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               GO AHEAD!                   has facilities equipped with
                 Mix recycling Toronto nowyou can mix containers (e.g. technology to separate and process recyclables.
             materials together This means                              bottles and cans) and paper products together.

Rinse all containers to                                               Household paper.                    Do Not
remove residue.                                                       Includes junk mail, writing
                                                                      paper, computer paper, flyers      Recycle
                                                                      and envelopes.
Cardboard cans
such as refrigerated dough, frozen
juice, chip, nut, powdered drink                                      Paper gift wrap & cards. plastic: toys, make-up jars,
mix and powdered cleanser                                             Remove ribbons and bows.        caulking tubes, clear egg
containers. Put loose metal end                                                                       cartons, fruit and vegetable
inside cardboard can and pinch                                        Paper egg cartons,              containers, food storage
closed. Discard plastic pull-off
strip and/or peel-off seal.                                           rolls & bags.                   containers, drinking cups and
                                                                                                      take-out food containers,
Plastic food jars,                                                    Boxboard boxes                  molded bakery item trays,
tubs & lids                                                           such as cardboard, cereal,      pails with metal handles,
such as margarine, yogurt, ice                                        tissue and detergent boxes.     motor oil jugs, bags, plant
cream, cottage cheese and sour                                        Remove liners, plastic          trays and flower pots, foam
cream containers.                                                     windows and flatten boxes.      cups, dishes and egg cartons
                                                                                                      (polystyrene or Styrofoam)
Plastic bottles & jugs                                                Newspapers &
with lids securely fastened.
                                                                      telephone directories. glass: drinking glasses,
                                                                                                      dishes, cups, crystal,
Milk/Juice cartons.                                                                                   window glass, light bulbs,
                                                                      Magazines, catalogues           mirrors, pottery, pots and
Empty paint cans & lids.                                              & books.                        pans, make-up jars
Lids must be separated from
the can.
                                                                      Corrugated cardboard. pots and coat hangers,
Empty aerosol cans.                                                   Clean, unwaxed and flattened.
Remove and discard lids.
                                                                      Tied in bundles no larger
                                                                      than 75 x 75 x 30 cm            aluminum: foil wrap and
Metal cans.                                                                                           bags (i.e. potato chip bags)
Put lid inside can and pinch closed.                                  (30 x 30 x 12 in).

Glass bottles & jars.                                                                                 fibres: tissues, waxed
Remove and discard lids.                                                                              paper, foil gift wrap, waxed
                                                                                      NO              cardboard
Aluminum rigid trays &                                                                Plastic
pie plates.                                                                           Bags            Note: Some of these items can
                                                                                                              Some of these items can
                                                                                                      be recycled at a Drop-off Depot
Drink boxes.                                                                                          or a Community Environment
                                                                                                      Day event. For more information,
Remove and                                                                                            call 416.338.2010, or visit
discard straws.                                                                                       www.toronto.ca/recycle

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