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					Korea Environmental Industries & Technology
● Global Market Size : 800 billion USD →1,100 billion USD in 2020
● North America, West Europe, Japan : 82%
● Annual Growth Rate : 3.2% (Developing Countries 9.8%)

                          Source: EBI Report 2020 – The U.S. Environmental Industry & Global Market (2005)   1
● Market Size and Growth Rate by Region
                                                       (Billion USD / %)

           Region   2002   2003    2004   2005   2006       GR 07-10
  USA               225     232    245    256    271            2.5%
  West Europe       166     172    180    185    189            2.2%
  Japan              94      96     99    100    103            2.6%
  Canada             16      16     17     17     18            2.5%
  Australia/N.Z       9      10     10     11     11            3.0%
  Rest of Asia       30      34     38     42     47          10.9%
  Latin America      14      15     16     18     19            7.0%
  East Europe        11      12     13     15     16            8.0%
  Middle East         7      8       9     10     11            8.0%
  Africa              4      5       6      6      7          12.0%
  Total             577     600    633    660    690            3.2%

  U.S EBI (2005)

● Market Position by Region


                    Western Europe
Market Size



                                                          Latin America
                     Canada                                    E-Europe
                       Oceania                                 M-East   Africa

              Low                    Annual Growth Rate                   High

● Market Size : 40 Trillion KRW / 30 Billion USD (2008)
● Annual Growth Rate : 17.5% (2004-2008)
● 30,000 Business Entities & 185,000 Employees                                                                                   3.8% of

                                                                                                                                 4% of
 environmental market (in KRW trillion)

                                          40.00                                                                    40.81
   Changes in the size of the Korean

                                          35.00                                                                                   GDP
                                          20.00         21.43

                                                      2004           2005          2006           2007           2008

                                                  * Ministry of Environment (2009) “Statistics on Korean Environmental Industries”
● Lifecycle Stage by Countries
 Economic Progress

                                                                            Environmental Industry

                     Phase 1         Phase 2          Phase 3         Phase 4        Phase 5

                        Increasing Pollution Stress   High Reactive Investment   Sound Eco-Quality

● High Increase in Construction for Pollution Management
● Environmental Equipment Manufacturing → Environmental Services
● High Proportion of Energy & Resource Management Sectors

● Renewable Energy : 5.8 Million TOE
 ㆍ2.4% of Total Domestic Primary Energy Supply
 ㆍ90% of Energy Sources Imported (Oil, Gas, etc)

                                       Total Primary Energy (1,000 TOE)   New Renewable Energy (1,000 TOE)

                                                                                                                                        New Renewable Energy (1,000 TOE)
    Total Primary Energy (1,000 TOE)

                                                                                                 Korea Energy Management Corporation (2009)
● Export of Environmental Goods & Services
 ㆍExport : 2 billion USD / Annual Growth Rate : 32.6%
 ㆍAir Protection > Water Treatment > Waste Control
 ㆍExported to China, South East Asia, Middle East, etc

                                                         (100million KRW)
                                     Air Protection

                                                      Water Treatment

                                           Waste Control


                                          Synergic between Environment and
                        Harmony of        Economy
                      Environment and    - Clean energy & Green Economy
                                        - Green Technology & Green Industry

                                                     in living

                                                4 River Restoration Project &
Proactive Response to Global                    Sustainable Land Use
Climate Change                                  Green Transportation System
Global Leadership as a Green                    Green Consumption & Eco-life
Bridge Country

                                                                  1 of 5 Global Top
                                                              Countries of Green Growth
                                              1 of 7 Leaders of
                                           Green Growth Countries
                                                                  Become a
                      Green Technologies
                                                                   respectful green
                          & Industry                               country matured in
  Establishing                               Become the
 Infrastructures                              leading countries    economy, society,
                                              of green growth      and other aspects
                       Promote green
                        technologies,        Support East
                        industries, and       Asian countries
Prepare policy &
                        export                for green growth
 Infrastructure for
 the implementation    Create green         Promote national
 of the national        jobs                  brand image in
 green growth                                 green growth

    2010                     2013                   2020                2050

Vision                 World Top 5 Green Country by 2050

              Climate & Energy   Momentum for New                 Quality of Life
               Responsibility    Economic Growth                 & National Pride
          1                      4                          8
              Green House Gas        Development of              Greening of Land
              Reduction              Green Technology            Use & Transport

          2                      5                          9
Focused    Energy Self-              Promotion of                Proliferation of
           Sufficiency               Green Industry              Green Lifestyle
          3                      6                          10
              Adaptation to          Incentives for              Global Green
              Climate Change         Green Economy               Contribution

                                     Change of
                                     Industrial Structure

● Environmental Market : 30 Billion (2008) → 70 Billion USD (2013)

             10 Eco-Technologies                   10 Eco-Industries

 1. Intelligent Water Management         1. Water Management
 2. Prevention of Vehicle Gas Emission   2. Green Car
 3. Climate Change Adaptation            3. Carbon Market
 4. Soil & Underground Water Clean-up    4. Weather Business
 5. Recovery of Bio-Resources            5. Urban Mining
 6. Environment & Health Control         6. Soil Remediation
 7. Waste Resource Recovery              7. Bio-Resource Management
 8. Fusion-based Environmental Tech.     8. Eco-Tourism
 9. Non CO2 GHG Substitute               9. Eco-Products
 10. Eco-Product Technology              10. Environmental Consulting

* Ministry of Environment (2009)

● Policy-Driven Environmental Industries

         Environmental Policy                      Related Environmental Industries

  Act on Drinking Water                   Water treatment technology, water filtration, plumbing,
  Act on Sewage & Wastewater              Water quality monitoring system, Sludge treatment,
  Act on Water Quality & Ecosystem        Eco-friendly river restoration, etc

  Act on Air Quality Conservation
                                          Air pollution control technology, VOCs & odor control,
  Act on Odor Prevention
                                          Low emission vehicle, Cleaner fuel, DPF, etc
  Act on Environmental Technologies

  Act on Waste Management                 Landfill management, Recycling technologies,
  Act on Resource Saving & Recycling      Waste-to-energy technology, Water-driven fuels,
  Act on Extended Producers’ Liabililty   Incineration, etc

  Act on Soil Conservation                Soil remediation, Underground water clean-up,
  Act on Noise & Vibration Control        Insulation materials, etc

  Act on Renewable Energy                 Solar power, Wind power, Biomass, Geothermal,
  Act on Energy Use Rationalization       Hydro power, etc

  Act on Green Procurement                Eco-friendly goods & services

  Higher Environmental Standards → Higher Competitiveness of Eco-Industries
① Water Treatment

  World best plant engineering and construction (POSCO, KOLON, GS, Hyundai, etc)
  Big-scale seawater desalination technology (Doosan Heavy Industry)
  Advanced MBR treatment technology & IT-based monitoring system

  Park-Type WW Plant           Desalination Plant              MBR Filtration

  Color WW Plant                Tele-Metering System          Riverbank Filtration

② Solid Waste Management

  Successful landfill management experience and related technologies
  Focused investment into waste-to-energy technologies (LFG, RF, Biomass)
  Electric waste recycling business (Urban Mining)

  Metropolitan Landfill      Incineration + Power       MBT Waste Separation

   Landfill Gas Power        Refuse-Derived Fuel        WEEE Recycling Centre

③ Air Quality Control

  Clean vehicle technologies – DPF, CNG Bus, Electric Car, etc
  De-SOx & de-NOx technologies for heavy industries
  Clean SYS real-time air-quality monitoring system

  CNG Bus                   Fuel-Cell                 Dust Collector

  DPF                      De-Sox Equippment         Air Monitoring

④ Environment-Friendly Products

  Very successful eco-labelling program
  Wide-range of environmentally-friendly products available
  Rapidly growing business interest & consumers’ awareness

  No-Hazardous Living      Energy-Saving            Eco-Shopping

  Bio-Plastic Products      Electric Vehicle

● Major Environmental Companies

       Company                               Environmental Business Area

 POSCO E&C               Water Treatment, Recycling Plant, Fuel-Cell, Wind Power, RDF, etc

 KOLON E&C               Drinking Water Plant, Wastewater Plant, Membrane Module, etc

 Ssangyong E&C           De-SOx Plant, Energy & Heat Recovery Plant, Recycling Plant, etc

 Hyundai Engineering     Wastewater Plant, Landfill Site, Geothermal Plant, etc

 Samsung Engineering     Wastewater Plant, Sludge Treatment, Recycling Plant,

 Woogjin Coway           Water Treatment, Water Purifier, Air Purifier, Filter, etc

 KC Kotrell              Solar Power, De-NOx, Gas Scrubber, Ash Disposer, etc
 Halla Environment       Incinerator, Wastewater Plant, Dust Collector, Solar Energy, etc
 Doosan Heavy Industry Desalination Plant, Drinking Water Plant, Wind Power, etc
 Dohwa Consulting        Landfill Site, LFG Power Plant, Incinerator, Water Plant, etc
 Forcebell               MBT Waste Separation & Recycling System
 J-Tech                  Dust Collector, VOC Treatment, Flue Gas Control, Ventilation, etc
 Eco-Frontier            Biomass Energy, Biogas Energy, CDM, etc
■ Mission : Promotion of Green Industry and Technology
  * Regal Base : Act on Environmental Technology Development & Assistance

■ Established in Apr. 2009 (KIEST+KOECO)
  * KIEST : Korea Institute of Environmental Science & Technology
  * KOECO : Korea Eco-Products Institute

■ Main Roles

 • Facilitation of Green Technology Development
 • Financial & Technical Assistance for Green Industry
 • Promotion of Green Products & Services
 • Promotion of Corporate Green Management

■ Organizational Structure

* Researchers & Staffs : 195 (2010)
■ Environmental R&D Program

  Eco-Technopia 21 Program                  Green Fusion Technology

  저탄소, 저에너지, Env. Tech.              저탄소, 저에너지, Green Fusion
  R&D Investment to 재활용, 친환경소재 사용 유통마켓 Investment to 재활용, 친환경소재 사용
  환경부하 Waste, Soil, Carbon           저탄소, Nano 에너지소비가
                                     환경부하 및 +
  Water, Air,및 에너지소비가 높은 유통업을 대상, 향후 확대 실시 Environment높은 유통업을 대
  저탄소, 저에너지, 재활용, 친환경소재 사용 유통마켓 Bio, IT, 저에너지, 재활용, 친환경소재 사용 유통
   (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화,            (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화,
  환경부하 및 에너지소비가친환경소재 사용기업의 자발적 참여 확대)에너지소비가친환경소재 사용기업의
                                     환경부하 및
  저탄소, 저에너지, 재활용, 높은 유통업을 대상, 향후 확대 실시저에너지, 재활용, 높은 유통업을 대상,
                               유통마켓 2009~2013 24 billion KRW   유통
  2001~2010 1 Trillion KRW
                           Technical (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발
  (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발적 참여 확대)
  환경부하 및 에너지소비가 높은 유통업을 대상, 향후 확대 실시 및 에너지소비가 높은 유통업을 대상,
                       Level Up    (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발
  (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발적 참여 확대)
                             Global TOP 5
    Clean-Up Technology                         PCBs Research

                                      저탄소, 저에너지, 재활용,
   R&D Investment to 재활용, 친환경소재 사용 유통마켓 Control Technology 친환경소재 사용
   저탄소, 저에너지, Clean-Up               PCBs
   환경부하 및 에너지소비가 높은 유통업을 대상, 향후 확대 실시 Companies 높은 유통업을 대
                                      환경부하 및
                                     저탄소, Power에너지소비가
                                     Korean 저에너지, 재활용, 친환경소재 사용 유통
   저탄소,Groundwater                    (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의
    (기존 저에너지, 재활용, 친환경소재 사용 유통마켓 환경부하 및
   Soil & 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발적 참여 확대)에너지소비가 높은 유통업을 대상,
                                     저탄소, 저에너지, 재활용, 친환경소재 사용 유통
                                     2005~2015 11 billion KRW
   저탄소, 저에너지, 재활용, 높은 유통업을 대상, 향후 환경부하 및 에너지소비가 높은 유통업을 대상,
   환경부하 및 에너지소비가친환경소재 사용 유통마켓 확대 실시   (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발
   2008~2017 140 billion KRW
   (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발적 참여 확대)
   환경부하 및 에너지소비가 높은 유통업을 대상, 향후 확대 실시 (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발
  (기존 친환경건축물제의 인센티브를 강화, 기업의 자발적 참여 확대)                               21
■ Environmental Technology & Green Product Certification

          NEW                                                    KOREA
       EXCELLENT                    KOREA
      TECHNOLOGY                  ECO-LABEL

  Promoting New Excellent     Promoting the Use of      Providing Carbon Footprint
     Green Technology       Green Products & Services           Information

■ Environmental Industry Assistance

  Environmental Industry    Provide loan service to environmental businesses with
       Loan Service         good technologies (10 Billion KRW)

       Green-Chip           Help SMEs to attract investment to commercialize their
     Investment Fund        newly developed technologies (10 Billion KRW)

 Environmental Specialist   Create green jobs by means of educating employees
        Training            & employers about green business (500 persons)

    Green Industry &        KONETIC (Korea National Environmental Technology
  Technology Information    Center) website to provide green business information

■ Promotion of Eco-Business Management

                           Promote environmental management for industries
  Environment-Friendly     voluntary involvement in green market
  Enterprise Designation   Designate environmentally friendly companies and
                           provide incentives

                           Develop eco-design guidelines and software
  Technical Assistance     Provide training program for eco-design expert
                           (operate eco-design graduate schools)

                           Provide information on trade-related environmental
  Trade & Environment
                           regulations, agreements and standards worldwide
  Information Network
                           Issue monthly newsletter and hold conference

■ International Cooperation & Trade Facilitation

   Technical Assistance     Environmental masterplan for developing countries
                            Environmental projects feasibility study assistance
   For Overseas Projects    Link-up with Official Development Aids or EDCF Loan

     Green Exporting        Support local technologies to export market
                            International R&D funding to exporting technologies
    Technology Funding      Support international technical research

  Green Export Consulting   Overseas marketing assistance for local companies
                            Foreign environmental market survey
     & Market Survey        Export counseling & business fair for green industries

       Global Green         Capacity building programs for developing countries
                            Inviting DCs official to learn Korean green policy &
     Capacity Building      Korean green business

■ Korea & China

  Environmental Agreement b/t Korea MOE & China MEP (2003)
  Joint Environmental Technology R&D : 30 Projects (2004~2010)
  China Environmental Project Feasibility Study : 7 Projects (2008~2010)
  Annual Joint Environment Technology Seminar : Since 2007

■ Korea & ASEAN Countries

  Agreement with Vietnam(2000), Indonesia(2007), Cambodia(2009)
  Joint Environmental Technology R&D : 8 Projects (2007~2010)
  ASEAN Environmental Project Feasibility Study : 20 Projects (2008~2010)
  Korea Industries & ASEAN PPP Consultation Meeting (2010)

■ Korea & Azerbaijan

  Green Cooperation MOU b/t Korea MOE & Azer MNR (2009)
  Joint Investment to Azer Water Recycling Plant for Reforestation (2010~2011)
  Korean B.A.T Recommendation to Azer MNR (2010)

■ Korea & Brazil

  Green Cooperation MOU b/t Korea KEITI & Brazil Sao-Paulo City (2009)
  Korea-Latin America Green Policy Forum (2010. 7)
  Korea-Brazil Environmental Business Meeting (2010. 4, Rio & Sao-Paulo)
  Support to Business Contract (Forcebel & Brazil Ambiental Co.)

● Environmental Market & Technical Information Exchange

● Local Environmental Masterplan with Korean Expert Groups

● Joint Feasibility Study & Planning on Environmental Projects

● Joint Technology R&D Program (Focused on Local Necessity)

● Business Consultation Session with Korean Environmental Business

● Governmental Level Environmental Cooperation Agreement


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