letter of authority by ME18e9X



Letter of Authority

To whom it may concern,

Please accept this letter of authority for NRG Corporation Ltd to act on our behalf regarding all
issues related to the supply of electricity and gas with your company. These includes sites
Belonging to, managed by and authorised to be managed by us.

NRG Corporation Ltd is authorised to have access to any information related to our billing and
contract documentations and are authorised to serve notice on your company on our behalf for any
contracts in relation to the supply of electricity and/or gas, with such notices taking effect from the
termination date within your relevant terms and conditions.

This authority is to remain in place until such time as you are advised in writing to the contrary by

For the avoidance of doubt this letter does not authorise NRG Corporation Ltd to enter into new
supply agreements on our behalf, unless we authorise them to do so by either agreeing via email,
verbal consent/agreement or signed for by a representative

Yours faithfully

Signed:       ____________________________

Print Name: ____________________________

Position:     ____________________________

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