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									China Mobile Leader’s Programme

Mobile Technology

Jon Crowcroft
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If I had more time, I would speak slower
• The great French writer, Proust said

• “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter”.

• Here are my shorter slides:-)
4 Areas

• We don’t want to pay for bits anymore
    • I.e. cellular provider better make money from something else
• We do want to know who to trust
    • Source of identity and risk reduction
    • Especially for transactional software
• We woul like to go back 10 years to 1 week battery life handsets!
    • Need to be smarter about resource use on mobile
• We’d like to automate malware out of existence
    • Not just signing and virus scanning - better Computer Science!
Lessons from working with cellular providers

• They have lost control of the handset

  • They will lose control of the radio/spectrum pretty soon

• Need to capitalise on last resources - e.g.

  • Cell tower is good co-lo for cache/web/CDN

  • SIM is great for ID

  • Low transactional overhead billing system is excellent
From experience with

• Microsoft, Intel, NTT DoCoMo, BT, Telefonica, KAIST, MPI, Vodafone
• Etc etc etc
• Trust matters
  • Ethics matter
• Spectrum should all be free
• Models based on empirical data matter
  • measure everything about your users, networks, devices
• Social Structures are really really useful
• Old ideas (e.g. dataflow and functional programming) may have their day
Thank you…

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