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                      Workflow, Document &
                      Business Process Management


Business process management

                                                                      Workflow, Document & 

(BPM) is the buzzword for what                                        Business Process Management                      Management Briefings

is otherwise known as workflow
and document management                                               Market Overview & Analysis                                                      2
                                                                      The difficulty of pinpointing the return on investment from workflow and
technology.                                                           BPM technology makes it hard to cost justify. Pat Sweet reports on our
  The idea behind BPM is that                                         latest IT user research.
more than a name change, it                                           Expert Opinion                                                                  5
suggests organisations are                                            Mark Allen of Impact Plus explains what BPM offers on top of standard
integrating all of their business                                     workflow and document management technology.
processes, instead of just using                                      View from the Top                                                         10
workflow, document                                                    From the Sydney Harbour Bridge to London’s Millennium Bridge, design firm
management, records and                                               Arup has hit the headlines. Group knowledge manager Tony Sheehan
content management systems to                                         describes how its work is driven by portal-based knowledge and document
make individual processes more                                        management software.
efficient.                                                            Round Table                                                             12
  The aim is laudable, but the                                        Market experts from Xansa, Cornwell Management Consultantcy, Strategy
difficulties are that much greater                                    Partners and David Skyrme Associates predict the key trends in workflow
                                                                      and BPM.
than if single processes are
involved.                                                             Document & Records Management                                         18
                                                                      Records and document management systems may not get the pulses racing
  Against that, our research                                          but they’re back in fashion, says Malcolm Beach of AMTEC.
(page 2) shows that many
companies are unhappy with                                            Content Management                                                       20
                                                                      Jeffrey Mann of META Group helps you to devise an overarching enterprise
their current mix of software                                         content management strategy.
applications and accept that their
                                                                      Implementation Issues                                                          26
business processes are subject to                                     Katie Walsh of EDS sets out the key issues to confront when introducing
constant change. So people are                                        new workflow technology.
ready for BPM systems that can
                                                                      Knowledge & Document Management                                                28
flexibly automate their processes                                     Document management and workflow systems can combine to create a
and ‘glue’ their enterprise                                           new – less vague and fuzzy – form of knowledge management. Stewart
applications together.                                                Mills of Parity reports.
  Our Management Briefing                                             Knowledge Economy                                                          34
articles – written for Conspectus                                     Everyone accepts ‘knowledge’ is vital, but what does that mean in practice
by the likes of EDS, META,                                            for different types of organisation? Nigel Oxbrow of TFPL provides an
Parity and other specialist                                           analysis.
consultants – provide insight into                                    Workflow, Document & 

how you can get the best from                                         Business Process Management                              Supplier Profiles

BPM and its individual
component technologies.                                               Throughout this issue we feature profiles of leading vendors of workflow,
                                                                      document management and BPM software. This information, supplied by the
                                                                      companies, has been checked and validated by specialist independent
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Meera Butterworth at PMP. Tel: 0870 908 8767.
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     Market Overview & Analysis Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

Companies are struggling            FIGURE 1: Nature of existing enterprise IT systems
                                                                                                                               cost-effective. As a result, three­
                                                                                                                               quarters (75%) have funded IT
to pinpoint the return on
                                                                                                                               investments in the past two
investment from business                          Very flexible                                  32%
                                                                                                                               years aimed at making systems
process management                                                                                                             more integrated, while 62%
                                         Not flexible enough                                                            55%
systems, says Pat Sweet.                                                                                                       have sought to make them more
                                                                                                                               responsive and 59% have tried
                                              Very responsive                                    32%
WORKING FASTER AND                                                                                                             to improve on the flexibility or
smarter has become a necessity                                                                                                 adaptability of their systems.
                                     Not responsive enough                                            35%
for companies in recent years.                                                                                                    Over the same timeframe,
And technologies such as                                                                                                       41% of our sample have
                                             Highly adaptable                                   29%
workflow and document                                                                                                          implemented workflow or
management can help cut the                                                                                                    document management
                                      Not adaptable enough                                                  44%
corporate paper mountain                                                                                                       applications, while 37% have
down to size whilst improving                                                                                                  added content management
                                               Well integrated                                              43%
the efficiency of basic                                                                                                        solutions and a quarter (25%)
operations.                                                                                                                    have opted for a BPM approach
                                          Not well integrated                                               44%
   Our latest IT user study (see                                                                                               (see Figure 2).
Survey Statistics box, page 4)                                                                                                    Of all these options,
                                                                   0%       10%         20% 30% 40% 50%                 60%
suggests this message is getting                                                                                               document management emerges
                                                                                     Percentage of respondents
through, with organisations          Note: respondents could choose all that apply                      Source: PMP Research
                                                                                                                               as the veteran application, with
from a whole range of                                                                                                          39% reporting they already
industries implementing such                                                                                                   have an operational system.


solutions in the hope of raising                                                                                               More than a third (36%) also
service levels without sending                                                                                                 have a workflow application in
costs through the roof.                                                                                                        operation and 34% have a
   But this evident enthusiasm                                                                                                 content management system.
for the individual technologies                                                                                                   In contrast, take-up of BPM
masks the fact that many                                                                                                       is slower, with only 12% of the
companies are failing to grasp                                                                                                 sample already running an
the full potential of what                                                                                                     operational system. And


business process management                                                                                                    although 14% are currently
(BPM) offers.                                                                                                                  implementing BPM, just 5%
   While point solutions for                                                                                                   have a pilot project in hand,
workflow or document                                                                                                           which suggests there is unlikely
management can tackle specific                                                                                                 to be a dramatic increase in the
needs, BPM provides the glue                                                                                                   number of BPM
which will bind everything          flexible (32%) or very                             majority (84%) have made                implementations in the next
together in an enterprise-wide      responsive (32%) and only                          changes in the last two years           year or two.
implementation.                     29% feel they are highly                           designed to make their                     Instead, companies seem to
   Such an approach can offer       adaptable.                                         processes more efficient, while         be more inclined to continue
much-needed integration for an         Companies demonstrate                           73% have taken steps to                 spending on document
organisation which has seen         similar worries about the                          integrate different processes           management and workflow.
disparate applications spring up    suitability of their current                       internally and 57% have been               The already high proportion
over the years, but now lacks       business processes. The big                        looking to make processes more          of companies using document
the cash or methodology to                                                                                                     management software looks set
bring it all back together.                                                                                                    to increase, since 14% are
                                    FIGURE 2: Preferred technologies
   Our Expert Opinion article                                                                                                  currently implementing
on page 5 examines the pros             Which of the following technologies has your company invested in                       applications in this area and
and cons of this in more detail.                            during the last two years?                                         20% are running pilots.
   There is little doubt that                                                                                                     Similarly, 9% of our sample
                                     Document management                                                          41%
many companies are seeking to                                                                                                  are putting in workflow
overhaul their current                                                                                                         software at the moment, and
                                                       Workflow                                                   41%
applications. Around half                                                                                                      16% are giving it a trial.
(55%) of our sample report                                                                                                        The two most common
                                        Content management                                                   37%
that their existing enterprise IT                                                                                              drivers for workflow and
systems are not sufficiently                 Business process                                                                  associated technologies are
flexible, while 44% maintain                     management                                                                    customer service and/or
that their systems are neither                                                                                                 complaint handling procedures,
                                       Records management                                 16%
adaptable enough nor well                                                                                                      which are cited by 34% of our
integrated (see Figure 1).                                                                                                     respondents, and the processing
                                                                   0%          10%     20%       30%     40%            50%
   In contrast, only a third                                                                                                   of online applications and
                                     Source: PMP Research                        Percentage of respondents
describe their systems as very                                                                                                 inquiries (32%).

2 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                               
                                Market Overview & Analysis Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

   Organisations are also using      cited by 52%, and the challenge         suggest vendors should give             consultants on a project to
these applications in areas such     of producing a clear ROI or             themselves a pat on the back.           implement such technology.
as sales and order fulfilment        cost/benefit justification, also           Only a quarter (27%) of                 The most common request
management (29%) and a               mentioned by 52%.                       companies feel that the software        for help is with solution design
variety of ad hoc processes             User acceptance (45%) is             is not flexible enough to               (34%) – which suggests users
including expense claim              another issue which comes high          support their desired way of            are finding it hard to navigate
handling, membership                 on the list of worries, with one        working, while just 20% voice           through the maze of different
administration, referrals and        respondent drawing attention            fears that user expectations will       technologies – along with
other claims handling.               to the difficulties of                  not be met. And a mere 11%              systems integration (21%).
   Interestingly, some paper­        “overcoming user familiarity            have concerns about poor                   There is widespread
intensive activities have yet to     with paper”.                            scalability or other performance        recognition that these are not
receive much in the way of              On the other hand, only a            issues.                                 applications which can be just
support – product development        third (34%) feel that the need             Yet there is enough                  installed fresh out-of-the-box.
(14%), product technical             for a change management                 uncertainty about how to make              Interestingly, companies seem
support (9%) and marketing           programme is one reason why             the most of workflow,                   more confident about handling
(4%) all come well down the          workflow is hard to introduce.          document management and                 some of the preparatory work
list of areas where workflow or         And while some respondents           BPM technology for companies            for a workflow implementation,
BPM is widely deployed.              say the complexity of many              to seek outside help. Almost            with external help needed in
                                     solutions is a key problem,             half (45%) have used systems            areas such as defining processes
Appeal                               overall our survey findings             integrators or external                 (16%), project management
The key attraction of such                                                                                           (9%) and changing behaviours
technologies lies in their ability                                                                                   (2%).
                                     FIGURE 3: Key reasons for using workflow/DM/BPM
to help companies improve                                                                                               For those companies who
their existing working practices.     To introduce greater efficiencies/                                             find the idea of a full-blown
   We asked our sample to rate                   improved productivity                                               workflow, document
their reasons for using                                                                                              management or BPM system
                                                       To improve service                                  4.18
workflow, document                                                                                                   too daunting, there are
management or BPM software                                                                                           alternatives.
                                            To reduce operational costs                                3.80
on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1                                                                                           Getting on for half (45%) of
represents ‘not important’ and 5                                                                                     our sample use or have been
                                       To improve organisational agility                            3.32
stands for ‘very important’.                                                                                         using messaging products such
   The aggregated results                                                                                            as Lotus Notes or Microsoft
                                      To improve visibility of processes                            3.24
(Figure 3) show that the                                                                                             Exchange as the base
number one priority for               To meet regulatory requirements/                                               infrastructure for workflow
companies is to introduce                      legal compliance issues                                               technologies.
greater efficiencies and/or              To deal with integration issues                                                Their reasons for doing so
improve productivity (4.33),                     around legacy systems                                               centre on the simplicity of such
coupled with the push to                                                                                             an approach. For 43%, user
                                                                        0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00
improve service (4.18). At the                                                                                       familiarity is a key advantage,
                                                                            On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 = ‘not
same time, organisations are          Source: PMP Research                 important’ and 5 = ‘very important’       along with ease of use (30%),
looking to reduce operational                                                                                        cost-effectiveness (29%) and
costs (3.80).                                                                                                        better integration of
   Ambitions such as improving                                                                                       information sources (25%).
                                     FIGURE 4: Use of portals
corporate agility (3.32), or                                                                                            There is also widespread
improving the visibility of              Do you use or are you considering using portal technology as the            recognition that portals can
processes (3.24) come some                  standard user interface to workflow/DM/BPM applications?                 play a role in reducing
way down the list. And two                                                                                           complexity and improving the
requirements which might have                                                                         Will be        user interface in workflow and
been expected to make an                                                                            considering      related applications. Although
impact in this area barely                                                                          this option      only 18% currently use or plan
register with our respondents.        Yes, already                                                                   to use portal technology, half
Neither the need to meet new          do so or plan                                                                  (50%) will be considering this
                                        to do so
compliance regulations (2.88)                                 18%                    50%                             option and only 15% have
or the desire to deal with                                                                                           ruled it out completely. The
integration issues around legacy                                                                                     remaining 17% are undecided
systems (2.57) score highly.                                                                                         (see Figure 4).
   Part of the reason may lie in                                                                                        The big advantage of a
the two biggest problems                                        17%                                                  portal, of course, is that it offers
companies face in using                                                       15%                                    a gateway into multiple
workflow technologies and               Don’t know/not
                                                              applications without the user
                                         familiar with

software. These are the                 this technology
                                                             having to learn the intricacies of
difficulty of integrating with                                                                                       each individual system.
                                                                               No             Source: PMP Research
other enterprise applications,                                                                                          Two-thirds (66%) of our                                                                                                               JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 3
      Market Overview & Analysis Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

respondents acknowledge that                                                                                          But without some cast-iron
                                       SURVEY STATISTICS
having a single user interface is                                                                                  information on the impact these
the key advantage of portal             For this survey we spoke to a broad cross-section of companies             expensive and sometimes
technology, along with its ease         from sectors as varied as education (6%), energy and utilities (6%),       disruptive new applications will
of use, which is cited by half          leisure and tourism (4%), transport (2%) and aerospace (2%).               have on the bottom line, many
(50%).                                     We particularly sought the views of organisations in areas such         organisations remain reluctant
   Looking to the future, many          as manufacturing (18%), the financial services (16%) and the               to go forward in this area.
companies regard a web                  public sector (11%). They have traditionally had to find ways of              Indeed, only a third of our
interface to workflow,                  dealing with large volumes of paperwork and also often face the            sample (35%) claim their
document management and                 kinds of regulatory challenges which can be a key driver in the            implementations have delivered
BPM products as essential. Half         adoption of workflow and document management technologies.                 the expected benefits, while one
(50%) would not even consider              The companies varied in size from the bottom end of the range           in five (20%) deny this is the
a product lacking this                  – with 5% reporting a turnover of under £5 million and 4% falling          case and 37% simply do not
capability, while a quarter             into the £5 million to £10 million bracket – up to the very largest. A     know.
(25%) feel it is required for           third of our sample (30%) have a turnover of between £150 million             Some companies may have
certain applications.                   and £1 billion, while 7% have turnovers ranging from £1 billion to         failed to develop a convincing
   Internet or web-based                £5 billion, and 5% top the £5 billion mark.                                case for ROI because they have
applications offer a                                                                                               overlooked a key area where
straightforward way to link into                                                                                   BPM software can make a real
other applications, such as            not know their intentions.           BPML or eXML is more muted.            difference – solving long-
those used by suppliers or                But while progress may have       Just over half believe such            standing application integration
supply chain partners.                 been slow, companies are laying      standards are either ‘extremely        issues.
However, only about a third            down the foundations for such        important’ (26%) or                       Yet only the brave would
(36%) plan to integrate any of         requirements in the future.          ‘important’ (29%), though a            embark on an ambitious BPM
their workflow processes with             Three-quarters (75%)              quarter (27%) do not have a            project without some hope of
those of external partners.            identify web services as either      view on this issue.                    achieving a decent pay-back.
   In contrast, 21% have no            ‘extremely important’ (27%) or          Overall, the biggest stumbling         The challenge over the next
plans to take this course of           ‘important’ (48%) to their           block is the difficulty companies      few years is for companies to
action, and 27% have not given         developments in the workflow         face in calculating the return on      find a way out of this vicious
it any consideration, with 16%         arena (see Figure 5). This is        investment from workflow,              circle by developing detailed
unsure.                                largely because such technology      document management or BPM             plans to use workflow,
   It is a similar story when it       offers a way to link together        technology.                            document management and
comes to combining workflows           legacy and external                     As Figure 6 shows, none of          BPM technologies to their
with those of others, perhaps as       applications, a reason               our sample describes this              fullest extent.
a result of a merger or                nominated by 48%, combined           exercise as ‘easy’ and three­
acquisition. Only 14% have             with flexibility of deployment       quarters (78%) rate it as either       q Pat Sweet is the research
definite ambitions in this area,       (46%).                               ‘fairly hard’ (42%) or ‘very           analyst on Conspectus. If you
compared to the 30% who have              Companies also recognise the      hard’ (36%). Just 13% claim            are interested in this study,
ruled it out, the 32% for whom         importance of industry               working out the ROI is ‘fairly         please contact Neil Ferguson at
it is not yet even up for              standards in this area, although     easy’, while 9% do not have a          PMP Research. Email:
discussion and the 24% who do          support for options such as          view on this.                

FIGURE 5: Importance of web services in workflow/DM/BPM                      FIGURE 6: Return on investment
                                                                                  How easy is it for your organisation to calculate the ROI on any
                                                                                                 workflow/DM/BPM technologies?

   Extremely                                                                                                                     Fairly hard
   important                                                Important

                        27%                    48%


                                                                              Easy 0%
                                       9%                                                             9%              36%
           Don’t know
                                                                                  Don’t know
                                       Not particularly
                         Unimportant     important
                             2%                                                                                                 Very hard
 Source: PMP Research                                                         Source: PMP Research

4 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                     
                               Market Overview & Analysis Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

     EXPERT OPINION: MARK ALLEN of Impact Plus debates whether BPM is just a new type of workflow.

             Why is BPM so special?
   Whilst workflow has been a component of       ‘glue’ to facilitate the exchange of data           the same: what will change is the overall
   document management for many years,           between the application and the BPM                 orchestration of these components and
   business process management has               system. Any claim that BPM can integrate            the routing of the process.
   recently emerged as a ‘new technology’        diverse applications ‘out-of-the-box’ is               By providing clarification of end-to-end
   offering significant improvements             unlikely to be justified.                           enterprise processes, BPM enables
   compared with traditional workflow.              Another key driver for BPM is that it            organisations to take a more coherent
      But isn’t BPM just workflow by another     offers a basis for improved productivity –          view of corporate function. With the entire
   name? What improvements does it offer,        for example, by integrating manual and              business process exposed to the BPM
   and what are the drivers for BPM at the       automatic workflows and thus reducing               ‘engine’, it becomes possible to collate
   present time?                                 hand-offs and process lag.                          management information across the
      To some extent BPM is just a new              BPM can co-ordinate processes across             process and present this in a
   name for workflow. Traditional workflow       departments and business functions,                 comprehensive way to answer strategic
   products support the automation of            potentially reducing duplication of effort          business questions.
   business processes via the definition of      and inefficiency. In this sense, it offers a           In this way, BPM becomes a
   process steps and the exchange of data        means of implementing the ‘holy grail’ of           mechanism for gaining greater
   between steps – which is something that       operational efficiency – straight through           management visibility and control.
   BPM also provides.                            processing.                                            Greater visibility across the business
      But in one key respect BPM is different.      In order to achieve improved                     process can allow for greater staff
   BPM is typically used as a means of           productivity, however, some level of                accountability. Because a BPM process
   integrating existing applications and                                        rationalisation of   definition spans manual and system­
   services and the business processes that                                     business             driven processes, there are potentially no
   operate on these, rather than                                                processes is         process ‘blind spots’ where an individual
   implementing a single discrete business                                      likely to be         or team’s performance cannot be
   process. Workflow processes tend to be                                       needed.              measured.
   prescriptive step-by-step definitions,                                       Implementing a          But if BPM provides more than the
   whereas BPM process definitions typically                                    straight copy of     limited process automation offered by
   encompass the higher-level business                                          legacy               traditional workflow engines, there is little
   functions involved in a process and the                                      processes            evidence that the market is exploiting its
   outputs from these functions.                                                within the BPM       potential. This may be because of the
      This extrapolation within BPM from the                                    system is            level of investment required to implement
   detailed data flows and its ability to view                                  unlikely to          a full BPM system, in terms of process re­
   business processes across applications is     Mark Allen: role in            generate             engineering, or because of scepticism
   referred to as ‘process orchestration’ –      application integration        benefits.            regarding the benefits.
   contrasting with the ‘process automation’                                       Many                 In any event, implementation will
   offered by traditional workflow products.     organisations aspire to operating model             become easier in the future with the
      BPM does not therefore offer a             flexibility in an effort to respond to rapidly      increasing use of standard process
   complete departure from traditional           changing markets and consumer                       components which may be invoked by
   workflow, but rather an important             demands. The ability to redesign and re­            any process execution engine, utilising
   evolution of workflow technology,             deploy operational processes and                    standards such as BPEL and XML.
   introducing a more rounded interpretation     systems is therefore critical.                         The increasing use of web services in
   of real-life business processes and              BPM can assist here because of the               this area will also open up the possibilities
   reducing the need for the rigid coding of     level of abstraction it offers over the             for orchestration.
   every process step.                           detailed implementation of workflow. The               But to achieve this there is an
      This ability to provide process            use of flexible process components,                 investment cost, not least in terms of the
   governance at the organisation-wide level     which can be re-used within different               effort to stitch together what have
   gives BPM a role in application integration   organisation-wide process definitions,              traditionally been departmental process
   – a key driver for its success. Indeed,       enables companies to rapidly design and             definitions into true enterprise-wide
   BPM is often presented as the solution to     deploy different operating models.                  representations. In reality, ‘pure’ end-to­
   many of the long-standing architecture           Thus, for example, if a decision is taken        end BPM process implementations are
   problems associated with the proliferation    to outsource a particular process                   probably still a year or two off.
   of legacy systems.                            component, a BPM system can be rapidly
      Yet such integration can typically only    updated to reflect these changes.                   q Mark Allen is a principal consultant with
   be achieved with the development of              This is possible because the likelihood          Impact Plus. Tel: 020 8977 4655.
   application programming interface (API)       is that the process components will stay            Email:                                                                                                             JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 5

                   Workflow, Document & Business Process Management



          BancTec is a worldwide systems                 solutions. Plexus says it is
                                                                                                         COMPANY                                    CONTACT POINTS
          integration, business process                  particularly suited to large,
          outsourcing and services                       high-transaction business                         Turnover (UK)                   £31m      Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                     BancTec Ltd, Jarman House, Mathisen
          company. It has over 3,000 staff               environments.                                     Turnover (W)                    $379m
                                                                                                                                                     Way, Poyle Road, Colnbrook, Berkshire
          and more than 5,000 customers                     eFIRST process consists of                     Profit Before Tax (UK)          £4.5m     SL3 0HF
          across multiple industries in 50               seven integrated modules:                         Profit Before Tax (W)           $18m      Telephone
          countries.                                     q Process Engine – scalable to                    Number of Employees (UK)        300       01753 778888
             BancTec is one of the world’s               support large configurations of                   Number of Employees (W)         3,100     Fax
          largest electronic document                    users and networks, this has                      Software Marketed (UK)          D/I       01753 778707
          management vendors – its                       been specifically engineered for                  End User Support by             D/I       Contact name
                                                                                                                                                     Ian Painter
          systems process over 50 million                intense, high-volume                              End User Training by            D/I
                                                                                                                                                     Email address
          documents daily.                               transaction-based processes.                      Key: D Direct, I Indirect
             When delivering workflow                    q Process Builder – an                            N/A Not available/not
                                                                                                           applicable, N/P Not provided,             Website address
          and BPM solutions, BancTec                     environment that models                                                           
                                                                                                           AOR Available on request
          turns to Plexus. Founded more                  business information and relates                                                            User Group Contact/Contact Point
          than 15 years ago, Plexus, a                   it to processes and process                    dashboard to help managers                   N/A
          BancTec-owned company, is                      steps. It enables companies to                 identify emerging problems.
          recognised as a pioneer in                     develop user interfaces, forms                 q Process Intelligence – a                  processing’ of work items.
          workflow and BPM software.                     and data objects managed                       business intelligence tool                  q Process Integrator – a broad
          The Plexus network of                          within the solution application.               providing configurable web­                 array of pre-built adaptors and
          partners, resellers and OEMs                   q Process Analyzer – a process                 based management information                interfaces to connect processes
          has delivered solutions to a                   modelling, analysis and                        reports for statistical analysis of         to legacy and packaged
          range of industries in over 35                 simulation tool enabling the                   operational performance.                    applications.
          countries.                                     business to model and optimise                 q Process Decision – a business                BancTec supplies end-to-end
             eFIRST process is a suite of                its processes.                                 rules engine to help business               solutions to a wide range of
          tools for the development and                  q Process Monitor – a real-time                users document standard                     industry sectors by integrating
          deployment of scalable                         business activity monitoring                   process logic and enable                    eFIRST process with clients’
          enterprise process management                  solution providing a visual                    automatic ‘straight-through                 legacy systems, as well as other
                                                                                                                                                    products in the eFIRST
          PRODUCTS                                                                                                                                  portfolio such as eFIRST
           Name                                          eFIRST process (formerly FloWare)              eFIRST capture                              capture and eFIRST archive.
           First installed (year)                        2003 (1992 – FloWare)                          2002                                           eFIRST capture provides a
           No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      AOR                                            AOR                                         single front-end capture
           No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   AOR                                            AOR                                         platform to automatically scan
           Key markets                                   Banking & finance, government, utilities, telcos, retail, postal services + mailroom       and process high volumes of
                                                         processing applications (eFIRST capture)                                                   documents of any format,
           Current version – date of release             v2.0 – June 04                                 v3.4.1 – May 04                             including forms, invoices and
           Operating systems supported                   MS Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX         Windows 2000, 2003, XP                      general correspondence.
           Software functionality offered:                                                                                                          Electronic documents such as
           Workflow                                      Yes                                            Yes                                         emails, faxes and web forms
           Document management                           Yes                                            Yes                                         can also be imported.
           Business process management                   Yes                                            No                                             The product searches for
           Knowledge management                          Yes                                            Yes                                         keywords and other document
           Content management                            Yes                                            Yes                                         identifiers to classify each
           Web content management                        Yes                                            No
                                                                                                                                                    document. It then automatically
           Electronic records management                 Yes                                            Yes
                                                                                                                                                    extracts and processes all
           Imaging                                       No                                             Yes
                                                                                                                                                    relevant text and other
                                                                                                                                                    document-based information to
           Electronic forms processing                   Yes                                            Yes
                                                                                                                                                    populate document and content
           Other                                         N/A                                            Document recognition, content analysis
                                                                                                                                                    management applications,
           Standards supported                           XML, J2EE, SOAP + BPMI/WfMC member             XML
                                                                                                                                                    legacy systems or to distribute
           Web server standards supported to provide     JSP, Struts, XML, XSLT                         Provided by eFIRST process
           integration capabilities                                                                                                                 the document to the correct
           Does product have its own business            Yes                                            Yes
                                                                                                                                                    contacts via email.
           intelligence/analytical tools?                                                                                                              BancTec and Plexus
           Does product support third-party business     Yes – Hyperion, Business Objects, Cognos       Supports all major third-party analytical   customers include Barclays,
           intelligence/analytical software?                                                            applications                                Ford Motor Credit, BT, Inland
           Special application integration offered/      Web services support + API for COM and         Provided by eFIRST process                  Revenue, UK Police, South West
           integration tools supported                   Java + enterprise apps. integration inc.                                                   Water, Cisco Systems and US
                                                         SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, etc
                                                                                                                                                    Joint Chiefs of Staff.

          6 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                                              
                                                                                             Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

BiT Group

The BiT Group offers a suite of                providing the capability to

                                                                                                                                                                           BiT Group
                                                                                              COMPANY                               CONTACT POINTS
business tools designed to                     model, analyse, link and
analyse, manage and improve                    communicate a range of                         Turnover (UK)                   N/P    Name and Address
                                                                                                                                     BiT Group, The Granary, Pury Hill
the performance of                             integrated business and process                Turnover (W)                    N/P
                                                                                                                                     Farm, Alderton, Towcester NN12 7LS
organisations. Its first product               information.                                   Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P
was launched in 1992.                             Enterprise Modeller is used to              Profit Before Tax (W)           N/P    01327 811199
   In addition to developing,                  analyse an organisation and its                Number of Employees (UK)        10     Fax
marketing and selling products,                business processes from a                      Number of Employees (W)         10     01327 811133
BiT offers a range of services                 number of linked perspectives,                 Software Marketed (UK)          D      Contact name
including training, skills                     including cost, times, process                 End User Support by             D      Elizabeth Redfern
transfer, project management                   efficiency, IT system support,                 End User Training by            D      Email address
and implementation support.                    risks and inter-organisation                   Key: D Direct, I Indirect
   BiT’s suite of tools is based               interfaces.                                    N/A Not available/not                  Website address
                                                                                              applicable, N/P Not provided,
on a framework approach and                       BiT says the flexibility of the
                                                                                              AOR Available on request               User Group Contact/Contact Point
incorporates the ability to                    product means it can be used in                                                       Alistair Heslop/0870 220 0710
analyse an organisation from a                 a number of ways. The product                 lie and impact analysis for
number of integrated                           is configured to meet the                     decisions, such as process                Each of these views is
perspectives, and communicate                  requirements of an organisation               change, system implementation          communicated visually,
these perspectives using various               or programme.                                 and outsourcing.                       providing a colour-coded
diagrammatic approaches. The                      Among the common uses of                      Using the multi-dimensional         overlay for each process. For
toolset includes a business                    the product:                                  mathematical engine, cost              example, one view can show
process modelling capability                   q Cost management is                          analysis can be provided to any        how each product or service is
and a multi-dimensional                        approached by combining the                   level of detail, the most              processed and another the roles
mathematical engine.                           organisation’s view of costs                  common being products,                 involved in the processing.
   The specific product                        with the process view. This                   services and business units.              In addition to the integrated
supporting BPM is Enterprise                   combination provides a picture                q For process improvement,             views described above,
Modeller, a framework tool                     of where an organisation’s costs              multiple processes can be              Enterprise Modeller can
                                                                                             modelled and analysed from a           integrate a number of other
PRODUCT                                                                                      number of integrated                   user-defined views, such as
 Name                                          Enterprise Modeller                           perspectives including which           risks, competencies and
 First installed (year)                        1992
                                                                                             role performs each part of the         organisation assumptions.
 No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      189 – 9
                                                                                             process, which systems are                Enterprise Modeller also
                                                                                             used, how long the process             integrates with workflow
 No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   198 – 1
                                                                                             takes, how much it costs and           products using XML. Having
 Key markets                                   Business process modelling, continuous
                                               improvement, risk analysis, central           the process capacity.                  analysed and designed
                                               government, banking & finance                    Each of these process views         improved processes, it transfers
 Current version – date of release             v4.2c – Nov 03                                can be multi-dimensional,              selected information to the
 Operating systems supported                   Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP                      providing additional insights.         workflow development
 Software functionality offered:                                                             For example, for a financial           environment – providing a
 Workflow                                      No                                            services company the cost of a         starting position for the
 Document management                           No                                            process may vary depending on          development of the workflow
 Business process management                   Yes                                           the product and channel to             system.
 Knowledge management                          Yes                                           market.                                   In addition to software
 Content management                            No                                            q For the implementation of IT         products, BiT offers a suite of
 Web content management                        No                                            systems Enterprise Modeller            supporting services to
 Electronic records management                 No                                            provides an analysis of how the        organisations using Enterprise
 Imaging                                       No
                                                                                             investment in such systems             Modeller:
 Electronic forms processing                   No
                                                                                             could deliver improvement              q Training – from introductory
                                                                                             from the business perspective.         courses through to specialist
 Other                                         Business process modelling
                                                                                             q Process improvement within           workshops.
 Standards supported                           XML
                                                                                             a single organisation can offer        q Skills transfer – ‘one to one’
 Web server standards supported to provide     None
 integration capabilities                                                                    significant benefits, but a multi­     working to impart specialist
 Does product have its own business            Yes                                           organisation view is often             skills.
 intelligence/analytical tools?                                                              required to produce significant        q Implementation support –
 Does product support third-party business     None directly                                 improvement to the end-to-end          practical support to help deliver
 intelligence/analytical software?                                                           process. Enterprise Modeller           business modelling projects.
 Special application integration offered/      User-defined interfaces to third-party        provides the ability to analyse        q Project management – to
 integration tools supported                   tools can be built via separated text files                                          plan, manage and implement
                                                                                             and improve processes across
                                               and XML
                                                                                             multiple organisations.                business modelling projects.                                                                                                                                JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 7
                            Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

                   Captiva Software
Captiva Software

                   Founded in 1989, Captiva                       financial services, government,
                                                                                                              COMPANY                                  CONTACT POINTS
                   Software Corporation is a                      business process outsourcing,
                   leading provider of input                      direct marketing and other                   Turnover (UK)                   N/P      Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                        Captiva Software Corporation,
                   management solutions.                          markets.                                     Turnover (W)                    $57m
                                                                                                                                                        Hanover House, Cross Lanes,
                      Its award-winning products                     Based on the time spent                   Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P      Guildford GU1 1UG
                   are used to manage business­                   entering and validating data,                Profit Before Tax (W)           $3.5m    Telephone
                   critical information held on                   the high downstream cost of                  Number of Employees (UK)        20       01483 460500
                   paper and in faxed and scanned                 incoming errors and demands                  Number of Employees (W)         300      Fax
                   forms and documents into the                   for instant responsiveness,                  Software Marketed (UK)          D/I      01483 460600
                   enterprise.                                    Captiva’s software is designed               End User Support by             D/I      Contact name
                                                                                                                                                        Beverly Fitzgibbon
                      Captiva recognises that key                 to provide the missing link                  End User Training by            D/I
                                                                                                                                                        Email address
                   information must be at                         required for greater efficiency              Key: D Direct, I Indirect
                   immediate disposal. Clients’                   and competitive advantage.                   N/A Not available/not
                                                                                                               applicable, N/P Not provided,            Website address
                   needs must be served,                             Even the most modern                                                     
                                                                                                               AOR Available on request
                   unimpeded by the delays and                    information systems are not                                                           User Group Chairman/Contact Point
                   the high costs associated with                 designed with information                   q Improve accuracy in                     N/A
                   an ongoing ‘paper chase’.                      input in mind.                              information flows, and improve
                      Its products automate the                      Captiva claims that its                  the accountability of                    standard, enterprise-level
                   processing of billions of forms                solutions help organisations to:            information systems by                   scanning interface ISIS.
                   and documents annually,                        q Lower operational costs by                initiating high-level reporting          q FormWare. Captiva
                   converting their contents into                 reducing dependence on manual               and auditing functionalities.            recognises that forms are the
                   information that is usable in                  processes, within the mailroom              q Enhance back-end systems by            dominant way of doing
                   database, document, content                    and throughout the enterprise.              speeding up and improving the            business: over 80% of all
                   and other information                          q Increase efficiency in overall            flow of information into them            business documents are forms,
                   management systems.                            workflows by automatically                  through system-specific exports          with more than $360 billion
                      The software is used by                     prioritising and routing key                which ease integration costs.            spent processing forms annually.
                   thousands of users in insurance,               information.                                q Increase security by capturing            Despite these costs, many
                                                                                                              hard-copy documents in a                 businesses still rely on a manual
                   PRODUCT                                                                                    single location, and delivering          process to gather information
                    Name                                          Input Management Solutions
                                                                                                              them electronically throughout           from forms.
                    First installed (year)                        1989
                                                                                                              the organisation.                           FormWare is a forms
                    No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      300 plus – AOR
                                                                                                                                                       processing and data extraction
                    No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   2,000 plus – 162
                                                                                                              Products                                 platform that automatically
                                                                                                              q InputAccel is an enterprise­           identifies and processes both
                    Key markets                                   Insurance, banking, government,
                                                                  business process outsourcing,               level information capture                paper and electronic forms,
                                                                  manufacturing                               solution that provides                   regardless of their design or
                    Current version – date of release             v5.1 – Jan 04                               businesses with a method of              point of origin.
                    Operating systems supported                   Windows NT, XP, 2000, 2003                  co-ordinating, validating and            q Digital Mailroom.
                    Software functionality offered:                                                           assimilating incoming                    Information rarely if ever
                    Workflow                                      Yes                                         documents.                               arrives ‘shrink-wrapped’ for the
                    Document management                           Yes                                            It is designed to offer high­         internal workplace: it is usually
                    Business process management                   No                                          speed functionality in data              a mixed bag, with information
                    Knowledge management                          No                                          capture, processing and                  arriving in numerous formats
                    Content management                            No                                          integration and to improve the           and from multiple sources.
                    Web content management                        No                                          integrity of business-critical              Captiva’s Digital Mailroom
                    Electronic records management                 Yes
                                                                                                              data by removing opportunities           solution is designed to automate
                    Imaging                                       Yes
                                                                                                              for error.                               the information process,
                                                                                                                 InputAccel is used by                 creating a virtual ‘front door’ to
                    Electronic forms processing                   Yes
                                                                                                              hundreds of companies                    enterprise information systems,
                    Other                                         Input management, document/data
                                                                  capture, forms processing, classification   worldwide to collect and                 and providing a single point of
                    Standards supported                           XML, ISIS                                   integrate external information           entry for all input – incoming
                    Web server standards supported to provide     None                                        into their systems. It turns             paper mail, faxes, email and
                    integration capabilities                                                                  external data into usable,               online communications streams.
                    Does product have its own business            No                                          business-ready content,                     Digital Mailroom can
                    intelligence/analytical tools?                                                            regardless of its format or point        automatically recognise and
                    Does product support third-party business     N/A                                         of origin.                               route these documents to the
                    intelligence/analytical software?
                                                                                                                 It is offered as an enterprise­       appropriate department or
                    Special application integration offered/      Embedded VBA                                level solution by Captiva, which         person, and run reporting and
                    integration tools supported
                                                                                                              also created the industry-               auditing capabilities.

                   8 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                                        
                                                                                          Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

Cimage NovaSoft

For more than a decade,                        provider to specific regulated

                                                                                                                                                                          Cimage NovaSoft
                                                                                           COMPANY                                 CONTACT POINTS
Cimage NovaSoft has been                       industries, it offers a solution
providing enterprise content                   that combines domain                        Turnover (UK)                   £5m      Name and Address
                                                                                                                                    Cimage NovaSoft Ltd, Centennial
management (ECM) solutions                     knowledge and best practice                 Turnover (W)                    £10m
                                                                                                                                    Court, Easthampstead Road,
that allow organisations to                    with software capabilities.                 Profit Before Tax (UK)          £0.5m    Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1JZ
comply with regulatory                            Its solutions are optimised to           Profit Before Tax (W)           £0.5m    Telephone
requirements.                                  the requirements of specific                Number of Employees (UK)        55       01344 767700
   The company believes that                   industries through vertical                 Number of Employees (W)         100      Fax
meeting these requirements                     metadata models, business                   Software Marketed (UK)          D/I      01344 767701
requires a solution that spans                 process maps and standard                   End User Support by             D/I      Contact name
                                                                                                                                    Michelle Patch
the content management                         integration tools.                          End User Training by            D/I
                                                                                                                                    Email address
lifecycle, from initial creation                  These off-the-shelf templates            Key: D Direct, I Indirect
through to archival and                        enable enterprises to roll out an           N/A Not available/not
                                                                                           applicable, N/P Not provided,            Website address
disposal. Its solution combines                established solution to key                                                
                                                                                           AOR Available on request
business process management,                   business processes with less                                                         User Group Chairman/Contact Point
collaboration and content                      customisation.                                A web services toolkit was             AOR
management.                                       In Q3 2003, Cimage                      released at this time, supporting
   Cimage NovaSoft recognises                  NovaSoft launched its Fusion               .NET and J2EE web                        solutions and user interfaces
that rapid business benefit                    product suite, a web-based                 environments. The company                geared around the user’s specific
requires more than just                        platform for ECM solutions to              claims Fusion Reference                  business environment.
technology. As a single-source                 the regulated industries.                  Library, released in Q2 2004,               Cimage NovaSoft has over
                                                                                          has generated interest from              700 installations in over 30
PRODUCT                                                                                   customers and prospects due to           countries.
 Name                                          Cimage NovaSoft                            its innovative design.                      Its customers include
 First installed (year)                        1990                                                                                aaiPharma Inc, Altana Pharma,
 No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      100 – 10                                   Products                                 AMEC Offshore Services,
 No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   700 – 50                                   Fusion is a framework for                Ametek Aerospace Products,
 Key markets                                   Government – capital projects and          delivering enterprise content            Applied Materials, BART, BF
                                               infrastructure (ie, rail), medical         management solutions for                 Goodrich Aerospace, BNFL,
                                               manufacturing, oil & gas upstream          regulated industries. Cimage             BOBST SA, British Energy
                                               operations, pharmaceutical
                                               manufacturing (packaging, labelling,
                                                                                          NovaSoft says the adage “one             Generation, BT, BWX
                                               quality control), power generation and     size fits all” no longer applies as      Technologies, Cambrex Bio
                                               transmission                               ECM evolves to become more               Science Walkersville Inc,
 Current version – date of release             e3 v5.11 – April 04                        of an enterprise infrastructure          Central Arizona Project,
 Operating systems supported                   Client – Windows NT, 2000, XP, web         rather than a focused business           ChevronTexaco, Corning
                                               browser. Server – Windows NT, 2003,        solution with proven benefits.           Costar, Eli Lilly and Company,
                                               Solaris, HP-UX, AIX
                                                                                             Fusion combines both models,          Entergy, Enterprise Energy
 Software functionality offered:
                                                                                          providing solutions tuned to the         Ireland, Ford, Fujitsu Software
 Workflow                                      Yes
                                                                                          business requirements of specific        Technology, GE Capital Rail
 Document management                           Yes
                                                                                          regulated industries whilst able         Services, Genentech, Gen-
 Business process management                   No
                                                                                          to replace or utilise existing           Probe, Georgia Gulf, Gillette,
 Knowledge management                          Yes                                        ECM investments.                         Honeywell Aerospace Yeovil,
 Content management                            Yes                                           It combines document and              Husky Oil, Hydrocarbon
 Web content management                        No                                         content management,                      Resources, I/N Tek, John
 Electronic records management                 Yes                                        workflow, collaboration,                 Crane, LEONI Wiring Systems
 Imaging                                       Yes                                        knowledge and records                    UK, Lifescan, Lockheed Martin,
 Electronic forms processing                   No                                         management into a single                 London Underground, Magnox
 Other                                         N/A                                        integrated web framework.                Electric, Marathon Oil
 Standards supported                           XML, web services, SOAP, UDDI, SQL            A web services interface              Company, Mobil North Sea,
 Web server standards supported to provide     .NET, J2EE                                 supports web-based integration           Northrop Grummon, Norton
 integration capabilities                                                                 with popular web application             Company, Phillips Medical
 Does product have its own business            No                                         servers and portal                       Systems, Powergen UK,
 intelligence/analytical tools?
                                                                                          environments. A range of web             Raytheon Aircraft Company,
 Does product support third-party business     No
 intelligence/analytical software?
                                                                                          applications are provided,               Rockwell Automation, Salt
                                                                                          designed to meet the                     River Project, Sempra Energy,
 Special application integration offered/      Web services, Windows API Toolkit,
 integration tools supported                   database integration, Cimage               requirements of different                Sumitomo, Suncor Energy,
                                               Framework Link, Office, Outlook,           regulatory environments and              Sunoco, Syntroleum, Talisman
                                               Maximo, Intools, SAP, Explorer, AutoCad,   business processes. Fusion               Energy (UK), TXU Electric and
                                               Microstation, Lotus Notes
                                                                                          therefore offers a range of              Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.                                                                                                                               JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 9
      Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

View from the top

                                                                                                              hell let loose at this point,
 Company:          Arup Group.                                                                                partly because through the
 Interviewee:      Tony Sheehan.                                                                              consultation exercise we had
                                                                                                              raised expectations and also
 Job Title:        Group Knowledge Manager.
                                                                                                              partly because there was
 The Subject:      Engineering firm Arup has improved its business performance through                        suddenly an opportunity for
                   portal-based knowledge and information management.                                         people to make a difference and
                                                                                                              they wanted to be involved.
                                                                                                                 There were loads of products
                                                                                                              out there with loads of
                                                                                                              functionality, not all of which
Q: WHAT BUSINESS DRIVERS LED ARUP TO   to be improved. We went            were operating under.               we wanted. In six to eight
DEVELOP ITS PORTAL SYSTEM?             through an extensive                  It was really a big juggling     months we matured in terms of
A: We are a large engineering          consultation exercise and I        exercise, there were 40 or 50       understanding what we wanted
organisation with about 6,000          wrote a report to the board        things that needed to be done in    and also the market matured in
to 7,000 people, seeking to            around the end of 2000. They       terms of improving knowledge        terms of the products available.
differentiate on innovation and        said ‘right go do it’, and         and three years on, we have            Our key criterion was that we
creativity – we design projects        obviously that was when the        done them all – and more. But       wanted a portal that was simple
like the Sydney Opera House            fun started.                       we’ve done it in a low-key way,     to use and access and that could
and also the ‘wobbly’ bridge in           We identified a wealth of       exploiting opportunities to get     access all our existing corporate
London.                                things to improve which meant      things done on the back of          information which was on more
   To make that creativity             we needed to run a number of       other initiatives and refocusing    than 20 databases, including
happen, you need good people           global projects.                   some activities to support the      Oracle, Exchange and
with information and                      From the start, we recognised   knowledge management                proprietary databases.
knowledge at their fingertips.         that technology was both the       initiatives.                           We did detailed trials on a
Knowledge is all we sell, it’s         cause of our problems and also        We always retained a small       number of products and found
fundamental to our business.           the potential solution. Our        central knowledge management        that Autonomy could do the
   Round about 2000, we                information overload was all       team of two or three people         job.
realised that people in the            about our intranet and the way     with the projects delivered by
organisation were getting              it was designed. We wanted to      other teams.                        Q: HOW DOES THE SYSTEM WORK IN
overloaded with information            change the way knowledge was                                           PRACTICE?
and we wanted to address that.         retrieved, and we understood       Q: HOW DID YOU CHOOSE AN IT         A: In a nutshell, having a portal
   We also realised that the way       that by addressing our             SOLUTION?                           onto our sources of information
we work has changed, in terms          information infrastructure we      A: After we got clearance from      allows us to find the right
of the immediacy involved.             could achieve other goals, such    the board we began looking at       content, the right people (which
Now, if an email comes in,             as reducing the stress people      intranet technology. In a way all   is very valuable) and to create
people have to respond to it                                                                                  ‘on the fly’ links to the content
immediately – and we have to                                                                                  we’re looking at.
                                       COMPANY FILE
make sure that people don’t just                                                                                 That last bit may sound
revert to what they know                Established in 1946 by Ove Arup, Arup is a firm of consulting         trivial but what we do is when
already, that they pause and            engineers working on projects including automobiles,                  the portal presents information
refer to the best knowledge             infrastructure, structural engineering, communications                to someone, we get Autonomy
available in real time.                 consultancy, financial and socially led engineering.                  to suggest related content.
                                           It has 72 offices in 32 countries, and around 7,000 members           For example, post 9/11 it
Q: WHAT DID YOU DO TO ADDRESS THIS      of staff. Its turnover in 2001/02 was £403 million.                   would be very easy for a
PROBLEM?                                   Arup is one of the world’s leading firms of designers, having      structural engineer to think of a
A: For us, it wasn’t a matter of        worked on projects such as London’s Millennium Bridge. It also        tall building just as a building in
‘great, let’s get a technology          worked on the structural design of the iconic Sydney Opera            terms of design and materials.
solution’ – we spent six months         House in the 1960s and the development of the route for the           But these days the engineer
looking at what was right and           Channel Tunnel Rail Link in the 1990s.                                must also communicate to the
what was wrong in the                      In 2000-2002, the firm undertook a comprehensive review of         client an understanding of risk,
business.                               its knowledge assets and as a result developed the Arup               fire, ease of escape and so on.
   I was given free rein by the         Global Intranet Project (AGIP).                                          Design now is less about
board to explore what needed                                                                                  individual disciplines. We have

10 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                             
                                                                            Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

a community of structural                                                                                       within each brand whose role is
                                        PERSONAL FILE
engineers in Arup but if an                                                                                     to check the content.
engineer is looking up building                                               NAME: Tony Sheehan.
design, Autonomy will copy the                                                BACKGROUND: As Group              Q: HAVE THERE BEEN ANY PROBLEMS WITH
page into the search box and                                                  Knowledge Manager and             THE SOFTWARE?
with it present the top five links                                            Associate Director of Arup,       A: Honestly not for us. We
to that page in real time. It                                                 Tony is responsible for the       always tested it first. We had
suggests links – which might                                                  development and                   people customising it for our
pick up on that there’s                                                       implementation of the             needs before we introduced it,
something new been produced                                                   company’s global                  and it hasn’t fallen over.
to do with risks.                                                             knowledge management
   People find they get much                                                  strategy. He specialises in       Q: HAS THE SYSTEM BEEN DEVELOPED
broader links which encourages                                                cultural change, process          SINCE YOU FIRST INTRODUCED IT?
networking between the                                                        management and KM                 A: We continue to customise it.
different disciplines.                                                        technology.                       People are still busy, they are
                                           Beyond Arup, he is involved in KM research projects at a             still overloaded and there’s a
Q: HAVE YOU EVALUATED THE SUCCESS OF     number of universities and business schools and has been               constant need to update the
THE PORTAL?                              appointed as an advisor to the Department of Trade and                 system. We are always saying to
A: The main benefit has been             Industry on selecting suitable construction research and               Autonomy ‘we want to do this
easy access to content,                  innovation projects in the KM field.                                   or that, what blend of your
improved speed to find                     Prior to his current job, Tony worked for 12 years as a senior       products can help us?’.
answers. The portal has given            member of the Arup materials and construction team,                       At the moment we’re looking
us a new user-friendly interface         providing consultancy to clients on the use of materials in            fundamentally at the best
to our legacy systems, which             building and civil engineering.                                        practice information that we
means people are finding the                                                                                    make available. In the past, the
right content while reducing the                                                                                Harvard Business Review was
information overload. It’s                 We integrated various legacy     Having consulted with various       the source of business best
simple but it gives people a            systems and, for each               user groups about what they         practice but now there are lots
good feeling.                           integration, we have had to         needed, our brief was always to     of other sources.
   For example, just after we           think about how it works. For       make it very simple.                   We’re going through a kind
had introduced it, someone              example, we had a                      We didn’t go strong on           of navel gazing exercise defining
emailed me to say they had              comprehensive projects              training. There were lots of help   what best practice means in this
wanted to bid for a project but         database, Ovabase, which            pages available and we              day and age. For us, it’s a
their PA had spent four days            captured previous project           embedded some things into           process of continuous
failing to get the right support        experience. This was getting        existing training courses, but we   evolution.
information for the bid.                poor feedback – it wasn’t bad       kept it deliberately low key.          Another area we are looking
   They decided to give this            but it was a hard system to get                                         at is how to get people to
system a go, got the                    into.                               Q: DOES THE SYSTEM SUPPORT YOUR     absorb content. The first phase
information they needed from               We created a better interface    DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT, AS WELL AS     has been to look at the way
Autonomy in half a day – and            but also we needed to integrate     KNOWLEDGE AND CONTENT MANAGEMENT?   people work and the knowledge
we won the bid.                         a few things alongside it to give   A: We have a number of              they need, and pulling together
   As an organisation we are not        people a kind of ‘one stop shop’    different document                  that content.
strong on ROI partly because            of information. If someone is       management systems and                 But there’s no point in
it’s so difficult to quantify. If the   preparing a bid, they want to       Autonomy decides which              making content available if
feedback is positive from users,        look at past projects in            documents should be shared          people don’t use it. The way
then the payback is there. We           Ovabase, but they will also         from each particular system.        ahead is to look at how this
had a lot of very tangible              want information from the              All documents or content are     content can have an impact on
examples that to turn into ROI          financial system – did we make      branded with one of five            people, there’s got to be some
would be meaningless. It just           a profit or loss in the past? –     ‘brands’, depending on whether      interest or curiosity and that
worked.                                 they might want some data           they relate to ‘people’,            might involve some work with
                                        from the image base or some         ‘projects’, ‘best practice’,        e-learning systems.
Q: WERE THERE ANY PROBLEMS GETTING      timesheet data.                     ‘corporate rules’ or ‘networks’
THE PORTAL TO INTERFACE WITH YOUR          We had to make those links       (communities of people in the       Q: WHAT KEY LESSONS HAS ARUP LEARNT
EXISTING DATABASES, SO IT COULD DRAW    happen, and for each database       same role).                         FROM THIS IMPLEMENTATION?
OUT THE INFORMATION?                    the way we presented and               By categorising a document       A: You have to think through
A: During the first six months          retrieved data had to be thought    in one of these areas, people can   your business first – think about
of testing we almost mapped             through.                            find the type of information        your people and processes –
the business – we realised that                                             they are looking for grouped by     and then the technology. The
the portal was a good idea but          Q: HOW DID THE USERS REACT TO THE   Autonomy.                           acid test of technology in this
then had to look at how it              NEW SYSTEM, AND WHAT WERE THE          They will also know that they    area is how well it can be
would work in practice, the             TRAINING REQUIREMENTS?              can use the document with           customised to support your
nitty gritty of how the different       A: A lot of the system was          confidence because it has been      people and processes, to deliver
systems would interact.                 intuitive, deliberately so.         validated by one of our experts     what you want.                                                                                                         JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 11
     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management


WORKFLOW AND document                                                                                       workflow, process management
management software has been                                                                                and application integration. The
around for some time, but                                                                                   other components are needed
business process management is                                                                              for real-world solutions, as
a relatively new concept. And                                                                               BPM on its own is worthless,”
while all these technologies                                                                                he said.
deliver substantial benefits,                                                                                  The issue here is how


working out just how to                                                                                     integration is to be achieved
implement any or all of them is                                                                             successfully. Staunton says the
a challenging task.                                                                                         burden for ensuring this
   To look more closely at the                                                                              happens should fall squarely on
issues involved, Conspectus                                                                                 the supplier, rather than the
invited four industry experts to                                                                            buyer.
give their views on current         Four workflow and BPM experts debate how companies                         “The challenge for users is to
trends in this market and to                                                                                resist buying standalone best of
                                    can get the most from this technology. Pat Sweet reports.
identify where and how such                                                                                 breed BPM components
technology can best be used.                                                                                because the BPM vendor should
   We spoke to David Skyrme,        the whole picture, so the           strengths of the existing           cover the cost and risk of
director of his own specialist      requirement for point solutions     technologies. This in turn may      integration. This should be a
consultancy David Skyrme            will probably remain. The focus     persuade companies to adopt         major qualifier in new
Associates; Michael Anniss,         needs to be on using the            an holistic approach. Where         purchases. Users need to
principal solutions architect       appropriate level of                such an approach has been           examine offers carefully and
with computer services group        technology.”                        discussed, the integration of       identify vendors pushing
Xansa; David Scott-Jones,              This view is echoed by David     workflow components is critical     components and being
principal consultant with           Skyrme, who believes that “the      to realise the overall benefits     economical with the actualité,”
independent firm Cornwell           name of the game is evolution       and the management vision,”         Staunton said.
Management Consultancy; and         and interoperability within a       he said.                               Skyrme is another who
Rory Staunton, managing             well-defined but flexible              But David Scott-Jones is         questions just how close some
director of the business            architecture and vision. Even       firmly of the opinion that few      suppliers are to the nirvana of
consultancy Strategy Partners.      then, most of the innovative        users will be rushing to scrap      the fully integrated BPM
   Our panel began by               and task-specific products come     their legacy systems for an         solution.
considering the relationship        from niche vendors. And often       ‘holistic’ BPM solution just yet       In his experience, the overall
between the more established        individual department               – although he agrees this           functionality on offer in some
specialist software and the         initiatives demand local and        approach has important              packages is the result of
newer, all-embracing concept of     adaptive solutions that can be      potential benefits.                 companies acquiring other
BPM. While applications such        implemented quickly. Therefore         “A strength of BPM solutions     vendors and products. In these
as workflow are usually             well-designed and user-friendly     is crossing existing system         circumstances, it can take
implemented in particular           niche products will always have     boundaries to extract real-time     several years for the vendor to
departments within a company,       a place.”                           data from other applications to     achieve seamless integration
BPM is often seen as a more            Anniss reckons that, in the      manage the business process.        (although the growing use of
holistic approach which             longer term, users may come to      With appropriate standards and      open standards such as J2EE
transcends traditional              realise that BPM offers a way to    process-building tools simple       can speed up the process).
organisational boundaries.          make the whole more than the        enough for non-IT specialists to       The resulting difficulty of
   However, our experts sound       sum of its separate parts.          use, a good BPM solution puts       distinguishing between promise
a note of caution about how            “We are seeing a growing         control in the hands of the         and reality is another reason to
this will work in practice.         trend towards a collaborative       business user and takes the         stick with tried-and-tested
   Michael Anniss emphasises        approach in exploiting the          overstretched IT department         single applications.
that it is wise to consider wider                                               out of the loop. So there      “Several factors mitigate
business and systems issues,                                                    absolutely is a place for   against taking an holistic view.
even if the initial intent is to                                                point solutions, although   First, companies may have
implement a point solution, but                                                 no doubt vendors would      many different legacy systems
also stresses that introducing                                                  like to sell fully          whose data and applications
BPM is not a simple task.                                                       integrated solutions,”      need to be migrated to the new
   “Many organisations will                                                     Scott-Jones said.           environment. Secondly, there
currently have point solutions                                                     Rory Staunton            are concerns about a ‘big bang’
in place providing some of the                                                  elaborates on this view,    all-embracing project that might
elements of the overall BPM                                                     but sounds a note of        disrupt current systems and
solution,” he said. “However,                                                   caution about what          have a high propensity to fail.
the move to a complete BPM                                                      exactly is involved. “We    Perhaps most importantly, the
approach requires change and                                                    have never encountered a    diversity of users’ needs often
investment orders of magnitude                                                  user who regards the        mitigates against a ‘one size fits
greater than is needed for the                                                  scope of BPM as a term      all’ solution,” Skyrme said.
implementation of one part of       Michael Anniss: appropriate technology      to cover more than             Often, there are also major

12 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                           
                                                                       Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

costs associated with opting for    will be more                                                                “Companies will need to do
the holistic BPM approach.          commonality of purpose                                                   lots of implementation work.
“The work required to               within the BPM market.                                                   Today most organisations are
systematise documents, records,        “For BPM to become                                                    deficient in their adherence to
knowledge and workflow is           successful, agreed                                                       standards, the consistency of
enormous – and expensive. Nor       standards must be used                                                   their corporate business
will all the users need all the     for modelling,                                                           classification scheme and
modules. However, it is fair to     implementing business                                                    metadata, and the discipline of
say that there are other benefits   process flows and                                                        their knowledge workers’
of an integrated toolset from a     integration with                                                         working practices,” is how
single vendor, and these are        organisational resources.                                                Scott-Jones outlines the
increasingly being recognised,”     In addition, for the point                                               problems.
Scott-Jones said.                   technologies to play an                                                     Skyrme is another sceptic
   Certainly, many vendors have     effective role in the more                                               about how easily BPM can be
started down this path, even        integrated world of           David Scott-Jones: standards gaps          introduced.
though they may be having           BPM, they need to                                                           “It’s certainly not ‘plug and
trouble persuading users to         provide additional                   the vendor, and more about          perform’. Many of these
follow them immediately. As a       capabilities and well-defined        how easy it is to extract and       standards are at the very basic
result, there has been an           interfaces with other                migrate the logic, templates and    levels of message exchange and
upsurge of mergers and              technologies. The fewer vendors data from the chosen solution.           interoperability. Companies
acquisitions amongst suppliers      there are, the greater the chance Again, adoption of industry            need common schemas and
in the workflow, document           of investment in the                 standards such as XML will          higher-level standards for
management and BPM arena.           re-positioning of products, their help future-proofing,” he said.        resource definitions for systems
   Skyrme sums this up as “the      integration capabilities and real       However, while our panel         to recognise – for example, that
inevitable consequence of           consolidation around                 broadly agree with Scott-Jones’     one company’s ‘customer’ is
Darwinian evolution and             standards,” Anniss maintained.       assertion that standardisation is   another’s ‘client’. Furthermore
market forces in product spaces        Skyrme reckons it is this         “A Good Thing” for both             it will be collaborative
whose boundaries are                process which will be of             vendors and users, they also        communities or participants in
constantly changing”.               greatest benefit to end users as     maintain it would be a big          supply chains where the
   The positive impact of this      they weigh up potential              mistake to assume that all BPM      emphasis on customisation will
should be that only the best        purchases. “The primary              technology can be bought off­       come. No company is an
survive, but the downside is        requirement is to think less         the-shelf and plugged straight      island,” he warned.
users may be left with systems      about the long-term viability of     into the enterprise.                   Staunton points out that most
that have become obsolete and                                                                                BPM products at the moment
unsupported – a concern voiced                                                                               sit at the component level, are
                                    KEY ISSUES
by several on our panel.                                                                                     sold to IT project managers,
   “There are several impacts on     We asked our four experts to consider the following questions:          and require very significant
customers: will their preferred      q Most vendors now offer BPM systems which integrate                    configuration and extensive
vendor still be around in three,     separate technologies like workflow, knowledge management,              customisation. In his view, ‘plug
five or ten years? Will they be      document management and content management. But how                     and play’ is a valid vision,
taken over by one of the big         many users adopt a similarly holistic approach? Is there still a        rather than an operational
boys such as Microsoft or IBM?       place for the point solutions?                                          reality, although this may
While that might guarantee           q There has recently been a lot of merger and takeover activity         change over the next two years.
continuity, will companies find      among vendors in the workflow, document management and                     In any case, not every
themselves at the mercy of their     BPM area. What is the impact of this, both positive and                 company is going to welcome
development and pricing              negative, for users?                                                    the emergence of standard
strategies, and other restrictive    q Is the growth in corporate regulation and compliance                  products. “Commercial
practices?” asks Scott-Jones.        requirements – such as the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley               organisations need to
   Staunton is less exercised by     and the impending Freedom of Information legislation in the UK          continually build competitive
this, as he believes this            – encouraging greater use of BPM technology such as                     differentiation into their
development is overall “largely      document management?                                                    offering to their customer. The
positive for users, because it is    q With the launch of integrated product lines, plus the use of          wider effects of standardised
creating a smaller number of         standards such as XML and web services, BPM technology is               systems and business processes
larger players that are safer to     increasingly billed as a ‘plug and play’ choice. Is this correct?       may impact on this commercial
buy from, rather than smaller,       How much work do companies need to do to customise their                imperative,” Anniss said.
niche vendors fuelled by             implementations?                                                           He believes the more
dotcom money that are unsafe         q Companies are usually advised to implement technologies               complex problem is creating
to buy from”.                        such as workflow, document management, KM and BPM in                    standards for the information
   Anniss concedes that the          small stages or via pilot projects, in order to reduce risk. But        that is exchanged between
impact for existing users may be     does this limit the chances of an organisation achieving the            products, and for the elements
disruptive, but suggests there is    expected benefits of enterprise-wide BPM? What kind of                  of the business processes that
a lot for future users to gain       strategy is appropriate?                                                they manage.
from this trend because there                                                                                   The emergence of standards                                                                                                     JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 13
     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

                                               But for Staunton,          level BPM can bring. Yet                 “For example, you can
                                            regulations and               experts like Skyrme dismiss           deliver workflows sequentially
                                            compliance represent the      such fears.                           rather than re-engineering many
                                            fastest growing segment          “If proper knowledge               processes at once.
                                            of the BPM and content        management and learning               Unfortunately other aspects of
                                            management markets in         approaches are adopted,               BPM don’t lend themselves to
                                            Europe today, which is        companies can learn a lot from        this – you can’t deliver half an
                                            why software and              pilot projects that will stand        electronic records management
                                            services in these sectors     them in good stead for a major        system, and even a pilot system
                                            are still growing, whilst     rollout. But once they have           requires as much preparation as
                                            other component               learnt what works best in what        a complete rollout,” he
                                            technologies such as ERP      situations, they may need to be       conceded.
                                            and CRM are not.              ambitious in the speed and scale         And as Anniss points out,
                                               This is likely to          of the rollout to maximise            moving to ‘full-strength’ BPM
David Skyrme: pro pilot projects            continue being the case,      benefits. However, they don’t         will force many organisations to
                                            if Scott-Jones is right.      necessarily have to go for 100% change the way they
such as BPEL, and the               “Few organisations are utilising      coverage. There will always be        understand, define, run and
standardisation of business         the full capabilities of the          a tail of diminishing returns,        manage their business
process modelling tools to          technology at the moment –            where investments may be              processes. As a result, many will
produce BPEL-compliant              often because their top               better applied to piloting the        face dilemmas about the level of
definitions, provides part of the   management has yet to                 next innovative solution,”            differentiation, cost, complexity
solution here.                      appreciate the potential impact       Skyrme said.                          and ROI involved.
   “Each organisation has to        of the new regulations.                  Scott-Jones is another                “Companies need to position
define its own internal business    Document management is only           enthusiast for this approach,         their business and technology
processes and the environment       a small subset of what will be        arguing that pilot projects are       change clearly in terms of their
in which to manage them. They       required by Sarbanes-Oxley and        extremely valuable as a way of        business performance
will often have to create the       Freedom of Information                testing the ‘fit’ of the product      implications and ensure that
environment to interact with        legislation, and many                 and assessing the organisation’s      any technology used is very
other organisations. In both        organisations are implementing        ability to implement and use it.      clearly justified and provides a
cases there will be specific        it in a way that will fall short of      “The pilot project should          clear contribution to the
customisable elements that need     what is required,” he said.           validate estimates of the time        business performance,” Anniss
to be addressed. The more              In particular, Anniss said,        and effort required, test             said.
standard the business process,      while the greater use of              procedures and training                  Staunton agrees that any
the less the need to customise      document management                   provision, and provide a              strategy to realise ROI in BPM
the application components for      technology solves some                demonstrator platform for             depends on identifying the
that process,” Anniss said.         problems going forward, it does       management and other staff not operational metrics that define
   In some areas, the move to       not address the historical or         directly involved in the              success before the project starts,
BPM technology has been             ongoing underlying issue of           programme. And by reducing            rather than concentrating on
prompted by the need for            identifying and using base-level      the probability of the project        technical measures like the
companies to meet additional        business data in the first place.     failing it should enhance the         number or speed of processes.
regulatory requirements, such          “A focus on technology             chances of realising the                 But for those organisations
as the Sarbanes-Oxley               components will simply move           expected benefits,” he said.          who understand the
legislation in the US or new        the wrong data round the                 In addition, a successful pilot    implications of BPM and the
Freedom of Information laws in      business more effectively and         gives senior management the           way in which the market is
the UK.                             not get to the root of the            confidence to use the system          developing, there are substantial
   Skyrme is in no doubt that       business problem, or indeed           organisation-wide. This is            prizes to be gained by those
compliance requirements are         open up the opportunity which         critical, because some projects       who take the initiative.
driving greater adoption –          a greater understanding of the        fail because of poor take­
especially in the public sector     company’s lifeblood could             up rather than poor
which has not perhaps been as       provide. By getting the data and      technology, making a
advanced as the commercial          data management processes             high-level mandate
world in implementing               right within a compliance             important for
electronic document and             context, businesses can then          acceptance.
records management systems.         look to exploit the knock-on             A quick
However, they are not               CRM benefits this provides,”          implementation in small
necessarily a critical driver.      Anniss said.                          pieces, rather than a ‘big
   “Even without such                  The final topic our panel          bang’ requiring years of
requirements, many                  debated is the thorny issue of        work will also keep
organisations already               how best to implement BPM             interest levels high –
understood the business benefits    technologies. While a pilot           although there may be
and have well-developed             project reduces risk, it might        obstacles to doing this,
systems with intranet or portal     also fail to deliver the benefits     as Scott-Jones
access,” Skyrme said.               that only wholesale, enterprise­      acknowledges.                  Rory Staunton: operational metrics

14 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                               
                                                                                         Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

DST International

DST International (DSTi)                       document management,

                                                                                                                                                                          DST International
                                                                                          COMPANY                                  CONTACT POINTS
provides a range of investment                 straight-through automation,
management and work                            compliance and other                       Turnover (UK)                   AOR       Name and Address
                                                                                                                                    DST International, DST House,
management software solutions                  components that integrate with             Turnover (W)                    AOR
                                                                                                                                    St Marks Hill, Surbiton, Surrey
and related services to 600                    an organisation’s existing                 Profit Before Tax (UK)          AOR       KT6 4QD
clients in 55 countries.                       systems.                                   Profit Before Tax (W)           AOR       Telephone
   DSTi has 16 offices and over                   DSTi uses these solutions in            Number of Employees (UK)        650       020 8390 5000
1,300 professionals and is part                its own core business, and says            Number of Employees (W)         1,300+    Fax
of DST Systems, a NYSE-listed                  that robustness in production              Software Marketed (UK)          D/I       020 8390 7000
company with revenues of more                  and costs of ownership are                 End User Support by             D/I       Contact name
                                                                                                                                    Robin Nathan
than $2.4 billion and a record                 therefore critical for the success         End User Training by            D/I
                                                                                                                                    Email address
of continuous profitability since              of HiBPM.                                  Key: D Direct, I Indirect
it was established in 1969.                       The company provides its                N/A Not available/not
                                                                                          applicable, N/P Not provided,             Website address
   DSTi’s HiBPM business                       own consultancy resources to                                               
                                                                                          AOR Available on request
process management solution                    offer integrated products and                                                        User Group Chairman/Contact Point
enables businesses to define,                  services, with over 90 EMEA­              availability profiling, and                N/A
automate, integrate and                        based staff working in HiBPM              business process monitoring
monitor business processes.                    implementation and support. It            tools.                                    single view of the customer
   It is designed to transform the             also markets HiBPM through                   AWD offers a data-driven               from initial contact to
way business operates, offering                strategic partners and sells              design enabling the business,             completed work.
benefits in productivity,                      HiBPM on a licence or service­            not technicians, to make                  q Process monitoring. The
efficiency, cost control and                   based model.                              continuous improvements. The              business intelligence
compliance.                                       HiBPM combines integral                software is open and modular,             functionality, which includes a
   HiBPM is a suite of                         capture services and workflow             and uses its own middleware or            quality subsystem, helps
established, scalable solutions                facilities with the scalable AWD          others to integrate with existing         managers understand the state
and tools encompassing                         solution, providing graphical             business applications, office             of the business and gives them
workflow, object repository,                   workflow tools, user skills and           products, groupware, etc.                 tools to implement change.
                                                                                            AWD encompasses process                q Process automation. This is
PRODUCT                                                                                  automation in a variety of                achieved through straight­
 Name                                          HiBPM
                                                                                         areas, including:                         through processors that can
 First installed (year)                        1989
                                                                                         q Content management.                     automate activity, without
 No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      70 plus – N/A
                                                                                         Companies use the integrated              human interaction, to offer
                                                                                         AWD capture suite to capture              productivity improvements,
 No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   300 plus – N/A
                                                                                         paper, fax, email, text, data and         particularly as a service
 Key markets                                   Financial services, legal, utilities,
                                               government, telcos                        other information types, in               fulfilment engine. Automation
 Current version – date of release             v3.1 – 2003                               order to build a repository of            can cover a complete process; it
 Operating systems supported                   Windows NT, 2000, XP, IBM OS/400, Sun     information for subsequent                can also take on routine
                                               Solaris, Linux                            delivery and retrieval through            preparation or follow-up tasks,
 Software functionality offered:                                                         the process management                    to remove repetitive activities
 Workflow                                      Yes                                       module.                                   from knowledge workers.
 Document management                           Yes                                       q Process management. From
 Business process management                   Yes                                       initial capture, AWD guides               Market focus
 Knowledge management                          No                                        business users through the                DSTi has supplied BPM
 Content management                            Yes                                       rules-based process, according            solutions to over 300
 Web content management                        No                                        to task priority and the skills           organisations with over
 Electronic records management                 No
                                                                                         and availability of the user.             100,000 users worldwide.
 Imaging                                       Yes
                                                                                         q Task management. AWD                      UK clients include Lloyds
                                                                                         provides GUI tools to simplify            TSB, Friends Provident, Legal
 Electronic forms processing                   Yes
                                                                                         the definition of business rules,         & General, Aegon, C&G,
 Other                                         N/A
                                                                                         allowing best practice/                   Scottish Widows, IFDS,
 Standards supported                           XML, WfMC, BMPI
                                                                                         compliance elements to become             Standard Life, Kent Reliance
 Web server standards supported to provide     .NET, J2EE
 integration capabilities                                                                entrenched in the business                BS, Abbey National, Scottish
 Does product have its own business            Yes                                       process and enabling users to             Life and Unisys Insurance
 intelligence/analytical tools?                                                          embed and demonstrate process             Services. Many of these
 Does product support third-party business     Yes – Business Objects                    transparency.                             implementations involve
 intelligence/analytical software?                                                       q Contact management. AWD                 complex processes over
 Special application integration offered/      Integration toolkit/expertise provided;   includes a module for                     multiple sites, and AWD is
 integration tools supported                   standard thick/browser desktops or        workflow-enabled customer                 fundamental to DST’s own BPO
                                               custom-built using Developer’s Toolkit
                                                                                         contact centres, providing a              service centres worldwide.                                                                                                                              JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 15
                    Workflow, Document & Business Process Management


           eiStream is a global leader in                 with the aim of reducing
                                                                                                        COMPANY                                  CONTACT POINTS
           providing business process                     process cycle times and
           management technology.                         enhancing quality and                          Turnover (UK)                   N/P      Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                  eiStream Inc, Dukes Court, Headstone
              Its imaging and workflow                    accountability. eiStream’s                     Turnover (W)                    $80m+
                                                                                                                                                  Drive, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 4TY
           products and services are used                 scalable production workflow                   Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P
           by more than 4,000 customer                    and document management                        Profit Before Tax (W)           N/P      020 8424 4960
           sites in 134 countries.                        systems, coupled with its system               Number of Employees (UK)        15       Fax
              eiStream offers scalable,                   integration and distributed                    Number of Employees (W)         400      020 8424 4961
           enterprise-wide work                           computing capabilities, enable                 Software Marketed (UK)          D/I      Contact name
           management solutions. It                       organisations to automate                      End User Support by             D/I      Jay Sayed
           pioneered workflow and                         processes in their entirety.                   End User Training by            D        Email address
           imaging solutions more than a                     eiStream offers a customised                Key: D Direct, I Indirect
           decade ago and aims to                         service portfolio, the Investment              N/A Not available/not                    Website address
                                                                                                         applicable, N/P Not provided,  
           continue this innovative                       Protection Programme (IPP).
                                                                                                         AOR Available on request                 User Group Chairwoman/Contact Point
           approach.                                         IPP takes a proactive support                                                        Ms Judith Smith/AOR
              eiStream is a privately owned               stance to ensuring that systems               efficient production and
           company and has been                           – and the companies using them                offering insight into ongoing               eiStream says the product
           consistently profitable since it               – remain productive.                          costs.                                   scales rapidly and cost­
           was founded, with 20% of                          Customers have direct access                  eiStream Enterprise 9                 effectively through its multi­
           revenues reinvested in research                to eiStream through a dedicated               provides a combination of                platform service-oriented
           and development.                               team, including technical                     product capabilities and                 architecture.
              More than 1 million eiStream                specialists. This is designed to              architecture, augmented with a              It can also be integrated with
           licences are in use worldwide.                 provide predictable, proactive                deployment methodology for               other enterprise systems using
              Companies use eiStream to                   maintenance and accessible                    continuous improvement.                  standards-based internet
           streamline the flow and                        expert assistance, supporting                    It offers three major product         technologies and a variety of
           management of information,                     customers in establishing                     features, specifically developed         other alternatives for system
                                                                                                        for business process                     integration.
           PRODUCT                                                                                      management:                                 Enterprise 9’s deployment
                                                                                                        q Start to end processing – this         methodology completes the
            Name                                          eiStream Enterprise 9
                                                                                                        enables the software to interact         offering, with a roadmap for
            First installed (year)                        1990
                                                                                                        and integrate with a company’s           implementation and long-term
            No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      67 – 6
                                                                                                        people, processes, systems and           continuous improvement.
            No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   5,000 – 25
                                                                                                        information.                                It helps users to transform
            Key markets                                   Financial services (banking &
                                                                                                           With Start to End Processing,         their processes and deploy new
                                                          insurance), government, cross-industry
                                                          (healthcare, retail, legal, utilities, etc)   eiStream Enterprise 9 can                processes without business
            Current version – date of release             eiStream Enterprise 9 – 2004                  manage the lifecycle of business         interruption.
            Operating systems supported                   J2EE, .NET, Windows
                                                                                                        processes, spanning enterprise              Enterprise 9’s components
            Software functionality offered:
                                                                                                        boundaries if necessary.                 consist of:
                                                                                                        q Goal management – enables              q Domain services – manage
            Workflow                                      Yes
                                                                                                        users to define and embed                the back-end infrastructure that
            Document management                           Yes
                                                                                                        business goal objectives in their        delivers Enterprise 9’s
            Business process management                   Yes
                                                                                                        operational processes and                capabilities.
            Knowledge management                          Yes
                                                                                                        manage service level                     q System interfaces – used to
            Content management                            Yes
                                                                                                        commitments.                             develop custom client
            Web content management                        No
                                                                                                        q Business activity monitoring           applications and integrate with
            Electronic records management                 Yes
                                                                                                        – enables managers to monitor            other application servers and
            Imaging                                       Yes
                                                                                                        process performance and spot             enterprise systems.
            Electronic forms processing                   Yes
                                                                                                        emerging trends and                      q Administration tools –
            Other                                         N/A
                                                                                                        improvement opportunities                configure the domain services
            Standards supported                           N/A                                           based on the process feedback.           and provide system utilities for
            Web server standards supported to provide     .NET, J2EE                                       Working in concert with               managing live environments.
            integration capabilities
                                                                                                        eiStream Enterprise 9’s product          q Design tools – used to
            Does product have its own business            Yes
            intelligence/analytical tools?
                                                                                                        capabilities is its architecture.        configure and design business
            Does product support third-party business     Can be integrated with range of third­
                                                                                                        eiStream Enterprise 9 supports           process maps.
            intelligence/analytical software?             party BI products                             a diverse combination of                 q Business process maps –
            Special application integration offered/      Can be integrated with key applications       technologies and platforms,              composed of process definitions
            integration tools supported                   (PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, Oracle) and         allowing users to develop                that manage how work is
                                                          systems (IBM MQSeries, MSMQ, web              broad, distributed enterprise            routed throughout an
                                                          services, LDAP, SMTP/Mail)
                                                                                                        solutions.                               enterprise.

           16 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                                        
                                                                                     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management


Every day organisations need to                   Oceanus offers this capability

                                                                                      COMPANY                                 CONTACT POINTS
make business-critical decisions:              through two main areas:
claims need to be paid,                        q Enterprise interaction               Turnover (UK)                   N/P      Name and Address
                                                                                                                               FileNet: 1st Floor, Waterside House,
mortgage applications                          management (EIM), a                    Turnover (W)                    $365m
                                                                                                                               Cowley Business Park, Uxbridge
processed, regulatory                          configurable case and                  Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P      UB8 2FN
compliance terms met, contracts                interaction management                 Profit Before Tax (W)           N/P      Oceanus: 47 George Street,
signed and tasks completed.                    solution that can be applied to a      Number of Employees (UK)        65       Birmingham B3 1QA
   Key decisions affect the                    number of different business           Number of Employees (W)         1,700    Telephone
                                                                                                                               01895 207300/0121 212 3554
quality of service an                          areas. With standard software,         Software Marketed (UK)          D/I
organisation provides. They                    pre-built business solution            End User Support by             D/I
                                                                                                                               01895 207365/0121 212 3554
determine the efficiency of                    configurations, user                   End User Training by            D
                                                                                                                               Contact name
operations and the speed with                  configurability and 8-12 week          Key: D Direct, I Indirect                Jane Empson/Martin Hagger
which new business                             implementations, Oceanus               N/A Not available/not
                                                                                                                               Email address
opportunities can be addressed,                states that its EIM solutions          applicable, N/P Not provided,
                                                                                      AOR Available on request
as well as driving profitability.              start delivering benefit in rapid                                     
   FileNet and Oceanus help                    timescales and adapt to               management and monitoring of              Website address
organisations improve decision­                changing business requirements.       interactions (letters, emails,
                                                                                                                               User Group Chairman/Contact Point
making by enabling them to                     q Environment management              faxes, SMS text, etc) between
                                                                                                                               Chris Stevens, Willis/Doug Forbes –
meet their organisational goals                (EM). This range of products          the people and/or systems                 N/A
through the management of the                  and services offers the proactive     involved in business processes,
work and content that drives                   and reactive management of            whatever the location, method            Manager, Forms Manager,
their businesses.                              EIM and FileNet environments.         or channel of communication.             Image Manager,
   Oceanus provides solutions                     Oceanus EIM is a work and             Through a ‘configuration­             Content/Document Manager
and services that are designed to              content management layer that         not-programming’ deployment              and Team Collaboration.
offer a quick and low-risk                     enhances organisations’ core          model, Oceanus EIM solutions                They are used by more than
method of accessing FileNet                    systems by linking them with          help companies deploy systems            4,000 organisations worldwide.
business process and enterprise                case, process and content             more rapidly, with adaptability             Oceanus’ environment
content management                             management.                           and control placed in the hands          management products and
technology.                                       It offers the delivery,            of business users.                       services help to ensure that
                                                                                        The solutions are scalable            organisations’ FileNet-based
PRODUCT                                                                              and can be deployed as point             environments are managed
 Name                                          FileNet BPM/Oceanus EIM               solutions or span multiple               efficiently.
 First installed (year)                        1984/2000                             business areas to create a linked           Its main services are:
 No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      98/12 – N/A                           environment. They offer the              q Monitor – unburdening local
 No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   2,600 – N/A                           ‘big picture’ of work visibility         FileNet system administrators.
 Key markets                                   Finance, insurance, government,       and control with real-time               q Assistance – reducing the
                                               manufacturing, utilities              analysis, reporting and work             need for local FileNet system
 Current version – date of release             v2/v2.9 – Dec 03                      direction.                               administrators.
 Operating systems supported                   Microsoft Windows 2000, Sun Solaris      There are three technologies          q Manager – removing the
 Software functionality offered:                                                     required to support this                 need for local FileNet system
 Workflow                                      Yes                                   enhanced business operating              administrators.
 Document management                           Yes                                   model: case management,                  q Starter – ensuring new
 Business process management                   Yes                                   enterprise content management            systems are set up correctly.
 Knowledge management                          Yes                                   (ECM) and business process                  Oceanus’ latest EM active
 Content management                            Yes                                   management (BPM).                        monitoring and reporting
 Web content management                        Yes                                      FileNet’s ECM solutions               product helps organisations
 Electronic records management                 Yes                                   enable organisations and                 reduce the amount of effort
 Imaging                                       Yes                                   government agencies to                   required to manage and
 Electronic forms processing                   Yes                                   streamline and automate their            maintain FileNet-based
 Other                                         Case management                       processes, connect their                 environments whilst improving
 Standards supported                           XML, J2EE                             business systems, and access             system knowledge, uptime and
 Web server standards supported to provide     .NET, J2EE
                                                                                     and manage all forms of                  capacity planning.
 integration capabilities                                                            content.                                    Established in 1986, Oceanus
 Does product have its own business            Yes                                      They offer a range of                 is a FileNet-certified partner
 intelligence/analytical tools?                                                      capabilities that integrate with         with a customer base including
 Does product support third-party business     Yes – Cognos, Business Objects,       existing information systems.            Alliance & Leicester, Mellon
 intelligence/analytical software?             Microsoft                                FileNet’s solutions include           Bank, Standard Bank,
 Special application integration offered/      EAI connector                         Business Process Manager,                Vodafone, O2 and Cumberland
 integration tools supported
                                                                                     Records Manager, Web Content             Building Society.                                                                                                                        JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 17
     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

                           Here to stay

AMTEC’s Malcolm Beach
says electronic document
and records management
is more than a passing

                           THE MODERNISING                      management and knowledge            organising information into
                           Government initiative – whose        management.                         logical groupings, providing
                           deadline of 2005 is fast                As with most electronically      powerful search capabilities to
                           approaching – has forced public      enabled change, EDRM is not         find relevant information, and
                           sector organisations to address      just about implementing             ensuring that information is
                           their management of electronic       technology but about changing       deleted once its business need
                           records, and many have elected       ways of working (policies,          has past.
                           to include both document and         processes and culture),             q Ongoing access to
                           records management                   supported by technologies to        information.
                           functionality in the scope of        improve the management of an           Paper is widely used as a
                           their projects.                      organisation’s documents and        medium for long-term storage.
                              But mention electronic            records.                            Provided the physical paper is
                           document and records                    EDRM encompasses the             kept in good conditions, it is
                           management (EDRM) to many            capture, storage and retrieval of   readable for many years. Take a
                           commercial companies and you         documents and records,              trip to The National Archives in
                           will get either a blank look or a    potentially both paper and          Kew and you can view the
                           yawn.                                electronic, including workflow,     original Domesday books,
                              As with many innovations,         content and knowledge               which are over 900 years old.
                           the hype and promises of             management.                            However, without careful
                           EDRM have not been matched                                               planning and processes, it is
                           by reality and experience.           Reasons to invest                   very easy to store electronic
                              The paperless office has not      The case for continuing to          information and then be unable
                           materialised and organisations       address EDRM is stronger than       to retrieve it. Sixteen years after
                           are still struggling with their      the reasons for ignoring it, for    it was created, the £2.5 million
                           paper management. Seldom has         the following key reasons:          BBC Domesday Project
                           EDRM been regarded as the            q Growth in electronic              achieved the unexpected and
                           document and records                 documents and records.              unwelcome status of being
                           management silver bullet.               No-one needs to be               unreadable. Much effort was
                              But can the private sector just   persuaded that the volume of        involved in finally making the
                           ignore EDRM? Is it going to          electronic documents and            information accessible.
                           follow the fate of CASE              records, especially emails, is         How many organisations
                           (computer aided software             growing rapidly.                    have electronic records stored
                           engineering) which promised             Most information generated       on magnetic tapes, created by
                           much, had wide publicity and         by an organisation appears          systems that were replaced a
                           take-up, and ended up as             electronically. Most information    number of years ago? Part of an
                           shelfware in many                    received by organisations is        EDRM project involves
                           organisations? Or is EDRM            electronic or is obtainable in      assessing and planning for
                           something that organisations         electronic format. Email            continued access to electronic
                           still need to seriously consider?    systems are overloaded with         records.
                              In first analysing what           messages, not all of which are         Without this planning the
                           EDRM encompasses, Figure 1           spam or irrelevant.                 information becomes
                           highlights the key areas                It is estimated that 90% of an   unavailable, and therefore
                           involved in managing electronic      organisation’s information          worthless.
                           information effectively.             exists in unstructured form,        q Compliance with legislation
                              Clearly, records management       with only 10% being managed         and regulations.
                           and document management are          within application systems.            All organisations work
                           two distinct areas. They can be         Information is being kept in     within regulations and legal
                           addressed in isolation and many      electronic format rather than       requirements. Some of these are
                           organisations have done so,          paper and to maximise the           sector specific – such as
                           implementing solutions for one       benefit, organisations must have    financial, pharmaceutical or
                           or the other. However, there is      systems and processes to            public – others tend to span all
                           often value in tackling the two      manage this information.            sectors, such as the requirement
                           together or as part of a wider          EDRM can help a company          to keep financial records for at
                           programme of work that may           ensure it does not drown under      least seven years.
                           include workflow, content            the volume of this data by             Many of these rules and

18 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                   
                                                                           Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

regulations relate to                 organisations to mitigate risks      part of a wider set of functions   amount of paper flow down
information. Some legislation         and comply with external             that affect the effectiveness of   from 20 copies to a single paper
specifically addresses the            requirements, it also provides       an organisation’s information      original, cutting the amount of
requirement to effectively            direct benefits including:           management.                        paper stored and helping speed
manage electronic information,           – easier and better sharing of       Probably the most closely       up the process of responding to
such as the National Archives         information across the               related are workflow, content      queries.
target for government                 organisation.                        management and knowledge
organisations to implement an            – more effective retention of     management, which while            Conclusion
EDRMS by 2004. The private            corporate memory.                    building on a largely              Has EDRM had its day? Quite
sector is also facing compliance         – easier control of versions of   behavioural foundation, have a     the opposite.
requirements with the Sarbanes-       documents.                           strong dependency on                  The reality of business life is
Oxley Act being prominent in             – sound and comprehensive         information being effectively      that electronic documents and
the past year. Basel II is another    audit trails.                        managed and easily retrievable.    records are here to stay, at least
requirement that focuses on              The fact that organisations          When an organisation            for the foreseeable future. Every
financial sector organisations.       addressing EDRM must also            considers EDRM, it should also     email is a record, every file a
   With much content being            consider cultural and business       assess the interfaces with other   source of information that
held in electronic format, it is      dimensions, encourages               areas and whether these carry      carries a cost. Organisations shy
imperative that organisations         companies to review and              value or are likely to have an     away from the challenge, but
are able to manage their              improve the policies and             adverse effect.                    they must accept the need to
information in a manner that          processes that support effective        EDRM can underpin and           effectively manage their
complies with requirements.           information sharing and              support many other areas, such     electronic documents.
   The implications for               management.                          as providing a controlled             Some continue to print and
organisations that do not                Even if an organisation           repository of information for      file in hard copy. Others use
comply with regulations and           decides not to implement full        knowledge management               standard network storage and
legislation can be enormous. In       technology-driven EDRMS, by          products to interrogate.           others implement EDRM
2002, British American                upgrading its policies, processes       As an example, whilst           systems.
Tobacco (BAT) destroyed               and overarching systems it will      working with one client it            Whatever the approach, the
documents that were relevant to       gain tangible benefits in terms      became obvious that extending      business driver is still the same
a court case. Because of this the     of access, effective management      the scope of the solution          – to control and manage the
judge threw out BAT’s defence.        and reducing the costs               beyond strict EDRM would           information in a cost-effective
As a result, BAT share prices         associated with information          help them respond to queries.      way. This means that EDRM
dropped 5%.                           management.                             A simple workflow solution      will not disappear off the
q Business benefits.                  q Basis for other functions.         combined with scanning             horizon of organisational
   EDRM not only allows                  As Figure 1 shows, EDRM is        incoming mail reduced the          projects.
                                                                                                                 Even when the Modernising
                                                                                                              Government timescales pass,
FIGURE 1: Key areas in managing electronic information
                                                                                                              government organisations will
                                                                                                              still need to manage their
                                               Workflow               Knowledge                               electronic records, both for
                                                                                                              business efficiency and to meet
                                                                                                              legislative requirements (such as
                                                                                                              the Freedom of Information
   Scanning/OCR                                                                                               Act).
                                                                                         Content                 Private sector organisations
      MS Office
                          Data in +                  Data vault                        management             also face compliance
                                                                                                              requirements that will force
         Faxes            Metadata +                                                                          them to demonstrate effective
                                                 Records                                                      management of their electronic
                          Quality check                         Documents                 Search &            information (such as Sarbanes-
                                                                                          retrieval           Oxley).
                                                                                                                 There will always be pressure
                                                                                                              to manage information more
                                                                                                              effectively, and with increasing
                                          Records                 Document                                    volumes and dependency on
                                         management              management                                   electronic documents and
                                                                                                              records, EDRM is with us for
                                                                                                              the long run.

                                                                                                              q Malcolm Beach is a senior
                                                                                                              consultant specialising in
                      Paper                                                                                   EDRM at AMTEC Consulting.
                       files                                                                                  Tel: 01252 737866. Email:
                                                                                                                                                                                                          JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 19
     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

Organisations have not yet
taken content management
to the next ‘enterprise’
level, says Jeffrey Mann of
META Group.

MOST LARGE organisations
                                     Challenge still

                                     least in terms of organisational       However, few organisations       organisation, how these content
have been investing in various       thinking, if not actual             have the extra money to             types are used, and the
disconnected content                 implementations – in 2003.          provide such infrastructure         technologies used now and in
management technologies                                                  services for free. More usually,    the future to manage the
during the past few years.           New approach                        LOBs will have to pay for the       different parts of the content
   Efforts to improve web            Shifting from a project focus to    technology either by shifting       lifecycle.
content management have been         a content infrastructure            some of their operational
especially noticeable over the       approach is one of the key          budget to central IT or by          Market moves
last 18-24 months, as                challenges IT organisations will    increasing chargeback fees.         META research suggests that
organisations try to tame the        face through to 2006.               q Content consolidation. Most       content management
chaos behind their public               Making this change is not as     larger organisations have           implementations and products –
internet and internal intranet       simple as it might sound. It        implemented several                 document management, web
sites.                               involves more than just             overlapping content                 content management, output
   More recently, regulatory         mandating that new projects         management initiatives. Rather      management, digital asset
concerns have reawakened             build on products already           than not enough technology,         management and imaging – are
interest in records management,      purchased, rather than buying       they face the problem of too        quickly multiplying.
archiving and document               new ones for each project.          many systems, none of which            Organisations can improve
management.                          Indeed, such heavy-handed           fully meets the organisation’s      their costs and efficiency by
   In addition, organisations        simplistic pronouncements are       needs.                              cutting the number of software
seeking to increase innovation       rarely effective and are doomed        Some degree of content           products used to manage
and overall employee efficiency      to ultimate failure.                consolidation will be required      content and the places where
have initiated projects to              An infrastructure approach       for any movement toward             content is stored. This can also
improve collaborative                requires major changes in how       content infrastructure and          reduce their legal risk, while
capabilities.                        content capabilities are scoped,    reducing organisational risk.       improving the value they realise
   However, most organisations       designed, built, managed and        Although it might seem to be an     from their content.
have just begun – if they have       retired.                            obvious requirement,                   In a recent European META
begun at all – to combine these         The steps involved in            consolidation is rarely popular     Group study, almost 60% of
different efforts into an overall    implementing an ECM                 since managers see their            respondents reported that they
enterprise content management        structure are:                      favourite systems in danger of      had initiated a specific content
(ECM) approach.                      q Scoping. End users have to        being consolidated away.            consolidation project.
   Organisations have tended to      understand that efforts to meet     q Technology discipline. As end        Content consolidators need
approach such initiatives as a       their specific requirements must    users become more familiar and      to build and develop end user
series of separate projects rather   fit into an overall plan – rather   comfortable with technology,        and business manager support
than part of a consolidated          than being tied to a specific       they naturally try to exert more    for their consolidation efforts
ECM strategy. Consequently,          project aimed only at their         influence over IT decisions.        and set priorities for the systems
each project often ends up using     needs. Any resulting delays and     Software vendors have also          to be targeted for consolidation,
a separate technological base.       possible concessions made on        recognised this development.        since this cannot all be done at
   The projects generally include    their requirements should be           Increasingly, salespeople go     once.
a phase of choosing a product        offset by increased speed of        directly to LOB managers to sell       The METAspectrum In
that supports the users’             delivery in other areas and         their wares, bypassing IT           Depth report shows that the
requirements – with little           general cost savings.               departments and their               enterprise content management
thought given to whether an          q Budgeting. In this context,       architectural vetting processes.    tools market will reach
existing product could meet the      ‘infrastructure’ refers to          Discipline and a process for        $2.3 billion in software and
needs.                               products or technologies that       making technology choices           $7 billion in services by 2007,
   The base technologies have        support several different           must be defined and shared          representing a compound
not been acquired or designed        applications or projects.           with LOB managers.                  annual growth rate of 15%.
with an eye toward using them        However, many line of business      q Content architecture. The            ECM systems are generally
to support multiple projects. So     (LOB) managers will interpret       main requirement for adopting       tactical and non-discretionary
rather than layering capabilities    an infrastructure approach as       an infrastructure approach is to    expenditures, but they are
on an existing infrastructure,       meaning that more of the            develop an overall content          increasingly viewed as strategic
each project creates a new self­     technology they need will be        architecture, which ideally         core investments as
contained island of                  provided from the central IT        should map onto an overall          organisations deal with
functionality, data and              department, and will not be         enterprise architecture.            accelerating business velocities,
technology.                          paid for out of their LOB or           This architecture should chart   consolidation of redundant
   This began to change – at         project budgets.                    the kinds of content in the         content management systems,

20 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                            
                                                                        Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

to be conquered

exponential growth of content,       knowledge workers supported           Organisations are seeking         capabilities, robust
and compliance issues                by an infrastructure that          more strategic enterprise            channels/partners and the
(mandated or perceived).             features different composite­      content solutions and striving to    ability to support high-volume,
   Moreover, these systems are       based applications sitting on      standardise on as few strategic      strategic and enterprise
becoming more infrastructure         top of a service oriented          vendors as possible. Therefore,      deployments. Long-term vendor
than application like.               architecture.                      the ability of ECM software to       viability is playing an
   The enterprise content              There will also be increasing    fully manage all enterprise          increasingly important role.
management market comprises          overlap with relational database   content – and avoid costs by         q Challengers often exhibit a
vendors supplying software that      and enterprise storage.            consistently applying proper         strong focus on a specific
enables organisations to                                                compliance and legal risk            technology or vertical expertise.
create/capture, manage/secure,       Vendor landscape                   policies/procedures – is             This segment contains both
store/retain/destroy,                Technology is still a key          emerging as critical.                traditional document
publish/distribute, search,          selection driver. However, gaps       As a result, many vendors         management vendors and
personalise and                      between the different vendors’     have tried by acquisition to add     vendors evolving to ECM from
present/view/print any digital       products are beginning to          the functional components            static archival, web content and
content (eg, pictures/images,        narrow, and acquisitions           previously lacking in their          imaging/workflow.
text, reports, video, audio,         designed to help achieve           offerings – specifically, records    q Followers generally trail due
transactional data, catalogues,      technology parity are              management, web content and          to limitations in terms of
code).                               increasing.                        workflow.                            technology components or
   These systems focus primarily        Vendors now regard support         Even though not every             lower overall market presence.
on the capture, storage,             for previously ‘non-traditional’   organisation will require all        Typically, these vendors have a
retrieval and dissemination of       content types – such as email,     content functionality in their       stronger focus on core legacy
digital files for enterprise use     digital assets and records – as    ECM portfolio, this trend will       capabilities and view ECM as
and their lifecycle management.      integral to ECM. Equally,          continue.                            secondary to their core target
                                     centralised administration,           Within the ECM market,            market.
Forecast                             integrated management and          there are three levels of vendors:      In summary, adopting a
More vendors are likely to           delivery interfaces, and a         q Leaders possess global             content infrastructure approach
adopt the mantle of ‘enterprise      scalable product architecture      presence, significant installed      will not radically change the
content management’ during           have become as important as        bases, full technology               functionality available to
the next 12 months (the process      pricing and vendor viability.      components, deep integration         content creators and managers
is already happening). This will                                                                             or the content that users
leave a smaller group of                                                                                     consume. However, it will make
vertically oriented or traditional                                                                           the process of providing that
image/COLD/workflow                                                                                          management and the content
vendors, or those selling specific                                                                           itself more effective, with less
components of that functional                                                                                organisational risk.
set.                                                                                                            Therefore, organisations can
   But while the market is                                                                                   save money and increase
growing, vendors will continue                                                                               efficiency by shifting from a
to consolidate through to next                                                                               project-driven approach to
year, due to continued                                                                                       designing and building a
acquisitions.                                                                                                comprehensive content
   We estimate that by 2006,                                                                                 infrastructure.
approximately 60% of the top
global 2000 organisations will                                                                               q Jeffrey Mann is a vice
standardise on a strategic ECM                                                                               president of IT research and
framework, though many will                                                                                  consulting firm META Group,
maintain existing investments in                                                                             specialising in content/
tactical or line of business                                                                                 knowledge management and
content deployments.                                                                                         portals. More information
   These web services-based                                                                                  about the METAspectrum In
content services will be                                                                                     Depth report is available from
consolidated around a discrete                                                                     
set of trusted vendors, and will                                                                             metaspectrum. Tel: 01252
be used by a network of              Jeffrey Mann: gaps between the products are narrowing                   819494.                                                                                                     JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 21
                    Workflow, Document & Business Process Management


           FloSuite is a Microsoft .NET­                  workflow and electronic service
                                                                                                   COMPANY                                  CONTACT POINTS
           based business process                         delivery applications with low
           management application that                    levels of external programming.           Turnover (UK)                   £2m      Name and Address
                                                                                                                                             FloSuite Ltd, 5 Holyrood Avenue,
           has been co-developed with                        FloSuite is packaged as a set          Turnover (W)                    £2.5m
                                                                                                                                             Glenrothes KY6 3PF
           leading professional and                       of graphical and dialogue-based           Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P
           financial services organisations.              software tools that support the           Profit Before Tax (W)           N/P      01592 760601
              It utilises .NET, XML and                   creation of web forms, reports,           Number of Employees (UK)        45+      Fax
           other emerging standards to                    process workflows, decision               Number of Employees (W)         45+      01592 610534
           provide business analysts (ie,                 criteria, data structures and             Software Marketed (UK)          D/I      Contact name
           not software developers) with                  systems integrations.                     End User Support by             D/I      Russell Wood
           an extensible framework –                         It also includes a documented          End User Training by            D/I      Email address
           allowing them to model and                     programmable API, enabling                Key: D Direct, I Indirect
           orchestrate the interactions                   end users to embed it within              N/A Not available/not                    Website address
                                                                                                    applicable, N/P Not provided,  
           between the users, teams,                      existing applications where
                                                                                                    AOR Available on request                 User Group Chairman/Contact Point
           computer applications and                      required.                                                                          N/A
           documents involved in the                         Standard data integrations            and automation.
           delivery of enterprise business                include Oracle, SQL Server,                 Its framework capabilities            applications.
           processes.                                     DB2, Excel and Access.                   include:                                 q Programmable API – to
              FloSuite is a ‘process-centric’                Standard application and              q Data modelling – describes             create custom applications that
           system designed to support the                 web services interfaces are also         people, organisations, business          can utilise base workflow
           automation of both the                         available for leading accounts,          objects (requisitions, invoices,         engine capabilities.
           complex interactions typified by               HR, CRM, document                        applications) and processes.             q Portal compatible – the
           knowledge-based professional                   management and email systems.            q Process automation –                   software aggregates and
           services work and simple                          FloSuite’s feature set is             automates data retrieval, data           accesses process actions and
           administrative workflows.                      designed to offer an easy-to-use         value monitoring, risk                   application data using leading
              It helps organisations develop              development environment for              assessments, decisions and task          portal products such as
           and deploy a range of case                     BPM solutions, providing web­            allocation, and report                   Interwoven Worksite and
           management, risk management,                   based collaboration, integration         generation.                              Microsoft Sharepoint.
                                                                                                   q ‘Virtual’ database design –              FloSuite claims the benefits of
           PRODUCT                                                                                 builds data entities which               the package include:
            Name                                          FloSuite                                 include properties from multiple         q Cost reduction –
            First installed (year)                        2002                                     systems and link to external             organisations can cut staff costs
            No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      50 – 30                                  data sources live and in place,          by moving back-office tasks to
            No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   60 – 40                                  with no duplication.                     the front office.
            Key markets                                   Legal, financial, government,            q Data and process access                q Risk management – users can
                                                          manufacturing, retail                    security – automatically restricts       evaluate and decide actions in
            Current version – date of release             v4.4 – Feb 04                            user access/abilities to view data       real time based on current data.
            Operating systems supported                   Windows 2003                             or participate in process                q Best-practice decisions – users
            Software functionality offered:                                                        execution, depending on a                pre-define process flows to
            Workflow                                      Yes                                      user’s profile.                          capture and apply the expertise
            Document management                           Yes                                      q Process reporting –                    of qualified professionals.
            Business process management                   Yes                                      automatically records process            q Legal compliance – FloSuite
            Knowledge management                          Yes                                      data and actions for report              ensures that processes comply
            Content management                            Yes                                      generation and audit purposes.           with legal requirements.
            Web content management                        Yes                                         FloSuite’s user interface               FloSuite’s principal markets
            Electronic records management                 Yes
                                                                                                   includes:                                have historically been
            Imaging                                       No
                                                                                                   q Web browser interface –                professional and financial
                                                                                                   eliminating the need for thick           services, but it is increasingly
            Electronic forms processing                   Yes
                                                                                                   client software.                         being used in areas such as HR,
            Other                                         N/A
                                                                                                   q User-defined forms – users             marketing, design management,
            Standards supported                           XML, SOAP, XForms
                                                                                                   can create targeted user-friendly        order processing and logistics,
            Web server standards supported to provide     .NET
            integration capabilities                                                               forms using drag-and-drop and            across a range of industry
            Does product have its own business            Yes                                      form filling techniques.                 sectors. FloSuite BPM solutions
            intelligence/analytical tools?                                                         q Document production – users            are suited to any sector that has
            Does product support third-party business     N/A                                      can automatically create printed         defined processes and/or a case
            intelligence/analytical software?                                                      forms and documents using                or process-centric workload
            Special application integration offered/      Integration tools included for best of   process and application data.            which needs to interact with
            integration tools supported                   breed applications, databases and        q Visio Process Modeller – to            multiple systems and
                                                          operating systems
                                                                                                   graphically design processes and         organisations.

           22 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                                    
                                                                                           Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

Intalio provides a business                    US, UK and central Europe,

                                                                                            COMPANY                               CONTACT POINTS
process management system for                  plus distributors supporting
enterprise-class organisations.                additional markets.                          Turnover (UK)                   N/P       Name and Address
                                                                                                                                      Intalio, 7200 The Quorum, Oxford
Its Intalio|n3 technology offers a                The company has raised over               Turnover (W)                    N/P
                                                                                                                                      Business Park North, Oxford OX4 2JZ
platform for modelling,                        $34 million in funding and                   Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P
deploying, executing and                       investors include 3i, Woodside               Profit Before Tax (W)           N/P       01865 487158
managing business processes                    Fund, XMLFund, SAP Ventures                  Number of Employees (UK)        N/P       Fax
while re-using existing software               and Cargill Ventures.                        Number of Employees (W)         52        01865 481482
assets such as legacy                             Intalio partners with leading             Software Marketed (UK)          D/I       Contact name
applications, workflow, prior                  professional service providers to            End User Support by             D/I       Matthew Wright
process models and middleware                  deliver a range of business                  End User Training by            D/I       Email address
investments.                                   solutions. Its key global                    Key: D Direct, I Indirect
   Intalio is based on advanced                alliances include CSC,                       N/A Not available/not                     Website address
                                                                                            applicable, N/P Not provided,   
Pi-Calculus techniques for                     Northrop Grumman and EDS.
                                                                                            AOR Available on request                  User Group Chairman/Contact Point
mobile processes. It can manage                   These relationships are                                                             N/A
complex and dynamic                            supplemented by local                       and chief strategy officer, is co­
processes, and has been                        providers with specialised                  chair of the BPMI organisation         q Covers the process lifecycle.
architected to provide enterprise              knowledge and experience. In                that has produced standards            q 100% process design code
scalability.                                   Europe, Intalio partners with               such as BPML and BPMN (for             coverage (no coding used).
   Founded in July 1999 by                     organisations including Alexsys,            which Intalio was the reference        q Scalable to support high

entrepreneurs and innovators                   Corviz, Dreamsoft, Glue, Inex,              template).                             transaction throughput.
working in enterprise software                 Valtech and Perfect Connection.                Intalio says it is committed to     q Handles complex end-user

development, Intalio is a                         From its formation, Intalio              a standards-based approach to          workflows.
privately held, venture-backed                 has been involved in developing             BPM through its involvement in         q Works with existing J2EE

company located in San Mateo,                  BPM standards. Ismael                       a range of standards bodies and        application servers.
California. It has offices in the              Ghalimi, the company’s founder              via continuing adoption of these       q Deploys on top of existing

                                                                                           standards within its products.         message brokers.
PRODUCT                                                                                       Intalio|n3 is a BPM system          q Supports BPML, BPMN and

                                                                                           which enables business                 BPEL.
 Name                                          Intalio|n3
                                                                                           processes to be extended into
 First installed (year)                        2001
                                                                                           executable and manageable              Market focus
 No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      AOR
                                                                                           processes that can be deployed         Intalio specialises in BPM. Its
 No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   AOR
                                                                                           onto existing IT assets and            customers come from a broad
 Key markets                                   Horizontal business process
                                                                                           directed by business users.            range of industry sectors such
                                               management system
                                                                                              Intalio says the platform was       as telecoms, government,
 Current version – date of release             v2.6 – May 04
                                                                                           built to help the IT organisation      finance, utilities and
 Operating systems supported                   Any Java-compatible environment.
                                               Certified platforms include Win 2000, XP,
                                                                                           achieve key strategic corporate        manufacturing.
                                               Server 2003, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX           goals while gaining quick                 Clients include BAE Systems,
 Software functionality offered:                                                           tactical returns on investment.        Dutch Animal Health,
 Workflow                                      Yes                                            Intalio|n3 is architected           TeliaSonera, US Navy Criminal
 Document management                           No                                          around the process lifecycle,          Investigative Service, iUniverse,
 Business process management                   Yes                                         providing a platform to design,        LexisNexis, Broadlane and the
 Knowledge management                          No                                          deploy, execute, control,              National Geospatial Intelligence
 Content management                            No                                          monitor, analyse and optimise          Agency.
 Web content management                        No
                                                                                           business processes.                       Some Intalio partners have
 Electronic records management                 No
                                                                                              It offers a path for connecting     adapted the software to address
                                                                                           existing as well as new                specific vertical market
 Imaging                                       No
                                                                                           applications and technology            challenges – for example, name
 Electronic forms processing                   Yes
                                                                                           assets using a single, integrated      portability within the telecoms
 Other                                         Business activity monitoring
                                                                                           graphical development                  market.
 Standards supported                           Entirely standards-based including
                                               BPML, BPMN, BPEL, XML, WSCI                 environment that supports the             Common uses of the
 Web server standards supported to provide     All web services standards including
                                                                                           collaboration of business              technology include managing
 integration capabilities                      .NET, J2EE                                  analysts and IT professionals.         application extension for ERP
 Does product have its own business            Yes                                            Key aspects of the product          or CRM systems; application
 intelligence/analytical tools?                                                            include:                               consolidation of a large number
 Does product support third-party business     All standards-based BI tools supported      q Leverages corporate assets           of packages and/or legacy
 intelligence/analytical software?             via web services                            (processes, people, systems).          systems; and dealing with
 Special application integration offered/      Process integration offered via Intalio     q Supports complexity – eg,            dynamic processes that may
 integration tools supported                   Connector technology
                                                                                           distributed transactions.              change during execution.                                                                                                                                JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 23
                     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management



            Metastorm recognises that the                  business performance and
                                                                                                     COMPANY                                CONTACT POINTS
            software application market has                competitive advantage – or
            focused its efforts on addressing              what Metastorm calls                       Turnover (UK)                   N/P    Name and Address
                                                                                                                                             Metastorm Ltd, Central House,
            a broadly generic set of business              ‘Enterprise Process Advantage’.            Turnover (W)                    N/P
                                                                                                                                             1 Alwyne Road, London SW19 7AB
            processes – processes which,                      Metastorm is a private                  Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P
            while often very important, are                company with corporate                     Profit Before Tax (W)           N/P    020 8971 1500
            not necessarily core to any                    headquarters in Columbia,                  Number of Employees (UK)        60     Fax
            business and could possibly be                 Maryland, and international                Number of Employees (W)         115    020 8971 1501
            better executed as an                          headquarters in London. It is              Software Marketed (UK)          D/I    Contact name
            outsourced service.                            backed by investors including              End User Support by             D/I    Michelle Gunter
               Metastorm focuses on the                    3i, UBS and Dresdner                       End User Training by            D      Email address
            business processes that are not                Kleinwort Wasserstein.                     Key: D Direct, I Indirect
            generic – those ‘core’ processes                  It has over 700 customers               N/A Not available/not                  Website address
                                                                                                      applicable, N/P Not provided,
            that make an organisation                      worldwide, with sales offices in
                                                                                                      AOR Available on request               User Group Chairman/Contact Point
            unique in its marketplace and                  North America and Europe,                                                         AOR
            provide competitive edge.                      and a worldwide network of                processes’ approach, along with
               Metastorm’s sole focus with                 partners and distributors                 its award-winning software.            money laundering/terrorist
            its BPM software is in helping                 serving the broader market.                  Metastorm’s e-Work software         legislation; Freedom of
            both public and private sector                    Named as a ‘leader’ in                 provides a platform for                Information Act compliance;
            organisations improve those                    Gartner Group’s BPM Magic                 deploying and customising              hazardous processes and
            core processes in order to                     Quadrant, Metastorm offers a              BPM solutions, designed to             process auditing.
            achieve a higher level of                      ‘people are integral to                   meet the individual and                q Process efficiency
                                                                                                     complex process needs of any           improvements. Examples are
            PRODUCT                                                                                  organisation.                          cross-functional or
             Name                                          e-Work                                       As an enterprise BPM                organisational process
             First installed (year)                        1996                                      platform, e-Work includes five         improvements; debt/cash
             No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      350 plus – 150 plus                       key elements – process designer        collection; document
             No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   800 plus – 150 plus                       tools; runtime execution engine;       processing; sales/trading
             Key markets                                   Government, business services (eg,        agility facilities; monitoring and     settlement; client interaction;
                                                           legal and accountancy firms), financial   management functions; and              supply chain and internal
                                                           services, retail, manufacturing &
                                                           distribution, construction
                                                                                                     process analytics.                     operations.
             Current version – date of release             v6.2 – March 04
                                                                                                        The solution is particularly        q Process and business agility –
             Operating systems supported                   Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP
                                                                                                     suited to unique, people-based         making sure that the business
                                                           Professional, 2000 Professional           processes.                             can react quickly to changes in
             Software functionality offered:                                                            Metastorm has over 700              market dynamics, that
             Workflow                                      Yes                                       global clients in manufacturing,       organisations and systems can
             Document management                           No*                                       financial services, business           be integrated or merged quickly,
             Business process management                   Yes                                       services and government.               and new products and services
             Knowledge management                          No*
                                                                                                        They use the software in            are brought to market faster.
             Content management                            No*
                                                                                                     areas such as customer service,           Examples include resource
                                                                                                     supply chain operations, risk          reallocation; frequent legislative
             Web content management                        No*
                                                                                                     management and internal                changes (eg, tax laws) and new
             Electronic records management                 No* (*integrates with all key DM, KM,
                                                           CM and ERM products)                      operations.                            product development.
             Imaging                                       No                                           Together with its partner              Companies using e-Work in
             Electronic forms processing                   Yes                                       network, Metastorm aims to             these areas include London
             Other                                         Process activity monitoring               help companies improve their           Underground, Deutsche Post,
             Standards supported                           Metastorm utilises those standards
                                                                                                     core ‘human-centric’ processes         Fiat, MSB International,
                                                           appropriate to BPM systems which are      in three key areas:                    Harrow Council, Stirling
                                                           generally adopted, inc. XML               q Process management and               Council, Morse, University of
             Web server standards supported to provide     .NET, J2EE, web services (SOAP, WSDL)     control – ensuring processes are       Nottingham and Tayside
             integration capabilities                                                                adhered to according to rules,         Contracts in Europe.
             Does product have its own business            Yes                                       exceptions managed and                    In North America they
             intelligence/analytical tools?
                                                                                                     reported, procedures followed,         include Tetra, Cooper Tire,
             Does product support third-party business     Any BI software that can access SQL
             intelligence/analytical software?             data
                                                                                                     legislation adhered to, etc. This      Morrison Foerster, Blue Rhino,
                                                                                                     can be described as process ‘risk      Clarks, US Treasury
             Special application integration offered/      Integrates to other XML applicatons.
             integration tools supported                   Supports MS BizTalk, Outlook, Exchange    mitigation’.                           Community Development
                                                           & SharePoint Portal Server, LDAP             Examples include Basel II           Financial Institutions Fund
                                                           Directories, Novell GroupWise, SMTP       adherence; corporate                   (CDFI), and Gaston Memorial
                                                           mail + Jscript and VB Script
                                                                                                     governance processes; anti-            Hospital.

            24 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                                   
                                                                                           Workflow, Document & Business Process Management


Objective Corporation develops

                                               benefits to both smaller
                                                                                            COMPANY                                      CONTACT POINTS
enterprise content management                  organisations and those
(ECM) solutions that help                      involving tens of thousands of               Turnover (UK)                   AOR*          Name and Address
                                                                                                                                          Objective Corporation UK Ltd, Tectonic
organisations utilise knowledge                users.                                       Turnover (W)                    AOR*
                                                                                                                                          Place, Holyport Road, Maidenhead,
in all its forms.                                 The company’s professional                Profit Before Tax (UK)          AOR*          Berkshire SL6 2YE
   The solutions address a range               service team, which has years of             Profit Before Tax (W)           AOR* (*at     Telephone
of business challenges by                      experience in implementing                                                   www.          01628 640460
enabling organisations to re-use               Objective solutions, helps                                                   com)          Fax
corporate memory, reduce                       ensure the technology, the                                                                 01628 640461
                                                                                            Number of Employees (UK)        70
processing costs, take decisions               solution design and the human                Number of Employees (W)         170
                                                                                                                                          Contact name
                                                                                                                                          Noel O’Connell
based on more complete                         factors line up to deliver the
                                                                                            Software Marketed (UK)          D             Email address
information and ensure                         anticipated business outcome.
                                                                                            End User Support by             D   
regulatory compliance.                            The Objective Product Suite
                                                                                            End User Training by            D             Website address
   Objective’s solutions are used              has been engineered to meet the                                                  
                                                                                            Key: D Direct, I Indirect
in a range of business                         requirements of government                   N/A Not available/not                         User Group Chairman/Contact Point
applications: eGovernment;                     organisations and large                      applicable, N/P Not provided,                 AOR
electronic records management;                 corporations with large volumes              AOR Available on request
case file management; electronic               of unstructured information,                                                              centric view of process and
document management; content                   often complex business                      automation/workflow, web                      knowledge management.
management; process                            requirements and diverse                    content lifecycle management,                    The object-centric perspective
management; and enterprise                     deployment characteristics.                 team collaboration, enterprise                replaces the purely process­
knowledge management.                             Objective is an integrated               knowledge discovery and                       oriented approaches which seek
   Objective has a worldwide                   suite of ECM modules,                       reporting.                                    to put the task list at the centre
customer base, including the                   designed to address the broad                                                             of the user experience and
UK. They include major                         requirements of document                    Objective Workflow                            relegate objects to a peripheral
government bodies as well as                   lifecycle management, electronic            Objective extends traditional                 role.
large corporates. Objective says               and physical records                        electronic document                              In the object-centric model,
its solutions offer business                   management, process                         management (EDM) and                          familiar and traditionally static
                                                                                           records management (RM) to                    objects such as documents,
PRODUCT                                                                                    offer process management to                   folders and files take on a new
 Name                                          Objective                                   the organisational desktop.                   dynamic dimension. Instead of
 First installed (year)                        1998                                        Objective Workflow is designed                being related to workflow
 No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      60 plus – 30 plus                           to streamline business                        processes and tasks as
 No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   500 plus – 100 plus                         processes, improve back-office                referenced objects, these entities
 Key markets                                   Government, finance, utilities,             productivity and provide key                  are seen as owning the
                                               eGovernment, enterprise content             business knowledge to staff and               processes to which they belong.
                                               management                                  management.                                      This method also allows
 Current version – date of release             Objective 6i – 2003                            It is a process automation                 workflow complexity to be
 Operating systems supported                   MS Windows, Solaris                         product that works within an                  reduced, says Objective.
 Software functionality offered:                                                           organisation’s knowledge                         Traditionally, the majority of
 Workflow                                      Yes                                         management framework,                         workflow design effort was
 Document management                           Yes                                         allowing it to control and                    often spent creating special
 Business process management                   Yes                                         extend business processes while               routes through processes for
 Knowledge management                          Yes                                         reducing the security risks and               exceptional cases, rather than
 Content management                            Yes                                         logistical costs associated with              focusing on the main flow of
 Web content management                        Yes                                         paperbound, manual processes.                 control.
 Electronic records management                 Yes                                            As with any enterprise                        Objective Workflow provides
 Imaging                                       Yes                                         content management solution,                  the ability to move a case object
 Electronic forms processing                   Yes                                         the greatest challenge an                     across a workflow map even
 Other                                         Case management                             organisation will face will be                between tasks and in ways that
 Standards supported                           XML                                         getting everyone to use it.                   the workflow designer had not
 Web server standards supported to provide     J2EE                                        Objective suggests users will                 thought of at design time.
 integration capabilities                                                                  make more use of process and                     Objective says the aim is to
 Does product have its own business            No                                          task-based computing if it is                 make workflow fit the way that
 intelligence/analytical tools?                                                            incorporated seamlessly into the              people work with everyday
 Does product support third-party business     Built-in integration with Crystal Reports   everyday environment in which                 objects that they use and
 intelligence/analytical software?                                                                                                       manage, rather than forcing
                                                                                           they work.
 Special application integration offered/      C++, VB, Java APIs                             Objective sees the key to                  users to fit the mould of a rigid
 integration tools supported
                                                                                           workflow as being an object-                  process design.                                                                                                                                    JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 25
     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

New routes

Katie Walsh of EDS (right) looks at how processes can be
improved through workflow and document management.

WITH BUSINESS MODELS               sophisticated rules-based
constantly changing and            solutions can make decisions
organisations moving to            without users being involved
outsourced solutions, the drive    and provide an efficient and
towards improving business         consistent working
processes has never been           environment, as this enables
greater.                           tasks to be automatically co­
   Organisations expect            ordinated.
outsourcing to streamline             For example, an application        project to their colleagues.          especially if a big bang
business processes efficiently     form will be received and the            It can be beneficial to set up a   approach is taken – where the
and effectively if they are to     user will process the sections        user consultation group that          failure is high profile because it
achieve rapid payback and          that they are qualified to do; the    meets with project and technical      is visible to all users.
return on investment (ROI).        rules engine will then determine      managers on a regular basis –            Often these types of rollouts
   This is where workflow can      where the application form            for example, once a month or          are under-resourced and users
support the inhouse and            should be routed to next.             more frequently during testing –      do not get the support or
outsourced business process           In this instance, workflow         to discuss the progress of the        training they need to use the
improvements that help CEOs        can provide an important link         project, and any business and         system. It is highly
gain the business benefits they    between front-line operations         technical issues that are critical    recommended that smaller,
seek in order to remain            and the back-office processes.        to its success.                       more manageable rollouts are
competitive.                       This is especially useful in             There is always going to be        undertaken, as these can be
                                   contact centre environments, as       resistance to new systems. But        supported more easily – and
Background                         a phone call can initiate a           while this can never be               any failure can be contained.
Historically, workflow in its      process that requires                 eliminated, it can be reduced by         Smaller rollouts are also more
basic form routed documents to     administrators to process             making users feel their opinion       successful because the result is
end users, centred on scanning     paperwork.                            is valued.                            easier to achieve. In addition,
and basic data capture.               Like all IT projects, workflow        If users feel undervalued,         users talk to one another; if the
   Ideally, workflow offers an     implementations can go wrong.         resistance can grow and               first team of users to receive the
end-to-end process that            The most common mistakes lie          rumours develop. A system             new system is satisfied, they will
provides the user with the         in not involving users in the         with a bad reputation is a            tell others and the level of
required information,              project, taking the big bang          system no-one wants, even if it       resistance amongst other teams
instructions and tools to          approach on go-live, providing        has full management support.          is likely to lower.
perform a business task, based     inadequate training or sticking          Training should be dynamic
on the information that            with poorly defined business          and should simulate the real          Business benefits
initiated the process and the      processes.                            working environment in                Workflow is suitable to a
user’s skills profile.                The human factor in                classrooms, so users can relate       variety of commercial and
   Nowadays workflow is            workflow is one of the main           to how the system operates on a       operational service-related
becoming increasingly              challenges – it is essential to get   daily basis by undertaking            industries, such as the public
sophisticated. It can support      buy-in from end users as early        typical work scenarios. This is       sector, financial services,
complex business processes and     as possible. This means users         important, as go-live is not the      insurance, utilities and
offer the ability to integrate     must be encouraged to                 time to address training needs.       telecoms.
with other systems, update         participate in the analysis,             Business processes should be          Organisations that perform
databases, automatically start     design and, most importantly,         streamlined during the analysis       repetitive administration tasks,
processes without user             acceptance testing.                   and design stages of the project,     support collaborative working
participation and make                It is impractical to involve the   so inefficiencies are removed.        environments or are customer
intelligent decisions based on     entire workforce; for this               However, many organisations        service-centric will benefit the
information captured –             reason, key users from each           automate manual processes             most from this technology.
allowing users to focus on work    department affected by the            regardless of how good or bad            Workflow, if correctly
that is more important.            proposed change should be             they are. This is poor practice       implemented, can provide the
   Workflow is still used in its   used as a vehicle to voice users’     and introduces bottlenecks and        following benefits:
traditional role of routing        concerns – and in return they         inefficiencies into the new           q Real-time business
images and managing the flow       should communicate the aims,          system.                               performance monitoring and
of documents. However,             objectives and progress of the           System go-live can go wrong,       management information.

26 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                              
                                                                                   Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

q Enhanced performance by              image, web portals, CRM and                  that is the most important to            managing the inevitable culture
identifying and reducing               line of business applications –              the business and the customer.           change.
bottlenecks.                           also achieve real business                      Workflow is typically                    Workflow highlights
q Improved consistency and             benefits.                                    implemented in clerically                information about operational
accuracy of information by                Only when processes are fully             intensive business processes in          processes that would not
reducing errors and loss of data.      joined up can organisations                  order to streamline them and             previously have been visible,
q Help in achieving compliance         begin to achieve next­                       bring greater efficiencies,              making it easier for managers to
throughout the process lifecycle.      generation efficiencies by                   consistency and improvements             make comparisons and improve
q Support for real-time changes        straight-through processing and              to customer service.                     individual and team
by automatically routing               by better harnessing customer                   Benefits – whether reduced            productivity.
information to individuals             data.                                        service time for the customer,              This alone is enough to make
and/or groups responsible for             It can also be beneficial to              single-point customer resolution         users wary; it’s therefore vital to
performing tasks associated            integrate workflow with active               or cheaper processing costs –            invest time in gaining buy-in
with the change.                       management software. This                    will only be realised if the new         and making users feel part of
   Organisations that fully            enables organisations to control             systems and processes are                the implementation project.
integrate workflow with other          resources more strictly, by                  smoothly introduced and                     Table 1 sums up the key
technologies – such as                 ensuring the resources available             accepted by users.                       factors to consider if the
mailroom automation software,          are used to undertake the work                  The key to success here is            implementation of workflow is
                                                                                                                             going to be successful.
                                                                                                                             However, this is not a definitive
TABLE 1: Key factors when implementing workflow
                                                                                                                             list and each project will have
  Factor             Description                                                                                             unique factors which must be
  Technology         Confirm that current and future business demands can be supported by the technology selected               Clearly, there are many
                     and investigate a variety of solutions. Ask product vendors to provide site references and              factors to consider, and business
                     arrange visits as this will give an idea of what can be achieved, even if it is not industry related.   benefits can only be embraced if
                     Cost can appear prohibitive but the right investment can deliver long-term business benefits
                                                                                                                             the project is correctly managed
                     and savings, so it may well pay to spend the money on the correct technical solution. Do your
                     cost benefit analysis carefully.                                                                        from its conception.

  Resources          Assign the correct resources and do not under-resource the project. Ensure users take time out          Conclusion
                     from operational work to assist in requirements definition – a balance between blue-sky                 In summary, both outsourced
                     thinking from consultants and real practical insight from users is ideal for solution optimisation.     and inhouse business processes
                     Don’t skimp on training or go-live user support.                                                        can be improved using good
                                                                                                                             workflow solutions.
  Experience         Choose systems vendors and integrators with an established record and experience in
                     delivering workflow solutions. Staff must be trained and time must be invested. Training must              With organisations facing
                     not be ignored or rushed, as no matter how well staff understand the current processes and              constant challenges, and
                     technologies used, the new solution is still an unknown and must be treated like one. No matter         business models having to
                     how streamlined a process, it can still allow for human error and only training can reduce this         become increasingly fluid,
                     risk.                                                                                                   workflow can have a major
                                                                                                                             positive impact.
  Performance        Establish performance measures for both staff and processes at the earliest opportunity; do not
                                                                                                                                Workflow is capable of
  Measures           wait until the project has been delivered. Workflow can provide this information, but it needs to
                     be used effectively to assess and improve the overall business process and provide the                  managing a variety of diverse
                     information sought for ROI. Stress/volume testing is a must as it indicates how well the system         processes within equally diverse
                     will perform in the live environment.                                                                   industries. But the key to
                                                                                                                             success is to take into
  Need               Assess that there is an actual need for workflow on a per department basis, as no business              consideration the factors
                     benefits can be realised if there is not a problem to address.
                                                                                                                             outlined in Table 1.
                                                                                                                                Organisations should look
  Managed            Current business processes should be reviewed and streamlined where possible so that the
  Processes          inefficiencies are removed. Never simply automate existing processes. Once live, continuously           beyond current business
                     assess processes to make sure that they are still delivering reduced processing time and that           limitations and revenues and
                     delays are minimal. This is an ongoing process and is vital if the organisation is to remain            start to work towards aligning
                     competitive.                                                                                            processes with the business
                                                                                                                             strategy, which in turn will help
  Communication      Stakeholder communication must be extensive. Communication must remain constant during
                                                                                                                             deliver that strategy.
                     the project lifecycle so that expectations and requirements are met.

  Commitment         Full support from management is vital from start-up to conclusion. Resources assigned to the            q Katie Walsh is an

                     project from the customer must be able to offer full commitment to the project. This is also            information analyst with EDS.

                     applicable to vendor and system integrator resources.                                                   For more information on image

                                                                                                                             and workflow, please contact

  Scope              The project scope must be defined and managed from the start and communicated to all                    Jane Scott, EDS UK CMS

                     stakeholders so that expectations can be managed and the aims and objectives of the project
                                                                                                                             Delivery Lead. Email:

                     are clear. Manage expectations, make sure people understand what they are getting and do not
                     make promises that cannot be met.                                                              

                                                                                                                             Website:                                                                                                                      JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 27
     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

Cinderella systems?

The true worth of document         improvements that many earlier       activities such as photocopying    reputation as ‘big people
                                   automated systems failed to          and distributing paper             reduction’, so it’s not surprising
management systems is
                                   achieve.                             documents. If paper has to be      that many staff are still
finally being recognised,             Of course there are a number      used, due to the physical nature   suspicious when organisations
says Stewart Mills of Parity.      of caveats that must be              of the business operation, then    talk about re-engineering a
                                   considered if organisations are      an electronic document should      process.
                                   to succeed.                          be sent and printed locally.          However, when people come
DOCUMENT management or                For example, a workflow              Of course good system design    to appreciate that they can
EDMS – electronic document         solution should connect all the      remains important and for an       access information held in
management systems – have          people in different functional       EDMS, using templates and/or       documents quickly and easily
long been pushed aside by          areas who undertake the              document samples that others       and share this information with
many IT professionals.             activities that make up a            can easily access or make use of   others, the attitude tends to
   Traditionally, systems          process. On the technical side,      improves the system. Also, the     change.
designers like to hold all         companies also need to ensure        more that people are involved         When people see they will
corporate data electronically      that electronic documents can        in the detailed design, the more   benefit from a change, they are
and to capture that data at        be migrated to new                   likely they are to use the new     willing to go along with it.
source. The internet allows        environments when a                  process/system.                       Productivity improvement is
customers to operate in self­      technology infrastructure               As Lao Tzu, the Chinese         achieved by having everybody
service mode – and you can’t       upgrade takes place.                 philosopher, once said: “Tell me   undertake the process activities
get nearer to ‘data capture at        Too many system architects        and I’ll forget. Show me and I     in a consistent manner, and this
source’ than that.                 focus on how to automate             may remember, but involve me       is facilitated by the workflow
   So why do we still need         activities where data retrieval is   and I will understand.”            package. This is quality
document management                easy – such as sales data                                               management in action or
systems?                           captured online and held in a        Designing processes                ‘getting it right first time, every
   In the real world, many         relational database.                 Workflow and document              time’.
people are not sitting at             By using workflow and             management software packages          One of the advantages of
workstations but are out and       document management                  enable organisations to re­        workflow and document
about where paper is still, and    packages, organisations can          engineer business processes and    management systems is that the
always will be, the most           now streamline a whole               achieve substantial returns on     system keeps track of events as
convenient way to hold             process.                             the investment in IT.              they occur, so there is an audit
information.                          Every company still wants to        BPR (business process re­        trail as well as an easily
   For many who work for           get rid of labour-intensive          engineering) has acquired a bad    understood and operated set of
organisations like the utilities                                                                           controls.
industry, digging holes in the                                                                                Both of these features are
ground, paper is the most                                                                                  important for security, since
sensible arrangement.                                                                                      people only see information
   Research papers contain                                                                                 when it is appropriate and are
information held on one or                                                                                 reminded to undertake the next
more databases. Minutes of                                                                                 activity in a process.
meetings hold information that                                                                                However, using a software
may subsequently prove to be                                                                               package does not mean
vitally important. Companies                                                                               ignoring good documentation
therefore recognise that while                                                                             design principles, such as:
all data should be held                                                                                    q Version control, including
electronically, useful                                                                                     document date.
information often sits in                                                                                  q Retention times, so as to not
documents, which cannot.                                                                                   clog up the system with out-of­
   The challenge is how to                                                                                 date information.
retrieve data to make best use                                                                             q Categorisation on a
of the information. And this                                                                               document – eg, meeting minutes
explains why document                                                                                      or research papers.
management is at last being                                                                                q Author and other contact
taken seriously, and why                                                                                   details.
workflow solutions are                                                                                     q Audience, objective and/or
providing the productivity         Stewart Mills: involve people and they will understand                  key word summary, which will

28 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                          
                                                                           Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

                                                                                                                management is a facility that
FIGURE 1: Knowledge management tool functionality
                                                                                                                enables people working in
                                                                                                                teams to share information in
                                                     Information management                                     dynamic (real-time) mode, and
                                                     q Categorisation
                                                     q Search & reporting                                       keep track of events within a
                                                     q Information retrieval – eg, web crawler                  project team.
                                                                                                                   The original Lotus Notes
                                                     Content management                                         software was an early version of
                                                                                                                this facility.
                                                                                                                q Where there is a standard
                                                     Document management
                                                                                                                process for dealing with a
                                                                                                                situation, then an organisation
                                                     Records management
                                                                                                                can build this into a workflow
                                                                                                                module so that a consistent
                                     Explicit        Collaboration & project management
     Knowledge                     knowledge                                                                    approach is used.
                                                                                                                q This feature can be taken
    management                                       Workflow & forms – eg, PDF & other renditions              further – an organisation can
                                                                                                                set up the software so that
                                                     Event notification by email                                when a certain type of ‘event’
                                                                                                                has occurred, an email will be
                                                     Directory services – eg, remote cache                      generated and sent to an
                                                     management of replicated information                       individual to alert them to the
                                                     Open architecture – ie, XML, enabling                         Maybe there is a toolset
                                                     links to other systems (ERP packages,                      already out there that provides
                                                     imaging systems, etc)                                      this functionality, but if not, it
                                      Tacit                                                                     will not be long before one is
                                                     Skills database                                            introduced.
                                                                                                                   As can be seen from the list
                                                                                                                of headings, workflow and
                                                                                                                document management are
be of use to individuals seeking     much reliance on individuals’          productivity, this is a huge        integral components within a
information.                         personal knowledge.                    wasted opportunity that is          knowledge management
  Data can also be captured             On the other hand, software         costing businesses money.           solution.
using a variety of hardware and      vendors believe that knowledge            As a consultant, I have helped
software-based techniques such       management is all about search         clients to improve their business   Conclusion
as:                                  engines and how best to                processes, and on occasions this    So where does all of this take
q Numbered forms.                    structure and hold information.        has involved changing the           us?
q Barcodes pre-printed on            In this type of scenario, naming       whole work environment.               Although IT impacts on all
forms.                               standards are a key feature;              Nowadays the type of             aspects of life, organisations
q Mark sensing – ie, crosses in      otherwise the ability to find          software tools that are available   have accepted that some
designated boxes on a form.          useful information is impaired.        can offer vastly more than just     information will always need to
q Optical character readers             Actually, neither of these          workflow and document               be held in documents or stay
(OCR).                               approaches addresses the way           management. Figure 1 provides       paper-based.
                                     that people actually work              an outline of what could go in a      This means document
Knowledge                            which is the sequence of               toolkit.                            management is going to remain
management                           activities that people undertake          For reference, explicit          an important tool in the IT
I believe workflow and               in following a process. This is        knowledge can be recorded and       arsenal for some time to come.
document management systems          where workflow comes into its          accessed by others; tacit           Likewise all routine processes
are now key components of a          own.                                   knowledge is what an                can now be better managed in a
whole new way of working.               I once heard knowledge              individual knows instinctively      quality environment through
   What sort of picture do the       management guru Karl Sveiby            from experience and/or gut feel,    the use of workflow software
words ‘knowledge                     say that: “Knowledge is the            plus the application of common      with measurable gains in
management’ conjure up in the        capacity to act, not something         sense.                              productivity.
mind?                                stored in a database.”                    The diagram shows all the          I think this is the year when
   To some, knowledge                   In my view, without                 subject areas that come under       the ‘Cinderella of IT’ finally
management is all about that         workflow present to structure          the heading of knowledge            gets to go to the ball.
fuzzy term ‘networking’, where       business activity, knowledge           management. For example:
people get together in virtual       workers are operating in an            q Document management is            q Stewart Mills is a principal
‘knowledge’ groups and share         environment where there is             important, as much of an            consultant with Parity
experiences and information.         reduced productivity.                  organisation’s information          specialising in business
The problem with this                   Given that the whole point of       actually sits in documents.         performance improvement.
description is that there is too     using technology is to improve         q Collaboration and project         Email:                                                                                                        JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 29
                             Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

                    SDL International
SDL International

                    Founded in 1992, SDL                           maintenance of multilingual
                                                                                                                COMPANY                                   CONTACT POINTS
                    International is a world leader                content.
                    in the provision of translation                   SDL believes the key to                    Turnover (UK)                   N/P       Name and Address
                                                                                                                                                           SDL International, Globe House,
                    services and technology                        optimising this process is the                Turnover (W)                    £64.4m
                                                                                                                                                           Clivemont Road, Maidenhead SL6 7DY
                    solutions. It is headquartered in              clear definition of process, the              Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P
                    the UK and has over 40 offices                 timely execution of that                      Profit Before Tax (W)           £4.1m     01628 410100
                    worldwide.                                     process, the efficient sharing of             Number of Employees (UK)        350+      Fax
                       Since its flotation in 1999 on              translation assets and tracking               Number of Employees (W)         1,300+    01628 410150
                    the London Stock Exchange,                     each step in the process.                     Software Marketed (UK)          D/I       Contact name
                    SDL’s revenues have grown                         SDLWorkFlow manages the                    End User Support by             D/I       Terry Lawlor
                    from £13 million to over                       end-to-end localisation process,              End User Training by            D/I       Email address
                    £64 million.                                   including integration with                    Key: D Direct, I Indirect
                       The company provides                        existing systems and the                      N/A Not available/not                     Website address
                                                                                                                 applicable, N/P Not provided,   
                    outsourced localisation,                       application of translation
                                                                                                                 AOR Available on request                  User Group Chairman/Contact Point
                    translation products and                       technology components.                                                                  N/A
                    localisation services, and has                    Its web-based architecture                and can also view a web-based
                    achieved market share growth                   and role-based security provides             summary of all outstanding                content in 10 languages across
                    in all these sectors.                          access to everyone who needs it,             tasks assigned to them.                   24 websites, resulting in
                                                                   wherever they are located.                      Once a process has been                thousands of pages that need to
                    Workflow                                          The software establishes a                defined, SDLWorkFlow                      be kept synchronised with the
                    SDL recognises that increasing                 task-based workflow, consisting              monitors the source content for           English source content.
                    content volumes, more frequent                 of human and system tasks, for               change. When a change is                     Although the company’s web
                    updates, more languages and                    each content type and for each               detected, it automates much of            content was already managed
                    distributed resources accessing                target language. Individual                  the work, including extracting            and published using Interwoven
                    centralised translation assets all             resources in the workflow are                the text to be translated,                TeamSite, this central control
                    add to the complexity of                       notified via email when they                 applying translation memory,              did not extend across the
                    managing the creation and                      need to work on a given task,                costing and invoicing, and all            distributed team of authors,
                                                                                                                aspects of managing the content           translators and reviewers.
                    PRODUCT                                                                                     through the translation process.             Before it implemented
                     Name                                          SDLWorkFlow 2004                             The re-integration of translated          SDLWorkFlow, PeopleSoft’s
                     First installed (year)                        1999
                                                                                                                content into the target system            manual process for preparing
                     No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      20 – 10
                                                                                                                can also be automated.                    content files for translation and
                                                                                                                   SDLWorkFlow manages                    re-integrating the files back into
                     No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   60 – 25
                                                                                                                translation memories in a                 TeamSite involved 36 manual
                     Key markets                                   IT, electronics, automotive, hospitality &
                                                                   leisure, information services                centralised repository. Offline           steps. This process has now
                     Current version – date of release             SDLWorkFlow 2004 – May 04                    and online translation resources          been cut to six steps.
                     Operating systems supported                   Windows 2000 Server, IE 6+ and               have access to these assets to               The implementation of
                                                                   Netscape 7+ browsers                         optimise the use of translation           SDLWorkFlow for translation
                     Software functionality offered:                                                            memories.                                 management has provided
                     Workflow                                      Yes                                             SDLWorkFlow provides                   central control and visibility of
                     Document management                           Yes                                          standard reports covering                 all translation costs, while
                     Business process management                   No                                           different metrics, such as                offering the management
                     Knowledge management                          No                                           translation memory usage,                 metrics needed to optimise the
                     Content management                            Yes                                          translation costs and savings,            overall translation process.
                     Web content management                        Yes                                          productivity of linguistic
                     Electronic records management                 No
                                                                                                                resources and job status.                 Market focus
                     Imaging                                       Yes
                                                                                                                   Users can also define custom           SDL sells to consumer, SME
                                                                                                                reports and output into third­            and enterprise organisations in
                     Electronic forms processing                   No
                                                                                                                party tools, to further analyse           the major vertical markets,
                     Other                                         N/A
                                                                                                                the data. Reports can be                  including IT, electronics,
                     Standards supported                           XML, Unicode, TMX
                                                                                                                scheduled and a circulation list          automotive, financial services,
                     Web server standards supported to provide     .NET
                     integration capabilities                                                                   defined to ensure appropriate             pharmaceuticals and
                     Does product have its own business            No                                           staff are kept informed of key            manufacturing.
                     intelligence/analytical tools?                                                             project metrics on a regular                Customers include Adobe,
                     Does product support third-party business     Interfaces to all reporting tools            basis.                                    Bayer, Bosch, Canon, DAF,
                     intelligence/analytical software?                                                                                                    DaimlerChrysler, Kodak,
                     Special application integration offered/      Integrates with single language content      Case study                                Microsoft, Morgan Stanley,
                     integration tools supported                   management systems to provide                One SDLWorkFlow customer,                 Oracle, PeopleSoft, Reuters,
                                                                   multilingual content management
                                                                                                                PeopleSoft, generates web                 Siebel, SAP and Sun.

                    30 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                                         
                                                                                        Workflow, Document & Business Process Management


Founded in 1994, Singularity is                Platform, the company’s

                                                                                         COMPANY                               CONTACT POINTS
a leading provider of process­                 foundational offering, is a
centric solutions, offering the                business process management               Turnover (UK)                   N/P    Name and Address
                                                                                                                                Singularity, 100 Patrick Street, Derry,
award-winning Singularity                      and workflow solution that                Turnover (W)                    N/P
                                                                                                                                N Ireland BT48 7EL
Process Platform and a range of                helps organisations manage                Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P
professional services.                         business processes throughout             Profit Before Tax (W)           N/P    028 7126 7767
   The product has been rated                  their lifecycle. It offers the            Number of Employees (UK)        N/P    Fax
as “visionary” by Gartner and a                following components:                     Number of Employees (W)         105    028 7126 8085
“potent and effective BPM                      q The Builder is a graphical              Software Marketed (UK)          D/I    Contact name
product that distinguishes itself              tool that business and IT staff           End User Support by             D      Dermot McCauley
from the competition” by Butler                use to design, simulate, test and         End User Training by            D      Email address
Group. It won a 2003 Global                    deploy effective processes.               Key: D Direct, I Indirect
Excellence Award given by the                  q The Driver is the engine that           N/A Not available/not                  Website address
                                                                                         applicable, N/P Not provided,
Workflow Management                            orchestrates efficient execution
                                                                                         AOR Available on request               User Group Chairman/Contact Point
Coalition.                                     of these processes.                                                              N/A
   Singularity is a privately held             q The Monitor provides insight           management, and process
company, operating globally                    into process and business                monitoring and continuous              processes which helps users
from its HQ in Ireland and                     performance.                             improvement.                           manage risk and progress
offices in London, New York,                   q The Optimizer closes the                 It acts as co-ordinator and          methodically to achieve forecast
Singapore and Hyderabad.                       loop by triggering and                   orchestrator, configuring the          results.
   It has customers throughout                 supporting continuous                    optimal combination of people          q Knowledge Transfer
Europe, North and South                        improvement of processes.                and technologies to achieve            Programmes – help customers
America and South East Asia,                     The Platform combines                  business goals and tying               become self-sufficient in process
including JPMorgan (global),                   workflow, enterprise                     together existing systems with         management.
British Telecom (UK) and                       application integration (EAI),           new ways of doing business.               Singularity also offers
Datamail (New Zealand).                        document management, process               The Platform has an open             education in the form of five,
   The Singularity Process                     automation, rules and forms              and component-based service            three and one-day courses.
                                                                                        oriented architecture (SOA)            24x7 customer care via
PRODUCT                                                                                 designed to permit rapid               telephone and email is also
 Name                                          Singularity Process Platform             development, integration,              offered.
 First installed (year)                        1999
                                                                                        deployment and revision of
 No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      81 – 54
                                                                                        business processes. The                Market focus
                                                                                        Platform enables business and          The Singularity Process
 No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   126 – 74
                                                                                        IT staff to collaborate in the         Platform is targeted
 Key markets                                   BPM, workflow, financial services,
                                               government, healthcare                   control and improvement of a           horizontally at buyers of BPM
 Current version – date of release             v2.9 – March 04                          company’s processes.                   and workflow solutions, and
 Operating systems supported                   Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003                                                      vertically at the financial
 Software functionality offered:                                                        Services                               services, telecoms, government
 Workflow                                      Yes
                                                                                        Singularity packages its services,     and healthcare markets.
 Document management                           Yes
                                                                                        aiming to provide predictable            Singularity’s move to more
                                                                                        outcomes, early visualisation of       targeted solutions is illustrated
 Business process management                   Yes
                                                                                        result, best practice, project risk    by the development of a
 Knowledge management                          No
                                                                                        management and knowledge               securities trading management
 Content management                            No
                                                                                        transfer.                              solution for financial services
 Web content management                        No
                                                                                           Its pre-packaged services           companies.
 Electronic records management                 No
                                                                                        include:                                 It has established
 Imaging                                       No
                                                                                        q ROI Discovery – highlights           partnerships with OEM
 Electronic forms processing                   No
                                                                                        the areas that constrain a             partners as part of its strategy
 Other                                         N/A
                                                                                        company’s business                     to serve customers in targeted
 Standards supported                           XML, COM, SOAP
                                                                                        performance and prioritises            vertical sectors – for example,
 Web server standards supported to provide     .NET
                                                                                        areas with good potential for          Northgate and Capita currently
 integration capabilities
                                                                                        profit through better process.         embed the Platform in products
 Does product have its own business            Yes
 intelligence/analytical tools?                                                         q Proof of Concept –                   sold in the government sector.
 Does product support third-party business     Yes – any that supports industry­
                                                                                        demonstrates how ROI can be              Singularity’s partnership with
 intelligence/analytical software?             standard interfaces                      achieved through better process        Ascential Software provides
 Special application integration offered/      Integrates with COM, Script, .NET, web   management.                            access to enterprise data
 integration tools supported                   services + other integration tools       q Phased Implementation – a            integration capabilities which
                                               communicated with via these standards    disciplined approach to                complement the company’s
                                               (eg, MQSeries, SNA Server, etc)
                                                                                        implementing new or improved           process-centric solutions.                                                                                                                          JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 31
                    Workflow, Document & Business Process Management


           Triaster is a leading UK                       strategic objectives, so that
                                                                                                     COMPANY                                CONTACT POINTS
           business process improvement                   process improvement can
           specialist, providing a range of               continue and scale.                         Turnover (UK)                   N/P    Name and Address
                                                                                                                                             Triaster Ltd, Unit 4 Henderson House,
           Continual Process Improvement                     The Continual Process                    Turnover (W)                    N/P
                                                                                                                                             Hithercroft Road, Wallingford
           solutions. The company has a                   Improvement solutions place                 Profit Before Tax (UK)          N/P    OX10 9DG
           consultancy background,                        ownership and responsibility                Profit Before Tax (W)           N/P    Telephone
           combining an understanding of                  for process improvement in the              Number of Employees (UK)        N/P    01491 821800
           organisational culture and the                 hands of the staff who execute              Number of Employees (W)         N/P    Fax
           challenges involved in process                 the process. However, Triaster              Software Marketed (UK)          D/I    01491 821808
           improvement together with                      recognises that enterprise-wide             End User Support by             D      Contact name
                                                                                                                                             Dan Alexander
           technical expertise.                           process mapping and                         End User Training by            D
                                                                                                                                             Email address
              Triaster is based in                        improvement is a major                      Key: D Direct, I Indirect
           Oxfordshire and was                            undertaking, and supports users             N/A Not available/not
                                                                                                      applicable, N/P Not provided,          Website address
           established in 1994. It has                    with the process mapping, the                                            
                                                                                                      AOR Available on request
           strong links with Microsoft and                analysis of the data captured,                                                     User Group Chairman/Contact Point
           BSi. Its solutions are designed to             and the implementation of an               Process Navigator, is core to its       N/A – currently setting up user group
           provide faster core processes so               improvement road map.                      Continual Process Improvement
           that users can, for example,                      This support is tailored to             solutions. Process Navigator           wrapper on the Microsoft Visio
           deliver new and improved                       specific requirements and                  comes in two parts: Mapping            2003 object model, in a logical
           products to market faster than                 includes all or some of the                Edition and Analyst Edition.           structure for business processes.
           before.                                        following: Process Navigator,                Mapping Edition enables              Triaster says any developer
              The solutions support more                  customisation, training,                   non-process specialists to             familiar with object oriented
           efficient support processes,                   consultancy, improvement                   capture the processes they             programming models can build
           reduced waste and improved                     workshops, middleware and                  perform on a daily basis, in a         applications on top of Process
           morale. They enable                            software/hardware                          graphical format. It is designed       Objects.
           organisations to review and                    implementation.                            to be easy to use and imposes a           Triaster says its Continual
           assess process fit against                        Triaster’s flagship product,            uniform process framework              Process Improvement solutions
                                                                                                     across the organisation.               can help any organisation
           PRODUCT                                                                                     Analyst Edition identifies the       improve its processes.
            Name                                          Process Navigator                          end-to-end business processes          Accordingly, the company has
            First installed (year)                        2000
                                                                                                     and where the improvements             customers across a number of
            No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      300 – 80
                                                                                                     should start. It is wizard driven,     vertical markets.
                                                                                                     and builds the enterprise map             Triaster also has major
            No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   400 – 100
                                                                                                     and publishes it to HTML so            market share in the public
            Key markets                                   Public sector, telecoms, IT, financial
                                                          services, manufacturing                    everyone has access to the             sector, telecoms, IT, financial
            Current version – date of release             v3 – Jan 04                                process data captured.                 services, manufacturing,
            Operating systems supported                   Windows 2000, XP                             Process Navigator is written         engineering and professions.
            Software functionality offered:                                                          on the .NET platform, utilising           Within the public sector,
            Workflow                                      Enabled
                                                                                                     the Microsoft Visio graphics           London Borough of Hillingdon
            Document management                           Enabled
                                                                                                     engine. It enables users to            (LBH) is a customer. By
                                                                                                     capture data enterprise-wide in        streamlining its processes and
            Business process management                   Yes
                                                                                                     real time. Subsequent                  having all legacy documentation
            Knowledge management                          Yes
                                                                                                     consolidation of the data into         at employees’ fingertips, LBH
            Content management                            Enabled
                                                                                                     an XML-based repository                believes it will save £470,000
            Web content management                        Enabled
                                                                                                     enables it to become a re-usable       on its generic processes,
            Electronic records management                 No
                                                                                                     resource – the aim being to            extrapolating from the first six
            Imaging                                       No
                                                                                                     deliver the right information at       documented processes.
            Electronic forms processing                   No
                                                                                                     the time it is wanted, in the             Currently, only LBH’s 2,000
            Other                                         N/A
                                                                                                     format required.                       Civic Centre employees have
            Standards supported                           XML
                                                                                                       Process Navigator can be             the process intranet available to
            Web server standards supported to provide     .NET                                                                              them, but even with the 56
                                                                                                     integrated with the Microsoft
            integration capabilities
                                                                                                     Office system, in particular           processes presently
            Does product have its own business            Yes
            intelligence/analytical tools?                                                           Microsoft Project 2003,                documented, LBH believes that
            Does product support third-party business     Yes – Simul8
                                                                                                     SharePoint 2003, OneNote               £250,000 savings are
            intelligence/analytical software?                                                        2003 and InfoPath 2003, and            achievable.
            Special application integration offered/      Process Navigator v3 uses XML and          other common applications                 More details on this and
            integration tools supported                   XSLT to turn data captured in the          such as Oracle.                        other Triaster customers are
                                                          process map to any format, in particular                                          available from
                                                                                                       It exposes an ActiveX Server
                                                          MS Office
                                                                                                     called Process Objects. This is a

           32 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                                   
                                                                                            Workflow, Document & Business Process Management


Vignette V7 Platform. Vignette                 multiple initiatives on a single

                                                                                             COMPANY                                    CONTACT POINTS
V7 products offer a suite of                   portal network.
services to create, share, manage              q Vignette Application Builder                Turnover (UK)                   AOR         Name and Address
                                                                                                                                         Vignette Europe Limited, 99 King
and present information to                     puts the capability of portal                 Turnover (W)                    $158m
                                                                                                                                         Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire
users anywhere, at any time.                   application building in the                   Profit Before Tax (UK)          AOR         SL6 1DP
   Vignette V7 Application                     hands of business users. The                  Profit Before Tax (W)           ($0.03m)    Telephone
Services are built on industry­                visual environment enables                    Number of Employees (UK)        100         01628 772222
standard open technologies and                 users to create and customise                 Number of Employees (W)         950         Fax
can be deployed in a modular                   applications, helping them to                 Software Marketed (UK)          D/I         01628 772266
fashion to assemble business                   respond more rapidly to                       End User Support by             D/I         Contact name
                                                                                                                                         Emma Jenkins
applications within the                        changing business needs.                      End User Training by            D
                                                                                                                                         Email address
heterogeneous environments                     q Vignette Dialog utilises an                 Key: D Direct, I Indirect
found within most enterprises.                 organisation’s investment in its              N/A Not available/not
                                                                                             applicable, N/P Not provided,               Website address
q Vignette Content                             websites and portals, offering a                                                
                                                                                             AOR Available on request
Management automates the                       software solution that can                                                                User Group Chairman/Contact Point
processes for creating,                        automate personalised                                                                     Tom Hogan (President + CEO)
managing and publishing                        sequences of customer                        retention was the domain of a                00 1 888 608 9900
content for the web.                           interactions – or dialogues –                small group of highly trained
q Vignette Application Portal                  with the aim of creating loyal,              records managers. Today, with                  Vignette RDS includes:
provides businesses with                       profitable relationships.                    a growing list of legal and                 q Records management. Users
enterprise portal management                      Vignette Records &                        regulatory requirements,                    can manage risk across the
capabilities. It helps companies               Document Server (RDS).                       Vignette recognises that                    organisation through record
realise economies of scale by                  Traditionally, records                       document and records                        cut-off control, expiration
aggregating and managing                       management capture and                       management systems must be                  review cycles and workflow,
                                                                                            automatic, flexible, integrated,            manual authorisation steps, and
PRODUCT                                                                                     secure and intuitive for                    secure high-speed XML/SSL
 Name                                          Vignette V7 Platform                         everyone to use.                            transfer of information between
 First installed (year)                        EMEA: 1998                                      Vignette RDS provides the                departments and different
 No. of UK sites/new sites last 12 months      328 – 75 plus                                following features:                         storage media.
 No. of World sites/new sites last 12 months   1,600 plus – AOR                             q Single repository. Vignette               q Electronic information
 Key markets                                   Public sector (central + local), financial
                                                                                            RDS integrates document                     capture. Users can incorporate
                                               services, insurance, healthcare &            management capabilities with                captured documents and images
                                               pharmaceuticals, telecoms                    records retention policies. This            from streamed computer output
 Current version – date of release             v7 – 2003                                    helps to avoid ‘broken records’             (ASCII, XML), fax and paper
 Operating systems supported                   Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux          as information is transferred               documents and web
 Software functionality offered:                                                            from document management to                 transactions.
 Workflow                                      Yes                                          the records management system               q Imaging and indexing. Users
 Document management                           Yes                                          for long-term storage and                   can access distributed or
 Business process management                   Yes                                          ultimate disposition.                       centralised scanning and
 Knowledge management                          Yes                                          q Compliance standards.                     indexing of physical documents
 Content management                            Yes                                          Vignette RDS supports                       and correspondence records,
 Web content management                        Yes                                          document and web transaction                with support for independent or
 Electronic records management                 Yes                                          non-repudiation, with built-in              remote scan workstations.
 Imaging                                       Yes                                          recording of digital audit trails           q Email archival. Users can
 Electronic forms processing                   Yes                                          directly into a secure database.            capture, categorise and archive
 Other                                         Portal, collaboration, email
                                                                                               It helps users meet regulatory           high volumes of internal and
                                               management, case management,                 mandates such as the Gramm                  external email and instant
                                               integration, web content management          Leach Bliley Acts and industry              messages for improved filtering,
 Standards supported                           XML, WfMC, J2EE, .NET, JSR168,               standards such as SEC17a-3                  searching, retrieval, auditing
                                               DoD5015.2, etc                               and 17a-4 and DoD5015.2.                    and long-term storage.
 Web server standards supported to provide     .NET, J2EE                                   q Lifecycle solution. The                   q Collaborative document
 integration capabilities
                                                                                            software reduces paper trails for           services. Users can manage
 Does product have its own business            Yes
 intelligence/analytical tools?
                                                                                            casework and establishes                    complex documents, created
                                                                                            standards for secure public and             from popular desktop
 Does product support third-party business     Yes – Vignette, Cognos, Business
 intelligence/analytical software?             Objects, Comshare, Hyperion                  corporate records. Scanned                  applications such as Microsoft
 Special application integration offered/      Vignette Business Integration Studio         images, collaboration,                      Office with check-in and check-
 integration tools supported                   provides 70+ standard adaptors for           workflow and publishing of                  out, versioning, audit trails and
                                               integration to ERP, CRM, SCM, EAI,           documents are managed, stored               document review and approval
                                               database, email systems, etc
                                                                                            and optimised for compliance.               workflows.                                                                                                                                   JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 33
     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

The knowledge


Nigel Oxbrow of TFPL          THE KNOWLEDGE economy                  This proposition, addressed     and operational excellence –
                              has become a reality for many       to chief executives and all        though they will also ensure
shows why different types
                              organisations and countries.        business leaders, states that:     that they are competitive in the
of organisation need to use      As Tony Blair said in his           Significant additional          two other dimensions.
their corporate knowledge     keynote address to the CBI          stakeholder value and                 This model can be used to
in distinctive ways.          Conference last November:           competitive advantage will be      demonstrate the benefits of the
                              “The success of the economy         derived if the expertise,          knowledge proposition in the
                              will be determined by               information and ideas of           context of different priorities
                              knowledge, skills and               employees, partners and            (although there are also a
                              education.” In other words, the     customers are continually          number of core knowledge
                              wealth of a nation no longer        developed and used in all          activities that companies find
                              depends on its ability to convert   business and decision-making       invaluable to achieving their
                              raw materials into tangible         processes.                         business aims irrespective of
                              goods, but rather on its ability                                       their primary orientation, as
                              to develop and harness the          Knowledge impact                   shown in Figure 1).
                              abilities and knowledge of its      Companies fully exploiting their
                              citizens.                           knowledge potential are            Customer intimacy
                                 Equally, the success of          characterised by:                  In his book Customer Intimacy
                              organisations in this economy       q Excellent customer               (Harper Collins, 1997), Fred
                              depends on the ability of their     understanding.                     Wiersema suggests that: “The
                              leaders to create a culture and     q Innovation and creativity.       hallmarks of intimacy are trust,
                              style where knowledge is            q Better informed decisions.       collaboration and partnering.”
                              valued, nurtured and used.          q Continuous improvement to           Organisations with a primary
                                 Many organisations have          operational efficiency and         orientation towards customer
                              realised significant benefits       effectiveness.                     intimacy need to be recognised
                              from developing a knowledge­        q Astute risk management.          as trusted advisors for their
                              conscious style of management          All of which results in         market. They are looking to
                              and from specific knowledge         improved business performance      extend their market by
                              actions. In others, senior          and profitability.                 developing the strength of
                              managers are still considering         But because the business        reputation and trust. Their
                              how the core principles and         priorities of senior management    trading proposition is to exist
                              practices could deliver business    depend on the type of              on their reputation and earn
                              benefit for their full range of     organisation and its primary       money through trust.
                              stakeholders.                       orientation, different                So the types of organisation
                                 To provide new insights into     approaches to realising the        with a primary focus on
                              the dynamics of knowledge­          benefits of the knowledge          customer intimacy would
                              conscious management – and its      proposition are needed to          include corporate banking, law
                              potential for improving business    reflect these priorities.          firms, consultancies, wealth
                              performance and profitability –        Michael Treacy and Fred         management, outsourcing
                              20 leading knowledge                Wiersema in their book The         companies and all professional
                              practitioners developed a           Discipline of Market Leaders       advisory organisations.
                              ‘knowledge proposition’ during      suggest that successful               Such customer intimacy
                              the sixth annual chief              companies have a leading           organisations need:
                              knowledge officers (CKO)            capability in one of three         q A passion for understanding
                              summit held in Dublin last          primary dimensions – customer      the needs, concerns and
                              October.                            intimacy, product leadership       ambitions of their customers.

34 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                   
                                                                                     Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

q To meet those needs and                  their knowledge activities.               and having open, flexible and            needs, so becoming closer and
solve customer problems.                     The flow of expertise,                  co-operative internal processes          more trusted advisors.
q To ensure that all their staff           information and ideas is the              and operations.”                            The knowledge actions and
can see the whole of the                   essence of the relationship with            The knowledge value                    initiatives that will deliver this
relationship with the client.              customers and should be                   proposition for organisations            value proposition include the
q To understand how their                  embedded in all actions and               with this orientation is as              core actions and range of
internal capabilities meet                 communications.                           follows:                                 customer-focused knowledge
customers’ needs.                            As Wiersema puts it: “All                 By continuously developing             actions shown in Table 1.
q A client-centric approach to             employees should collaborate              and using expertise,
developing new products and                closely with the customer and             information and ideas, the               Product leadership
solutions.                                 be able to respond in flexible            organisation can build an                The types of organisations with
   Customer intimate                       ways. Both individual and                 understanding of the needs,              a primary focus on product
organisations see their world in           organisational adaptability are           ambitions and concerns of its            leadership would include
a customer centric way,                    necessary. These require                  customers, and develop its               pharmaceutical R&D, FMCG,
supported by business processes            empowering employees to take              internal capabilities to help it         telecoms and electronic
and functions developed from               decisions and make changes                anticipate and respond to these          equipment manufacturers,
                                                                                                                              media and energy-related
FIGURE 1: Knowledge conscious management – core knowledge actions
                                                                                                                                 Such organisations need to
                                                                                                                              continually enhance their
      Expertise                                  Information                                Ideas                             portfolio by seeking to innovate
                                                                                                                              and invent. Their ability to
      Directing cross-silo                       Providing an appropriate                   Encouraging creative
                                                                                                                              identify, understand and
      collaborative working                      information architecture                   communities
                                                                                                                              respond to current and future
      Encouraging learning and                   Preventing information                     Supportive environment for        market needs is critical.
      insights                                   duplication and filling gaps               sharing and applying ideas           Product leadership
                                                                                            and knowledge                     organisations have to
      Building external networks                 Mobilising customer,                                                         understand and manage their
                                                 market and competitor                      Facilitating the identification
                                                                                                                              product lifecycle portfolio
      Turning good practice into                 intelligence                               of relationships
                                                                                                                              across the three horizons in
      common practice
                                                 Developing processes to                    Providing the time and            which they operate:
      Ensuring that expertise can                capture intellectual capital               permission for reflection         q Horizon 1 – Defend and
      be located                                                                                                              extend current core businesses.
                                                                                            Valuing diversity and fresh       q Horizon 2 – Build the
                                                                                            eyes on problems and              momentum of merging new
                                                                                                                              q Horizon 3 – Create options
                               Connecting people to people and people to content                                              for future businesses.
                                                                                                                                 The focus of their knowledge
                                                                                                                              value proposition and delivery
                                                                                                                              will therefore be determined by
                                                                                                                              the most important horizon for
TABLE 1: Knowledge conscious management – customer intimacy
                                                                                                                              the organisation or teams
  Expertise                                 Information                              Ideas                                    within it.
  q   Core actions.                         q   Core actions.                        q   Core actions.
                                                                                                                                 The dynamics of Horizon 1
                                                                                                                              will be similar for those of an
  q   Enabling flexible solutions rather    q   Maintaining excellent customer       q   Organising processes for early       organisation striving for
      than off-the-shelf products.              relationship management                  idea generation and application.     operational excellence, whereas
  q   Creating organisational                   processes.                           q   Identifying and revealing key        those of Horizon 2 will match
      capabilities and structures that      q   Making capabilities, information         relationships.                       those for organisations striving
      are built around clients’ needs.          and insights visible to customers.   q   Creating feedback loops.             for customer intimacy.
  q   Training and coaching – how to        q   Sharing information with clients.    q   Conducting ‘after action’ reviews.      Overall, the knowledge value
      encourage customer feedback           q   Capturing repeatable practices.                                               proposition for organisations
                                                                                     q   Sharing knowledge with
      and how to use it.                                                                                                      with an orientation to product
                                            q   Presenting information about             customers and partners.
  q   Ensuring sales proposals build on         solutions from a client issue                                                 leadership is that:
                                                                                     q   Developing processes to support
      previous successful approaches.           viewpoint.                               rapid re-use of new solutions for       By continuously developing
  q   Developing active listening           q   Providing sector and client              other clients.                       and using expertise,
      throughout the organisation.              information that allows staff to                                              information and ideas, an
  q   Identifying and acting on signals.        deliver the right solutions for                                               organisation can develop better
  q   Ensuring that staff can readily           each client.
                                                                                                                              insights into market trends, and
      match customer problems with
                                                                                                                              enable better informed decisions
      appropriate services.
                                                                                                                              that drive portfolio value.
                                                                                                                                 The knowledge actions and                                                                                                                       JULY 2004 CONSPECTUS 35
       Workflow, Document & Business Process Management

                                                                                                                               organisations is that:
TABLE 2: Knowledge conscious management – product leadership
                                                                                                                                  By continuously developing
  Expertise                            Information                                   Ideas                                     and using expertise,
  q   Core actions.                    q   Core actions.                             q   Core actions
                                                                                                                               information and ideas an
                                                                                                                               organisation can drive
  q   Managing decision chain
         q   Delivering supply chain
                  q   Developing an innovation culture.     improvement in efficiency,
                            q   Managing the product portfolio.       effectiveness and cost reduction.
  q   Portfolio management.            q   Maintaining portfolio intelligence.       q   Stimulating and rewarding new         The balance and flow between
  q   Conducting simulation,
          q   Making product information                    product ideas.                        ideas, expertise and information
      visualisation and modelling.
        easily available to employees and         q   Encouraging off-the-wall              drives continuous improvement
  q   Directing knowledge sharing          customers.                                    thinking.                             (see Figure 2).
      between projects.                q   Recording decisions and their
                                                         The knowledge initiatives
                                                                          that will deliver the value
                                                                                                                               proposition include the core
                                                                                                                               actions shown in Table 3 and a
initiatives that enable the value     q Driving costs out of the                    q Enhancing productivity                   variety of operational-focused
proposition include the core          system.                                       across the input and output                actions.
actions shown in Table 2, and a       q Developing more efficient                   chain.                                        In summary, knowledge
variety of product-focused            processes.                                    q Increasing speed to market.              conscious management aligns
knowledge actions.                    q Making most effective use of                  The knowledge value                      an organisation’s expertise,
   Strategies in Horizon 3 will       resources.                                    proposition for these                      information and ideas around
vary depending on whether the                                                                                                  the critical success factors of the
organisation is a ‘shaper’ or a                                                                                                organisation. It also employs an
                                      FIGURE 2: Key factors in process improvement
‘challenger’ in the market                                                                                                     appropriate mix of tools of
sector.                                                                                                                        intervention – people, processes
   For example, if an                                                            Ideas                                         and technology.
organisation is creating a new                                                                                                    The knowledge proposition
market (a shaper) it will need to                                                                                              outlined here suggests a
be much more focused on                                                                                                        knowledge framework that can
stimulating creativity and                                                                                                     help organisations map
                                                  Embedding                                               Identifying
innovation through the                             knowledge                                              opportunities
                                                                                                                               knowledge-focused activities
development and exploitation                    into business                                             for process          against their key performance
of ideas, whereas a challenger                      processes                                             improvement          indicators.
will be more focused on                                                         Driving
competing through the                                                         continuous                                       q Nigel Oxbrow is CEO of
application of information and                                                 process                                         information and content
expertise.                                                                                                                     management recruitment and
                                                                                                                               advisory business TFPL.
Operational excellence                                                                                                         Tel: 020 7251 5522. Email:
Organisations with a primary                                                                                          A copy
orientation towards operational               Expertise                      people with
                                                                                                           Information         of the knowledge proposition
excellence will be continually                                                 people                                          can be downloaded from
focused on methods to improve                                                                                        
their productivity – through
efficient and effective processes
                                      TABLE 3: Knowledge conscious management – operational excellence
and supply chain management –
in order to increase speed to           Expertise                                    Information                               Ideas
market and competitive pricing.         q   Core actions.                            q    Core actions.                        q   Core actions.
   Knowledge processes deliver
the agility such organisations          q   Ensuring that all expertise is           q    Benchmarking.                        q   Encouraging new perspectives to
require to excel in a market                applied to continuous                    q    Capturing and sharing                    be applied to processes and
with no product or service                  improvement.                                  performance data.                        problems.
differentiation.                        q   Embedding knowledge activities           q    Providing research and               q   Coaching people to look at new
   The types of organisations               into business processes.                      information to take appropriate          innovative ways of doing things.
with this type of focus would           q   Measuring how good you are,                   actions.                             q   Developing processes for sharing
include retail, manufacturing,              coming up with better ways and           q    Developing location tools for            ideas with suppliers and
                                            making these happen.                          internal and external expertise to       partners.
commodity-based industries,
retail banks, energy distributors       q   Making customer-facing people                 help solve problems.                 q   Ensuring that all parts of the
                                            as smart as possible.                    q    Creating feedback processes.             organisation contribute ideas.
and government services.
   Operational excellence
                                        q   Developing management
                                            education and communication to
organisations need to
                                            help embed the value of the
continually improve                         knowledge.
productivity by:

36 CONSPECTUS JULY 2004                                                                                                                  

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