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Date:     October 1, 2008
Time:     11:00 a.m. Pacific Time
To:       All Pemco Visa Customers
Subject: October Enhancements

This bulletin will provide a summary of the changes made to support the Visa October Enhancements Mandate
and important information about changes to chargeback rights. Visa October Enhancements go into effect Friday,
October 3 .

PowerLink Online Changes
As you may recall from our September 18 bulletin on Visa’s Real Time Clearing (RTC) program you will soon
begin to see RTC authorizations on the PowerLink System. The two-parts of the RTC authorization will appear on
the PowerLink system as a PRE-AUTH and COMP ADV. An example is provided below.

In this example the pre-authorization and completion advice arrive within seconds of each other, however, Visa
does allow a two hour time lapse between pre-authorization and completion. We will also provide a new field on
the PowerLink Authorization Detail screen. The new field will be located under the AVS RESULT field and labeled
PRE-AUTH TIME LIMIT and will include the time limit received in the pre-authorization requests. This should be
a value of 0002 for the 2 hour time limit for the authorization to be held waiting for the completion advice. You will
                                                             nd                        rd
notice the new PRE-AUTH TIME LIMIT field on October 2 , prior to the October 3 mandate.

BIN and Account Limits
When PowerLink receives a pre-authorization request we will check to make sure the full amount passes any
daily limits you have set at the account or BIN level. However, we will not update the daily limit counts or amounts
until the completion advice is received.

Changes to Chargeback Rights
In some cases chargeback rights have been changed to accommodate RTC transactions. Qualified RTC
transactions will receive authorization related chargeback protection for up to $500.00 or the issuer’s authorized
amount, whichever is lower. Additionally, chargeback reason code 96 (Transaction exceeds limited amount) will
be modified to extend chargeback protection for RTC transactions up to the issuer’s authorized amount with a
maximum of $500.00. All other chargeback rights remain unchanged.

If you have questions, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-881-7488, select option 1, then 1.

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