The Bio-Poem by 0eTO5TjJ


									                                           The Bio-Poem

The biopoem, has a set pattern that asks for specific information. These poems can be
written about a person or character that we have encountered when reading a text or about a
real person. In this case, you will write your poem about a character from
The Crucible. As you look at the pattern that appears below, notice the information
required within each line.

Be prepared to offer justification for your choices in the form of quotes from the book .

Line 1    First name of the person
Line 2    Four traits that describe the person
Line 3    Relative(s) {brother, sister daughter, father, etc.} of __________
Line 4    Lover of _____________________ (three items)
Line 5    Who feels ____________________ (three items)
Line 6    Who needs ___________________ (three items)
Line 7    Who fears ___________________ (three items)
Line 8    Who gives __________________ (three items)
Line 9    Who would like to see __________ (three items)
Line 10    Resident of _________________
Line 11    Last name of character or person

Here is an example:
                               Restless, well-read, fun-loving, moody.
                    Son of Gary and Joyce, Father of Katy, Husband of Bethany.
                    Lover of our family, my dog, Shelby, the smell of the ocean.
Who feels renewed after a week at the beach, refreshed spending time outdoors, free on the open road.
Who needs organization to think, more than his fair share of sleep, to take the initiative to run on the
     Who fears cotton balls, getting older, and people who drive as if they have nothing to lose.
    Who gives a helping hand to anyone who asks, books as presents, and my time to my work.
 Who would like to see the powerful protect the weak, the sunrise from Haleakala, and my daughter
                                             more often.
                  Resident of Sellersville native of Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

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