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              19, 2011

        July 19, 2011   Published by St. John’s UMC              Richland at Newberry, Aiken, SC 29801   Volume 11, Issue 28

                           Soon there’ll be a new member here at St. John’s (pictured, with Ryan Uhle) who will be
                           joining Ryan and his family.

                           There are some simple “Guide Dog Etiquette” facts for us to note*:
                           When Ryan’s guide dog is on harness, you must leave them alone.
                           When you meet a visually impaired individual, introduce
                           yourself by name. After that, you can say, “Hi, Ryan. It’s George.”

                           We will not be given the dog’s name for a while, so we are not temped to call out while they
                           are learning to be together.

                           *Of course, you can talk to Ryan. Just resist the temptation of wanting to pet his dog or call
                           his dog by name. This dog is WORKING, and must not be distracted.

Ryan, an acolyte and popular member of our Youth ministry, has shared his thoughts, slightly abbreviated herein,
from just before he was given his particular guide dog, on the website of Mira USA:

       Next year I will be a freshman at Aiken High School. I am 14 years old and a big sports fan. My favorite
       sports are hockey, football, and baseball. Swimming and riding my bike are my favorite ways to get exer-
       cise. I like hanging out with my friends and playing with my dog Beau (the family dog of Uhle family). I have
       played the cello for 3 years in the String Program at my school. At church this year I began serving an as
       acolyte, which gets me involved in the church service. I enjoy geography and reading Braille and textile
       maps. I have been on the A/B Honor Roll every grading period, and also won the SC Braille Challenge, a
       Braille reading competition, for my age group for the past two years.

       I am looking forward to getting a guide dog because I will be able to get around quicker and easier without
       running into things. I also love dogs and am looking forward to having a new companion, and will move
       around more independently (might even help pick up more chicks!).

After 3 weeks in Canada, Ryan and his mother Keisha are returning home to their family. Their adventure is a won-
derful story. The full account, beautifully told, is available at http://www.ryansdog.blogspot.com/ and can also be
found by going to St. John’s Facebook Group, searching out Keisha Uhle, and seeing the blog entitled “Ryan’s
Dog”. It is such a great story about this popular St. John’s family, and their latest adventure. Ryan, in typical high-
achiever fashion, is very young to be selected for a guide dog. To read more about the MIRA Foundation USA, go
to http://www.mirausa.org/about/.

                   July 24, 2011                                            Do you have fifteen minutes, one
         Sixth Sunday after Pentecost                                       Sunday a month, to give to the church?
                                                                            Polly Goldston needs someone to do
    8:30am Traditional Worship - Sanctuary                                  coffee house cleanup at 10:45.
        Message by Rev. Jim Bennett
                                                                            It’s quick and it’s easy, so call her at
    9:02am Contemporary Worship - Gym                                       803-278-3818 and volunteer your time.
          11:00 Traditional Service
       Message by Rev. George Howle
                                         St. John's Visitor

                                                             NEWS OF THE FAMILY
       Meetings to Note
Thursday, July 21
10:30am Acolyte Training
  1:30pm Joseph’s Coat             Congratulations to Catherine Corey Wallace and Gonzalo Daniel
  7:00pm Overeaters Anonymous      Escobar who were married in Chicago, IL on July 10.
Friday, July 22
   5:30pm Parents Night Out        Congratulations to Cecil Bischof who celebrates her 90th birthday on
Saturday, July 23                  July 25.
  8:00am Grace Kitchen
Sunday, July 24                    Congratulations to Sue Ann & Pat Walke who have a new grandson,
  8:15am Coffee House              Kyle Issei Walke, born June 1 in Peach Tree City, GA. The proud par-
  8:30am Worship
                                   ents are David & Rieko Walke.
  9:02am Contemporary Worship
  9:45am Sunday School             Receiving the Sacrament of Holy Baptism on Sunday, June 17, was
11:00am Worship                    Hudson Lee Padgett, son of Kristin & Russ Padgett.
 4:30 pm Prayer Shawl
  6:00pm Foundation Youth          Dear St. John's Family,
Monday, July 25                    Please allow me to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you
10:00am Exercise                   who have prayed, sent cards and expressed concern for me during my recent
Tuesday, July 26                   back surgery. God was continually present in guiding the hands of my surgeon,
10:30am Acolyte Training           Dr. Ty Carter as he was able to correct the problems that have been causing
Wednesday, July 27                 me constant pain. Dr. Vaughn Massie was also in surgical attendance and has
  8:30am Quilting Fellowship       provided me with excellent medical care. George and Keith's visits were uplift-
  5:00pm Foundation Band           ing, helpful and comforting. God is ever faithful when we put things in His
                                   hands. I look forward to returning to my usher responsibilities in the near fu-
  6:00pm Griefshare at Eejay’s
                                   ture. Thanks also, for the prayerful support for my wonderful "nurse/spouse"
  7:00pm 9:02 Band Rehearsal       Jewell. Our family is most grateful. Jim Eanes
  7:00pm Covenant Prayer Group
      Serving This Week            *******************************************************************************************
Crucifer - Alan Kelly
                                                    The Methodist Men will meet July 28, beginning at 6:30 PM with
Acolytes - Mitchell Matthews,                       a covered dish supper. A program, “ Hitchcock Woods Update”,
           Claire Turner                            will be presented by Dr. Ken Perrine.
Altar Guild (July) - Pat Dickey,
Jewel Burckhalter, Jenny Johnson
                                    July 24 will be New Member Sunday. We will receive new members at
Crib Rm - Paid staff                all services. Please contact Nancy Reed or Anne Hawkins if you wish to
2-3 Yr Nursery - Paid staff         join our church family.
3-4 Yr Nursery - Paid staff
Sunday AM Host (July 24)                                                          SAVE THE DATE! 
 Michael Rollins                                           A wonderful movie has been selected for another Fam‐
Evening Hosts                                              ily Life event.  COURAGEOUS, from the creators of FIRE‐
 Sunday-(July 24) Matt Beckum                              PROOF, will be shown September 30th, with alternate 
 Monday - Jim Wert                                         options October 1 and 2. Read more at                                 
 Tuesday - Tom Brown                                                www.courageousthemovie.com.   
 Wednesday - Bob Kosky
 Thursday - Marc Nadeau
 Friday - Jeff Ray
 Saturday - John Geiger                      Financials (two weeks)
                                    Budget funds received       $ 62,938.58
  Attendance - July 10, 2011        Budget needs                $ 69,342.50
                                    Budget Funds rec’d to date  $ 903,599.52
 8:30 AM        112                 Expenses to date            $ 905,209.99
                                                                                           FELLOWSHIP SUPPERS
 9:02 AM        157                                                                                   are in recess
 11:00 AM       346                          Faith Promise (two weeks)                              for the summer!
 SS             250                 Faith Promise              $ 164,208.68
                                    Rec’d to date             $ 68,230.88
                                                           St. John's Visitor

                                                                              C H I L D R E N ’S C O R N E R
                                    FOUNDATION YOUTH   
                         Friday, July 22 ‐ Pizza Joint                                  SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2011
                         Sunday, July 24 ‐ Regular Youth  
                         Wednesday, July 27—Pool Party at the                  GOD PROTECTS DANIEL IN THE LION’S DEN
                         Downs  6‐8 PM                                                   DANIEL 6:1-23
                                                                                    GOD DESERVES OUR LOYALTY
                         DID YOU KNOW?
         Our Joseph’s Coat Ministry recently celebrated                                          PARENTS’ NIGHT OUT
 their second anniversary. Founded as an outreach minis-                                         on Friday, July 22nd from
 try to our community, Joseph’s Coat has grown from a
                                                                                                 5:30-8:00! Dinner and a
 membership of five to over 20 dedicated crocheters, knit-
 ters and stitchers. Initially serving the local hospices, they
                                                                                                 movie for the kids...Time
 now serve two dozen agencies. Sandy Dunn (the minis-                                            alone for you. It’s FREE,
 try’s contact person) states, “From the onset, we have                                          so reserve your child’s
 prayed for God’s guidance and our faith has grown as God                                        space now.
 has grown this ministry. He has enabled us to create
 nearly 1,600 items for people in our community in need of               Register online at www.stjohns-umc.org.
 God’s love and care.”
         Joseph’s Coat meets every Thursday in the church
 parlor from 1:30 to 3:00. The ministry is supported by gifts
 of money and yarn and both are greatly appreciated.
                                                                                 Please bring new school supplies of all
           First Presbyterian is sponsoring a golf tournament to                 kinds to the boxes located by the gym
  benefit ACTS, August 22, at The Reserve Club (Woodside 
  Plantation) with a 9 AM shotgun start.  The entry fee in-                      and outside of Allison’s office by 8/14.
  cludes cart, lunch, range balls and prizes.  You may register                  These will be donated to local charities
  online at aikenpresbyterian.org  or in person at the church 
                                                                     Aiken Train Depot Tour
                                                                     Wednesday, August 3 at 10:30 AM
 ACTS COLLECTION IN JULY - Pasta Sauce                               Meet at the Depot
                                                                     No charge, but reservations are needed.
                                                                     Call the church office (648-6891) to reserve your place.

Great news from Kenya! Frances Osteen provided the
                                                                                        LOOKING AHEAD
following update on the efforts to drill a well in Kenya. “Once
again, God has provided abundantly! We prayed for two                 Saturdays - Grace Kitchen opens at 8am
wells and He has provided for three. The first well, on the           Aug 14 - Promotion Sunday/Blessing of Backpacks
church grounds in Wachara, provided water for over 100 peo-           Aug 21 - Third Grade Bible Presentation
ple even before the pump test was complete. The well drilling         Sep 15 - Sunny Monday day trip to Beaufort
team has begun drilling at the school, which has 738 students and     Nov 5 - Apple Fest
no source of water. We also plan to re-drill a well on the Agwanda    Nov 6 - All Saints Sunday
compound. There is a pump to be installed on the first well, but      Nov 17 - Turkey Dinner
pumps are needed for the other two, so additional funds will be       Dec 4 - Children’s Musical Presentation
needed. Please pray that we receive those funds.” John Osteen,        Dec 18 - Christmas Cantata
Charlotte Holly, Jim Heffner and Carolyn Heffner are cur-             Dec 25 - Single Service
rently in Kenya helping with the well effort and Life For Chil-       Jan 1 - Single Service
dren’s Ministry. Look for additional updates as we receive them.      Jan 20-22 - Mission Impact Celebration 2012
                                                                          “Periodicals Postage Paid at Aiken, SC
                                                                              and additional mailing offices”
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the Good News of Jesus Christ, through                          _______________________________
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    58 ALLEN RADCLIFFE                  Volunteer Facilities Coordinator
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         YVONNE DUBLIN                  Custodian
         ENSLEY O. ADAMS                Custodian
         SPENCER BEARD                  Custodian

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