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					                                          KIT LIST

Whilst each camp differs due to the planned activities the following is a general list of the
main items required on all camps.

For all camps please arrive in Full Uniform

   Outdoor shoes (wellington boots or old shoes in case of mud)
   Walking shoes or trainers (for hikes/walks)
   T-Shirts or similar, Jumper or sweatshirts
   Trousers / shorts (including spares)
   Spare underclothes and spare socks
   Pyjamas or what ever is normally worn to sleep in
   Waterproofs
   Sun hat, sun cream & sun glasses
   Wash Kit inc toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel etc
   Tea towel
   Bedding - Sleeping bag, pillow, roll mat/karrimat
   Bin bag for dirty/wet things
   Rucksack/small bag (for hikes/walks)
   Coat hanger (to hang up uniform)
   Torch & Spare Batteries
   Reading book or quiz book for quite time
   Water Bottle
   Plastic plate, mug, bowl, knife, fork and spoon (Scout camps only)
   Tea Towel
   (Optional) folding chair

For colder weather the following may also be useful;
      Extra blankets for sleeping
      Camp blanket for sitting around the camp fire
      Spare clothes (due to rain or for extra layers!)

Please mark all items clearly, as we have had a number of unclaimed items on other

We request that NO Mobile phones or Computer Games of any kind are sent to
camp. If found they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the event.

Please advise us of any medical or dietary requirements. Any Medicines must be
given to the Leaders. They will be stored securely.

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