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  At the conclusion of tonight’s seminar,
    prizes will be raffled off.
  Prizes include:
   Corporate Gifts
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   Presidential Parking Spot
   The Grand Prize - $500 Travel Voucher
Land that Dream Job

     Job Search Strategies
  Tips to find that perfect co-op,
     internship or full time job!
The Current Job Market

 The job market is in a questionable
 Companies cautiously hiring people.
 Baby Boomers might be retiring.
Find your passion!

 Some of your best experiences in
   school, work, and personal life?
  What skills did you use?
  What jobs have you held?
  Knowing what you want will drive
   you to get a successful career.
Preparing: Take Inventory

•   Skills
•   Experience
•   Personality
•   Likes and dislikes
•   Working conditions
•   Salary requirements
•   Geographic preferences
•   Interest in advancement
Preparing: Your Target Job

  Market conditions, job trends
  Company health, growth and news
Research Resources

    Hoover’s Online
    Dun & Bradstreet (
    Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Fortune’s 500 Biggest Companies
    Bus. Week’s and Forbes’ 100 Best
     Small Companies
    Inc. list of 500 Fastest-growing Comp.
    Google
More Resources

  National, local, and trade specific publications
   (Trade-specific publications are best source
   for targeted information.)
  Membership directories of associations and
   alumni programs
Career Day/ Job Fair
            Tuesday, October 7, 2008
                  9 am – 4 pm
             At Gates Tennis Center,
             Basketball Gymnasium,
                     and the
               Multi-purpose room

 Sponsored by the Career Center and Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity
Job Fair Strategies

  Find registered companies on
   Career Center’s website:

  Consider companies that may not
   be looking for your major!
Know Your Job Fair Targets

 Develop your TARGET LIST
  Create A, B, and C lists
  Visit C companies first to get more
  Then hit your A list!
Job Fair Must-Have’s

  Many copies of your resume
      (Don’t need cover letters)
  Transcripts
  Professional notepad/pen and notes
  Firm handshake
  Your calendar
  Preparedness – research the
Dress for Success

   Suit:    Dark blue, brown or gray
   Shirt:   White, light blue
   Tie:     Contrasting, some red
   Shoes:   Black or brown
   Belt:    Matches shoes,
                   socks match slacks
 Hair:      Trimmed or pulled back

 Avoid:     Earrings, hats, heavy
Dress for Success
  Skirt/Slacks: Dark blue,
   brown, gray
  Blouse:        Light
   colored, not floral
  Shoes:         Conservative
  Hair:          Pulled away
   from face
  Tight or revealing clothing
  Shoes with straps, high
     heels, light colored
  Excessive jewelry,
   perfume and make up
Preparing: Your Infomercial

  Develop a 1-minute infomercial about
   your experience, skills, talent, and job
   objective. Be ready to give it at any
  Know your life goals. A ready answer
   signals that you are focused.

   First impressions are important! Introduce
     yourself using some of these topics:
    Name
    Degree, major, and minor
    Grade point average
    Work, co-op and internship experience
    Leadership
    Projects
Infomercial Demonstration
Campus Strategies

 Use “NACElink”
 Contact companies ahead to plead case.
 Be honest
 Must have recruiter’s permission to be
  added to interview schedule.
Campus Strategies

 Informational Meetings - See handout
 Interviewing on Campus after job fairs
    Come to the Career Center AT LEAST 30 minutes
     before interview to find room location
    Be at room at least 5 min. early

    Approach representative during free time

On-Campus Interviewing Tips

   For interview, take along
     A  nice folder or binder
      Transcripts

      Resume

      Facts about company & yourself

      Questions to ask interviewer

      Paper and pen/pencil

     Ask for business card!!!

  Current or former co-workers
  Family, friends, acquaintances, and
  Fraternities and sororities
  Departments, faculty and alumni
  Societies and organizations
  Church or volunteer groups
Other Search Options

 Search for companies geographically,
  by industry or name

 Headhunters—pros and cons

 Contracting agencies

 Newspapers
Recommended Internet Searches

      NACElink
      “LINKS”  under “Student” tab
    Company websites
    (Directory of
Other Opportunities

   Michigan Collegiate Job Fair
     Livonia, MI November 7, 2008 & March
      13, 2009
   Upper Great Lakes Job Fair
     TBA

   Find more job fairs at
   Search other universities’ web sites
   Use Google searches
Accepted a Job

  Please report job offers and
   acceptances to the Career Center.
  Use data for Federal and State Reports.
  Use information to attract new
   companies to recruit at Michigan Tech.
  Help companies to give better job
Rejected? OUCH! – You’re not alone!

   Don’t take it personally.
   Advice from company that rejected
   Self confidence is very important.
   There is a job out there for you.

       The Career Center can help!
Raffle Time

Great prizes!
 Corporate Gifts
 Local Gift Certificates
 Bowling Coupons
 A Presidential Parking Spot
 Grand Prize – A $500 Travel Voucher!!!
The Career Center Wishes You

  A Successful Job Search!

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