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					Eco-Schools Action Plan Template

                                                                                                Timescale /                                 Actual Result
Topic               Action                          Target / Measure                              Deadline             Responsibility      Achieved / Date

School Grounds      To highlight environmental      To involve the whole school were          Eco Week 17 -            Louise Bridges   Achieved week ending
                                                                                              20 May
                    issues in St. Cuthbert’s        involved in Eco activities promoting a                                              20th May-whole school
Biodiversity                                        greater Eco awareness and encouraging     Walk to school           Whole School
                                                                                                      th  th                            involvement
                                                                                              week 17 -20
                                                    a healthy lifestyle

                                                            Pupil questionnaires              Green day 19

                                                           Enthusiasm for activities         Official garden
                                                                                              opening 19 May
                                                           Feedback from activities

                                                           Response to pledges from

To lessen car       St. Cuthbert’s will actively    Each class will keep a record of how      Walk to school           Louise Bridges   Achieved week ending
                    promote Walk to School          many children are walking to school and            th         th
congestion around
                    weeks.                          this information will be plotted on a     week 17 -20                               20th May
the school                                          graph to see if walk to school week has                            Whole School
                     A ride and stride day has      an impact on the congestion around the                                              Ride and Stride is
                    been launched every Friday      school.
                    and if this is successful                                                                                           ongoing
                    then this will be extended to          Photographic evidence
                    each Monday as well. This
                    has been promoted on the               Graph
                    school website.
To lessen waste and     The garden will have a          Fruit waste audit will be completed       30/6/11               A representative       Will be achieved
compost fruit           compost bin which will be       by end June 2011                                                from each class        30/6/11
peelings                used by the school to                                                                           has been chosen
                        compost apple cores,            Successful growth of plants and                                 to collect the fruit
                        banana peelings etc which       crops in our garden area.                                       peelings and take
                        will then benefit our new                                                                       them to the
                        garden.                                                                                         compost bin.

                                                                                                                        Foundation stage
                                                                                                                        and Eco school
                                                                                                                        care for plants.

To have a vegetable     The children will have their    The vegetables and herbs have been        ongoing               The children In        We are waiting for them
garden allowing the
                        own vegetable and herb          kindly donated by parents and local                             Eco committee          to flourish so they can be
kitchen to become
more self sufficient.   planter in the garden.          shops. The children will be responsible                         will be responsible    used in the kitchen and
                                                        for caring for them and are waiting for                         for caring for         cookery club.
To encourage
children to eat                                         them to flourish so they can be used in                         them.
healthier by growing
                                                        the kitchen and cookery club.
their own vegetables
and fruit and then
using in cookery

To encourage            Children will plant butterfly   A wildlife audit will be completed        Initial audit April   Eco Committee          June 30th 2011
wildlife into our new   friendly plants and hang        before the plants and log pile have
garden                  bird feeders in the new                                                   Final audit June      Whole School
                                                        been introduced in the garden.
                        garden. A log pile has been                                               30/6/11
                                                        Another audit will be completed
                   arranged in the new garden   afterwards and results compared.
                   to attract invertebrates.
                                                Year 3/4 will make bug hotels linked
                   Nesting boxes                to Pod activity.

                   Feeders to encourage birds
                                                Photographic evidence

                                                Record of birds that come

Date Action Plan was developed: 21/3/11

Action Plan developed by: Louise Bridges, Eco Committee and staff at St. Cuthbert’s.

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