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An Introduction to SchoolBase
                       First Impressions
                               The first call from a
                           prospective parent is logged
                                in SchoolBase®

A tailored letter can be                                  A follow up text message
 sent out immediately                                     can be sent to invite the
                                                          parents to an Open Day
A Marketing Tool
Targeting feeder schools- a
quick and efficient way to
merge letters

 Enabling you to get the right
 pupils for your school

 Identifying the best
 marketing sources
 The Entrance Examination
 The first stage of tracking a pupils progress

If the child is offered a place

With the click of a button the child can be
transferred from a prospective pupil to a
current pupil

You can add to this information and
create comprehensive pupil records.
Lists can then be created to select
groups of pupils
              Starting School

Your School Bus

• Who should be on which bus?
• Bus passes
• Billing for the use of the bus
The register can be marked in the morning, the afternoon, or at a group
or period registration, whenever it suits your school

                       If a child is absent

              SchoolBase can search to see where
              else they might be, for example are they
              are in a music lesson?

              If necessary you can use SchoolBase to
              contact and alert the parents to the
              child's absence
                    The Day Book
• Offers space to record day to day behaviour through notes on
SchoolBase which can be accessed by other members of staff.

                 Examples- Disruptive behaviour
                           Excellent work
                           Did not do their prep on time

• Very useful for spotting behaviour patterns.

• Space to record rewards and sanctions.
           Your Timetable and Curriculum Online
                        Your timetable- wide
                        ranging in scope, easy to
                        use, and tailored to your
                        school                      Your school
 Parents can read                                   calendar online
 and comment on
 reports online

Parents can make
appointments for
parents evening

 An options setting process is
 available for parents to use
                       Reports Online

Staff can write
their Reports
online- from

                                              The Mark Book
                                              for recording test
                                              scores and
                                              comments, up to
                  Information from the        date and
                  Mark Book can be            accessible online
                  transferred directly into
Track pupil progress to
get the most out of your
•   Entrance examinations
•   Third party tests
•   School examinations
•   External examinations
•   Parental reports
External Examinations

                 data to send
                 to the Boards

                   Importing the

                     Viewing the
Educational Needs

    •Create a list of all the children who
    are dyslexic with the click of a button

    •Each pupil has a document bank
    with information about the
    support they need

    •Create a list of children who need extra
    time during examinations
            After School Activities and
                    Field Trips
• Tagging pupils creates groups, this means that you can
write to, email, or bill their parents at the touch of a button

• You can also select photographs of all of the pupils
within a particular group
    Medical Records

Access to comprehensive information quickly.
Includes sections on-

         Medical Conditions
                       Fees and Billing
• Recharges- Tagging allows you to create lists of pupils for each occasion
making billing the parents much less time consuming

• SB Financial

• ABS Feemaster
Pupils are archived when they leave the school

By selecting the archived data in SchoolBase you
can pull up all of the previous information you
had about them

You can use this to build groups of past pupils for
many things. For example, to invite them back to
an annual golf day, or to send them fundraising
         What can SchoolBase do for your school?
Accounts integration    External examinations         Parental reports
Admissions register     External reporting            Print order
Annual Census           Extra curricular activities   Pupil categorisation
Archive process         Fee billing                   Pupil records
Bus management          Feeder school management      Recharges
Care list               Form lists                    Registers
Cats/ pips etc          Group organisation            Rewards and sanctions
Census reports          Group registration            School calendar
Check in- check out     Help system                   Secure documentation
Check points            House lists etc               Shadow process
Covers                  Import functions              Special needs
CRB checks              Label system                  Staff information
Curriculum management   Marketing information         Tagging
Day book                Medical manager               Testing and tracking
Document management     Merge letter                  Test messaging
Email functions         Multi edit                    Timetable
Emergency information   New entrants                  Treatment records
Event management        Office integration            Vaccination reports
Export functions        Online reports

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