Bio Poem: by 0eTO5TjJ


									                         Bio Poem:

                I, (your first name)
        Four adjectives that describe you
         Sibling of (or son/daughter of)
              Lover of (three items)
             Who Feels (three items)
             Who needs (three items)
             Who fears (three items)
Who would like to see (three people, places, or things)
           Am a resident of (city, state)
            Welcome you to my poem

                     Mrs. Gold’s Example:

                          I, Mrs. Gold
                Caring, energetic, funny, nice
                 Sibling of John and Barbara
              Lover of pizza, puppies, and dance
              Who feels love, honor, and honest
           Who needs students, fun, and happiness
        Who fears heights, the unknown, and spiders
   Who would like to see Ireland, South France, and California
              Am a resident of Bordentown, NJ
                  Welcome you to my poem!

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