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									                                              Elise Huang

Campus Address                                                                          Residence Address
University of Wisconsin-Madison                                                         5648 Nutone St
Dept. Chemical & Biological Engineering                                                 Fitchburg, WI 53711
2730 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Graduate internship in consulting or biotechnology industry.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI                         (Expected date of graduation: May, 2009)
       NIH Biotechnology Training Program Fellow (2005-present)
       Research Assistant, Chemical & Biological Engineering                             GPA: 3.60

University of California, Berkeley, CA
       B.S., Chemical Engineering, (biotech emphasis), May 2004                    Tech. (ChE) GPA: 3.70
       B.A., Molecular cell biology, (biochemistry emphasis), May 2004             Tech. (Bio) GPA: 3.44
       Minor, Chemistry, May 2004                                                  Cumulative GPA: 3.59

University of Wisconsin-Madison                                                                2004-present
Current Investigation:
1) Cell signaling in 3D matrix culturing (initiated in mid-Jan, 2008)
2) Development of a liquid crystal (LC)-based reporter of cell-substrate interaction (US patent 20070269848):
The mechanical aspect of cell signaling has not been given much attention due to difficulty in measurements
and lack of established methodology. The development of this device will provide a quantitative tool that can
be easily applied to assay for cell force and signaling molecules on a platform which mechanical properties
can be perturbed. Goals to date:
     To develop and characterize LC response under cell contractile forces.
     To engineer an alternative interfacial material between LC and cells that filters specific cell signaling
         molecules for detection by LC.
     To design a calibration device for force magnitude of nano-Newtons.

Past Projects:
Application of DNA microarrays in diagnosis of multidrug-resistance tuberculosis (MDR-TB). (team of 4)
     Compiled genotypic and phenotypic assays on TB drug resistance to first line therapy.
     Performed epidemic model simulation to provide estimates of the effects on facilitated MDR-TB
        diagnosis. Model inputs were based on world & US health data.

Stochastic simulation of tuberculosis epidemiology
     Adapted and optimized the highly non-linear epidemic model by Blowel et al (1996) with sequential
        quadratic programming functions.
     Performed sensitivity analysis on parameters to validate assumptions and modeling results.
       Results: Eradication of TB is possible given the reasonable range of parameter values.

In situ study of -amyloid peptide aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease (team of 3)
      Proposed a simplified in situ model considering Leonard-Jones interactions between polyglutamine
         peptides (polyQ) only.
      Employed coarse-grain and Go models to supplement energy interaction details. Simulation assumed
         a canonical ensemble distribution.
      Results: Our critical peptide length (40 poly Q) approximated the in vivo observation (36-38 polyQ).

Vibrational model analysis of general protein phosphorylation with Gaussian software.
    Employed transition-state theory with parameter values supported compiled from literature.

University of California-Berkeley                                                                2001-2004
Senior Design Project (team of 3): Ethanol Production with Organic Waste
    Completed plant design to provide 5 Mgal/year ethanol market in US. Process included acid
        prehydrolysis, anion-exchange, overliming, co-saccharification-fermentation, azeotropic distillation.
        Reaction units were modeled using Aspen software.
    Results: Profitability analysis indicated high technology cost of enzymatic treatment and lack of
        ethanol-resistance yeast strains.

Community Project (team of 4): Berkeley Homeless Shelter Evaluation
    Conducted 3 group interviews on-site from which surveys were designed and revised based
     communal psychology principles. Results were sent to the organization for reports to city
     government for funding purpose.
    Results: Similarity between staff’s life experiences and clients can help improve services related to
     mental support, which was shown to be one of the major needs by the community.

Biomedical Undergraduate Research Assistant (David V. Schaffer’s Lab)
    Participated in the study of hysteresis response of gli3 signaling pathway in mouse neuroprogenitors.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), CA.                                             2003-2004
    Senior research thesis advisor: Edward A. Berry. “Purification of mitochondria bc1 complex for
      crystallography study”

o   Alza, Mountain View, CA. Summer Intern (summer 2004). .
     Independently investigated various factors influencing NIR-determined tablet thickness.
     Independently revised instrumentation setup and protocol.

o   3M, Saint Paul, MN. Engineering Scholars Program Summer Intern (summer 2003)
     Independently developed protein analysis protocol with capillary electrophoresis instrument.
     Carried out fluorescence polarization experiments with microfluidic cards.
o   Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL), CA. Undergraduate Research Assistant (summer 2002)
     Independently developed protocols of myoglobin-CO sample preparation in cryosolvents.
     Designed experiments and investigated samples’ temperature-dependent photolizability with FTIR and
     UV-vis instrumentation.
o   Summer Repertory Theatre (SRT), Santa Rosa, CA. Lighting Electrician (summer 2000)
    (this is one of the best known theatre programs in U.S.)
      Repaired lighting instruments, rewired power circuits, conducted show-exchange, focused on-stage
      lighting, and operated spot lights and lighting board.

Computer: Octave & Matlab.
Lab skills: Cloning (PCR, SDS-PAGE, DNA extraction, enzyme digestion, ligation, transfection, etc),
            protein purification, immuno-staining, microscope imaging, stem cell/cell/virus culturing.
Instrumentations: FTIR, NIR, capillary electrophoresis, fluorescence polarization.
Language: English, Mandarin, Taiwanese

Investment Theory
Fundamentals of Finance
Community Psychology
Introduction to Theatre
Chamber Music
Vocal Workshop
Jazz Improvisation
Introduction to Philosophy

NIH Biotechnology Training Program Fellowship, 2005-present
4th highest fund raiser, Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, 2005
3M Engineering Honor Scholarship, 2003
Ernest L. and Ruth W. Finley Foundation Scholarship, 2000
4th place, Taipei Joint-high School Swimming Competition, 1997 & 1998
2nd place, Taiwan High School String Orchestra Competition, 1997

Tao-lu (northern Shaolin wushu) & lion dance team member, Zhong Yi Kung Fu Association, Madison, WI
Secretary & Gardener & Chef, Summit Cooperative Association, Madison, WI
Publicity chair, Tau Beta Pi
Chef of 38 members, Ridge House, University Student Cooperative Association, Berkeley, CA
Built house foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Oregon
Violinist & Pianist & Alto singer, Chamber Music, Sonoma State University

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