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					Hancock County Public Library – July 8, 2008

An Executive Session IC 5-14-1.5-6.1(b)(9) was held from 6:00-7:05 p.m.

Board of Trustees Meeting

Board Present: Ted Gabrielsen, Beverly Gard, Jane Pfaff, Peggy Pritzke, Joe Mohr, and Mark Copeland
Board Absent: Harlan Smith
Staff: Dianne Osborne, Debbi Barnhart, Jason Fields, Jeanette Sherfield, Ginny Andis, and Mary Lynn Burrows
Others: Rick Roberts, Engledow

President Mark Copeland called the Board of Trustees meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

Rick Roberts presented a remediation plan for the landscaping at the main library.
     The irrigation system needs to be rebuilt, the leaks repaired, and the sprinkler heads reset. A drip irrigation
       should be added to beds under the overhang. This should be done within 30 days.
     All future RFQ’s for lawn service should specify walk behind or riders because large wheeled tractors with
       mowing decks cause too much compaction, rutting and damage sprinkler heads.
     A spring and fall aeration coupled with a top dressing of sand should be implemented after Labor Day.
     Hardwood mulching should be kept to a minimum and should be no more than 2 inches deep.
     The mulch should be kept from touching tree trunks.
     Each tree in the turf should have three 8 inch by 36 inch deep drywells (filled with septic stone) dug around
     The bed in the southwest corner should be pulled away from the window by three feet if drip irrigation is not
     He recommended beginning immediately with the irrigation and turf remediation plan followed by the tree
     The existing zones can be used more efficiently.
     He said the Regreening trees should be pruned and dead wood removed.
     This fall would be the correct time to fix the landscaping around the library sign.
     He approximated -
           o $2,500 for repair of irrigation lines and heads
           o $200-250 to install a water sensor that will keep the sprinklers from running after a rain storm
           o $3,000-4,000 to install drip irrigation

August dates for the Board of Trustees meetings were discussed. Debbi Barnhart said the HCPLibrary Board will not
approve the 2009 budget until the HC Council approves it. She said the August 26 meeting date will not be needed
although there may be a need for two meetings in September. Mary Lynn Burrows will contact the newspaper to
inform them about the cancellation of the second meeting in August.

Beverly Gard said she would like to see a police officer present at the library during the Fourth of July fireworks
celebration at Greenfield-Central High School. Dianne Osborne said she had inquired in the past but was told that all
officers are on duty that night. Beverly said fireworks were being set off in the parking lot and people were parking in
the grass. She suggested posting signs stating that fireworks were prohibited in our lot. She also said we should
close off the circle with cones on that day.

There were no Issues of Public Concern.

Peggy Pritzke moved to accept the June 10, 2008 Board meeting minutes as written. This was seconded by Joe
Mohr. Vote was taken and the motion carried.

Jane Pfaff moved to accept the June 1 – Jun 30, 2008 financial report as written. This was seconded by Peggy
Pritzke. Vote was taken and the motion carried.

Dianne Osborne reviewed bills ($230,588.99) and found them to be in order.
Discussion included –
     The boiler inspection is done by Homeland Security.
     The generator in the Techmobile (TM) was clogged with road debris and it overheated.
     The TM is five years old and has 45,000 miles on it.
     Scheduling preventative maintenance for the TM was also discussed.
Peggy Pritzke moved to allow these bills. This was seconded by Joe Mohr. Vote was taken and the motion carried.
Dianne gave the Director’s Report –

       Attachment F includes a letter to the Hancock County Council addressing concerns related to a possible
        reduction in EDIT rate for the library. The council will meet tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. Dianne Osborne
        will attend this meeting.
       Dianne Osborne recently answered questions that Daily Reporter publisher Randall Shields had about the
        EDIT fund. She provided him with H.J. Umbaugh’s analysis and letter of explanation. He was also given the
        library’s final budget orders.
       The main library experienced a power outage due to a fire at the Greenfield-Central High School. This
        caused a brief interruption in Internet service. The library has a back-up T1 line through AT & T that could
        provide basic circulation functions at both the main library and Sugar Creek Branch if needed.
       Carrier has been working on the leak in the roof above the Information Technology office. They have rebuilt,
        patched and re-caulked the area. They have been very responsive and are determined to find the cause of
        the leak.
       Vincennes University President Richard Helton met with Dianne Osborne and Dave Gray to discuss adult
        educational requirements in the county and explore ways both the library and university might offer classes.
        Dave did an analysis of the computer lab usage over the last six months and said it was used approximately
        33% of the time we are open. A similar meeting will take place soon with a representative from Purdue
       The Pathlight Grant now totals almost $4,500. We are almost half way to our goal of $10,000. The deadline
        for accepting donations is December 31, 2009.
       Dianne will be taking vacation days to attend her daughter’s wedding in Chicago. She will also be attending
        two conferences and return to the main library on July 21 .

Beverly Gard said Carole Maynard will be hosting the Nexus Group this Friday at 10:00 a.m. in the Courthouse
Annex. This presentation is for the east-central tax district. They will discuss: Tax billing and the budget process,
property tax assessment board of appeals, elected official training, and property tax levy consolidation. Debbi
Barnhart and Jason Fields will attend this meeting.

Chief Operating Officer Jason Fields distributed his meeting schedule. It included the personnel involved, the subject,
and the meeting type.

Jason Fields also shared a PowerPoint Presentation of the Indiana Public Library Certification and how it affects
The summary of required certification for HCPL is:
Library Certificate 1 (LC1) –    Chief Executive Officer (Dianne Osborne)
                                 Chief Operating Officer (Jason Fields)
Library Certificate 2 (LC2) -    Associate Director of Branches (Ginny Andis)
                                 Associate Director of the Central Library (Diana Hoy)
                                 Library Certificate 3 (LC3) -    Branch Manager (Jeanette Sherfield)
                                 Department Heads (Jean Medley, Linda Thakrar, Tiffany Fisher, Christy Beaver)
                                 Reference Librarians (Joy Summers and Jackie Osting)
                                 Techmobile Manager (Mike Schull)
                                 Technical Services Librarian (Terri Gorden)
Library Certificate 5 (LC5) -    Branch Children’s Services Coordinator (Deborah Reynolds)
Specialist 4 (SP4) -             Systems Manager (Dave Gray)
 The HCPLibrary set the minimum requirements a little higher than the state required to follow our vision of
    providing superior service.
 Positions requiring certification submitted a “Grandfather” form.
 Staff can apply for a higher certification at any time.
 Even though HCPL does not require certifications from all staff on the organizational chart, anyone qualifying
    was encouraged to fill out the grandfather form.
 Beginning in 2009 all HCPLibrary staff will be required to receive training.
 Training sessions will be offered at the library.
 Certification levels are now included in the job descriptions where required.
 Anyone completing training can send a copy of their LEU (Library Education Units) to the Business Office where
    they will be recorded using the ADP system. This will make it easier when the state audits certifications.
   Requirements for certification must be met by September 20, 2013.

Jane Pfaff moved to reappoint Dianne Osborne to the Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority
(INCOLSA) Board. This was seconded by Peggy Pritzke. Vote was taken and the motion carried.

Attachment I contains the Hancock County CAPE Project final evaluation report.
Debbi Barnhart gave a 2009 budget preview.
    Debbi worked with input she received from Department Heads.
    She recommended dropping the Library Capital Projects Fund so the overall budget would not increase over
    A line item in the Operating Budget will include a $250,000 transfer to the Library Improvement Reserve
       Fund (LIRF.)
    There will be a 3% increase in salaries.
    Personnel Services (salary and benefits) comprise 53% of the budget.

The Board gave their approval for 4-6 people to participate in United Way’s Annual Day of Caring on Friday,
September 12 .

The Hancock County Community Foundation is assisting HCPL in wrapping up the library’s Capital Campaign.
Reminders are being sent to the organizations and companies with outstanding pledges due this fall.

Attachment M is an updated Board of Trustees information sheet. Please check to see if your information is correct.

Ted Gabrielsen moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:29 p.m. This was seconded by Peggy Pritzke. Vote was taken
and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lynn Burrows, Recording Secretary

_____________________________                                    ________________________
Mark Copeland, President                                         Joe Mohr, Secretary

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