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									                                               O. L. SMITH MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                                  8TH GRADE ELECTIVES

Art 2- dimensional 2 (20 weeks)
This course will continue to develop the student's awareness of art through hands-on drawing and painting with design concepts
in mind. It will also follow textbook applications with written assignments, computer graphics, and art history through lecture
and video presentations.

Art 3 – dimensional 2 (20 weeks)
Sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, and advertising design will be further studied through textbook applications along with hands-on work.
Be prepared for all aspects of three-dimensional art including video, written assignments, and computer applications.

Computer Applications - Word Processing/Data Base/Spreadsheet (20 weeks)
This course is online and will reinforce the typing skills developed in the 6th grade course. Word processing skills will be taught
and practiced. Students will learn to create and use a data base. They will also be introduced to spreadsheets. The skills that they
learn in this class will be transferable to any other class. Students will learn how to use the internet as a useful tool. This course the
same material as the 7th grade Computer Applications course. (Successful completion of this course will meet the high school
graduation requirement.)

Multimedia Exploration (20 weeks)
An elective introductory course for designing multimedia presentations. Projects will be created using integrated software, ilife,
movie, animation, music and web design software. Ethical and current technology issues will be addressed. This course does
not replace the High School Multimedia Course. (The prerequisite of the course is a C or better grade in 7th or 8th grade
Computer Applications.)

 Conversational Spanish (20 weeks)
Oral comprehension and speaking are emphasized in this course. Students will be introduced to related geography and culture
through a multi-media approach including audio/visual and interactive computer activities. (Successful completion of the 40-week
course is equivalent to the first year of world language at high school level.)

Spanish (40 weeks)
In this course students will participate in activities that encourage listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students will
continue to explore the culture of the target language. This course, while exploratory and non-sequential, is an excellent preparation
for continued study in the languages.

Skills For Living (20 weeks)
This 20 week course will focus on basic skills for living. Food preparation labs will include micro waving techniques and diverse
cultural traditions and cuisine preparations. The areas of nutrition and etiquette will also be addressed. The construction of a
sewing project will enhance acquired skills. There are no recommended prerequisites for this course.

Consumer Skills (20 weeks)
This 20 week course will introduce students to the importance of food and basic techniques of food preparation. Careers related to
course content will be discussed. Construction of a sewing project using a commercial pattern will be included. There are no
recommended prerequisites for this course.

Middle School Broadcasting (20 weeks)
Video Production – Students learn how to write, produce and edit their own videos. Topics covered are news production, camera
technique, composition, editing and script writing.

Applications of Technology 1 and/or 2 (20 weeks)
In this course, students will use the design process to solve technological problems within the content area of Transportation,
Manufacturing, Communication, Construction and Bio-Related technologies. Students will learn the important function people,
materials, energy, and information play in all technological activities. No pre-requisite required. Both I and II can be taken in the
same year.

Electives 8th Grade                                              (2010-11)                                                           (over)

Physical Education Activities (40 weeks - alternating days with required physical education)
This co-ed program provides a wide range of activities with continued emphasis on skill development and team play. Individual,
team, and exploratory sports are included.

The basic format will be an alternate schedule of required physical education, with team, individual, and exploratory units of
approximately 3 weeks each. The following activities are some possibilities:

Team Sports                                   Individual Sports                            Exploratory
3-on-3 basketball                             Aerobics                                     Dance - Line, Folk, Social
Air Force Football                            Badminton                                    First Aid
Aquatic Games                                 Conditioning/Fitness                         Jump Rope
Flag Football                                 Golf                                         Orienteering
Hockey - Floor, Field                         Pickleball                                   Skating – In-line
Soccer                                        Table Tennis                                 Skiing – X-country
Softball                                      Tennis                                       Snow shoeing
Speed-a-way                                   Track & Field                                Yoga
Team Handball                                 Tumbling                                     Synchronized Swimming
Ultimate Frisbee                              Weight Training
Volleyball                                    Wrestling
Water Polo                                    Swimming

Band (40 weeks - alternating days with required physical education)
Eighth grade students will be introduced to musical techniques and literature designed to prepare them for membership in the senior
high school band. Concerts, parades, solo and ensemble adjudication and various enrichment activities will be available to challenge
all students.

Strings Orchestra (40 weeks - alternating days with required physical education)
Eighth grade orchestra is designed to prepare the string student for the challenges of the high school orchestra. Advanced techniques
and literature will be provided for the purpose of stimulating a student's musical growth. Solo and ensemble adjudication and
concerts will be available to satisfy the performance needs of the student.

8th Grade Music Connections (40 weeks - alternating days with required physical education)
This course was formerly known as vocal music/choral based performing arts. Students in this course will learn and perform music
from diverse cultures. Students will also learn and develop proper vocal technique, music reading skills and choral ensemble/group
singing skills. Music is chosen and performed according to the Michigan School Vocal Music Association guidelines. Music
Connection students will also perform in a minimum of two concerts per year and may have other performance opportunities such as
Viking Voices, Dearborn Honors Choir, Vocal Solo and Ensemble Festival and the MSVMA State Honors Choir. Music
Connections also reinforces life skills such as teamwork, responsibility and good social skills while providing a fun and caring
environment in which students can grow.

Electives 8th Grade                                        (2010-11)

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