewart, James         Holy warriors: the abolitionists and American slavery
327.1/G552                                    Globalization
330.973/E19/2001                              Economic report of the president
331.6396/H772b         Honey, Michael         Black workers remember: an oral history of
                                                segregation, unionism, and the freedom struggle
R/331.702/F239b        Farr, J. Michael       Best jobs for the 21st century for college graduates
331.892/L374p          Laughlin, Rosemary     The Pullman strike of 1894: American labor comes of age
332.6/B199s            Bamford, Janet         Street wise: a guide for teen investors
333.782/M238s           Malaspina, Ann         Saving the American wilderness
R/333.95/P923                                  Precious heritage: the status of biodiversity in the U.S.
338.0973/L654i          Leuzzi, Linda          Industry and business
338.2/H615t             Heyes, Eileen          Tobacco U.S.A.: the industry behind the smoke curtain
R/341/A969a                                    American treaties & alliances
342.73/A629                                    The Anti-Federalist papers; and, The constitutional
                                                 convention debates
344.730533/H496g        Henderson, Harry       Gun control
344.730791/M172L        McPherson, Stephanie   Lau v. Nichols: bilingual education in public schools
345.0773/H496c          Henderson, Harry       Capital punishment
345.730522/P511w        Pettifor, Bonnie       Weeks v. United States: illegal search and seizure
346.73016/A454L         Alonso, Karen          Loving v. Virginia: interracial marriage
349.73/C573L            Ciment, James          Law and order
363.2/G685p             Gottfried, Ted         Police under fire
363.73/G213                                    Garbage and other pollution
364.1/H361/2001                                Hate crimes
364.177/D794                                   Drug legalization
364.4/D285c             Deatherage, Scott      A crime prevention for America’s youth
364.4/R883u             Rowland, Robert        United States policy on reducing crime
370.973/L654e           Leuzzi, Linda          Education
371.926/P849s           Porterfield, Kay       Straight talk about learning disabilities
R/378.1664/M388c        Martz, Geoff           Cracking the ACT
388/L654t               Leuzzi, Linda          Transportation
390/B258m               Barmeier, Jim          Manners and customs
394.26972/A481b         Amado, Elisa           Barrilete: a kite for the Day of the Dead
394.26972/A542p         Ancona, George         Pablo remembers: the fiesta of the Day of the Dead
394.26972/L668s         Levy, Janice           The spirit of Tio Fernendo: a Day of the Dead story
394.26972/L948g         Luenn, Nancy           A gift for Abuelita: celebrating the Day of the Dead

523.4/B168c             Bakich, Michael        The Cambridge planetary handbook
525/G163e               Gallant, Roy           Earth’s place in space

609/B167I               Baker, David           Scientific American inventions from outer space:
                                                everyday uses for NASA technology
610.973/R598h           Ritchie, David         Health and medicine
613.7/M753u             Monroe, Judy           Understanding weight-loss programs
615.954/S253f           Satin, Morton          Food alert!
629.45/D998s            Dyson, Marianne        Space station science: life in free fall
635.9312/G845a          Grey-Wilson, C.        Annuals and biennials
643.7/V695b             Vila, Bob              Bob Vila’s complete guide to remodeling your home
649.68/B862m            Britton, Lesley        Montessori: play & learn: a parents’ guide to
                                                purposeful play from two to six
658.3822/N562d          Newton, David          Drug testing: an issue for school, sport, and work
660.6/B615                                     Biotechnology
700 – ART
R/720.9/C955a                            Architecture – the critics’ choice: 150 masterpieces of
                                           western architecture
779/B982p             Bustard, Bruce     Picturing the century: one hundred years of photography
                                           from the National Archives
779/W749h             Wilson, Jackie     Hidden witness: African American images from the birth of
                                           photography to the Civil War
786.9/G716t           Gourse, Leslie     Timekeepers: the great jazz drummers
790/R598s             Ritchie, David     Sports and recreation
792.09421/A411w       Aliki              William Shakespeare & the Globe
796.35764/A231b       Adelson, Bruce     Brushing back Jim Crow: the integration of minor-league
                                           baseball in the American South

808.06665/F239q       Farr, J. Michael   The quick resume & cover letter book: write and use
                                          an effective resume in only one day
808.81/A512                              American’s favorite poems: the Favorite Poem Project
808.8245/A912                            Audition monologs for student actors: selections from
                                          contemporary plays
810.8/L776                               The literary West: an anthology of western American
810.9/A512ar                             American romanticism
811.008/v789                             The Vintage book of African American poetry
811.54/P716co         Plath, Sylvia      The collected poems
811.54/S718c          Soto, Gary         Canto familiar
812.54/R287ra                            Readings on A raisin in the sun
813.4/R287hf                             Readings on The adventures of Huckleberry Finn
815.08/R425/1999-00                      Representative American speeches
821.008/C614                             The classic hundred poems: all-time favorites
823.914/R287L                            Readings on Lord of the flies
831.912/G251r         Gass, William      Reading Rilke: reflections on the problems of translation
897/H236              Wiget, Andrew      Handbook of Native American literature

909/C666r             Cocker, Mark       Rivers of blood, rivers of gold: Europe’s conquest of
                                           indigenous peoples
909.0976/M111c        Maalouf, Amin      The crusades through Arab eyes
909.81/M645a          Millard, Anne      The age of revolutions, from AD 1750 to AD 1914
R/920/M426                               Mathematicians and computer wizards
923.6/W258n           Ward, Geoffrey     Not for ourselves alone: the story of Elizabeth Cady
                                         Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
929.6/J35                                Japanese design motifs: 4260 illustrations of heraldic
940.5318/L665d        Levine, Ellen      Darkness over Denmark: the Danish resistance and
                                           the rescue of the Jews
943.08/A468h          Altman, Linda      The Holocaust, Hitler, and Nazi Germany
973/H386g             Havens, John       Government and politics
973/L654u             Leuzzi, Linda      Urban life
973.0496/A939                             Autobiography of a people: three centuries of African
                                            American history told by those who lived it
973.0496/F853                             Freedomways reader: prophets in their own country

973.0496/H351g        Haskins, James      The geography of hope: Black exodus from the South
                                            after Reconstruction
973.0496/H739d                            Dreaming in color, living in black and white: our own
                                            stories of growing up black in America
973.7115/P672e        Pirtle, Carol       Escape betwixt two suns: a true tale of the underground
                                            railroad in Illinois
973.91/M141d          McElvaine, Robert   The Depression and New Deal: a history in documents
975.5/E26n            Edwards, Judith     Nat Turner’s slave rebellion in American history
978/R598f             Ritchie, David      Frontier life

F/A6286t              Anthony, Piers      Through the ice
F/H527b               Henty, G. A.        By right of conquest, or With Cortez in Mexico
F/P367y               Peck, Richard       A year down yonder
F/T671c               Toole, John         A confederacy of dunces

E/D419t               DePaola, Tomie      26 Fairmount Avenue

B/C828d               DeAngelis, Gina     Hernando Cortes: and the conquest of Mexico
B/F947m               Marino, Andy        A quiet American: the secret war of Varian Fry
B/P449s               Perkins, Leigh      A sportman’s life: how I built Orvis by mixing
                                           business and sport
B/S464m               Marvis, Barbara     Selena

EDUC/025.535/H196s    Halsted, Judith     Some of my best friends are books: guiding
                                           gifted readers from pre-school to high school
EDUC/028.162/B864w    Bodart, Joni        The world’s best thin books: what to read when your
                                           book report is due tomorrow
EDUC/305.23/B833r     Breggin, Peter      Reclaiming our children: a healing solution for a
                                           nation in crisis
EDUC/305.231/T951c    Turner, Pauline     Child development and early education:
                                           infancy through preschool
EDUC/370.089/H162u    Hale, Janice        Unbank the fire: visions for the education of African
                                           American children
EDUC/370.152/G227u    Gardner, Howard     The unschooled mind: how children think and how
                                           schools should teach
EDUC/370.1523/A738m   Armstrong, Thomas   Multiple intelligences in the classroom
EDUC/371.95/C641g     Cline, Starr        Giftedness has many faces: multiple talents and
                                           abilities in the classroom
EDUC/371.95/F699m     Ford, Donna         Multicultural gifted education
EDUC/371.95/K45e      Khatena, Joe        Enhancing creativity of gifted children: a guide
                                           for parents and teachers
EDUC/371.95/R719h    Roets, Lois             How to survive & thrive as educator of gifted &
                                               talented students
EDUC/372.13/D435a    Derman-Sparks, Louise   Anti-bias curriculum: tools for empowering young
EDUC/372.19/D644c    Dodge, Diane            The creative curriculum for early childhood
EDUC/373.1102/I61                            Interdisciplinary high school teaching: strategies for
                                               integrated learning
EDUC/379.158/M572c   Merrow, John            Choosing excellence: “good enough” schools are not
                                               good enough
EDUC/615.8/U85                               Using literature to help troubled teenagers cope with
                                               societal issues
EDUC/621.042/T238e   Taylor, Beverley        Explaining energy with TOYS: complete lessons for
                                               grades 4-8
EDUC/649.1/R813h     Rosenfeld, Alvin        Hyper-parenting: are you hurting your child by trying
                                               too hard
EDUC/808.1/C275p     Carey, Michael          Poetry: starting from scratch: a two week lesson plan
                                               for teaching poetry writing

AV/Video/020/M479                            Me? A librarian?

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