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                                  MEHTA MAHENDRA
1.   Name                     :

2.   Date of Birth            :   1st June, 1945
3.   A. Last post held in
     Government                   Commissioner, Ministry of Water Resources
                                  Government of India and Member Central Ground
                                  Water Board and Central Ground Water Authority.
                                  (Equivalent to Joint Secretary, Government of

     B. Permanent Address         Flat No 203, Gulab Enclave, C-123 Dayanand
                                  Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

     C. Telephone No.              0141-2620279
                                  (Mobile) 94602-48911
     .                            (E-Mail)

     Educational                  M.Sc. (Tech) in applied Geology with Specialization
4.                            :
     Qualifications               in Ground Water from Roorkee University.

5.   Membership of                1. Fellow of Maharashtra Academy of
     Professional Societies         Sciences, Pune.
                                  2. Member of Indian Water Works Association,
                                  3. Member of IWRS, India.
                              :   4. Member of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for
                                    preparing guidelines for Artificial Recharge &
                                    Rain Water Harvesting.
                                  5. Technical Advisor, NABARD.
                                  6. Member of Indian Delegation for ISO meeting at
                                    Japan in May 2004.

6.    Language Proficiency           Language            Speaking Reading        Writing

                                 :   Hindi               Excellent   Excellent   Excellent

                                     English             Excellent   Excellent   Excellent
7.    Driving License            :   No 811F-2003 Faridabad, Haryana, India.
8.    Passport Number            :   F1994086 Delhi, India.

     9. Foreign Projects Undertaken:
      Extensive experience in Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and
Evaluation of Community based following projects funded by International
         Italian Cooperation-UNDP assisted “Vulnerability Reduction Through
          Community Empowerment and Control of Water in the Drought Prone
          Areas of the Marwar Region” by undertaking social mobilizations efforts
          and strengthening People’s Institutions for revival and rejuvenation of
          traditional water harvesting practices.
         UNICEF assisted “Promoting Traditional Water Management Techniques”
          by ensuring water conservation through rainwater harvesting and
          empowerment of the community for drought management.
         UNDP Phase-II project for “Ground Water exploration in Rajasthan.”

     10. Key Qualifications:
      More than 38 years of experience in planning, implementation monitoring
and       supervision   of     projects/schemes     related    to    ground      water
exploration/development, Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge to
Ground Water and Minor Irrigation, Policy planning at National & State level.
      During last 38 years worked in varied climatologically & hydro-geological
situations covering deserts, humid areas, hilly areas of Himalayas and trans

Himalayas, hard rock and alluvial terrain. During this period developed
indigenous technology and design for rain water harvesting and Artificial
recharge to ground water. Also having administrative experience for Human
Resources Development, technical monitoring and planning since worked as
Director Administration and Regional Director (HQ) Central Ground Water Board
& Commissioner Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India.
Developed specialization in Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge to
Ground Water. Implemented various schemes including at President Estate, New
Delhi, Golden Temple, Amritsar, largest Recharge Shaft (300 m) in Dhuri Drain,
Punjab, etc. Associated in preparation of following documents:
   (i) Perspective Plan of Artificial Recharge to Ground Water in India;
   (ii) Master Plan for Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge to Ground
      Water in India;
   (iii) Guide to Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge to Ground Water
      in India;
   (iv) BIS documents for Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge
      to Ground Water;
   (v) Hydrogeological Map of India on 1:2 millions scale;
   (vi) Recently compiled a document on “Water Resources Management with
      special reference to Marwar Region of Rajasthan.

  Worked as Program Manager in Jal Bhagirathi Foundation, Jodhpur an ISO
9001 certified NGO to mobilize community for rain water harvesting, revival &
restoration of traditional rain water harvesting structures, catchments area
treatment, grass land development, self help group activities and other related
works of Natural Resources Management through technological interventions in
Marwar region. Completed more than 200 micropojects through community
moblisation.      Also assisted State Government for Rajasthan Jal Abhiyan.
Organized number of mass awareness programmes for Water Management,
Conservation, Health and Hygiene in villages and schools. Awarded certificate

of Excellence for the ability to plan beyond immediate requirements &
demonstrate effective leadership to implement program activities by Jal
Bhagirathi Foundation.
    Authored more than 80 scientific reports and published 75 scientific papers
in national and International seminars and symposiums.

   11. Policy Interventions and Water Sector Reforms:
  (A) National Level
  Ground Water Governance
  Initiated the issue of ground water governance and pricing of ground water
for the bulk users for commercial purposes. Bulk Water Users Industries were
identified throughout the country by MOWR in association with the State
Governments, and State Pollution control Boards for identifying the type of users
and a base preparing a data base for evolving the policy for ownership and
pricing. In this regard the Govt. has reached in an advance stage and
Organizing a National Symposium to obtain a view of the various stakeholders
for developing the policy for ground water ownership and its pricing.
  Advisory Council on Artificial Recharge
  Taking the issue of Artificial Recharge to Ground Water at National Levels
coordination among the Government, Policy Planners, Stakeholders, Users and
NGOs were identified. Initiatives were taken to pursue the matter in
Government, Planning Commission and Stakeholders to bring all of them on one
platform for working out the National Policy for Artificial Recharge to Ground
Water including the Awareness Generation, Technological Innovations and
Project Planning. On date an Advisory Council on Artificial Recharge has been
constituted including representatives of major Ministries, departments, NGOs,
Farmers, various other stake holders and Planners of the country. Advisory
council is expeditiously working on the issue for better ground water
management in the country.

  Ground Water Legislation
  Considering the exponential growth in the use of groundwater, and
haphazard development of groundwater in north, west and southern India, has
led to overexploitation and deterioration in its quality. The groundwater
regulation has been brought to forefront in the government during my tenure at
MOWR, pursued with the State Governments, for enactment of Model bill and so
far the states of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Union Territories
of Lakshadweep, Goa and Pondicherry have enacted and implemented
ground water legislation. Most of the States except a few such as Punjab,
Haryana, are in an advance stage of enactment.
  National Plan for Utilising Surplus Runoff
  Prepared “National Perspective Plan for Utilising Surplus Monsoon Runoff”. The
availability of non-committed surplus monsoon runoff in 20 River Basins of
Country was analysed and it was estimated that around 21.4 Million-Hectare
Metre could be utilized through proper management especially to recharge
Ground Water. This plan presented conceptual framework for making policy by
planners. As a follow up, a Master Plan for Artificial Recharge to Ground Water
was prepared giving details of cost estimate, design etc. for various
implementing State Governments. The Planning Commission of India accepted
this as Policy Document and State Governments included in their plans. As a
guiding principle, persuaded the Govt. of India to have National Advisory
Council for Artificial Recharge and same has now come to existence.
  Mandatory RWH in States
  Policy Interventions in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and other States for making Rain
Water Harvesting as mandatory especially in urban areas.
  Assistance during Tsunami’s
     Acted as nodal officer for water supply and provided immediate relief to
all affected areas. As long term measure in Andaman & Carnicobar Island
arranged de salinisation plants.

  (B) State Level
Influenced the Rajasthan State Govt. to undertake the following Initiatives:
      Jal Chetna Yatra and Jal Shiksha Abhiyan for creating awareness on water
      Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting in schools.
      Community based Water Supply to provide water security during summers.
      Ground Water Legislation for controlling overexploitation of ground water.

Professional Experience:
More than 38 years experience in the field of Ground Water and Rainwater Harvesting.
During these years worked in all types of geological terrain and climate such as deserts,
alluvium, hard rocks, hilly & humid areas and also in cold deserts of Himalaya. Developed
expertise in the field of Artificial Recharge, Rainwater harvesting, community mobilization
& compilation of reports, maps etc. Details are as follows:

  Post held (from the         Unit                        Nature of works
(i)    Program          Jal Bhagirathi    JBF is ISO 9001certified NGO working in parts
       Manager          Foundation,       of Marwar in western Rajasthan. The main
                        Jodhpur           objective of foundation are sustainable
                        (06.06.05 –       development         of     natural   resources   by
                        25.01.07)         reviving    traditional      water   management
                                          practices, community mobilization, creating
                                          awareness. During last one and a half year
                                          organized      25        Technical   Trainings   for
                                          capacity building. Completed more than
                                          200   Micro    Projects      through    community
                                          participation for Rain Water Harvesting in
                                          Thar Desert. Motivted JBF & community to
                                          under take projects for De-Salinisation of

                                           ground water to mitigate the drinking water
(ii)    Commissioner    Ministry of        As Subject Matter Expert in the Ministry of
        (GW),           Water              Water Resources responsible for all the
        Member          Resources          activities   related   to        Ground   Water   &
        Central         Govt. of India     rainwater harvesting in the country including
        Ground water    (26.02.04–         development,       management,            evaluation
        Board &         31.05.05)          monitoring       of       schemes,         including
        Central                            preparation of new schemes for Ground
        Ground water                       Water Development, augmentation, RWH
        Authority.                         for various States. Evaluated the project of
                                           bilateral    assistance     in    Water   Resources
                                           Sector such as World Bank, SIDA, EU, etc.

(iii)   Director        Central Ground All the administrative matters of Group A, B,
        (Admn.) &       Water Board,       C, & D officers of the Board including court
        Regional        CHQ,               cases etc. Monitoring of work programmes,
        Director Head   Faridabad          budget and providing assistance to all states
        Quarter         (12.11.2004 -      for implementation of schemes.
(iv)    Regional        Central Ground Looked after the work of J&K and Himachal
        Director        Water       Board, Pradesh states related RWH and artificial
                        NWHR & NHR         recharge to Ground Water Exploration. In
                        (12.2.2001–        town of Katra (J&K), Dharamshala, Kangra
                        11.11.2002)        and Shimla (HP) Exploratory drilling were
                                           carried out which gave high yield & solved
                                           the persistent water crisis. Also got compiled
                                           the various report etc and motivated State
                                           Govt & other agencies for adopting modern

                                  technology. Motivated States for Rainwater
                                  Harvesting especially in hilly areas to mitigate
                                  drinking water crises. Implemented number of
                                  RWH schemes.
(v)    Regional   Central Ground Implementation of Annual Action Plan of the
       Director   Water Board     Board in all the seven north Eastern States.
                  NER Guwahati    First time got prepared Rainwater harvesting
                  (28.8.2000-     Schemes of about Rs 2 crores for the States
                  11.2.2001)      of   Assam,      Meghalaya,        Mizoram        and
                                  Nagaland. Introduced new design of tube
                                  wells including screens and pump well
                                  jackets. Motivated states to adopt RWH and
                                  monitoring of various ongoing schemes in

(vi)   Regional   Central Ground Implementation of Ground Water Investigation,
       Director   Water Board,    Exploration,   development        and      monitoring
                  NWR             programme in the states of Punjab, Haryana, NCT
                  Chandigarh      Delhi and U.T. of Chandigarh. Providing guidance to
                  (06.11.97-      State Govt. for planned and scientific development
                  14.8.2000)      of Ground Water Resources. Developed expertise in
                                  Artificial Recharge and more than 20 Artificial
                                  Recharge Schemes were implemented including for
                                  President Estate. Also carried out first time detailed
                                  pollution studies in Ground Water for National Capital
                                  Territory Delhi and water logging problem in Hansi

                                             Tehsil, Hisar District, Haryana. Advised and motivated
                                             the states to adopt Rain Water Harvesting and
                                             Artificial Recharge to Ground Water as Stage of
                                             Ground Water Development in these states is very
                                             high. Monitored the on going schemes of the states
                                             as a member of technical monitoring committee.
(vii)    Director        Central Ground Implementation of annual programme &
         Suprintending   Water Board,        also guidance to State Government for
         Hydrogeologit   CR Nagpur           preparation and implementation of Artificial
                         (01.1.89-           Recharge schemes, using surplus monsoon
                         05.11.97)           runoff first time in the country. Based on the
                                             experience of pilot project, state had taken
                                             up large projects for Artificial recharge to
                                             Ground Water. Technical monitoring of all
                                             ongoing schemes and programmes of the
                                             State Government.
(viii)   Senior          Central Ground Scrutiny and issuance of all the Scientific
         Hydrogeologit   Water Board,        reports    of    CGWB,       CR,    Nagpur.       The
                         CR, Nagpur          responsibility    includes      procurement        of
                         (6.5.85-31.12.88)   scientific instruments, equipments. Providing
                                             guidance to staff and State Government.
(ix)     Provincial      Republic of         Worked as provincial Hydrogeologist for
         Hydrogeologist Zambia               Republic of Zambia for this period and
                         (8.5.82-5.5.85)     provided         assistance         for      proper
                                             management and development of Water
                                             Resources, particularly in Southern Provinces.
(x)      Jr.             CGWB                Hydrogeological surveys, exploration in parts
         Hydrogeologist G.S.I                of Rajasthan. Covered around 20,000 sq. km

        Geologist Jr.    (29.9.71-8.5.82)   by exploration and water balance study in
                                            Banganga River Basin as Team leader.
                                            Assisted Director, Chief Hydrogeologist in
                                            planning, compilation and implementation
                                            of annual work programmes at National
                                            level.   Identified    areas        for   Groundwater
                                            development in Rajasthan based on survey
                                            a number of development programs and
                                            projects were taken by State and Central

(xi)    Jr.              Rajasthan          Carried      out   surveys     in     Rajasthan    and
        Hydrogeologist Ground Water         identified     areas     for         Ground       Water
                         Board              development. Undertook first hard rock
                         (27.9.69-          drilling with the assistance of UNICEF. Based
                         26.9.71)           on the findings of surveys and drilling large
                                            scale development activities were taken.

12.     Training attended abroad
       (i) Ground Water Data collection Techniques US AID Training at USGS
        Alabama, USA 1991 (10 weeks)
       (ii) Short course in Ground Water contamination & testing in USA under US-
        AEP programme (14.8.99-26.8.99)
13.      Foreign Assignment, if any
        Republic of Zambia as Provincial Hydrogeologist (May 1982 to May 1985),
        Department of Water Affairs, Government of Zambia. During this period
        selected more than 500 sites for Tube well construction with success rate
        of more than 80%. Also compiled the reports for Southern province.
14.      Scientific papers
        Published around 80 scientific papers in National and International


15.       Engineering Skills
         Developed expertise in indigenous technologies and designs for Rain
          Water Harvesting and Artificial Recharge to Ground Water. A few of the
          projects implemented include at President Estate, New Delhi, Golden
          Temple, Amritsar, largest Recharge Shaft (300 m) in Dhuri Drain, Punjab,
          Percolation Tank, Maharashtra, Rain Water Harvesting in Trans Himalayan
          Region, J&K, Cherrapunji, Meghalaya etc.
         Expertise    in     implementation,     monitoring    and   post-implementation
          evaluation of rain water harvesting and irrigation projects. Evaluated all
          the major, medium and minor irrigation projects for conjunctive use
          before      these    are   approved      and   also   monitored    their   proper
         Designed & got implemented de salinisation plants in Andman group of islands
          after Tsunami’s. Also evaluated various types of de salinisation plants especially
          for treating the saline ground water.
         Designed the pumping pattern for safe mining of Panandhro lignite deposit,
          Gujrat. The design included volume of water to be pumped and demarcation
          of area of safe mining.

16.       Any other remark:
         Prepared more than 80 scientific and technical reports.
         Secretary, IWRS, Nagpur center, Maharashtra for 1996-97.
         The Hindi paper on “Roof top rain water harvesting for ground water recharge
          to mitigate water scarcity in Nagpur city had been judged as the best paper
          by Raj Basha Samiti, Nagpur in the Takniki Shodh Lekh Pratiyogita during 1994.
         The paper entitled “An approach to evaluate the efficiency of ground water
          recharge structures in hard rocks areas” was highly appreciated by the external
          reviewers of International Workshop organized by NGRI, Hyderabad in 1994.

   Awarded certificate of merit by U.S.G.S during USAID Training on “Ground
    Water Data collection techniques”.
   Received commendation certificate by Rajasthan Police for controlling the
    outbreak of fire at Udaipur (Rajasthan) on 12.11.1959.
   Member for Advisory committee for formulating proposals for rainwater
    harvesting in Minor Irrigation Wing, Ministry of Water Resources.
   Member of Board of Directors in Punjab State Tube well Corporation Limited,
   Member for High Level Expert Committee for strategic monitoring of State
    Ground Water plan for Haryana State.
   Nominee of National Award for Rain Water Harvesting & Artificial Recharge by
    Central Ground Water Board (1999-2000).
   Member for compiling the Master Plan for Artificial Recharge to Ground Water
    in India.
   Member for preparing the Hydrogeological Map of India (1:2 million).
   Member for compiling the guide of Artificial Recharge to Ground Water.
   Technical member for Committee on water harvesting & Artificial Recharge to
    Ground Water in U.P State.
   Member of expert committee for Water Supply in Kargil Area less than sub-zero
   Member for preparation of Bureau of Indian Standards on Artificial Recharge to
    Ground Water and Rainwater Harvesting.
   Nodal Officer for Water Shed Development in India.
   Organized number of National and International seminars/symposiums
    including documentation of proceedings.
   Recently in JBF organized the visit of Prince Charles to village Artiya to show
    work related to Water Harvesting through community participation.
   JBF, being the lead NGO for Marwar Region motivated 32 other NGOs for
    creating mass awareness about rain water harvesting in the rural areas.

   Presented the Government of Rajasthan a scheme for community driven water
    supply during the scarcity period. Also suggested the implementation strategies
    for rain water harvesting in the State.
   Gave number of popular talks for water resources management in FCCI, CII,
    everything about Water Magazines, IWRS, NEERI, NIH, Group of secretaries
    parliamentarians, engineers, administrators, community members etc. in various
    parts of the Country.
   Organized training programmes and imparted trainings to engineers,
    hydrogeologists, administrators, community members etc.


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