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									Changepoint PSA FAQ
By Thierry Gagnon, Account Manager, Nurun Montreal

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The goal of this document is to share some time-saving tips on how to get the most out of
Changepoint. Hopefully, these tips will save you time and help you keep your sanity in your day-to-
day tasks.

About Changepoint
What is Changepoint?
Changepoint PSA (commonly referred to as Changepoint or CP) is a web-based management used
by all Nurun offices. It has many uses and has been heavily customized by Nurun to meet our needs.

           All Nurun employees and contractors use it every week to submit their time sheet.
           Project managers use it to track the time spent in their projects.
           Account managers use it to track the profitability of their accounts, when needed.
           The Nurun administration uses it to invoice clients and track all of the financial activities of
            the company.

You can access Changepoint from this address:

Who should I contact if I have a question about Changepoint?
For questions about everyday use of Changepoint, please contact your supervisor.
For technical questions, contact

My login doesn’t work anymore!
Your Changepoint login becomes disabled after three failed attempts. To reset your password,

Can I have multiple Changepoint windows open at the same time?
You can create a new ChangePoint window using ctrl-n. Each window can be used independently.
Please note that closing any of these windows will log you off from Changepoint.

Maximize display on a small screen.
       Close the “Applications” sidebar to save screen real-estate. You can easily access most
        Changepoint functionalities directly from the “Folders” sidebar by clicking on the sidebar name
        (e.g. “Time Sheet”, “Reports”, etc.)
       You can also resize the sidebar width by dragging the vertical gray bar next to it.
Time Sheet
How can I refresh my time sheet?
       Refresh the time sheet grid by clicking the refresh button to the left of the home button in the
       Refresh the Time Sheet sidebar (list of tasks) by selecting “Time Sheet” in the Folders sidebar
        dropdown menu or from the Applications sidebar. This will also reset the timesheet window to
        the current week if you were on a previous week.

Can I copy hours from one day (or week) to another?
There are different options available:
    Copy hours from one day to another within the same week:
            o This is useful if you entered your time in the wrong day of the week.
            o From the “Action” menu, under “Copy”, select “Selected Entries”.
            o In the pop-up window, select the hours you want to copy.
            o Select the day of the current week you want to copy your hours.
            o If you select the option “All time entries of the selected day”, selecting one entry will
               automatically select all other time entries in the same day.
       Copy hours to the following week
           o This is useful if your timesheet is very similar from one week to another.
           o From the “Action” menu, under “Copy”, select “Time from Last Week” (if you are on the
               current timesheet) or “Time to Next Week” (if you are on the previous timesheet).
           o This will copy all the hours from your previous timesheet to the current one.
       Copy hours to the previous week.
           o This is useful if you entered your time by mistake in the current week instead of the
              previous one.
           o It’s only possible to copy hours within the same week or forward in time. Moving time
              to a previous week must be done manually (“copy-paste”).
           o One way to facilitate this process is to create a new Changepoint window using ctrl-n.
              It then becomes much easier to manually copy hours if you use a window for week A
              and another window for week B.

Can I navigate my time sheet using the keyboard?
Using these keyboard shortcuts will help you save a lot of time when doing your time sheet:

       Go directly to the “Description” field: hit “enter” after typing your hours in a cell. (Note:
        comments written for an empty time cell will be lost.)
       Go back to the time cell from the description field: hit shift-tab twice.
       Go to the time cell below the current one: hit the bottom arrow key.
       Go to the time cell on top of the current one: hit the up arrow key.
       Go to the time cell to the right of the current one: hit the tab key.
       Go to the time cell to the left of the current one: hit shift-tab.

Selecting another week
       You can go to the previous or the next week by clicking on the arrows next to the “Week
        Start:” label on top.
       clicking on this label will show a calendar that allows you to go directly to any week of your

How can I use periods (or commas) as separators when entering decimals in my timesheet?
       Close Changepoint.
       Open the “Region and language” control panel.
       Option 1: In the “Formats” tab, changing the language in the “Format” drop-down will affect
        the way decimals, dates, etc. are handled in your system.
            o Select “English” to use periods for decimals.
            o Select “French” to use commas for decimals.
       Option 2: Click on “More parameters” and type the separator you want to use in the
        “Separator’ field.
       Log back in to Changepoint.

These tips are HUGE time-savers for project managers.

Managing projects
How can I switch from the alphabetical folders view to the projects view?
Once you have a certain number of projects, the “Projects” list collapses into a series of alphabetical
folders. You may be able to go back to a list of projects by removing projects that are no longer active.
     From the “Options” menu in the “Projects” sidebar, select “ Exclude Completed Projects”.

My project list is too long!
       Use the “Filter” field to reduce the number of projects listed.
       For instance, typing a client name will only show projects for this client. Just change the name
        of the client in the filter when you need to switch types of projects.

       Right-click on a project name or a task in the sidebar to see available options (edit, create
        project/task, etc.)

Change order of tasks in the project list
       Click on the project name in the “Project” pane.

Managing tasks
Default billing role
       When editing a task, hit the “enter” key in the “Billing role” field under the “General” tab field to
        see the list of available billing roles.
       Once a default billing role is selected, the “Billing Role” field in the “Assignment” tab will be
        populated automatically whenever you add a new resource to the task.
       This is not retro-active. You need to manually change the billing role of resources previously
       You can select a different billing role than the default when adding new resources by clicking
        the “Clear” icon (blue rectangle and arrow) next to the Billing Role” field under the
        “Assignment” tab.
       This is particularly useful when your project uses a “Blended Rate” billing role (same billing
        role for all employees).

Facilitate adding/removing employees used in the resource drop-down.
Managing your list of employees from the “Resource” drop-down (when assigning an employee to a
task) can be time consuming when you must add or delete several employees at once. Thankfully,
there is another way!
     Click on “Preferences” in the toolbar.
     Under the “Preferred Employees” tab, click on “Manage Preferred Employees”. This brings a
         pop-up window.
      Click the “Add” button to bring-up a pop-up window from which you can select multiple
      To remove an employee from you list, select a name and then click the “Remove” button.

Assign multiple resources to a task in one click.
      Create personal groups:
           o Click on “Preferences” in the toolbar.
           o Under the “Preferred Employees” tab, click on “Manage Preferred Employees”. This
               brings a pop-up window.
           o In the “Personal Groups” tab, click on the “New” button to create a new group (e.g.
               “QA team”, “Deployment team”, “Team leads”, etc.) or select an existing group from
               the drop-down.
           o Use the arrow buttons to add/remove employees from the group.
           o Click “Apply” to save your list and continue editing your personal groups or click OK
               to save your changes and close the window.
      Assign a personal group to a project task:
           o When editing a task, you can select personal groups from the “Resource” drop-down
               menu. Groups are listed at the bottom of the list.
           o Selecting a group will automatically assign all employees from that group to the task
               using the billing role currently selected.

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