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					                                                             BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH
                                Provide the following information for the key personnel in the order listed on Form Page 2.
                                                 Photocopy this page or follow this format for each person.

 NAME                                                                           POSITION TITLE

                                                                                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, DEPT. BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
 Arrigo De Benedetti
EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, and include postdoctoral training.)
                     INSTITUTION AND LOCATION                                                           YEAR(s)                  FIELD OF STUDY
                                                                                (if applicable)
 Bar Ilan University, Israel                                                     B.Sc.
                                                                             B.Sc.                     1979
                                                                                                    1979                   Biochemistry
 State University of NY at Albany                                                M.S.
                                                                             M.Sc.                     1983
                                                                                                    1983                   Molec. Biol.
                                                                                                                         Molec. Biol.
 State University of NY at Albany                                            Ph.D.Ph.D.                1985
                                                                                                    1985                   Molec. Biol.
                                                                                                                         Molec. Biol.
 University of Chicago, IL                                                       Post-Doc
                                                                             Post-Doc                  1986-88
                                                                                                    1986-88                Molec. Gen.
                                                                                                                         Molec. Gen.
 Un. of Kentucky, Lexington                                                      B.Sc.
                                                                             Post-Doc                  1979
                                                                                                    1988-91                Biochemistry
RESEARCH AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Concluding with present position, list, in chronological order, previous employment, experience,
and honors. Include present membership on any Federal Government public advisory committee. List, in chronological order, the titles, all authors, and
complete references to all publications during the past three years and to representative earlier publications pertinent to this application. If the list of
publications in the last three years exceeds two pages, select the most pertinent publications. DO NOT EXCEED TWO PAGES.

1980-81              Laboratory Technician, Bacteriology/Hematology Tel Hashomer Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel
1984-85              Instructor Introductory and Advanced Organic Chemistry, Empire State College, New York
1992-98              Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Molec. Biology, LSU Medical Center, Shreveport, LA.
1998-                Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Molec. Biology, LSU Medical Center, Shreveport, LA.
Agency: NSF (MCB-9513756).Total cost $500,000 . “Increase Translation Initiation at non-AUG codons by eIF-4E”.
(Investigates the role of the translation factor eIF4E in selection of the initiator codon on mRNAs, particularly those that
can be translated from alternative CUG codons.). Period: 5/1/96 to 4/30/99. Principal Investigator: Arrigo De Benedetti.

Agency: NIH/NCI (R29-CA69148). Total cost $500,000 . “The Proto-oncogene eIF-4E in Breast Cancer”. (Investigates
the expression and possible role of the translation factor eIF4E in the development breast cancer.). Period: 08/01/96 to
07/31/2001. Principal Investigator: Arrigo De Benedetti.

Agency: Susan G. Komen Foundation (BCTR0100512). Total cost $237,225. A Protein Kinase involved in Breast
Cancer Radioresistance. Period: 10/01/01 to 09/30/03. Principal Investigator: Arrigo De Benedetti.

                                         SELECTED ARTICLES IN REFEREED JOURNALS
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          Oncogene 23: 3189-3199.
     2. Sunavala-Dossabhoy, G., Fowler, M., and De Benedetti, A. (2004) Translation of the radioresistance
          kinase TLK1B is induced by -irradiation through activation of mTOR and phosphorylation of 4E-BP1.
          BMC Molecular Biology 5: 1-10.
     3. Norton, K.S., McClusky, D., Sen, S., Yu, H., Meschonat, C., De Benedetti, A., Li, B. D. L. (2004) TLK1B Is
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     4. Sunavala-Dossabhoy, G., Li, Y. Williams, B., and De Benedetti, A. (2003) A dominant negative mutant of TLK1
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7. Li BD, Gruner JS, Abreo F, Johnson LW, Yu H, Nawas S, McDonald JC, DeBenedetti A. (2002) Prospective
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8. DeFatta, RJ, Li, Y., and De Benedetti, A. (2002) Selective killing of cancer cells based on translational control of
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