2009 Science Fair All Category Winners by q4vJRSe7


									2009 Sarasota County Regional Science,
Engineering and Technology Fair
All Category Winners
Behavioral & Social Sciences

1st Place
Phoenix Academy Who Let the Dogs Out ... And Who Didn't Ask?
Megan Davis (Grade 10)


1st Place
Sarasota High Process Optimization of Oil Extraction from Tetraselmis Algae for
Efficient Use as Biodiesel Fuel
Jonathan Flood (Grade 12)

2nd Place
Sarasota Military Academy Do Green Bags Prolong the Life of Fruits and Vegetables?
Patrick Hallinan (Grade 11)


1st Place
Riverview High To Radiate or Not to Radiate?
Mary Gillam (Grade 10)

2nd Place
Sarasota High Adaptation of Sandspurs to Human Intervention
Richard Schineller III (Grade 9)

3rd Place
New Gate School Cogon Killer
Hannah Voic (Grade 9)


1st Place
Sarasota High Effect of Natural and Commercial Laundry Detergents on Grass
Leah Holst (Grade 9)

Computer Sciences

1st Place
Sarasota High Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Localization Utilizing a Laser
Triangulation Algorithm
Daniel Mullins (Grade 12)
Earth Sciences

1st Place
Sarasota High Air Quality
Amanda Holly (Grade 9)


1st Place
Sarasota High Bullet Proof Armor Using a Shear Thickening Fluid
Jared Carter (Grade 11)

2nd Place
Riverview High Let-tuce-grow
Robert Bullerdick (Grade 12)
Nicholas LaMacchia (Grade 11)

3rd Place
Sarasota High Effect of the Arrangement of Stainless Steel Plates on the Hydrogen
Production Efficiency in an Electrolysis Cell
Wayne Dahlberg (Grade 11)

Environmental Sciences

1st Place
Sarasota High A Correlation Between Boat Traffic and Marine Life
Shelby Gladhill (Grade 10)

2nd Place
Riverview High Falling Gas Prices, Falling Marine Life
Rebecca Brillhart (Grade 10)

3rd Place
Sarasota High Does the Depth of Water Affect the Salinity in Water?
Nick Bologno (Grade 9)


1st Place
Sarasota High Beating the House: Changing the Card-Counting System
William Olson (Grade 10)

2nd Place
New Gate School Determination of the Correct Modes of Inheritance Using Chi-square
Alexandra Lasley (Grade 9)

3rd Place
Suncoast Polytechnical High Permutations
Dylan Jones (Grade 9)
Medicine & Health Sciences

1st Place
Sarasota High Which Pill Has the Fastest Dissolution Time?
Chase Lambert (Grade 9)

2nd Place
New Gate School Big Breaths
Stacy Sekercan (Grade 9)


1st Place
Sarasota High Guitar String Sustain
Garrett Moler (Grade 9)

2nd Place
Sarasota High What Effect Does Altering a Plane's Wing Rotary Angle have upon the
Fuel Efficiency of the Aircraft?
James Pagan (Grade 10)


1st Place
Sarasota High Robert's Bay Rookery Island Bird Population
Michael Donofrio (Grade 10)
Christina Morgan (Grade 10)


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