Summer 2012, Volume 11, Number 2

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            Come visit us at "The Sunshine Store"
                    2012 Summer Newsletter and Classes
 SHOW ME QUILTING                                        been juried into the AQS show in both Des Moines
                                                         and Paducah. She is offering quilting classes, both
             Kansas City, MO                             for hand guided machines, and on the Statler
                                                         Stitcher computerized machine. She will also be
                                                         teaching piecing classes.
                                                              Show-Me Quilting is stocking all your longarm
                                                         and Gammill needs, from Superior threads, Sig-
                                                         nature cotton, Hobbs batting, to all the parts you
                                                         might need for your Gammill.

                                                                      Paula Reid
                                                              Paula Reid will be coming to the shop on June
                                                         6 for an all day Trapunto class. Paula has quilted
                                                         over 1400 quilts on her home sewing machine. She
                                                         is often referred to as "an artist with a sewing ma-
     We are happy to announce the opening of Show-       chine". She was a guest on HGTV "Simply Quilts"
Me Quilting in Raytown, Missouri. Beth Kurzava           and now tours the USA teaching machine quilting.
will be representing Merrily We Quilt Along as a              Many of you have asked for a second class in
Gammill subdealer serving the Greater Kansas City        machine quilting. Paula will be teaching Adding
Area.                                                    Color to Trapunto by Machine. In this workshop,
     Beth became a long arm quilter in 2003. In          experiment with Trapunto techniques by adding
2005, she decided to add computerized quilting to        color. There are four blocks in this 26” quilt; two
her many talents on the longarm. She has won             of them bring color into the background while the
many blue ribbons at local and state quilt shows;        other two have color in the Trapunto area.
numerous ribbons and awards at regional and in-               Cost is only $75 and includes a simple lunch.
ternational quilt shows (including MQS); and has         Sign up early for this special event. Space is lim-
                                                         ited to 20 students.
Good News, Bad News                                                       Hoopsisters
Let's start with the bad news. We have been sending           There have been important changes to the 2012
a paper newsletter out since 2002. At first, we sent          EmbroidaBlock of the Month. It isn’t monthly this
4 newsletters a year. As our mailing list grew (and           year. Now, instead of the Whole cloth Quilt, our
grew and grew), we decided in order to save money             students will be making adorable Small Projects.
that we would drop one mailing and print only 3               Projects can be made in 4”, 5” and 8” block sizes.
times a year. Now we are facing another change.               Projects include the Haylee Handbag, the Trimmer
Printing costs and mailing costs have increased               by George Carrier and Mouse Pouch, the Cross
greatly over the last 3-4 years. What used to cost            Body Hipster which features a modified Windmill
us 44 cents per newsletter sent, now cost over                Block, and the HoopSisters Messenger/Laptop Bag.
$1.00. Newsletters that are returned because of               These are two color projects which will be easy to
moving, or vacations, or wrong addresses cost us              complete in record time.
an additional 69 cents when they are returned.
                                                              Hoopsisters will meet Friday, July 27 from 2-5 pm
Because of these rising costs, I have decided that            and again on Thursday, August 16 from 1-4 pm
this will be the last printed newsletter that our shop        Each class is only $25.00. This fee covers the cost
will mail. But there is good news. We will continue           of the design information, the pattern directions,
to print one on our website. It is in an easy to read         and teacher instruction.
format that you can enlarge if you need to. We have
also made it very easy to down load and print. So
if you want a paper copy, it will be very simple to
print off your computer. Then you can either read
                                                                   Diane O’Neal, CSI
                                                              Congratulations to Diane O’Neal, who recently
it online or print and read it in bed!                        attained the designation of Certified Sewing
                                                              Instructor with the Palmer/Pletsch System of
If we have your email address in our POS system,              Sewing™. Diane studied with founder Pati Palmer,
you will be notified by email when the newsletter             who has been perfecting her fit method while
is ready. If we do not have your email on file,               designing patterns for McCall’s for over 30 years.
call the shop or stop by and we will add it to your           The CSI designation includes ongoing education as
information.                                                  well as being kept apprised of innovations and new
                                                              developments in fitting and sewing research. Now

         It's About Time                                      is your chance to share in this knowledge without
                                                              the time or expense commitment of having to travel
I have never raised the cost of our classes in over           to Portland. Information regarding our first Fit
10 years, so I think it is time that I give my teachers       Workshop in included in this newsletter.
a raise. Starting with our summer classes, our
classes will now cost $6 per hour; a bargain at any
price. I know that the ladies who teach at Merrily                     Dull Scissors?
We Quilt Along are some of the smartest and well-             Merrily We Quilt Along will be offering scissor
seasoned teachers in the area. They never complain            sharpening in our shop starting June 1, 2012.
and often teach with only 2-3 students in a class.            Using a Wolff sharpener, Ron
We pride ourselves on providing some of the                   has been sharpening all
best education in the Ozarks, from quilting, to               our scissors at the shop and
embroidery, to sewing, to computers. Thanks to so             from home, including my Ginghers!
many of you who have told us over and over how                What a joy to have them sharp again.
much you like our classes!
                                                              Remember, be sharp on June 1!

      It has always been our policy that we will match or beat any competitors
    written quote for a new BERNINA sewing machine that does not conflict with
                                BERNINA's pricing.

                We only sell BERNINA so our loyalties are not split and
                because it is the best sewing machine on the market.

                We thought you might like to know the ADDED VALUE
                       to buying your new sewing machine at

                       Merrily We Quilt Along:
                            With a new machine or software purchase from
                                       Merrily We Quilt Along

•     Lifetime unlimited “My BERNINA” Machine Mastery Classes                   Value from $200-$800

•     Lifetime unlimited “My BERNINA” Embroidery Mastery Classes                Value from $200-$600

      Lifetime unlimited "My BERNINA" software classes                          Value from $300 +

•     One year FREE BERNINA and/or Embroidery Club                                   Value up to $90

•     6 months Trade-Up Policy
          Full purchase value off retail of a new machine of at least $1000 greater in price
          (Not valid on sale machines)

•     FREE one year technical service on all new BERNINA machines                    Value over $120

•     FREE one year cleaning on all new BERNINA machines                             Value up to $85

•     Full time, BERNINA Factory trained, on-site, Technician

•     FULL Bernina Warranty

•     Lifetime Guarantee by Merrily We Quilt Along to try to meet all your Bernina needs

                                                                                    Value PRICELESS

                   Techniques                                            5. Hand Applique 101:                    Hand applique is a
1. Rotary Cutting 101:                     You will learn how to         wonderful “take-it-with-you” project. Learn how to hand appli-
quickly and safely cut everything from strips to hexagons. Learn         que using a variety of freezer paper techniques and the needle
how to replace a blade and adjust it for ease of use. This class         turn method. Janet will teach you many different ways to
is recommended for the new quilter or a refresher for the expe-          hand applique.
rienced quilter. Please sign up for only one session.
                                                                         Wednesday, May 30                                 1 pm - 4 pm
                                                                                                           OR               5 pm - 8 pm
Tuesday, June 12                                   10 am - Noon
                                                                         Teacher: Janet Livingston                           Cost: $18
Tuesday, July 17                              5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Teacher: Merrily Parker                                  Cost: $6
                                                                         6. Machine Appliqué for Beginners:
                                                                         Learn how to machine applique in a variety of ways in-
                                                                         cluding techniques such as the blind hem stitch, straight
2. Back to the Basics: If you would like to learn                        stitch, and zigzag stitch. You will work on small rose and
to quilt, we would LOVE to teach YOU! Join our 3 week Quilt-             tulip blocks to be used in a future quilt or for practice pur-
ing Basics Class and learn the fundamentals of quilting from             poses to determine your favorite technique. Enjoy learning
tools of the trade to completing a wall size project. Please sign        machine applique and what your machine can do for you!
up for only one session.

3 weeks                                                                  Thursday, June 21                           12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Tuesdays, June 19, 26, July 3                       9 am - Noon                                            OR
                               OR                                        Saturday, July 7                                 NOON - 4 pm
Tuesdays, July 24, 31, August 7                     5 pm - 8 pm
                                                                         Teacher : Kay Turner                                Cost: $24
Teacher: Merrily Parker or Kay Turner                  Cost: $36

                                                                         7. Borders, Binding, and Beyond:                       You have
3. Beginning Machine Quilting:                            Get the        spent many hours piecing and quilting your quilt, so you want to
quilt tops off the shelves and onto your beds and walls! In class,       finish it with a binding that will make you proud. Learn how to
you will practice echoing, set-in patterns, crosshatching, stitch        apply borders to prevent waves, do a french binding with mitered
in the ditch, and free motion quilting. You will need a sewing           corners, and make a hanging sleeve in this class.
machine in good working order with walking foot, darning (free
motion) foot, and the ability to lower the feed dogs.                    Wednesday, August 22                               9 am - Noon

Wednesday, August 22                                1 pm - 4 pm          Teacher: Linda Claxton                               Cost: $18
                                  OR                5 pm - 8 pm

Teacher: Merrily Parker                                Cost: $18         8. Introduction to Paper Piecing:                         Want
                                                                         to use up some of those scraps that we all seem to collect? Try
                                                                         paper piecing! This exciting technique of sewing oversized fab-
4. Hand Quilting:             Learn the proper hand quilting             ric pieces to a paper foundation drawing permits you to make
techniques to successfully finish your quilt. You will learn             accurate patchwork blocks easily and quickly without making
about batting, needles, thread, layering, marking, and the               any templates! Using your scraps, you will learn many tricks of
stitching technique to hand quilt your treasures.                        the trade as you sew several blocks together as shown in Carol
                                                                         Doak’s book, Show Me How to Paper Piece. Book required. Mer-
                                                                         rily We Quilt Along carries this book.
Tuesday, September 4                               2 pm - 4 pm
                                OR           5:30 pm - 7:30 pm           Wednesday, July 11                                 5 pm - 9 pm
Teacher: Janet Livingston                              Cost: $12         Wednesday, July 18                                   1 pm - 5pm

                                                                         Teacher: Kay Turner                                  Cost: $24

                                                                          13. Hand Embroidery:                  Are you having trouble with
9. Beginning Hand Piecing:                     Would you like             the embroidery on some of our Block of the Months? Let Janet
to learn how to piece together your blocks without a sewing               show you her techniques for lettering and some of the other beau-
machine? Hand piecing is a great “take-along” project. We                 tiful embroidery stitches that can be found on the shop samples.
will mark and stitch a LeMoyne Star block. You will also learn
to stitch the curves!                                                     Tuesday, July 10                                        1 pm - 4 pm
                                                                                                     OR                           5 pm - 8 pm
Friday, June 8                                      2 pm - 4 pm
                                  OR          5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                                          Teacher: Janet Livingston                                Cost: $18

Teacher: Janet Livingston                               Cost: $12
                                                                          14. Mitering Made Easy WITH Binding
10. Perfect Piecing:               The primary focus of this class        Totally Done by Machine:  Always fighting
is how to achieve great workmanship. If you are interested in             that mitered corner? Let’s tame that tiger and make your life
improving your sewing skills, this is definitely the class for you.       easier with two new mitering tools that will make you feel like
You will be working on your 1/4” seam allowance, half square              an expert when binding your next quilt or wall-hanging! Then
triangles, flying geese, star points, rotary cutting and pinning.         learn the technique of sewing it all by machine. No hand work!
This is a 4 hour intermediate level class that will pass too fast.
Please join me to improve your piecing skills.                            Monday, July 23                                      10 am - Noon

Thursday, June 7                                       1 pm - 5 pm        Teacher: Kay Turner                                      Cost: $12
Monday, August 6                                     5 pm - 9 pm
                                                                          15. Two Color Binding:                     Let's give our quilts a
                                                                          new look! Learn how to match your binding to the front AND to
Teacher: Kay Turner                                     Cost: $24         the back of your quilts for a unique binding for that special quilt.

                                                                          Wednesday, July 25                        5:30   pm - 7:30 pm
11.      Applique with Misty-Fuse:                        Learn                                             OR
how to use the newest Quilting Fusible on the market. Not                 Thursday, July 26                                 10 am - Noon
only is it environmentally-friendly (solvent free and recy-
clable), but it is extruded to a very fine web to create a last-          Teacher: Kay Turner                                      Cost: $12
ing bond. Most importantly, it adds no bulk and will not
gum up your needles. Join us to learn this new process!

Tuesday, May 15                                5:30 pm - 7:30 pm          16. Curved Piecing:                 Curved piecing by machine
                                  OR                                      is just too cool and easy. Learn Dee’s trick to make Drunkard’s
Monday, June 18                                     10 am - Noon          Path Blocks and more. Careful – you can become addicted to
                                                                          those crazy curves!.
Teacher: Kay Turner                                     Cost: $12         Wednesday, August 29                             5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

                                                                          Teacher: Dee Manning                                    Cost: $18
12. Piping Hot Binding:                    Need a little spark in
your quilt but another border is too much? Add a professional
third dimension to your quilt with this technique. Step by step
demos on how to make tiny, perfect piping will be covered in
class. Machine differences will be addressed so students will
be successful with their own machines. Students work on their
practice pieces to achieve perfect piping.

Monday, August 6                               5:30 pm - 8:30 pm          **** REMEMBER: If there is a class you want to
Teacher: Dee Manning                                    Cost: $18         take, but the time is wrong, let us know. All we need is
                                                                          3 people to schedule a class at a different time period.

17. Prairie Points the traditional way:                                     22. Fun and Done: This is a great class to teach you
Come and learn how to make and apply traditional Prairie Points.            how to use up your fabric and batting scraps that are too small for
The scrappy prairie points on the small Batik Saturday Sampler              other projects. You will finish the quilting process on each block
quilt were done with this method. Also see where you can use                as you go. Join Judy to learn simple instructions for making crib,
prairie points for added interest in quilts and projects.                   lap, or twin size quilt. A great "quilt as you go" technique.

                                                                            Wednesday, June 6                                    6 pm - 9 pm
Thursday, June 7                                 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                                            Tuesday, June 19                                     1 pm - 4 pm
Tuesday, July 24                                      9 am - 11 am
                                                                            Thursday, August 23                                  1 pm- 4 pm
Saturday, August 4                                     1 pm - 3 pm
                                                                                                             OR                  6 pm - 9 -m
Teacher: Vickie Crow                                    Cost: $12
                                                                            Teacher: Judy Glover                                   Cost: $ 18
18. Prairie Points: Fast and Easy
Learn two techniques for making the prairie points that                     23. Rainbow Card Trick:
we used on the 2012 Saturday Sampler Quilt.                                 This wll hanging is constructed like a large eight-pointed star. It
                                                                            will amaze your friends and family and they will wonder "how did
Wednesday, June 20                                    2 pm- 4 pm            she do that?" Learn to make trick block in a new and different
                                OR             5:30 pm- 7:30 pm             setting.
Tuesday, July 17                                   10 am - Noon
                                OR                   2 pm - 4pm             Monday, July 30                                      5 pm- 8 pm
Teacher: Judy Glover                                  Cost: $12             Tuesday, July 31                                     10 am - 1 pm

19. Scallops: Fast and Easy                     We have a new
                                                                            Teacher: Judi Reed                                       Cost: $18
tool: Quick Points Scallop. This class will go over techniques
to use this tool and some ideas on where to use these scallops.

Thursday, July 19                                 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm          24. Scrap Therapy:
Teacher: Vickie Crow                                      Cost: $12         Take the stacks of charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes or just
                                                                            plain scraps and make one of kind quilt. Tired of making kits or
                                                                            making a quilt that looks like your neighbors? Then learn how

           Quilts to Make                                                   to make your own original scrap quilt, come and have lots of fun.

                                                                            Thursday, August 2                                    1 pm- 4 pm
20. Scrappy Charming:                    Nice lap/couch quilt, ran-                                          OR                   6 pm - 9 pm
dom in nature so it looks scappy. This is a fun and easy way to
use a Charm Pack and a Jelly Roll. You will have half square tri-           Teacher: Judy Glover                                     Cost: $18
angles, squares and rectangles, There is no right and wrong with
this, just the placement that is appealing to you. We will be doing
some strip piecing
                                                                            25. Mystery Weekend:                 Here we go again. It's time
Tuesday, June 12                                5:30 pm - 8:30 pm           for our Mystery Weekend. A lot of laughs, meeting new friends,
Teacher: Vickie Crow                                    Cost: $18           free lunch on Saturday, and some goodies (Chocolate!). Rain &
                                                                            Fire (in the sky) a Debbie Caffrey mystery quilt is included. Sign
21. Attic Windows:                 As quilters, our biggest common          up early if you want a space.
denominator is our love of fabric. Many of us end up with “col-
lections” of special fabrics in boxes just waiting......wait no more!       Friday, July 13                                    5:30 pm - 9 pm
Grab your box and let's showcase those special fabrics in this              Saturday, July 14                                     9 am - 4 pm
simple setting. Let us show you how to utilize your personal col-                                            OR
lections into lighthouses, birds, pigs, landscapes, or wherever your        Friday, August 17                                  5:30 pm - 9 pm
imagination takes you!                                                      Friday, August 18                                     9 am - 4 pm

Saturday, June 16                                      1 pm - 4 pm          Teacher: Kay Turner                                      Cost: $65

Teacher: Judi Reed                                        Cost: $18
26. Second Time Around:                        Want to save some           30. Quilter's Large Tote:                   This is a great size
money on fabric. Get out those scraps, you are hoarding. They              tote for carrying those larger loads: 24"x18". Carry your show
are worth money. We will be working on a Bonnie Hunter (the                n' tell projects in style. Holds several projects or a queen
queen of scraps) quilt. This will be a 9am to 4 pm day of cutting          size quilt and has two large outside pockets that will hold
and piecing. We will feed you lunch in the Fat Quarter Tea Room.           patterns and more. We will be covering grid quilting and two
There will be some precutting required. Please join me for a lot of        construction styles. We will be using Soft and Stable. Adds
fun. This is for beginners as well as seasoned quilters. We all have       great stability to a purse or tote without weight or bulk.
scrap. Sign up early, we have limited enrollment. Book Required.
                                                                           Thursday, July 26                                        5 pm - 9 pm
Saturday, June 23                                      9 am - 4 pm
                                                                           Teacher: Vicki Brunk                                       Cost: $24

Teacher: Kay Turner                                       Cost: $50
                                                                           31. Scissor Holder:               Create a double scissor holder

                      Projects                                             to hold your embroidery snips and small scissor. This project will
                                                                           be stitched entirely in the hoop. The class fee covers the design
                                                                           information and the classroom instruction.
27. Locker Hooking: Did some of your fabric just
catch the UGLY virus while sitting on the shelf? Did you ever               Tuesday, June 5                                        1 pm - 4 pm
overestimate the amount you needed on a backing and now you
could cover a county? Bring your tired, your weak and the “what-           Teacher: Lillian Bradley                                   Cost: $18
was-I-thinking?” fabric stash to Dee’s Locker Hooking class and
make a rug! This is a fun class and is sure to help you move your
yardage to make room for more!
                                                                           32. Embroider A Bear: Create an adorable Keepsake
                                                                           Teddy Bear for your little loved one. In this class you will embroider
Tuesday, June 26                                5:30 pm - 7:30 pm          a design from the provided CD collection. The class fee includes
                                                                           a white teddy bear, a CD design collection, and class room
Teacher: Dee Manning                                     Cost: $12         instruction. If you don't own an embroidery machine, you can
                                                                           try one of ours at no additional fee!

28. Toothbrush Rug: In this class, you can learn                           Tuesday, June 26                                       1 pm - 4 pm
how to make any size oval rug to coordinate with your new quilt,                                             OR
fit into a small bathroom, or use for a door mat. Dee will teach           Monday, August 13                                 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
you the technique to use the Toothbrush Needle to make the oval
rug with Aunt Philly’s toothbrush rug technique.                           Teacher: Lillian Bradley                                  Cost: $45

Wednesday, July 18                                 5:30 pm -9 pm

Teacher: Dee Manning                                     Cost: $21                                Sewing
                                                                           33. GPS to Sewing: Whether you sewed 20 years ago
29. Perfect Pouch:                These sturdy zippered pouches            or are just beginning, this class will give you the right "directions"
are useful and so much fun to make. The pattern has five                   regarding using sewing tools, selecting, reading and tracing
different sizes, but once you make them, you will be able to               patterns, fabric grain, etc. Everything you need to know to arrive
make any size you want. Easy zipper application and unique                 at your sewing class ready to sew. If you are new to sewing or do
stabilizer. You will definitely want to make more, either for              not have current experience, this class is a prerequisite for other
yourself or as gifts. You will easily complete one or more in              sewing classes.
class. You will be able to make 5-6 pouches out of 1 yard lining
fabric and 1 yard outer fabric, depending on the size you pick.            Monday, May 21                                          2 pm - 4 pm
                                                                                                             OR               5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Wednesday, May 23                                     5 pm - 8 pm
                                                                           Teacher: Diane O'Neal                                      Cost: $12
Teacher: Vicki Brunk                                     Cost: $18

                                                                                    Need a Mary Kay Consultant?
                                                                                             Contact: Holly Fletcher,
                                                                                         Receive 15% off your first order!
34. Choose One: Swim Suit Coverup or                                      39. Fit Workshop:                Have you ever made a garment
Summer Top: Need a quick cover-up for the pool? This                      only to be disappointed in the fit? Learn how to determine fit
one will serve double duty as a cool summer dress (or top, if cut         before a garment is cut out. This is the most sensible and use-
shorter). Very cute in a border print or batik. PRE-REQUISITE -           ful fit method I've found in my 50(yes, 50!) years of sewing and it
GPS TO SEWING OR CURRENT SEWING EXPERIENCE.                               works with any brand of pattern. If you want to be more confi-
                                                                          dent and more consistently pleased with your garment sewing,
Monday, June 11                                      1 am - 4 pm          this is the workshop for you. You will learn how to determine
                                 OR             5:30 pm - 8:30 pm         your correct pattern size and what alterations are needed to
                                                                          make it fit you. We will meet five times, with a minimum of
Teacher: Diane O'Neal                                   Cost: $18         four and a maximum of six students. Please note - there will
                                                                          not necessarily be any sewing instruction in this workshop, our
35. Hemming: What do you need to hem? Pants,                              focus will be learning to fit patterns. Book required and is not
                                                                          included in price..
jeans, skirt, dress, top, curtains? Bring your items and get help
and tips on completing the task.
                                                                          5 weeks
                                                                          Saturdays, July 21, 28, August 11, 25, & September 1
Saturday, June 9                                      9 am - Noon                                                           1 pm - 4 pm
                                                                          Teacher: Diane O'Neal                                Cost $199
 Teacher: Diane O'Neal                                   Cost: $18

36. Grocery Cart Cover:                   Do we want the babies
                                                                          40. Quick on Your Feet: Hemstitching
                                                                          Fagoting is a decorative technique to join two pieces of fabric
in our lives touching or (yuck!) chewing on shopping carts? Ab-
                                                                          together. It can be used wherever two seams come together. Using
solutely not - so come make a cover for your precious little one.
                                                                          a single or double wing needle, holes are created in fabric resulting
So easy to use it can be put on the cart (by a grandma!) using
                                                                          in a machine created hemstitching. It is especially effective on
one hand while holding the baby in the other. Ask me how I
                                                                          collars, table linens, christening gowns or heirloom garments
know! Quick to make and a perfect baby gift. PRE-REQUISITE -
                                                                          Wednesday, June 27                                     2 pm - 4 pm
Monday, July 9                                       1 pm - 4 pm          Teacher: Lillian Bradley                                 Cost: $12
                                 OR            5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Teacher: Diane O'Neal                                  Cost: $18                              Software
                                                                          41. Software Sampler:                 Learn more about your De-
37. Beach Hat:           The latest addition to our hat ward-             signer+ V6 potential. These classes are hands on practice of what
robes: a wide brimmed sun hat with wire in the outer edge to              is covered in the Software Club. Detailed instructions provided on
hold its shape. Fits head sizes 21" - 23". (I will have the wire          your USB stick. Join Lillian as she teaches you tricks and tech-
available in class). PREREQUISITE -GPS TO SEWING OR CUR-                  niques using your software.
                                                                          Fridays, May 25 , June 22, August 24                    2 pm - 5 pm
Monday July 16                                       1 pm - 4 pm
                                 OR            5:30 pm - 8:30 pm          Teacher: Lillian Bradley                     Cost: $18 per session

Teacher: Diane O'Neal                                   Cost $18
                                                                          42. Embroidery Workshop: Bring on your mighti-
38. Made to Match Dresses:                        For all you lucky
                                                                          est embroidery challenges! This is the opportunity you have been
ladies who have little girls with 18" dolls in your lives - make          wanting. Spend the day with Lillian at your elbow helping you work
them matching dresses! Dress pattern fits size 4 - 14. Girls will         your way through your challenging project. You pick the project,
love it! PRE-REQUISITE - GPS TO SEWING OR CURRENT SEW-                    meet with Lillian to discuss your supply list and any pre-class
ING EXPERIENCE                                                            work you need to do. Then come armed to achieve! Because of the
                                                                          intensive personalized instruction and help, class will be limited
Tuesday, August 28                                                        to six. Register early to guarantee your spot.
                                                       Noon - 4 pm
                                 OR                   5 pm - 9 pm         Tuesday, May 15                                       10 am - 4 pm
Teacher: Diane O'Neal                                    Cost $18         Teacher: Lillian Bradley                                  Cost: $36

43. IPAD 101            Use the tools available in CorelDraw Es-           47. My BERNINA Sewing Machine:                              The
sentials and Corel PhotoPaint Essentials to create a fun Mixed             following classes are designed to help you learn the features of
Media Art Quilt. Learn to edit and repair photos. Price includes an        your new sewing machine as well as its care and maintenance.
entree, drink, and dessert from the The Fat Quarter Tea Room.
                                                                           2 weeks
Monday, June 11                                        5 pm - 9 pm
                                                                           Saturdays , June 2 & 9                                 1 pm - 4 pm
Teacher: Lillian Bradley                                Cost: $30                                               OR
                                                                           Thursdays, July 12 & 19                               1 pm - 4 pm
44. Hooping Clinic: Join Lillian as she demonstrates                       Thursdays, August 9 & 16                              5 pm - 8 pm
embroidery hooping techniques for all of those unhoopable and
difficult to hoop projects that we all want to embroider. Feel free        Teachers: Kay Turner
to bring her your challenges and put her on the spot.

Monday, August 13                                      2 pm - 4 pm
                                                                           48. My BERNINA 8 Series Machines:                               This
Teacher: Lillian Bradley                                  Cost: $12        2-day class is for all New Owners of an 8 Series machine. Day 1
                                                                           will focus on the sewing features of the 820 & 830. Day 2 will focus
45.     In-the-Hoop Pocket Purse: Using Art                                on the embroidery features of the 830. This class is FREE with the
                                                                           purchase of an 8 Series machine from MWQA. If you purchased
Canvas, design the shape and convert your purse to embroidery.
                                                                           your machine elsewhere, inquire at the time of registration regard-
Create this clever purse in Designer+ and embroider it out
                                                                           ing class fee.
completely in one hooping. The Pocket Purse will be designed on
your computer in class. A handout will provide instructions for
                                                                           2 days
you to embroider the purse and finalize the details at home.
                                                                           Thursday & Friday, June 14 & 15                        9 am - 4 pm
Wednesday, May 23                                     1 pm - 4 pm
                                                                           Monday & Tuesday, August 20 & 21                      9 am - 4 pm
Teacher: Lillian Bradley                                Cost: $18
                                                                           Teacher: Lillian Bradley

               My Bernina                                                  49. My BERNINA Serger Basic: Class 1
                                                                           The information in this class will help you learn the basics of
   My Bernina Classes are free if you purchase your sewing                 using your new piece of sewing equipment. Even though it is very
    machine or software at MWQA! If you purchased                          different from your sewing machine, once you learn to incorporate
   your machine elsewhere, inquire at the time of                          serging techniques into your sewing, you’ll wonder how you ever
                                                                           got along without it. Sometimes called the microwave of sewing,
           registration regarding class fee.                               your serger will speed your sewing in several ways, letting you
                                                                           produce more in less time.
46. My BERNINA Bernette & 3 Series:                                        Monday, June 4                                         9 am - 4 pm
This class is designed specifically for the Bernette and 3 Series
machines. The first 3 hour class is for the Bernettes and 3 Series.
Only the 3 Series owners continue for the second class. These              Teacher: Lillian Bradley
classes will go over the care and use, plus capabilities of the Ber-
nette and 3 Series machines. Come let us show you what your
Bernette and 3 Series machines can do for you!                             50. My BERNINA Serging Ahead: Class 2
                                                                           The information in this class will help you to learn advanced tech-
2 weeks                                                                    niques, as well as, decorative techniques which can be completed
Thursdays, May 24 & 31                                 1 pm- 4 pm          on your serger. Standard and optional accessory feet for your
                                      OR                                   serger will be covered.
Thursdays, June 21 & 28                                5 pm - 8 pm         Wednesday, August 1                                   9 am- 4 pm
Wednesdays, July 18 & 25                               9 am - Noon
                                      OR                                   Teacher: Lillian Bradley
Tuesdays, August 14 & 21                               5 pm - 8 pm

Teacher: Vickie Crow

51. My BERNINA Embroidery:                            This class is        #5 Digitizing and Blackwork Run:                  The Digitizing
designed to be used in conjunction with the My BERNINA Work-               Tutorial will introduce the basics of manually setting reference
book and contains a series of exercises intended to familiarize you        points to create an embroidery design. Learn how to adjust the
with the features of your new BERNINA embroidery machine. In               stitching sequence as well as optimize the stitch-out. Learn to
addition, you will learn about needles, threads, stabilizers, em-          use the Blackwork Run feature in the software to assist in mak-
broidery hoops and accessories, all of which will increase your            ing GREAT outlines
knowledge of sewing and assist you in achieving success in all of
your embroidery endeavors.                                                 Wednesday August 15                                 6 pm - 9 pm

Wednesday, May 16                                     9 am - 4 pm          Teacher: Lillian Bradley

                                                                                     Longarm Classes
Saturday, June 30                                     9 am - 4 pm
Wednesday, August 29                                  9 am - 4 pm          54.       Intermediate Freehand Quilting:
                                                                           This is an all day class to be taken after your basic beginner
Teachers: Lillian Bradley                                                  class. Spend the day with Merrily and learn how to make folk art
                                                                           feathers, background fillers, simple border designs, and stencil
                                                                           designs. This class is FREE if you bought your Gammill from
52. My BERNINA Sewing Workbook 3:                                          Merrily We Quilt Along in the past year. All quilting supplies are
Creative Sewing: The following class is designed to                        included in the cost of the class.
help you learn some of the features of your new BERNINA 830,
                                                                           Friday:        May 25                                9 am   - 4 pm
820, 730, or 640 sewing machine. This class covers workbook 3.
                                                                           Friday:        June 15                               9 am   - 4 pm
                                                                           Friday:        July 20                               9 am   - 4 pm
Thursday, July 5                               5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                                                                           Friday:        August 17                             9 am   - 4 pm
Thursday, August 2                                   10 am - Noon
                                                                           Teacher: Merrily Parker                               Cost: $200
Teachers: Lillian Bradley

                                                                           55. Statler Class:             Let Jean Swanson show you how
53. My BERNINA Software Designer V6:                                       to do some amazing things on your Statler Stitcher. Borders
The following classes are designed to be used in conjunction with          and corners, saving and editing, trim features, are just some
the Owners Workbook and contain a series of exercises intended to          of the techniques you will learn. This is a FREE class if you
familiarize you with the features of your new BERNINA Embroidery           purchased your Statler Stitcher or retrofitted your Gammill to a
software, V6.0. Free if full version was purchased from Merrily We         Statler. Class is limited to Statler owners only.
Quilt along. If you purchased your software elsewhere, inquire at
the time of registration regarding class fee.                              Mondays:    June 4                                  10 am - 4 pm
                                                                                        July 9                                 10 am - 4 pm
#3 Editing & Modifying Designs:             Editing and Modi-                          August 13                               10 am- 4 pm
fying Designs Editing Tutorial, removing Overlaps,k Modifying
Designs with Alignment tools, Mirror Merge tools and Wreath/
                                                                           Teacher: Jean Swanson                                Cost: $200
Kaleidoscope tools.

Wednesday, June 27                                    6 pm - 9 pm
                                                                           56. Bill's Feathers:           Let Bill teach you how to make
Teacher: Lillian Bradley                                                   award winning feathers the "bump and run" method. He will
                                                                           have you making feathers in a circle, in a triangle, and around
                                                                           the corner.
#4 Automatic Digitizing and Photosnap:                         The
Auto-Digitizing Tutorial will introduce the basics of automatically
                                                                           Monday, August 20                                   5 pm - 8 pm
digitizing a design as well as how to enhance the embroidery that
was automatically generated. The PhotoSnap feature provides a
                                                                           Teacher: Bill Fullerton                               Cost: $45
unique way in which to automatically digitize a graphic image.

Tuesday, July 3                                      6 pm – 9 pm           **** REMEMBER: If there is a class you want to
                                                                           take, but the time is wrong, let us know. All we need
Teacher: Lillian Bradley
                                                                           are 3 people to schedule a class at a different time
    57. Fill It in with Leaves:                 Fill it in with Leaves
    - Join Karla in learning how to do background fillers, sashings,
                                                                                   Technically Speaking
    and borders with a wide variety of leaves. This is a must learn
    class since over 1/4 of all fabrics have a nature print of some                My name is Ron and I'm the technician at Merrily We Quilt
    kind.                                                                                            Along. I thought it might be a good
                                                                                                     time to remind everyone about proper
    Monday, June 11                                          5 pm - 8 pm                             preventative maintenance for you ma
                                        OR                                                           chine. Since your sewing machine is
    Thursday, August 30                                      5 pm- 8 pm                              one of the largest investments you will
                                                                                                     make, you will want to do the things
    Teacher: Karla Kuklaw                                     Cost: $45                              that will protect that investment.

    58. Gammill Maintenance Class:                        Let Ron                  Sewing Machine Manual and Training. The sewing ma-
    Parker teach you how to do timing, tension, and replacing all                  chine manual to your machine and the training you re-
    the wear parts of your Gammill Quilting Machine. You will                      ceive at Merrily We Quilt Along are some of the best tools
    leave this class understanding your machine better and how                     you can have to maintain your sewing machine. We will
    to do simple repairs on your own. Class is limited to Gammill                  work with you to understand your machine and provide
    owners.                                                                        proper preventative maintenance.
    Saturdays: May 5                                        10 am- 3 pm            Change your needles often. Changing your needle regu-
                                                                                   larly is one of the easiest ways to keep your machine work-
                 July 28                                   10 am - 3 pm
                                                                                   ing properly, not to mention keeping your fabric in great
    Teacher: Ron Parker                                      Cost: $65             shape. A good rule of thumb is to change your needle after
                                                                                   5-8 hours of sewing or if it has become damaged. This will
                                                                                   assist you in keeping your machine in tip top shape.

                       CLASS POLICY                                                Clean your machine after each project. During sewing,
    1. Fees must be paid at time of registration.                                  small particles of lint can work their way throughout your
    2. Phone registrations taken with a credit card.                               machine. Use a small brush or a vacuum system to clean
    3. You must obtain a supply list PRIOR to each class. Read it                  areas such as feed dogs (removing the needle plate will
        completely to see what supplies are necessary AND what                     help in cleaning thoroughly) and bobbin case area. Com-
         preparation needs to be done.
                                                                                   pressed air should be avoided because it can actually blow
    4. Where required, please bring a sewing machine in good working
        order and that you are familiar with operating. Teachers will not          the lint, dirt, and moisture further into the machine. This
        spend class time learning your sewing machine. Or you may                  can cause additional wear, electronic board failure and
        choose to borrow one of our BERNINA's for class. You must sign             rust.

        up to borrow a machine at the time of class registration.
    5. Refunds given as a gift certificate only if we are notified at least
                                                                                   Oil your machine as recommended by your manual.
         one week prior to class.
    6. Minimum of 3 students per class. Class will be canceled if                  Sewing machine oil is clear and white. Be sure to use the
        minimum is not met and a full refund will be given.                        proper oil for your machine. Refer to your owner’s manual
    7. No children, babies, or guests in class.                                    for the proper spots to oil. After oiling your machine run
                                                                                   stitches on some scrap fabric before you go back to your
                                                                                   project. This allows oil to escape on to the scraps, if it's go-
                                                                                   ing to, instead of your project. Oiling the machine not only
     Ozark Piecemaker's Quilt                                                      lubricates your moving parts, to prevent wear, it reduces
                                                                                   the risk of rust. Rust forms rapidly with any dampness,
              Show                                                                 even just the humidity in the air. Surface rust can act just
                                                                                   like loose sand in your machine, and create excess wear.
                     September 20-22, 2012
                                                                                   Have your machine serviced by a professional regu-
                                                                                   larly Not only will they remove the covers and thoroughly
    Stop by the shop to purchase early tickets and                                 clean your machine, they will check for loose or broken
                        SAVE!                                                      parts, adjust the timing (if necessary) and keep your ma-
                                                                                   chine running smoothly for years!

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