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									                                        THREE RIVERS SERVICES
                                      CLIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY

Please fill in the spaces below using the following scale.

1 – Worse than expected         2 – About as expected        3 – Better than expected

1. Responsiveness                                               2. Rate our Services

_____Accessibility                                              _____Tax
_____Promptness in getting back to you                          _____Accounting
_____Timeliness of work submissions                             _____Consulting
_____Overall needs                                              _____Payroll
                                                                _____Other (fill-in) ____________

3. Rate our Work                                                4. Rate our Billing Polices

_____Financial advice                                           _____How well we explained our policies
_____Business advice
_____Tax advice                                                 _____How well we handled any billing
_____Financial statements                                            problems
_____Tax preparation
_____Payroll Services                                           _____The fairness of our pricing

5. Rate our people                                              6. Working with You

_____Your key client contact                                    ____How well do we keep from disrupting
                                                                your daily operations
_____Other professional staff
                                                                _____How well we do at providing your
_____Your first point of contact over the telephone             staff with adequate lead time to respond to

7. Rate how we handled your account
_____The people involved
_____The turnaround time
_____Our ability to handle your everyday problems
_____Our ability to handle emergencies
_____How well we explained our services
_____How we handled problems
In this section, please tell us how likely you would be to use us if we offered the
following services:

1= would never use                   2 = might use
3 = would use immediately            4 = currently using another professional

       _____ Estate planning
       _____ Personal financial planning for employees
       _____ Risk management
       _____ Personnel screening
       _____ Systems assistance
       _____ Systems training
       _____ Compensation programs (salary and incentive)
       _____ Cash management
       _____ Budget control
       _____ Certified (opinion) audit
       _____ Mergers and acquisitions
       _____ Investment analysis and planning
       _____ Trust tax returns
       _____ Financing arrangements
       _____ Cost accounting systems
       _____ Management training
       _____ Other (fill in the blank) ___________________________________

Please return the completed survey via e-mail to

Thank you for your input!

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