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									                              The Great Gatsby Bio Poem
                                     Senior English
                               (100 point quiz grade, Q1)


      Students will be able to analyze the inner thoughts, motivations and desires of a
       major character from The Great Gatsby
      Students will be able to select textual evidence to support their character

Creating a Bio Poem:

Step 1:
Select one of the major characters from The Great Gatsby. Potential selections include:
Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, Mrytle Wilson, George Wilson, Nick
Carraway and Jordan Baker.

Step 2:
Review the text, your reading questions and class notes to find evidence that shows
your characters inner thoughts, motivations, desires and personality.

Step 3:
Follow the bio poem template to draft a bio poem about your selected character. Refer
back to the class example for a model.

Step 4:
Be prepared to present your work!

Step 5:
On an exit ticket note card answer the following 2 questions: What did you learn about
your character today through your work on the bio poem? What predictions can you
make about this character’s future relationships, conflicts and development?

An Exemplary Bio Poem will:
 Demonstrate an understanding of the character’s inner thoughts, motivations and
 Contain specific and vivid character details
 Include at least 2 direct quotes (words or phrases) from the text
 Show evidence of close reading and character analysis
 Be completed on time!
             Bio Poem Template

   Include 11 lines and follow this pattern:

      Line 1: Your character’s first name

Line 2: Four words that describe your character

         Line 3: Brother or sister of...

   Line 4: Lover of...(three ideas or people)

       Line 5: Who feels...(three ideas)

       Line 6: Who needs...(three ideas)

       Line 7: Who gives...(three ideas)

       Line 8: Who fears...(three ideas)

       Line 9: Who would like to see...

             Line 10: Resident of

         Line 11: His or her last name

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