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									             HEADTEACHER’S AWARDS

Reception – Henry Bilton for always being polite and for
                                                                                                                            Week 4
being a good friend to everyone is Class 1.                                                     Herald                      27.05.11
Year 1 – Alex Battye for a super effort in reading and
                                                                                                                     Simons Triathlon
                                                                  Thank you from NSPCC                 On Wednesday Simon Parks was chosen to
Year 2 – Harriet Rothwell for concentrating so well to                                                 compete in a Triathlon. He arriveamd at
create her sunflower pictures.                             Dawn Turner from the NSPCC came into        Huddersfield Sports Centre at 9:30 and
                                                           school today to count all the remaining     played rugby to see what sports all the
Year 3 – Cody Jebson for particularly impressive hard
                                                           sponsor money and to talk in assembly.      participants could do. Then at 12:30 he
work and concentration in her tests this week.             She said thank you to everyone who          started the Triathlon. He had to swim 150 m,
Year 4 – Francis Fisher for an imaginative well written    donated some money to the NSPCC and         cycle 1200m and run 400m. He really
piece of work on the Holmfirth flood.                      told us that the money will go to train     enjoyed the Triathlon. Afterwards he played
                                                           people to help people have a better life.   Lacrosse, Foot Rounders and Rounders. He
Year 5 – Leah Hallas for being a positive and helpful      Also Dawn read us a poem written by         will find out his time sometime this week.
member of the class.                                       one of the children that the NSPCC has      (Meghan Senior)
Year 6 – Jodie Collins for being a positive and helpful    helped; the poem was to say thank you.
member of the class.                                       Well done to Class 2 for the most people
                                                           donating money. Altogether we raised an
Lunchtime Awards                                           excellent £1160.71. Dawn presented us
KS1 – Nicole Jessop for always trying mew food options.    with a giant cheque! (Olivia Battye)
KS2 – Georgia Battye for being very brave when she
                                                                   Visit from Dr Williams
hurt herself.
                                                           On Wednesday afternoon Dr Williams
                                                           came to the School to talk to the Year 6
   CONGRATULATIONS EVERYBODY!                              children about High School. He told us                       Summer Fair
                                                           what was different from Hepworth                             Summer Fair
                                                           School and Holmfirth High and what was      Our Summer Fair is on Saturday 25th June
Happy holidays to everybody – we will see you              the same. He let us ask him questions       from 12-2pm at school. This year’s theme is
    back at school on Tuesday 7th June                     about himself and the High School. I        ‘the best of British’ so we hope you can
                                                           interviewed Evie Kirkby-Geddes on what      come along to support school. In preparation
                                                           she thought about Dr Williams. Evie said    we are looking for donations of old china and
                                                           that he seemed like a really nice, happy,   a dresser for the china smashing stand. Please
                                                           friendly man. All of the Year 6’s are       see the letters sent home tonight regarding
                                                           really looking forward to their start at    raffle tickets and hamper donations. If you
           This week’s team was Meghan, Olivia Battye,     Holmfirth High in September.                would like to help out on the day please see
                  Olivia Blackburn and Archie              (Meghan Senior)                             Sarah Paget or Mick Kirkby-Geddes. Thank
                                                                                                       you FOHS.
            Leaning comer                                            Goodbye Roy                           Reminders
                                                                                                              Your child’s Eco Art Cards are now available to
Class 1                                          Everyone at Hepworth School would like to say thank            order. The deadline date for orders is Friday 17th
This week Class 1 have been learning how to      you to Roy for all his hard work over the many years           June.
add money together. They have also been          that he has been lunchtime supervisor with us. We are        The clothing / linen collection is taking place on
looking     at how seeds grow. As well as        all very sad to see him leave. We wish him a fond              Friday 17th June. If you’d like to donate please
making pop up sunflowers and labelling           farewell and hope that he will come back and visit us          bring your collection bag back to school on the
sunflowers.                                      soon, Linda Goodall                                            morning of 17th.
Class 2                                                                                                       The mixed media artist Samantha Bryan will be
In maths Class 2 have been using a number                            Neiley Races                               starting her workshops with Class 3 children and
line to subtract numbers. They have also                                                                        parents on Tuesday 7th June.
been doubling and halving 2 digit numbers.
                                                 On Wednesday, the second of the Neiley Races took            The 3rd and last Neiley Races will take place on
                                                 place. The competitors representing school were:               Wednesday 8th June.
In literacy Class 2 were describing characters
                                                 Issy Heath, Oliver Peters, Cameron Beecher (a special        Mixed Kwik Cricket Competition now taking
and in science they have been budding            well done for sticking with it last week), Thomas
scientists and testing the conditions to grow                                                                   place on Tuesday 7th June.
                                                 Armitage, Francis Fisher, Georgia Battye, Gracie
beans.                                           Morgan, Lydia Bell, Dylan Heath, Sam Bouch, Adam
(Archie Featherstone-lee)                                                                                           JUNE CHARITY COFFEE MORNING
                                                 Collins, Matthew Beaven, Olivia Battye ,Olivia            The Charity Coffee Morning on Wednesday June 8th
I interviewed Harry S and he said he had         Blackburn, Hannah Stewart, Jodie Collins, Charlotte
been writing poems about Aliens. On                                                                        2011 is to be hosted by the Holme Valley District
                                                 Ewart and Brooke Hale                                     Scouts. I am helping to organise this and would
Wednesday Class 2 were singing songs with        Olivia Blackburn came 17th in the 5&6 race and            appreciate your support on the day. We are hoping to
Miss Goodall which they enjoyed and              Brooke Hale came 24th. Brooke did very well to run so     have the usual Cake stall, Bring and Buy, Raffle and
looking and making Van Gogh sunflowers.          quickly as she hurt her knee. Sam Bouch Came 32nd in      maybe some plants.
(Olivia Battye)                                  his race (Yr 5/6 boys).                                   The Holme Valley District Scouts support all the
Class 3                                          Well done to all the runners as our overall position is   separate Groups in the Holme Valley, namely Holmfirth,
This week Class 3 have been doing tests in       looking very promising for the final race as currently    Netherton, Meltham, Honley, Netherthong and New
maths. In literacy they have been describing     our school is coming first overall for the 5&6 Girls      Mill. These young people have a fantastic time in
wild wood creatures and in science they have     and Boys. A big thank you to all who took part, to Mr     Scouting, starting with Beavers, then Cubs, Scouts and
been dropping plastercine into different         Chapman for organising it and to all the people that      Explorer Scouts each week. There are at present approx
liquids to see what happens.                     helped with transport and the event.                      400 in our District.
(Archie)                                         (Issy Mather and Olivia Blackburn).                       Besides the weekly meetings, there are camping
Class 4                                                                                                    weekends, trips abroad and of course a World Jamboree
This week in Class 4 we’ve been working on                          Blinds at Home                         every four years. There is walking, mountaineering,
our product designing TV adverts, posters                                                                  canoeing, climbing just to mention a few of the
and radio adverts. Also we have been             We have been asked to draw your attention to window       activities. All in all, Scouting stands the young ones of
                                                 blind safety in the home. Please see the attached         today in good stead for the future.
recounting a story about Ali Baba. In maths
                                                 leaflet for more information or alternatively please
we’ve been learning algebra and we’ve been                                                                 I look forward to seeing you on the day.
                                                 check the website which is www.bbsa.org.uk                Gloria Styring, Holme Valley District Scouts Secretary
doing an Olympic quiz with Shiny Shaun and
our Friday tennis lesson. (Olivia Battye)

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