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Maternity Newborn Maternity Newborn package by jennyyingdi


									Maternity... $300
There’s nothing more beautiful than a mother with child. The radiant
glow a new mom displays is the primary reason many choose to have
their maternity portraits taken. It can be artistic or formal. And don’t
forget about dad.

Usually taken at 10 days old, this is a time that goes by too fast. No one
can ever remember the tiny details of the newborn. The flaky skin, tiny
birthmarks that disappear weeks later, the inny or outty belly button, and
the facial expressions that are never to be repeated again. We take
the utmost care during this time to ensure the best images possible.

Maternity/Newborn package…$550
Take advantage and save with this combination package.

Clothing selection
Nightgowns, pajamas, casual/simple clothing are your
best choices. It is best to call to discuss some of the
delicate matters involved in this precious and special

Payment Information
There is a $15 reservation fee required to book the session.
The session fee (see above) is due at the time of the session.
$100 of the session fee is applied as credit to your print order.

                                All of our images/proofs are protected under federal copyright laws.
 Duplication of our images in any form without written permission is a federal offense. And will result in up to $10,000 in fines and
                                         imprisonment. Please do not copy/scan our work.

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