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									                                                                     THE BROWN BAG NEWS
                                                  of the Ban Righ Centre, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
                                                                                                        Fall 2000

                                                                                         Finnish) and their daughters Sonja and
FROM THE BOARD                                                                           Hilda left Los Angeles in 1990 to move
                                                                                         to Kingston where they felt the
                                             Suzi Wong's laughter bubbles up from        environment and lifestyle would better
It is a very great honour and pleasure
                                             downstairs as I strive to capture for you   foster them as a family.         To our
to begin chairing the Ban Righ
                                             enough of the essence of Suzi that you      delight, she now fosters the family of
Foundation Board for a second year.
                                             will know something of the Centre's         students at the BRC.
It is one of the most collegial and
productive Boards with which I have          most recent "new hand". Although she
                                             is working under a deadline to put the      Downstairs is where the action is at the
ever been associated.
                                             finishing touches on The Brown Bag          BRC and that is where you will find
                                             News and the Fall 2000 Calendar, her        Suzi. Pop in and say hello one day.
With Barb taking on her duties as the
Director in her usually calm and             optimistic good nature prevails.
                                                                                                                   Barb Schlafer
competent fashion, with Suzi Wong
                                             An adult educator for nearly 25 years,                                    Director
recently joining the staff of the Centre
and with the third position soon to be       Suzi has played many roles: teacher,                  FAREWELL
filled, the Board is able to get on with     school administrator, curriculum writer,            ELLEN MERRIN !
its own special projects.     The Board      consultant, and mentor. Most recently,
will concentrate on fundraising and          she taught English as a Second
                                                                                         On July 26, friends and admirers of
advocacy in the coming year. At the          Language in the Queen's School of
                                                                                         Ellen Merrin (Art’s 39) streamed into
same time we particularly appreciate         English. At the BRC, among other
                                                                                         the Ban Righ Centre to bid her farewell
the ongoing dedication of our members        activities from the mundane to the
                                                                                         as she moves to St. Catherines. Mary
who continue to improve the furnishings      exalted, she advises and plans for
                                                                                         Margaret     Dauphinee,     (University
of the house and help put together a         students and puts together the
                                                                                         Advisor on Equity) who organized the
fascinating speakers list and who launch     Centre's speaker series - she invites
                                                                                         elegant afternoon fête, is pleased to
creative     and    fruitful   fundraising   you to send along ideas.
                                                                                         announce that generous donations to
prospects.                                                                               the Ban Righ Foundation in Ellen’s
                                             A pioneer who helped found the Asian
                                                                                         honour have resulted in the creation of
To all who have put in countless             American Studies Center at UCLA in
                                                                                         the Ellen Merrin Bursary. In Ellen’s
volunteer hours over many years to           1969, Suzi describes herself as a
                                                                                         own words,
ensure the viability of the Ban Righ         "pragmatic idealist who is willing to
Centre may I say your perseverance has       work hard and be a creative problem
                                             solver in order to realize a vision". I     "The bursary is designated for
been rewarded.       With the massive
increases in student costs for higher        think when you meet her you will find       women applicants who are in their
education the need for the Centre ever       also that she is personable, open-          senior years of study (3rd year or
increases.    The Centre, despite the        minded, positive, energetic, well           more) in a health sciences program
financial problems of the university, is     organized and resourceful.            Her   at Queen's. I would especially like
holding its own and will be able to          sensitivity to cross-cultural issues and    to invite women who have a
respond to the students it serves.           the delicacy and aplomb with which she      personal interest in family
                                             approaches their resolution, has been       planning to apply.”
                  Helen Cooper, Chair        honed in her adult life, but derives most
            Ban Righ Foundation Board        directly and keenly from her need to
                                             negotiate the divide between the                              TRIBUTE TO ELLEN
                                             culture of her California childhood and                       BY THE BAN RIGH
                                             that of her Chinese immigrant parents.                            CENTRE
SUZI WONG                                    In the tradition of their parents, she
                                             and her husband Jed Rasula (that's
Ellen is a believer.                          Thank you.    Thank you for your            spectacular views of Parliament and the
                                              commitment and for your faithful            Rideau Canal while picnicking on the
Ellen believes in the industry and in the     support.                                    grounds of the Museum of Civilization.
bravery of the women who populate the                                                     The children especially delighted in the
Ban Righ Centre. She believes in their        On behalf of the students, the staff, and   whimsical play spaces at the Museum.
educational goals.      She herself is a      the Board, I wish you happiness in your
woman of action and, she has a                new undertaking. We’ll miss you.
remarkable ability to overcome the
inertia of others.                            We’re sending this Ban Righ mug along
                                              to remind you of us….We are optimistic
Believer, actor, motivator…she has            that together we will defeat the
enhanced the lives of countless women.        difficulties  of    the    long-distance
                                              relationship.    After all, you are, we
Ellen served on the Ban Righ Board            are, family. Thank you, Ellen.
where she worked to revise the Board’s                                   B L. Schlafer    AMS funds were augmented by
Terms of Reference and to formalize its                                                   donations from Marvelous Muffins
committee structure.         Through its                                                  (Kingston Centre) and snacks from A&P
committees, she worked resolutely and                                                     (Barrie and Princess). The Ban Righ
                                                       Come to
tirelessly on behalf of the Centre.                                                       Centre wishes to say thank you to the
She contributed to countless Brownbag                                                     undergraduate student body and the
lunches and, I believe, attended every                                                    community businesses which made our
Council meeting.                                 “An Afternoon with the Divas”
                                                                                          trip to Ottawa possible.
                                                      another fun-raising
It was Ellen who spotted the
opportunity and provided the impetus                  fund-raising event.
to apply for a grant from the AMS with               See October 22 on the
which we made the first floor accessible           Fall Calendar for details!
and created a new kitchen – known as
Ellen’s kitchen.
                                                    WHAT DOES HAPPINESS
Her longstanding interest in the                                                          For the mature students, many of whom
                                                        LOOK LIKE?
physical condition and furnishings of 32                                                  had never been to Ottawa, an outing
                                                     AMS GRANT MAKES
Queen’s Crescent reflects her desire                                                      like this means much more than just
that it be tended and decorated in a                                                      sightseeing --- it is a day away from
fashion that signals to mature women                                                      everyday concerns and an opportunity
students that they are highly valued –                                                    to spend quality time with family and
outdated and grubby just won’t do.                                                        peers. The dollars from this generous
                                                                                          grant     gave    everyone    laughter,
A project currently forming in the font                                                   friendship, and cherished memories.
of inspiration, that is Ellen Merrin, is a
glassed in front porch at 32 Queen’s                 EXCURSION POSSIBLE                   *********************************
Crescent.                                                                                 *
                                              THANKS to a grant from the Queen’s          Au revoir,
Ellen, you give so much to the Centre –       AMS (Alma Mater Society), mature
gifts to the house, to the operations, to     women students and their families took        Manjeet!
the students, and to the staff, in reality,   an all day excursion to Ottawa on July
you are the gift – so much do you give        8, 2000.        Highlights of the trip
of yourself.                                  included visits to The Museum of
                                              Civilization, two IMAX movies: Africa’s     People coming to the Ban Righ Centre
The Centre and its students have              Elephant Kingdom and Cirque du Soleil,      this summer were greeted by the warm
benefited in untold ways from your love       a guided tour of The Royal Canadian         smile and receptive ear of our summer
and loyalty and because of your               Mint, and Wind Odyssey, the sound and       Peer Advisor, Manjeet Birk.         She
unbounded sense of the possible and           light show at Parliament Hill.     The      brought a bold, fresh spirit to the Ban
your indomitable spirit.                      forty five people who went on this trip     Righ Centre and developed a lively
                                              also enjoyed fresh breezes and              spring/summer program.          Manjeet
initiated and implemented poetry            Q: What are the highlights of the           one associates with Kim McQuillan, a
readings, film showings, student            summer?                                     mature woman student in her 3rd year in
lunches, and workshops from the Body        A: Not any one thing, because it’s the      Arts and Science.       Kim admits that
Shop and from a self-defense trainer.       everyday spirit that I’ll remember. It’s    "returning to the university is not easy
The excursion to Ottawa (see article:       wonderful to work at the BRC, knowing       after years of travelling and working,"
What Does Happiness Look Like?) was         that someone is always there to listen.     but she also vows that "the rewards are
a huge success due to her enthusiasm        And, it should come as no surprise to       worth it."
and detailed planning.                      readers: Manjeet Birk is one of the
                                            most thoughtful listeners of all.           Kim enrolled in 1998, taking only one
A 3rd year Philosophy and Women’s                                                       course. She remembers being worried
Studies major, Manjeet leaves for                                                       about the possibility of failure, but after
Lyons, France, where she will study at      ******************************              the 4th full credit, she felt she was on
the Université de Jean Moulin. We will      ***                                         her way. On her journey of learning,
miss her greatly, but are buoyed by her                                                 Kim has encountered many challenges,
                                            BEHIND THE SCENES:
dreams and the prospect of her future.                                                  but she has found support from many
We look forward to hearing about her        WHO IS                                      sources on campus. She urges new
adventures and seeing her when she                        students not to hesitate to ask for help.
returns to Queen’s.                                                                     "Queen's is very
                                                                                        encouraging---I have the feeling that
Q/A WITH MANJEET                            The next time you see that you have         they'd really like mature students to
                                            email from, you’ll      succeed."      Among the people and
Q:    Can you tell me about your            know that it come from the one and          places where Kim has found support,
background?                                 only Karen Knight, Office Assistant of      she names Continuing and Distance
A: I was born and raised in Victoria,       the Ban Righ Centre.       Karen plays      Studies, ("The guidance and empathy of
B.C. I am the youngest in a family of 3     such a vital role in the BRC that in        academic counsellor Spring Forsberg
children.    My father immigrated to        BRC history, there are only two eras:       helped me make it through the first
Canada from India, and my mother,           B.K. (before Karen) and A.K. (after         year!"), the staff and students at the
from Africa.                                Karen). Karen is a gifted organizer, a      Ban Righ Centre ("It's my home away
Q: What are your goals or dreams?           practical thinker, a meticulous record      from home."), the Student Awards
A: I’ve always wanted to travel and to      keeper,       and     an     expressive     Office (“They helped me at every
change the world.                           communicator. She is systematic and         turn.”), the Writing Centre ("I don't
Q: In what ways?                            efficient while maintaining spontaneity     know how many times I've gone there
A: I am concerned about issues of race      and a sense of humour.                      with my essays!") and her professors
and women’s issues.                                                                     ("It's incredible how willing they are to
Q: Do you have any idea when your           A native of Kingston, Karen is deeply       listen to my ideas and give me special
interest in these issues began?             committed to her family; she and her        consideration when I faced challenges
A: Since Day One! I think the fact          husband Ron enjoy life with their           with assignments.")
that my parents are immigrants has          children, Nicole and Jesse which means
influenced me. But, I guess, my 3 trips     spending a great deal of time at the        This summer Kim took an elective in
to India were formative. I saw the          hockey rink and in a dance studio!          painting & drawing and renewed her
absolute need to confront poverty.                                                      confidence in learning. Art, because of
Q: How would you begin to change the        Karen extends this sense of caring and      its attention to holistic, right-brain
world?                                      support to the people who come to the       activity, was quite different from the
A: I think it starts with each individual   Ban Righ Centre. Students appreciate        verbal work of Kim's language and
becoming      more      caring,     more    her ready sympathy, cheerful smile, and     literature courses. She says, "Doing
compassionate.                              down-to-earth helpfulness.                  art made me realize that everyone goes
Q: Reflecting upon your work at the                                                     through a process in their work--you
BRC, what stands out for you?                                                           can't skip the process; for me, that
A:    The BRC is such a different           A LEARNER'S PERSPECTIVE                     process was almost like yoga or
environment from other workplaces I’ve                                                  meditation. I actually felt my brain
known.     It is a welcoming space.         Meet Kim McQuillan -                        getting quiet and my spirit feeling so
People here listen, care, feel, think. I                                                free as I painted." Kim also learned
like the lateral structure, where           Inquisitive, sensitive, creative, caring:   that her work didn't have to be
everyone is respected.                      these are some of the attributes that       "perfect." She discovered that she
could say the work is "resolved,"           the return trip and admission to the
meaning "I've done enough with it."         gallery. The bus leaves Kingston at
                                            7:30 A.M. and returns about 9P.M. To
Kim loves learning and has been             reserve your space call Karen Knight at
intrigued by every course she has           533-2976.
taken. She hopes that more mature
women will come to Queen's.                         Where would you like to go?
                                            We welcome your suggestions. (At the
*********************************           moment, Manhattan is high on the list
***                                         of possibilities for Spring 2000.)        CONGRATULATIONS, again to:
Raises Money with Bus                                                                 Laura Moreland - The Barbara Paul
                                                AWARDS CEREMONY                       Prize
                                                   HIGHLIGHTS                         Leanne Wight – The Barbara Paul
                                                                                      Memorial Award
        This past Spring, friends of the
BRC went to Toronto for the Canada
                                                                                      Donna Wallen – The Janet Bilton
Blooms show. The exuberant and              The annual Awards Ceremony of the         Holst Citation
fragrant display of spring blooms was an    Ban Righ Foundation was held May 11,      Marijke Huitema – The Marian
ideal way to cure the end-of-winter         2000. Family, friends, fellow students,   Webb Fund
blues.                                      and university officials honoured the     Mihaela Gavril -  The Elizabeth
                                            following students and new graduates in   Wallace Bursary of the Faculty
Perhaps the simplest way to raise           a beautiful ceremony held at the Agnes    Women’s     Club  of  Queen’s
money is to ask for it outright, but the    Etherington Art Centre Atrium.            University
Ban      Righ    Foundation       Board's
                                                                                      Patricia Murray – The Carole
fundraising committee is much too           In his opening remarks Dean Bob
                                                                                      Kinnear Bursary
imaginative for that! It has developed      Crawford emphasized the importance of
an extremely painless way for people to
                                            giving all students a sense of
donate money: going on an excursion.        “belonging” within the University                                    Scythes,
All members of the campus and               community and commended the Ban                                        Verity
Kingston community are invited. The         Righ Centre for providing a welcoming
cost of travel and special events is        atmosphere. Keynote speaker Prof.
reduced by advantageous group rates,        Sylvia Soderlind shared stories of
and any money above cost is donated to      turning points in her life and
support mature women studying at            encouraged     everyone     to   give
Queen's.        The fundraising trips       themselves and others “the permission     MacKellar & Elizabeth Asante– The
exemplify the win-win principle, for        to pursue our dreams and be who we
                                                                                      Caroline Mitchell Bursary of the
while you are contributing to a worthy      are.”
cause, you are also enjoying an
                                                                                      Canadian Federation of University
exceptionally good time in good             The audience heard many testimonials      Women, Kingston Club
company. Why not sign up now for our        of students’ courage and perseverance,    Elizabeth Topolie & Allison Griffith
Fall trip ?                                 and the award recipients thanked          – The Diane McKenzie Bursaries
                                            family,    friends,    colleagues, and    Debbie Parsons & Bonnie Jean
       In harmony with the seasons,        professors and mentors for their          Maracle – The Campbell Awards
the BRF will go to Kleinburg on             support. The presentation of awards       Nandini Deshpande – The Troup-
Saturday, September 30, to view             was especially moving when donors (or     Ballantyne Fund
autumn colours and the art of Emily         their family representatives) met the     Shirley   Hatfield   The Mabel
Carr. The travelling exhibit "To the        students face to face.
                                                                                      Blackadder Bursary of the Zonta
Totem Forests: Emily Carr and
                                                                                      Club of Kingston
Contemporaries     Interpret   Coastal
Villages" is a rare opportunity to see
Canadian art and learn from the guided
tour at the McMichael Gallery. Tickets
are $55.00-$75.00 (sliding scale) for

                                              2000-2001 Board Membership

                                               Margaret Hooey – Honorary Chair
                                                    Helen Cooper – Chair

                                                          Julie Darke
                                                         Dorothy Lele
                           Laura Moreland
                                                       Lynn Davidson
                             Winner of the
                         Barbara Paul Prize               Ann Lukits
       *********************************                 Kathy Beers
On October 14th, Queen's Women                         Joanne Lalonde
2000 and LEAF are celebrating the 30th               Manon MacFarlane
Anniversary of the report of the Royal                Marilyn Crowley
Commission on The Status of Women in                  Elizabeth Greene
Canada. Celebrate the past. Revisit the                  Marion Reid
issues. Challenge the future. For more                    Suzi Wong
                                                        Margaret Little
information contact Mary Margaret
                                                      Barbara Schlafer
Dauphinee (phone 533-2563 or email
                                                        Karen Knight or Janine
Cocker (phone 5332729 or email                               STAFF                             Karen Knight 533-2976
*******************************                 Barbara Schlafer 533-6000
                                                        Ext 74931
       A BIG “THANK YOU” AND                       Suzi Wong 533-6000
                                                        Ext 78119

            Virginia Puddicombe
              Molly Higginson
                Pat Bogstad
            Mary Louise Adams
                Cinde Lock
                 Cathy Paul

    Another note of appreciation and best
    wishes to the 1999-2000 Work Study

    Deborah Bogaerts, Meredith Dale-Hill
    Manon MacFarlane, Jane Ann McGIll
       Kim McQuillan, Debbie Parsons             A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR:
      Anthea Seles, and Kara Vakiparta
                                                        We hope you found
                                                  this newsletter interesting and
                                                  informative. Please share your
                                              suggestions; drop us an email or tell us
                                              the next time you come to the Centre.

            The Ban Righ Centre
           32 Queen's Crescent
             Queen's University
             Kingston, Ontario
                  K7L 3N8

      1998-1999 Board Membership

                Honorary Chair
               Margaret Hooey

           Helen Cooper - Chair
                Julie Darke
               Dorothy Lele

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