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									                           ASOCIACIÓN MEXICANA DE MAESTROS DE INGLES, MEXTESOL, A. C.

                      Mextesol 39th International Convention
                         Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
                            October 18th - 21st, 2012
                      “Leading the way to excellence in ELT”

                          CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                                    DEADLINE: May 15, 2012

Steps in Submitting a Proposal
   To facilitate communication and handling, please submit your proposal online at or
   via electronic mail (this same Proposal Form can be downloaded at the same website).
   Speakers are especially encouraged to submit first-time presentations at a MEXTESOL International
   The two-page Proposal Form should be filled out completely and only these two pages should be submitted
   as well as a one-page abstract to be read by the Academic Referees. On the abstract
              a) write the type of presentation (demonstration, in-progress research report, paper, workshop,
              poster session) in the upper left-hand corner.
              b) write the presenter(s) name(s) in the upper right-hand corner. (Note: Maximum two presenters)
             c) center the title of the presentation on the next line.

   Be sure to include all of the information requested on the Proposal Form, including a maximum 75-word
   Summary of the presentation and a maximum 50-word Biodata statement for each participant. This
   information will be included in the program. If the Summary or Biodata information exceeds stated
   limitations, it will not be printed in the program. Also, please proofread your summary and Biodata carefully.
   We are not responsible for correcting errors.
   Send only your completed two-page Proposal Form and one-page abstract as an attachment in Word to: or complete the instructions for online submission at
   All abstracts which accompany the duly-filled out Proposal Form will be read by two different Academic
   Referees who are experts in the area of your topic. These referees will judge the proposals based on
   academic merit and evidence of clear planning. Proposals will also be chosen in order to present a
   balanced program.
   You will be notified via electronic mail or by telephone that your proposal has been received. If you do not
   hear from the National Office by May 17th, please inquire at the MEXTESOL Office to confirm that
   your proposal has been received.
   It is essential that all presenters included on the Proposal Form officially register for the convention by
   September 21st, attend, and give their presentation. No certificates will be given to absentee presenters.
   Failure to notify MEXTESOL in writing in a timely manner may jeopardize any possible future participation
   as a presenter.

To simplify editing
Title. Only the title, area of interest, presenter's name and institutional affiliation appear in the Daily Schedule
section of the program book. The title is important for attracting participants to your session. Choose a title that
will be clear to the intended audience and limit it to 9 words. Titles with more words than 9 words will not be

Summaries. Summaries will appear in the convention program. They help convention participants to decide
which presentations will be the most appropriate to their interests. Summaries of more than 75 words cannot be
included. The summaries of accepted proposals will be copy-pasted directly into the program. Note: The
program committee is not responsible for correcting errors. What you submit will be printed exactly as
it is sent to MEXTESOL. Therefore, please proofread your text carefully!

Biographical statements (Biodata). In a maximum of 50 words for each participant, give the first name or
initials, family name(s), institutional affiliation (optional) and relevant activities. Write in complete sentences. The
Biodata section is not a list. Again, please be sure to proofread your text carefully.

Abstracts. The abstract does not appear in the program, but it is the only part of the proposal seen by the
referees. Carefully read all instructions. Abstracts should be one full page, double-spaced or ½ page, single-
spaced (approximately 350 words). Evidence of careful planning is essential in the abstract. The abstract for a
poster session must include the main ideas to be presented and a description of the visual display.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Titles, Biodata statements and Summaries will be cut at the maximum number of words
indicated above. To avoid embarrassment or other problems, write within the established limits. Hyphenated
words count as two (or more) words and acronyms count as one word. Also, abstracts of less than the minimum
indicated above will not be considered.

To enhance your proposal                                   Disqualifying Factors
Submit a first-time presentation at a MEXTESOL             The Academic Committee may disqualify a proposal
International Convention.                                  known to have been given previously at a
Complete your Proposal Form carefully.                     MEXTESOL International Convention.
State your topic and point of view clearly.                The Academic Demonstration, Academic In-Progress
Select the best format (paper, demonstration,              Research Report Session, Academic Paper, Academic
workshop, etc.).                                           Workshop or Poster Session promotes commercial
Plan to use a variety of presentation techniques           interests.
(activities, visuals, etc.).                               The proposal was not completed according to the
Include supporting details and examples.                   guidelines on this Call for Participation.
Allot sufficient time to cover the material outlined.      The proposal involves extensive use of expensive
Show familiarity with current practices and/or             audiovisual equipment, making the cost of presenting
research.                                                  the session prohibitive.
Use a title that correctly reflects the content.           The proposal was not received at the MEXTESOL
Prepare a program summary that will draw the most          Office by the deadline.
appropriate audience to your presentation.                  A note about multiple proposals: Participants may
Edit and proofread the abstract carefully.                 submit more than one proposal. However, depending on
Submit the proposal in Word (font Arial 12).               the total number of proposals received a maximum of
Please do not write in all capital letters, use bold       two proposals per speaker may be chosen. The
letters or any other special features.                     Committee asks that participants accept MEXTESOL's
Only capitalize the first word of the title or proper      invitation to be primarily responsible (main presenter) for
nouns. All other words must be in lower case in the        a maximum of two sessions on the program and to limit
title and summary.                                         their participation to one other session given with
                                                           another presenter.

Description of Types of Presentations

Academic Demonstration (50 minutes). An academic presentation is used for showing, rather than telling, a
technique for teaching or testing.

Academic In-Progress Research Report (25 minutes). An opportunity for graduate students, administrators,
teacher trainers, classroom teachers, or any other interested persons to report on research, programs,
textbooks or techniques that are "in progress" and to meet others interested in the topic. Two in-progress
reports will be programmed within the same 50-minute block. Each talk should be no longer than 20 minutes
with an additional 5 minutes for questions.
Academic Paper (50 minutes). An oral summary. The presenter discusses and describes something the
presenter is doing or has done in relation to either theory or practice. The presenter often has handouts and
may also use audiovisual aids.

Academic Workshop (1 hour 20 minutes). Very little lecturing by the leader; the emphasis is, rather, on the
participants' activity, which is carefully structured by the leader. The leader works with a group, helping
participants solve a problem or develop a specific teaching or research technique.

Poster Session (1 hour). A poster session allows for short, informal discussions with other participants during
the time period that the self-explanatory exhibit is on display. The exhibit is presented on a large (approximately
122 cm x 244 cm; 4 feet x 8 feet) display board* that includes a title; the name and institutional affiliation of the
presenter(s); and a brief text with clearly labeled photos, drawings, graphs, or charts. The poster should not be
just a collection of individual sheets of paper taped onto the display board. The title of the poster must coincide
with the title submitted in the Call for Participation. The poster session must not promote commercial interests.
The presenter is responsible for setting up and dismantling the poster at the times designated by the Program
Committee. Also, presenters must be on site with their posters during the designated time that the poster
session takes place.
*Upon acceptance of the poster session, presenters will be notified of the exact dimensions and
whether the display board is horizontal or vertical (this depends on the installations available in the
Convention Center).

Panel Discussion (1 hour 20 minutes). Under the guidance of a moderator, four knowledgeable professionals
present different views on a topic of interest to English teachers. The discussion is then opened up to a
question-and-answer session involving the audience. Preference for the five panel discussion sessions will be
given to topics concerning ELT in Mexico. Panel discussions, the same as all academic presentations, may not
promote commercial interests.

Topic Area
Classroom Methods/Techniques: Ideas that can be applied to ELT classes.
Applied Linguistics: Theoretical aspects of ELT, i.e., research.
Technology in EFL/ESL: Technological advances, such as computers, videos, DVDs.
Testing: Presentations related to classroom evaluation situations.
Teacher Training/Supervision: Related to teacher training or supervision situations.
Program/Syllabus Development: Ideas for material or course development.
Program Administrators: Directed at administrators and their work.

Area of Interest
Pre-primary: Under 6 years old; before first grade of primary school.
Primary: Elementary School. 6 to 12 years old. Grades 1 to 6.
Secondary: Junior High School. 13 to 15 years old. Grades 7 to 9.
Preparatory: High School. 16 to 18 years old. Grades 10 to 12.
Bilingual Education: ESL Programs. English and Spanish are taught equally.
University: Post High School. 18 years and older. Higher education programs.
Adult: Over 18 years old. Usually in private language institutes.

Proceedings of the Convention on CD

Speakers whose proposals have been accepted are encouraged to submit a 5-page summary of their
presentation for the Proceedings of the conference. These summaries will be placed on a CD which will be sold
at the conference. Contributors will receive a complimentary CD. Details regarding the Proceedings summaries
will be provided with the Letter of Acceptance of the Proposal.

Note: MEXTESOL retains the right to photograph, film or otherwise record the academic sessions,
social events, Summaries for the Proceedings, and any other activities organized by MEXTESOL that
are related to the conference for the use of MEXTESOL in its publications and webpage. By
submitting your proposal, you agree to accept these terms.
Please read the instructions before completing this form and submitting your Proposal. Several
changes have been made from previous years. Also, submit only the following two pages and the
one-page abstract. Note: The program committee is not responsible for correcting errors. What you
submit will be printed exactly as it is sent to MEXTESOL. Therefore, please proofread your texts

                       39th International MEXTESOL Convention
                            Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México
                                 Proposal Form 2012
Type the mailing address of the person to whom all correspondence should be sent:
Name:                                          E-mail
Street                                                Home Telephone:
(and                                                  Office Telephone
Colonia, in                                           Fax Number:

        (City)               (State/Province)               (Zip/Postal Code)                (Country)
This presenter is responsible for informing any other presenters about the status/conditions regarding the
Presenter(s): (Listed in the order in which name(s) should appear in the program). No more
than two presenters per proposal will be accepted. Proposals with more will not be judged.

  Family Name, Other Name(s)                 Institutional Affiliation              E-mail Address

Title of Proposal:
                                                        (9-word maximum)

                                          Summary for Program
                                           (Maximum 75 words)

                                (Maximum 50 words for each presenter)
               Type of Session (Mark ONE box only):

     50 Minutes                    1Hour, 20 Minutes                             1 hour
Academic Demonstration            Academic Workshop                        Poster Session

     50 Minutes                            25 Minutes                        1Hour, 20 Minutes
Academic Paper                    Academic In-Progress                     Panel Discussion
                                  Research Report

                                  Other: _______________

                        Topic Area (M aximum two boxes)

Classroom Methods / Techniques                             Teacher Training / Supervision

Applied Linguistics / Research                             Program / Syllabus Development

Technology in EFL / ESL                                    Program Administrators

Testing / Evaluation                                       Other:

                      Area of Interest (Mark one box only)

Pre-primary / Primary                             University

Secondary / Preparatory                           Adult / Institute

Bilingual Education                               Other:

Have you previously given this presentation at a Mextesol national or international event?

                             No ____                   Yes ____
If yes, please state the event, place and date:

                             Preferred Audience Size
          100        195    400    420   480                      no preference
                                         Audiovisual Equipment
All rooms will be provided with a computer projector (cañon), screen and laptop (only Power Point).
Should you need a Cassette/CD player or an Overhead Projector please contact the National Office. All of the
above equipment is provided free of charge.
If your presentation is accepted and you need any other equipment, including a remote or Internet connection,
you will need to contact the following company which will be in charge of providing any other additional
audiovisual equipment:

                                  Lucina Ocaranza | Gerente de Ventas
                          Centro Internacional de Convenciones de Puerto Vallarta
                                     Tel. +52 (322) 226.2870 ext. 2888

Send only this two-page form and the one-page abstract to: or fill out the online
form at before the deadline.

Note: MEXTESOL retains the right to photograph, film or otherwise record the academic sessions,
social events, Summaries for the Proceedings, and any other activities organized by MEXTESOL
that are related to the conference for the use of MEXTESOL in its publications and webpage. By
submitting your proposal, you agree to accept these terms.

Remember, if you do not receive confirmation of the receipt of your proposal within a few days, please
contact the MEXTESOL Office!

                                  DEADLINE: May 15, 2012

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