CURRICULUM VITAE

01.   Personal Details

               Full Name                :        Dr. Sabale Anjali Baburao
                (Beginning with surname)

               Date of Birth                :    30/09/1953

               Address                      :    T-3, Atharva Prasad,
                                                         32/11, Tarabai Park,
                                                         Kolhapur - 416 003

02.   Academic Details
               Present Position             :    Professor
               University Department        :    Botany

      Educational Qualifications

          Sr.     Name of the       Class &      Percentage Year of        Name
                  Examination       Division      of Marks  Passing

          1.          B.Sc.        First Class      70%         1974     Shivaji
                                   with                                  University

          2.          M.Sc.        First Class      67%         1976     Shivaji

          3.          Ph.D.             --           --         1984     Shivaji
Position held:

           Sr.              Designation            From           To        Name of the
           No.                                                               Institution
             1.     Operator (CFC)               February      July 1988 Shivaji
                                                   1985                  University
             2.     Lecturer,                    July 1988     July 1993 Shivaji
                    Department of                                        University
             3.     Lecturer in Sr. Scale,       July 1993     July 1998 Shivaji
                    Department of                                        University
             4.     Reader, Department           July 1998     July 2007 Shivaji
                    of Botany                                            University
             5.     Professor,                   July 2007      To date    Shivaji
                    Department of                                          University

03.   Research Specialization             :     Stress Physiology,
                                                Marine Plant Physiology
04.   Teaching Experience

      Post-Graduate                       :     21 Years

05.   Research Guidance:

      i)          M.Sc.(T&D)              :     One
      ii)         M.Phil.                 :     Five
      iii)        Ph.D.                   :     Three

06.   Research Publications:

             Sr.          International       National       Uni./State Level      Total
             No.            Journals          Journals           Journals
             1.                20                04                  02             26

             2.                 --            06 (Proc.)             --             06

           Total               20                10                  02             32
07.    Seminars /Conferences attended:
       a)    Seminar                          :      04
       b)    Conferences                      :      01
       c)    Symposia                         :      02

Papers Presented:

  1.    Sabale, A.B. &    Germination behaviour    State level seminar on
        Kalebere, S. R.   in Iphigenia species.    Availability, Utilization and
                                                   Protection of plant wealth,
                                                   Aurangabad, Dec. 2002.
  2.    Kale P.B. and     Effect of Waterlogging   National Seminar on Recent
        A.B.Sabale        on the activities of     Advances in Botany and
                          some enzymes in          conservation of Biodiversity.
                          Coriandrum sativum L.    27th to 28th Jan, 2006
                          Var. Indoori.            Hadapsar, Pune.
 3..    Sabale Anjali     Response of              National Symposium on
        and P. B. Kale    Coriandrum sativum       Issues and challanges for
                 Moisture stress     Environmental Management
                          and waterlogging         vision 2005. 17th to 19th
                          condition.               Feb.2006.
 4.     Sabale Anjali     Biochemical              National Seminar on Plant
        and Sujata        Composition of           Resources of Western
        Kalebere          IPHIGENIA Species        Ghats. 7th and 8th
                          from Western Ghats of    Dece.,2006.
                          Maharashtra              Banglore
 5.     Anjali Mane and   Sprouting Response of    National Seminar on Plant
        Sabale Anjali     Iphigenia stellata       Resources of Western
                          Blatter to the           Ghats. 7th and 8th
                          Treatment of GA and      Dece.,2006. Banglore
 6.     P.B.Kale and      Nitrogen Metabolism in   National Symposium on
        Anjali Sabale     Coriandrum Sativum L.    Recent Trends in Life
                          Var. Indoori in          Sciences. 1-2 Dece,2006.
                          response to moisture     S.P.K. Mahavidyalaya,
                          stress and               Sawantwadi.
 7.     Anjali Sabale     Influence of soil        Golden Jubilee conference
        and P.B.Kale      moisture stress and      of Indian Society for Plant
                          waterlogging condition   Physiology,15-17 Nov.2008,
                          on Coriandrum sativum    New Delhi.-
                          var. Indoori

1. Sabale A. B. Note on organic and inorganic constituents in Cymbopogon martinii
   (Roxb.) during different stages of growth. Indian J. Agric. Sci. 52(3): 199-

2. Sabale A. B. Photosynthetic enzymes and photorespiration characteristics in a C4
   fodder grass Cymbopogon martinii. Photosynthetica 16(4): 481-485.1982.

3. Sabale A. B.and L. J. Bhosale. C3 and C4 photosynthesis in cv. Mary          Palmer.

4. Sabale, A.B. and L.J.Bhosale. Studies on photosynthesis in three cultivars of
   Bougainvillea. Indian Bot. Reporter 4(20) : 101-106.1985.

5. Sabale, A.B. and L.J.Bhosale. Stomatal behavior in Bougainvillea cultivars. Nat.
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6. Sabale, A.B.; Mulik N.G. and L.J.Bhosale. Malic enzyme and malate dehydrogenase
   activities from the leaves of some mangroves. Proc. Nat. Symp. Biol. Cons. ut1.
   Mangroves. Pp. 287-290. 1985.

7. Sabale, A.B. Monthly variations in protein and proline contents and fodder value of a
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8. Sabale, A.B.Stomatal behavior during leaf ontogeny in C4 fodder grass Cymbopogon
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9. Sabale, A.B. Photosynthesis in the variegated leaves of Bougainvillea cultivar Rao.
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10. Sabale, A.B. Forage biomass. Proc. Biomass Energy. (Ed. S.H.Pawar) Shivaji
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11. Sabale, A.B. and B.N.Misal. Effect of Endosulfan and methyl parathion on
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12. Sabale, A.B. and G.S. Kulkarni. Nitrogen fractions, nitrate reductase and
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13. Kalebere, S.R.; P.K.Kulkarni.; A.B.Sabale andL.J. Bhosale. Nicking as a tool to
    enhance propagation in fuel wood species. J. Non-timber For. Prod. 1(3-4): 115-118.
14. Sabale, A.B. and G.S. Kulkarni. Kinetic properties of aspartate amino-transferase
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15.   Sabale, A.B. and A.B.Kamble. Effect of Bavistin and Monocrotophos on germination
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16. Sabale, A.B. and P.V. Pawar. Some biochemical attributes in Soybean and Celosia
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17. Sabale A.B. and R.R.Deokar. Effect of sowing date on field attributes of two
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19. Sabale A. B. and B. N. Misal. Effect of endosulfan and methylparathion on hydrolytic
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20. Sabale A. B. and A. A. Mane Cytotoxic effects of maleic hydrazide on mitosis in
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21. Kalebere S.R. and A.B. Sabale, Influence of foliar sprays of carbendazim on some
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22. Sabale A. B. and A. B. Kamble. Influence of carbendazim and monocrotophos on
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    Kathmandu, Nepal. pp. 361-365. 2001.

23. Sabale A. B. and A. B. Kamble, Persistence of carbendazim and monocrotophos
    residues in/on fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum). Proceedings of ICCE-2001
    (ed. S.L. Gargh). Pp. 13-14- 2003.

24. Sabale, A. B. and S. R. Kalebere. Morphological features and microclimate of
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25. Sabale A. B. and A. A. Mane. Influence of MH on growth behaviour of two Allium
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26. Sabale A. B. and S.R. Kalebere, Storage behaviour of onion (Allium cepa L.) varieties
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27. Anjali Sabale and Anjali Mane. Biochemical constituents of Allium cepa L.bulbs
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30. Sabale A. B. and Kamble Influence of bavistin and Monocrotophos on enzyme
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31. Sabale A. B. and Kale P. B. Response and recovery of Coriandrum sativum L variety
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32. Desai Nivas, B.A. Sonar , S.S.Shaikh, U.H.Patil, D.K.Gaikwad, N.S.Chavan, A.B.
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33. Bhosale L.J. , S. M. Patil, Surekha N. Dhumal and A.B.Sabale Occurrence of
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34. Pise N.M. and A.B. Sabale. Biochemical composition of seaweeds along central West
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35. Sabale A. B and A .V Waghmode. Biosorption of copper (ii) by brown seaweed
    Sargassum ilicifolium (turner) c. Agardh International J. of Bioscan , 2010

08.    Research Projects

          Title of the Project             Funding        Date of         Date of
                                           Agency         Starting      Completion
 Survey and Status report on some        Shivaji         September,   September,
 wetlands of Maharashtra                 University
                                                         1992         1994

 Standardization of Cultivation          CSIR New        February,    January,
 Practices of Iphigenia kunth and        Delhi
                                                         1999         2002
 Camptorrhiza Philips species for
 commercial exploitation of Colchicine
Special Assistance Programme DRS-I   UGC          April,      Ongoing
                                     (54 Lacs)    2007

Ecological studies on wetland        UGC          February,   Commencing
ecosystem of three districts of
                                     (7.4 Lacs)   2009
Maharashtra state (Sangli, Satara,

09    Membership / Other Charge
        Chairman, Board of Paper setters and Examiners, M.Sc. & M. Phil. In
         Botany, Shivaji University.
        Referee, for conducting viva-voce of M.Phil. And M.Sc. (T&D)
        Examiner M. Sc., Environmental Science SIBER.
        Member, Board of Paper setters and Examiners, M.Sc. in Botany.
         Solapur University.
        Co-Ordinator, Refresher Course in Botany, Nov. 2000.
        Woman representative and subject expert for selection committee for
         teachers in affiliated colleges.
        EC Member, SUPTA Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
        Vice President, Teachers Patpedi Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
        Group Teacher, UGC Remedial Coaching Scheme.
        Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Plan Physiology, New
        Member, Editorial Board, Biomass Energy, 1989
        Organizing Secretary, National Seminar on “The Wetland”, Shivaji
         University, Kolhapur, February 2005
        Organizing Secretary, Mangrove Awareness, UGC-SAP_DRS-I,
         February 2008.
        Convener, Mangrove Awareness, UGC SAP DRS-1, January, 2009

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