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					                                      Meeting Minutes
                                     September 10, 2009

 In Attendance:
 Ray Kissel, Chair               Paul Andre Larose             Joan Kerr
 Susan Bragg                     Erwin Waldinsperger
 Barbara North                   Lindsay Code
 Ida Kaufman                     Ryan Wallis
 Will Thurber                    Alexander Kemp

 Staff Present:
 Suzanne Elston                  Jennifer Mutton
 Environmental Co-ordinator      Staff Support

1. Call to Order

Meeting was called to Order at 7:00 p.m.

2. Approval of Agenda

Moved by: B. North
“That the Agenda for the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee meeting, September 10,
2009, be approved.”

3. Presentation by Steve Meringer – City of Oshawa Fire Chief

Emergency Planning
Steve Meringer, the City’s Fire Chief provided an overview of the City’s Emergency
Management Program.

       Every municipality must comply with the Emergency Management and Civil Protection
     City of Oshawa works in conjunction with the Region of Durham and the Province of
     Emergency Ontario performs a complete review of the City’s program each year
     Emergency Preparedness consists of 4 Core Components:
            o Mitigation/Prevention
            o Preparedness
            o Response
            o Recovery
Steve encouraged the committee members to prepare a 3-day survival kit; including
medications for everyone, food, food for pets, water and gas. Important survival kit information
is available on the website.

Steve also answered questions in regard to the train derailment in the summer as well as the
fire that happened at the Recycling Plant on Farewell Street.
4. Presentation by Nathalie Henning, - Manager Waste and Environment Programs

Nathalie provided an overview of her responsibilities as the Manager of Waste and Environment

Nathalie was requested to clarify the difference in her role as Manager and Suzanne’s role as

         Nathalie works with educating the public
         Suzanne works on Policy

The members requested an update of the City’s organizational chart with regard to who has
environmental responsibility within the City

Upcoming events within the Region:

E-Waste Event:          Saturday, October 17 Municipality of Clarington
                        Saturday, October 24 Town of Whitby

Household Hazardous Waste
                  Saturday, Sept 26           Lakeview Park, Oshawa

5. Review of Previous Minutes

Moved by:
“That the OEAC minutes of June 11, 2009 be approved,”.

6.       Adjournment:

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.
Date                                          Motion                                           Responsibility                   Comments                     Completed

                                                                                                                                                             Yes   No
         “THAT the Oshawa Environmental Action Committee recommend to the
         Development Services Committee that prior to the passing of a City of Oshawa
         Pesticide By-law, a public process option be pursued together with Stakeholders,
         Contractors, and the Regional Health Department;

         AND THAT an educational component is made available to the public in relating
         the reasons and strategies for the ban and/or reduction of the use of pesticides in
         the City of Oshawa.
         “THAT the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee requests that Oshawa City
2007                                                                                                SE
         Council and the Durham Region Members of Council defer any vote or decision on                         -   Motion tabled by Mayor Gray, Nov 15,
         the preferred site for the Incinerator (Osborne Road, Courtice) until the DRAFT                            2007
         Environmental Assessment under the Provincial Environmental Assessment Act
         has been prepared and circulated for comment to all affected agencies.

         AND FURTHER, that the EA should include all alternatives be reviewed with their
         impact on the surrounding municipalities”.
         “That the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee receives the presentation by                         -   Report went to DSC on February 9,
2007     Jeff Brooks regarding Smart Commute, from the Region of Durham;                            SE              2009; going to Council February 23,
                                                                                                                    2009 for endorsement.
         AND THAT the OEAC endorse this motion and refer it to the Commissioner of                              -   Council endorsed Program;
         Development Services to consider the proposal of establishing a Smart Commute                          -   Staff to move forward with next steps
         program within the City of Oshawa;                                                                         and monitor & report back to Council
                                                                                                                    May 2010
         AND THAT, CUPE Locals 250 and 251 are requested to comment as a courtesy to
         their Membership”.
         “THAT the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee requests that through the                            -   Will be dealt with as a correspondence
2007     Strategic Initiatives Committee all policies new and/or revised pertaining to the          SE              item and action to be taken at that
         environment be received through the Committee for review and comment, in the                               point
         same manner as the Oshawa Accessibility Coordinating Committee.”
         “That the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee requests through the                                 -   S. Elston providing Council/DSC verbal
2007                                                                                                SE
         Strategic Initiatives Committee that Council be requested to keep the OEAC                                 reports at each meeting
         informed with regard to the City Hall Master Plan”.
         “That OEAC recommend to City Council that, Council pass a motion to the                                -   Letter to DSC, May 22, 2008
Apr 08
         Province of Ontario endorsing the Provincial initiative prohibiting the banning                        -   DS-08-196
         of clotheslines;                                                                                       -   Letter forwarded to AMO
         AND THAT, Council forward the motion to the Association of Municipalities
         of Ontario”.
 Date                                           Motion                                          Responsibility                   Comments                     Completed

                                                                                                                                                              Yes   No
         Whereas the Sidewalks in Oshawa are often in an unsafe condition long after a                           -   Letter to DSC, May 22, 2009
Mar 08
         snow fall as a result of:                                                                               -   DS-08-195
          Not being cleared by residents owning adjacent properties;                                            -   Also an Accessibility Issue;
          Being obstructed by snow removed from driveways;                                                      -   Report regarding Snow Clearing went
          Having snow windrows at numerous street intersections that effectively block                              to Community Services on January 20,
            their access; and                                                                                        2009 re the City’s Winter Maintenance
         Whereas we have significant concerns about the impact of City road clearing                                 Program (CS-09-08)
         policies;                                                                                               -   To be implemented for the 2009/2010
                                                                                                                     winter maintenance program
         The OEAC hereby requests the City Administration to promptly address the                                -   Public Information Session to be
         situation by bringing to the attention of Community Services the following issues,                          held on May 13 at the Civic
         namely that
          Sidewalk clearing be considered at least as essential as roadway clearing;
          Enforcement of citizens snow clearing obligations be performed;
          A procedure be developed to avoid obstructing sidewalks when clearing
             streets; and
          OEAC be involved in the proposed policies for consultation purposes.
         Whereas the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee is aware of the plastic
Apr 08   bottled water concerns;                                                                                 -   Letter to DSC, May 22, 2008
                                                                                                                 -   DS-08-197
         Whereas the use provides a negative image with respect to the City’s municipal                          -   SE met with Purchasing
         water system;                                                                                           -   Recreation & Culture meeting to be
         Now therefore be it resolved that the City of Oshawa take all available                                     arrange re Next Steps
         opportunities to publicize the negative environmental and health consequences of                        -   Report going forward in April
         individual serving size containers of water and other beverages,
         And, to promote economic and environmental savings at all meetings of Council,
         Committees and Sub-Committees by removing individual servings of beverages
         and replace with pitchers; carafes, and bulk containers of beverage and encourage
         the use of reusable cups, mugs and other containers.
         THAT the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee request through the                                    -   Issue on-going
May 08
         Development Services committee that staff provide the proper due approval                               -   June 16, 2008 DS-08-242 referred to
         process for the citing of the proposed Ethanol Plant that the Federal, Provincial                           staff for report
         and Municipal Governments must undertake.

         Further, staff investigates the location of other Ethanol plants that are operating,
         the process for which these plants undertook and where within the municipality
         they are situated.
         Whereas there is a need for functional and utilitarian cycling in the City of                           -   City Cycling Network
May 08
         Oshawa, particularly during the mild-weather months;                                                    -   May, 2006 referred to staff for update
                                                                                                                 -   Regional Cycling Plan received
 Date                                           Motion                                            Responsibility                  Comments                     Completed

                                                                                                                                                               Yes   No
                                                                                                                       October 31, 2008
         Whereas such cycling facilities must provide for personal safety by physically                            -   Presented in DS-08-494 on November
         segregating the pathways between motorized vehicles and cyclists;                                             13, 2008
         Whereas such facilities must also ensure the personal security of cyclists by                             -   Response estimated by 1 Qtr 2009
         running through built-up and well light areas;
         Whereas the availability of such facilities would lead to tangible environmental,
         quality of life and public health benefits, thus making Oshawa a progressive
         contributor in this area;
         The OEAC hereby recommends that the City Administration instruct Community
         Services to address the issue of making cycling a means of SAFE AND

         Implementing the Core Link on Athol Street from the Knights of Columbus Park (at
         Farewell St.) in the East, to City Hall (at Centre St.) in the West, with a completion
         date before August 2008.
         That the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee requests through the
Sep 08   Development Services Committee that Oshawa Harbour Commission provide                                     -   Letter to DSC September 23, 2008
         copies of their original mandate since being established in the early 1960’s and the
         more recent mandates for the Port Operations, Property Management and
         Industrial/Commercial development and other related compliance to the OEAC for
         review and input.
         That the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee recommends to the                                        -   Letter to DSC September 23, 2008
Sep 08
         Development Services Committee that the City of Oshawa undertake a complete                               -   Postponed until construction is
         waste audit of all satellite City-Wide facilities pursuant to the Audit completed                             complete
         internally at City Hall in the Spring of 2007.
         That the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee recommend to the                                         -   Letter to DSC September 23, 2008
Sep 08
         Development Services Committee that the Community Services Committee be                                   -   Met with Director, Community Services
         requested to insert a clause in the rental agreements for all Facility Bookings that                          waste staff, new parks contracts have
         Users must source separate their waste during the course of their rental                                      been written to encourage/include
         agreement with the City                                                                                       options, specifically green bin
         “That the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee recommend to the Finance                                -   Letter to DSC September 23, 2008
Sep 08
         and Administration Committee that staff investigate the feasibility of utilizing                          -   Corporate Services is working on this
         electronic tax bills for the City of Oshawa residents in an effort to reduce paper                            (IT issue)
         That the members of OEAC have identified that all walkways adjacent to the
Nov 08   arterial roads are considered as high a priority as are the roads in regard to snow                       -   To be implemented for the 2009/2010
         clearing.                                                                                                     Winter maintenance program
         That OEAC be provided with a planning process conveying OPA, site plan                                    -
Oct 08
         approval, etc. for expanding Municipal Development into Greenfield lands,
         including both Regional and Municipal roads and related cumulative impact on the
Date                                           Motion                                            Responsibility                   Comments                       Completed

                                                                                                                                                                 Yes   No
         That the Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee respectfully request through                SE          -   Invitation to the Chair of OPUC must
Dec 08   the Development Services Committee that the Chairperson of the Oshawa                                        come from Senior Staff (City Manager)
         Public Utilities Commission (OPUC), or his or her representative, be invited to
         address the OEAC on the OPUC’s Conservation plans.
         That the OEAC form a Sub-committee to assist with the design of the PEAC                    ALL          -   RFP coordinated through Purchasing
Jan 09
         website.                                                                                                 -   DiscoToast has been hired
         That the OEAC request through the Development Services Committee a copy of                   SE          -   Bill Slute attending the June meeting to
Feb 09
         the City’s tree planting plan for 2009 since the City will not be contributing to the                        discuss the Tree Planting Program
         Earth Day event as in the past.
         That the Oshawa Environment Advisory Committee endorses the Environmental                    SE          -   Environmental Cabinet has reviewed
Mar 09
         Policy Statement and corresponding Environmental Policy for the City of Oshawa;                              the document
         And that the Secretary forward the OEAC Environmental Statement and Policy to                            -   Policy will now form part of a bigger
         the Development Services Committee for the March 23 Agenda requesting their                                  Sustainability Plan for the City.
          That the OEAC fully endorses the work of the Website sub-committee and that the             SE          -   DiscoToast has been hired
Mar 09
          Committee also supports the moving forward with the RFP for the Web Designer.                           -   OEAC would like to “test” the website
                                                                                                                      prior to its full launch

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