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									CORE Executive Board
      January 27, 2010

            Next CEB
        February 17, 2010

• SQL Requests/Problem Management Summary
• Completed Projects
• Portfolio
     •    Budget Status
     •    Priority
     •    Execution Delivery Schedule
• Projects in Movement
• Program Status
     •    HCM
     •    Financials
• Application Development Service Request Summary
• Scorecard
• FMS Service Requests
• Executive Issues

                             Problem Management
                                   SQL Requests in Total
                                        YTD 2009




40                                                                                 CRM
30                                                                                 Financial


     Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun     Jul    Aug      Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec
                 Problem Management Summary

Summary      Total      Resolved or   Investigating   Resolved by     DR to be
             Problems   Resolution In                 Future          Created
                        Process                       Functionality

Financials      10           2              2               6

PO               1                          1

HCM              9           5              2                             2

  TOTAL         20           7              5               6             2

              Completed Projects
                     since last CEB

                                Schedule   Budget

 Item Maintenance

 Deposits

                                                 Portfolio Priority
                                                    Project                                       Current      Priority within
                   Project Name                                    Dept       Function
                                                    Manager                                    Project Phase     Function
Backfill Developers for Production support and     Fred Cantrell   CORE   Financial mgmt         Execution           1
Enhancments                                                                      +
                                                                        Human capital mgmt
Deposits                                            Alex / Kim     CORE   Financial mgmt           Close             2

ARRA- Phase II BI Transparency                    Lisa McKeithan CORE           Other            Concept             3

Time and Labor Pilot                                Alex / Kim     CORE Human capital mgmt       Execution           4

Commitment Accounting- Rollout                    Michael Grisser CORE Human capital mgmt        Execution           5

T&L Manager Self Service                             Alex/Kim      CORE Human capital mgmt       Planning>           6
Integrated Item Maintenance                          Alex/Kim      CORE    Assets, Supply          Close             7
                                                                          Chain Management
Asset Mgmt-Pilot                                    Alex / Kim     CORE         Assets           Execution           8

Grants/Projects/Contracts/AR Billing ODOT/OESC      Alex / Kim     CORE   Enterprise service     Execution           9
Manager Self Servive ODOT Pilot                     Alex / Kim     CORE   Enterprise service     Planning            10
PeopleSoft Extract Staging Environment            Lisa McKeithan CORE           Other            Planning            11

AP Workflow                                       Michael Grisser CORE    Financial              Planning            12
Higher Education Interface                        Lisa McKeithan CORE Human capital mgmt         Planning            13

HCM functionality Enhancements                    Michael Grisser CORE Human capital mgmt        Execution           14

Inventory-ODOT                                      Alex / Kim     CORE   Supply chain mgmt      Execution           15

                                                      Portfolio Priority
                                                          Project                                     Current Project   Priority within
                     Project Name                                        Dept        Function
                                                          Manager                                         Phase            Function
Grants/Projects/Contracts/AR Billing/T&L Extended -      Alex / Kim      CORE    Enterprise service      Planning             16
Commerce/DEQ Remainder of Concept Aencies                                           automation
Business Intelligence                                  Lisa McKeithan    CORE          Other             Planning             17

Employee Self Service Rollout                          Michael Grisser   CORE          HCM              Execution             18

Travel & Expense EFT                                    Steve Wilson     DCAR     Financial mgmt        Execution             19

OpenBooks - Phase III                                  Lisa McKeithan    CORE          Other             Concept              20

Asset Mgmt-Rollout                                     Michael Grisser   CORE         Assets             Planning             21

Grants - Provisioning                                  Lisa McKeithan    CORE          Other             Planning             22

Licensing                                              Lisa McKeithan    CORE          Other             Planning             23

Treasury                                               Lisa McKeithan    CORE     Financial mgmt         Initiation           24

eBill Payment                                          Lisa McKeithan    CORE     Financial mgmt         Concept              25

Backfill Developers for Production support and          Fred Cantrell    CORE     Financial mgmt         Planning             26
Enhancments 2011                                                                        +
                                                                                Human capital mgmt
BI - CAFR                                              Lisa McKeithan    CORE         Other              Concept              27

Scanning and Bar-coding functionality for Phase II          Alex         CORE         Assets             Concept              28

                       Projects in Execution Delivery Schedule
                              2009                 2010               2011
                       A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J
                       P A U U U E C O E A E A P A U U U E C O E A E A P A U U
                       R Y N L G P T V C N B R R Y N L G P T V C N B R R Y N L

ARRA Transparency

Manager Self Service

Backfill Dev Support

Asset Mgmt Pilot

Inventory ODOT

Time & Labor

HCM Enhanced Funct

Commmit Acct Rollout



Asset Mgmt Rollout

Higher ED Interface

                                                   2666 - T&L Extended (Monthly)
Design and implementation of required functionality for monthly payroll to feed Projects, Contracts and Grants requires the creation of custom rules and
modification to existing rules to process time. These rules will be applicable to all State agencies

                                                         Milestone Plan +/- 10%
                                                                          Jan     Feb    Mar    Apr    May     Jun     Jul   Aug     Sep    Oct     Nov
Prepare and conduct prototype sessions.
Prepare Development Requests
Prepare for and conducts Business Process testing
Develop and unit test rules
Define and test security roles.
Perform Gross to Net testing
Prepare for and Conduct Integration Testing
Prepare for and Conduct User Acceptance Testing
Perform Conversions / Go Live
Post Production Support


               Milestone            Task Bar

                                                 2665 - Asset Management Rollout

Rollout of Peoplesoft Asset Management to remianing non Pilot Agencies by December 2010

                                                             Milestone Plan +/- 10%
                                                                     Feb    Mar    Apr    May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan
Prepare for Agency Kickoff
Production Support
Configure and Verify Asset Conversion Data
Perform Test-Load and Validate Asset Data
Train Agency Users
Configure Agencies Asset Management Business Unit in Production
Convert Agencies Asset Data and Validate
Technical Support as Needed
Agency Go Live
Newly converted Agency Go Live Support

** The team will be working on up to 3 groups at a time
Group B - 31 agencies 04/01/2010 - 05/27/2010 - 06/30/2010
Group C - 28 agencies 05/01/2010 - 07/22/2010 - 08/22/2010
Group D - 24 agencies 07/01/2010 - 09/16/2010 - 10/16/2010
Group E - 23 agencies 09/01/2010 - 11/09/2010 - 12/09/2010
Group F - 19 agencies 11/01/2010 - 12/24/2010 - 01/14/2011

              Milestone            Task Bar

                                      2675 - Staging Environment for PeopleSoft Extracts
Before ODOT can go-live with the Phase II modules, it needs to insure that the appropriate reporting is in place to support its on-going operations. This project
will extract data from PeopleSoft and put it in staging tables so that ODOT can pull it for

                                                              Milestone Plan +/- 50%
                                                                           Jan    Feb     Mar    Apr    May     Jun    Jul     Aug    Sep     Oct    Nov      Dev
Build Staging Environment
Psoft Financials - Dev Requests & Development (ODOT Impact)
OpenBooks - Dev Requests & Development
CAFR - Dev Requests & Development
Psoft HCM - Dev Requests & Development


              Milestone              Task Bar

Program Status


                          CORE – 2581 Time & Labor

Status:              Integration and User Acceptance awaiting OESC and ODOT.

Key Activities

                        Task                                  %             Start              End
Development                                                  90            3/23/09       11/15/09

Implementation Packages for Agencies                         100           7/01/09        9/14/09

Training manual                                              100           4/24/09       10/30/09

Business Process Flow                                        100           6/15/09       10/30/09

User Acceptance Testing - ODOT                                0             TBD            TBD

Key Overall Issues
 Requires         ODOT and OESC moved to biweekly Payrolls as of January 2010.
Awareness:        Full integration test and UAT will coincide with GPC and Concept Agencies.
                  Awaiting decision on DPS policies.

                   CORE – 2600 Manager Self Service

Status:              Project on hold pending more analysis

Key Activities

                         Task                                %       Start         End
Training Manual                                              100   10/01/2009   10/16/2009

User Acceptance Testing                                      100   12/21/2009   01/11/2010

Security                                                     100   12/21/2009   01/11/2010

Perform Training for Concept Agency                          100   01/19/2010   01/22/2010

Go Live                                                      0     02/01/2010

Key Overall Issues
 Requires         Project on hold pending more analysis

       CORE – 2674 Manager Self Service ODOT / Pilot

Status:              Project will be in two phases: (1) limited salary personnel in the March time frame
                     and (2) all non Agile Asset personnel July 1st.

Key Activities

                         Task                                   %              Start           End
Kick Off                                                        0          02/09/2010      02/09/2010

Schedule Project                                                0          02/10/2010      02/17/2010

Security                                                        0

Perform Training for Concept Agency                             0

Go Live                                                         0          07/01/2010

Key Overall Issues

          CORE – 2636 Commitment Accounting Rollout

Status:              Group C went live as of 01/18/2010. Training and Q&A sessions have been
                     completed for Groups C & D. Kick-off session completed for Group F 01/21.
GREEN                Rollout plan is progressing as scheduled. Training days for Group D will be
                     increased from 1.5 days to 2.5 days to accommodate the number of agencies.

Key Activities
                      TASK                          % Complete           Start           Finish
Group C Go Live                                    100%             10/28/2009       01/18/2010
Group C Training                                   100%             01/13/2010       01/14/2010
Group D Q&A                                        100%             01/19/2010       01/19/2010
Group F Kickoff Meeting                            100%             01/21/2010       01/21/2010
Group D Go Live                                    0%               02/13/2010       02/14/2010

Key Overall Issues
  Requires         No issues at this time

          CORE – 2667 HCM Functionality Enhancements

Status:                  Functional specs 14 of 23 are completed. Technical specs 14 are completed.
                         The number of reports has again been reduced (by 3) due to the team creating
GREEN                    queries. Two approach papers have been created and are under review Search
                         Match is complete except for acceptance testing which will determine of the
                         related documentation is adequate. ODOT updates to locations are complete.

Key Activities
                           TASK                           % Complete            Start           Finish
ODOT - Completed Location table updates as well as       100%              01/01/2010       01/15/2010
updates to job and position with the new locations
Define and Implement Search match                        85%               01/01/2010       02/19/2010

Table of Organization                                    47%               01/01/2010       02/28/2010
Queries (71%) and Reports                                16%               01/01/2010       05/12/2010

Key Overall Issues
  Requires              Case 3-1285165731 logged with PeopleSoft to report security flaw on badge
 Awareness:             component – we can easily fix if we do not get a solution from Oracle. The case
                        has been escalated.
                        Tech estimates on Market Pay process increased by 40 hours because of
                        complexity. Plan is OK due to reduction of other reports being replaced by queries

Service Catalog Requests – Employee Self Service Rollout

                                     Agencies          # of Employees
      Live on System as of
             02/01/2010                         48                    18,257

   Scheduled after 02/01/2010                   16                      4,980

     Total live and scheduled                   64                    23,641

           As of February 1st, 46% of Employees will be live on ESS
   As of today, 59% of Employees are live and/or scheduled to be live on

   Presentations – Last ESS presentation was performed on December 17

     User Password Reset functionality should be moved to production
                             around 01/27

Program Status

Phase II Modules

                               CORE – 2597 Asset Pilot

Status:               The Team is preparing for User Acceptance Testing. Integration Testing identified
                      a few issues related to Security. New DRs have been created and are being
GREEN                 routed for approval and development prior to User Acceptance Testing.

Key Activities
                                   TASK                                   Start            Finish
Integration Testing - Finalizing                                     11/09/2009        01/13/2010
Training Manuals                                                     01/04/2010        02/05/2010
User Acceptance – Preparing for                                      02/03/2010        02/25/2010
Training                                                             02/08/2010        03/05/2010
Go-Live                                                              03/08/2010

Key Overall Issues
  Requires         First Agencies to go-live on 03/08/2010.
 Awareness:        Asset Conversion Development has been developed; however, the Team has not
                   received a “usable” file from the pilot agencies.

  CORE – 2599 Grants, Projects, Contracts with AR/Billing

Status:                 The Team is preparing for Integration Testing. Integration Testing to begin on
                        01/25/2010 rather than 01/04/2010. The Team is working on a ‘catch-up’ plan.
                        OESC has begun working with CORE to be a part of the May / June go-live
                        timeline. OESC still waiting on consultant.

Key Activities
                                 TASK                                       Start             Finish

Define Agency Configuration –                                          09/01/2009        11/30/2009
ODOT Complete / OESC Continuing
Clean-up and Format Conversion Data – Ongoing                          09/01/2009        11/30/2009
Prepare for Integration Testing - Continuing                           10/01/2009        12/25/2009
Integration Testing                                                    01/04/2010        02/16/2010
Training Manuals – Identification                                      01/18/2010        02/26/2010
Key Overall Issues
  Requires            •Go-Live is scheduled for: OESC – 06/01/2010, ODOT – 07/01/2010
 Awareness:           •Late getting OESC involved.
                      •OESC consultant – delayed.
                      • ODOT change requires rework of plan.

                      CORE - 2602 AP Workflow Status

Status:              On December 7th Maximus presented 4 options and made a recommendation.
                     The team wanted more time to digest the options. A meeting was scheduled for
RED                  01/06 which was canceled due to consultants being sick. It has been rescheduled
                     for 02/02/2010

Key Activities
                      TASK                          % Complete           Start            Finish
Perform On Site Fit/Info gathering Sessions        100%             09/07/2009        09/11/2009
Maximus present solutions                          100%             12/07/2009        12/07/2009
Determine to move forward or hold                  0%               01/06/2010        02/19/2010

Key Overall Issues
  Requires        Based on current analysis the AP workflow does not appear to have benefit right
 Awareness:       now. Team is reviewing options.

                        CORE – 2610 Inventory ODOT

Status:              Development has been approved for Inventory ODOT

 Key Activities
                              TASK                                       Start             Finish
Development                                                         10/01/2009       11/30/2009

Key Overall Issues

  Requires        No other tasks for CORE at this time. They plan to go live 07/01/2010.

                    ODOT Phase II Update

          Milestone                Target     Complete
Accelerated OSF/ODOT AR/BI       10/30/2009   10/30/2009
   Commitment Accounting         12/14/2009   12/14/2009
     Time and Labor Lite         01/10/2010   01/10/2010
      Leave Conversion           01/10/2010   01/10/2010
          Deposits               01/18/2010   01/18/2010
      Item Maintenance           01/19/2010   01/19/2010
          Bi-Weekly              01/20/2010   01/20/2010
          Contracts              03/01/2010
Asset Management Pilot Rollout   07/01/2010
          Inventory              07/01/2010
            G/P/C                07/01/2010
   T&L with Project Costing      07/01/2010
         Agile Assets            07/01/2010

 Within 10% of plan        Within 20% of Plan          Over 20% of plan

                                                 Program Status

                                  Current        Health                Project Phase Project Phase Health
                                                         Project Phase
         Project Name             Project          Ind                   Baseline        Target     Ind
                                                           Start Date
                                  Phase         Schedule                Completion    Completion Budget

Backfill Developers for          Execution         G            6/15/2009   12/18/2009   4/30/2009   G
Production support and
ARRA Transparency                Execution         G           10/15/2009   1/31/2010    1/31/2010   G
Time and Labor Pilot             Execution         R            3/1/2009    5/28/2009    6/30/2010   R
Commitment Accounting-           Execution         G            9/1/2009    6/30/2010    6/30/2010   G

T&L/Manager Self Service         Execution         R            10/1/2009   12/31/2009    2/1/2010   R
Asset Management Pilot           Execution         G             6/1/2009   4/14/2010    4/14/2010   G

Grants/Projects/Contract         Execution         Y            7/1/2009    7/31/2010    5/3/2010    R
PeopleSoft Extract Staging        Planning         G            1/14/2010   6/30/2010    6/30/2010   G
AP Workflow                       Planning         R            8/15/2009   9/30/2009    2/28/2010   G

Higher education Interface       Planning>         Y            3/1/2008    7/31/2009    2/28/2010   G

     Within 10% of plan      Within 20% of Plan          Over 20% of plan

                                                     Program Status

                                Current            Health                Project Phase Project Phase Health
                                                           Project Phase
        Project Name            Project              Ind                   Baseline        Target     Ind
                                                             Start Date
                                Phase             Schedule                Completion    Completion Budget

HCM Functionality              Execution             G          1/4/2010    5/28/2010    5/28/2010     G
Inventory ODOT                 Execution             R          8/1/2009     5/3/2010     5/3/2010     R
Grants/Projects/Contract       Planning>             G         12/1/2009    10/31/2010   10/31/2010    G
A/R Billing/T&L Extended       Execution
Commerce/DEQ Remainder
of Pilot Agencies

Business Intelligence - FS      Initiation           R          4/1/2009    7/31/2009    6/30/2010     R
Asset Management Rollout        Planning             G         9/15/2009    3/31/2010    2/28/2010     G

Grants - Provisioning           Planning             R         7/31/2008    7/15/2009    10/16/2009    G
Licensing                       Planning             R         12/1/2008    8/15/2009    3/31/2010     G
Treasury - GL                   Initiation           R         3/16/2009    7/15/2009    2/28/2010     G

                          FMS Service Requests

                                        Total   Financials    Supply          Other
                                                             Chain (PO)

Total Items                         46          29           17           0

Ranked Items                        15          8            7            0

Items Needing Cancellation (30’s)   1           1            0            0

Items with Approved DR’s (40’s)     10          10           0            0

Items w/out Approved DR’s (50’s)    20          10           10           0

New Items to be Ranked (100’s)      0           0            0            0

Completed Items (999’s)             0           0            0            0

                 Issue                                    Status

1) PeopleSoft requires agencies to be on
                                           A detail plan has been created and
bi-weekly payroll to support integration
                                           presented to DEQ and Commerce.
between payroll and Projects / Grants /
                                           Commerce has committed to the plan
Contracts. DEQ and Commerce are
                                           And DEQ is in the process of reviewing.
not moving toward a bi-weekly payroll.

2) The fixed asset rollout plan has been
Completed and additional state resource    Determining how to fund the project with
is required to deliver on the current      additional state resource.

                                           We will conduct a post mortem on the
3) The bi-weekly payroll conversion was
                                           bi-weekly payroll project and determine
more difficult for the agencies and HCM
                                           what we can do to make this conversion
Team than expected.
                                           process seamless.

4) ODOT has delayed their                  The team is currently re-planning the
Implementation of Grants/Projects/         Implementation for the four pilot
Contracts, Inventory, and Time and         agencies - (DEQ, Commerce, ODOT,
Labor.                                     OESC).
                   Executive Notes

 Communications:
     Next Quarterly Partners meeting: Feb.4, 2010
     Financial Advisor Group meeting: Jan. 27, 2010
 Roadmaps in development:
     Procure to Pay – Jan. 2010
     OKDHS under refinement – Feb. 2010
 Special CEB Meeting – Review ODOT Revised
 Plans - TBD


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