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                          Primestock report for:
                     WEDNESDAY, 28th MARCH 2012

PRIME CATTLE (54) - Auctioneer: Nick Young
Substitute auctioneer, brilliant trade, great support with wholesale and retail buyers
performing valiantly. Thanks to all Hailsham’s top quality producers for helping to make
the show such a success. Highfields Farm of Mayfield top the day, Limousin cross
heifers at 223p twice. John & Mary Jones’ have homebred Limousin cross steers and
heifers to 215p. Mr & Mrs Graham Beck, with Reserve Champion and Specials, their
whole consignment averaging nearly £1,350. Mark & John Cornwell’s Aberdeen Angus
cross to £1,410. Many, many cattle selling for £2 plus per kilo.

COWS & OVERAGE BEEF (27) Auctioneer: Nick Young
Cull cows even dearer, the best all 140p plus. Nick Miles show stopper 162p, Cor Van
Der Meer’s Simmental cross 150p, Friesian dairy culls to 141p, lean black and white
123p. Virtually all cows changing hands between 122p - 162p price range. Overage
beef not many - Mark and John Cornwell’s smart medium weight Limousin cross steer,
medium 184p.

CALVES (9) Auctioneer: David Blake
More needed to meet the strong demand. Plumpton College’s Simmental cross bull
topped the billing at £235 with their Simmental cross heifers following at £165 and
£155. Angus cross heifers to £130 per head.
Next Wednesday, 4th April - 8 Sussex steers and heifers, 3 months old

PIGS (28) Auctioneer: David Blake
Little movement in the pig trade, not that exciting. Landrace cross pork weight gilts to £1
per kilo, cutter weight entire whites 88p, coloured gilts 80p per kilo, cull sow £145 per
head and boar £110. Heavy feeders look good value at £30 per head.

SHEEP (1286) - Auctioneer: Nick Young
MILK LAMBS (23)                                    Overall average 195.23p per kilo.
Lack of supply and a lack of demand. Easter comes too early and of course so did
Hailsham’s show. Trade undoubtedly will change for the better but certainly not for a few
weeks - when the trade makes the switch from old season to new
Leading prices per head:- P Cruise £89, £80, £75, Mrs PM Bignell £85, Cissbury Farm
£82, £80, £75.
Leading price per kilo:- Mrs PM Bignell 242.9p, P Cruise 202.3p, 194.8p, 177.8p,
Cissbury Farm 180.3p, 173.2p, 166.7p, 164p.
HOGGETS (788)                               Overall average 205.34p per kilo.
Trade started moderately and ended up very strong indeed.
Leading prices per head:- R H Smith £115, £111.50, £101, Goodwood Estate Co. Ltd.
£112, TH Carnaghan £111.50, £99, JG Frizzell £96, £95.50, E Gingell £96, Mrs AM
Eales £96, JD Goodman £96, RE Jarvis £95, AC Ellett £95, D Kemp £95.
Leading price per kilo:- H H Visser 246.6p, JD Goodman 241.2p, 215.3p, D Kemp
237.5p, BD Wheeler 228.1p, 210.7p, RJ Verity 224p, AC Ellett 223.1p, 214.1p, NJC & P
Clouting 217.2p, RG Whyman 210.8p, TR Holt 210.1p, 209.3p, RE Jarvis 208.3p, GE
Tobitt 206.6p, SJ Carr 204.9p
EWES (162)
A well worn trade but there was another Hailsham humdinger this week.
E Hall £115, I Williams £113, DS & P Humphrey £111, £98, G Harvey £107, £103,
Hollycombe Farms Ltd £107, BD Wheeler £103, R & L Haines £96, JG & M Bray £95, JD
Trunkfield Farms Ltd £95, SJ Carr £95, JN Carr Farms £94.
We just cannot get enough store lambs at Hailsham. The more the merrier.
G Vicary £85, FJ Rogers £82.50, £76.50, D Blake £81, RG Whyman £80, PJ Greenaway
£80, Leconfield Farms £80, MK Wickens £76.50
G Day’s ewe and lamb to £126 and his Texel x Kent in-lamb ewes to £110, £95 and £92
per head.
                     Entered for next week, Wednesday, 4th April -
            a consignment of 120 Texel store lambs from Henry Osbourne
                              EASTER SHOW RESULTS
                          WEDNESDAY, 28th MARCH 2012
                                    Judge:- David Fry
          Thanks to all those who made the effort to support the commercial
                Easter Show, vendors, purchasers and sponsors alike.
                              BEST BUTCHERS BEAST
                                      Sponsored by
                       Matthew Miller of
                                        awarded to
                                     Highfield Farms
                            for their 540 kg. Limousin heifer
                                       208p per kilo
                purchased by David Fry (Butcher at East Grinstead)
                            RESERVE BUTCHERS BEAST
              Sponsored by Shaun Hutchings (Butcher) Partridge Green
                                        awarded to
                W Beck & Son for their 635kg. Limousin heifer at 210p
                                      purchased by
                                   Tottingworth Farms
                                  JUDGES SPECIALS -
             Sponsored by David Pilling of Barclays Agriculture, Hailsham
                                       awarded to:-
                   DJC & C Gosling’s 560 kg. Sussex steer 208p,
                    W Beck & Son’s 725 kg. Limousin steer 205p,
      Mrs LP Brash’s South Devon steers 605 kg. at 205p and 570 kg. at 203p,
                  St. Georges Retreat’s 555 kg. Blonde heifer 202p,
                       J Andrew’s 540 kg. Limousin heifer 200p,
                      J & M Jones’ 530 kg. Limousin heifer 182p,
                         R J & JR Ayre’s Limousin steer 186p,
                   FA Starley P’ships 500 kg. Sussex heifer 185p,
                          D Blowey’s 595 kg. Charolais 191p.
                                    BEST BEEF COW
                                      Sponsored by
                         Mark Antrobus of Mole Valley Farmers
                                        awarded to
                N P Miles Blonde d’Aquitaine cow at 162p (£1,125.90)
                                  MILK LAMBS
                               Judge:- Simon Jenner

                        CHAMPION PEN OF MILK LAMBS
                                     Sponsored by
                           Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
                                       awarded to
                                     Mrs P Bignell
                                     purchased by
                      Peter Fry (Butcher at East Grinstead)
                                    at £85 per head
                                     Sponsored by
                           Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
                                       awarded to
                                        P Cruise
                                     purchased by
                          Forge Meats (Tunbridge Wells)
                                    at £89 per head
                               Class 1 (Up to 32 kgs.)
                                     Sponsored by
                              D S C Supplies, Hailsham
                       1st Prize - Mrs P Bignell’s 35 kg. - £85
                         2nd Prize - P Cruise’s 44 kg. - £89
                     3rd Prize - Cissbury Farms’ 41.6 kg. - £75

                               Best Pen of Hoggets
                                   Sponsored by
                         Forge Farm Meats (Southborough)
                               awarded to R Jarvis
                             50.4 kg. at £105 per head
                   purchased by Tony Fulk (Butcher at Pirbright)

           Many thanks to our Judges - Peter Fry and Simon Jenner
                          for ably taking on the role
                          STORE CATTLE REPORT
              MONDAY, 26th MARCH ~ Auctioneer: Roger Waters

               Commercial Cows and Calves to £1,370 per couple
                    Hereford x Friesian bulling heifers £980
                     Better beef prices here to stay they say !
 Beef breeding cows with calves at foot outstanding returns - the younger the better -
   bullers big money and good to see a re-surgent interest in the breeding trade.

                              BEEF BREEDING STOCK
DG Alexander’s - Part herd dispersal - Hereford x Friesian cows with young Limousin
 cross calves at foot to £1,370 and average £1,336, older Charolais cross cows with
                                calves at foot to £1,130
           J Mockford’s Hereford x Friesian bulling heifers, 23 mos £980,
          S Macdonald’s Hereford x Friesian bulling heifers, 18 mos £980,
NM Hedley’s Simmental x Friesian bullers, 17/18 mos £905, and Aberdeen Angus cross
                                     bullers £870,
             W Visser’s Simmental x Montbeliarde bullers, 16 mos £795

Outwintered Angus from Mrs Sarah Macdonald to £1,050 at 17 months. Angus out in
    front once again in numbers and trade, rewards are good or even very good.
            J & S Maiklem’s purebred Angus steers, 11/12 mos to £840
            Anthony Goldsmith’s home-reared Angus x Friesian steers,
 17 mos £820, EC White & Son’s suckler bred steers, 10 mos £770, DR Lingham’s
                         suckler bred steers, 9/10 mos £770,
                New Barn Partners’ Crossbred steers, 12 mos £735,
                MK Wickens’ young outwintered steers, 5 mos £510.

                     OTHER NATIVES WORTHY OF NOTE
                 SH Seaman’s Sussex cross steers, 18 mos £820,
               LJ Poland’s South Devon cross steers, 11 mos £745,
         JRJ Dewe’s Sussex steers, 11 mos £620, MD Rees’ Sussex steers,
                16 mos £615, R Harris’ Sussex steers, 9 mos £600

        SUCKLER BRED STEERS & HEIFERS - either side of 12 months
  Muntham Farms’ (Robert Heath) magnificent steers, real stars run in and out at
                   £1,075, £990, £932, etc., all 10 - 13 months.
                         Demand sharper on the week.
                              Other leading prices:-
 JE & SK Boarer’s Charolais cross steers, 10/11 mos £880, heifers £660, R White’s
                  Limousin cross steers £870 and heifers £670,
             BC Charman’s Simmental cross steers, 11 mos £765,
                M Benson’s Limousin cross steers, 9 mos £720,
        HH Harvey & Son’s Limousin cross steers £650 and heifers £535

                    OLDER SORTS - BEEF & DAIRY BRED
              No shortage of four figure prices, demand rock solid
               J Mockford’s Limousin cross steers, 24 mos £1,130
              RC Baker & Co’s Limousin cross steers, 23 mos £1,130,
                           and heifers, 25 mos £1,080
               AR & J Water’s Simmental cross, 16/18 mos £1,030

                         FRIESIANS - BRITISH & HOLSTEIN
                           Very limited in numbers on offer
                    AJ & C Martin’s Holstein steers, 12 mos £360,
                         B Cranfield’s Friesians, 18 mos £700
                      370/400 HEAD NEXT MONDAY, 2nd APRIL
                                      Next Sale of
                                    370/400 Head of
                                   STORE CATTLE
                               on MONDAY, 2nd APRIL
 Entries include the Second Spring Consignment of 40 Aberdeen Angus cross heifers
   and 10 Aberdeen Angus cross steers, 9/12 mos from Mrs PA Greenwood and 41
Aberdeen Angus cross steers and heifers, 12 mos from Mr. & Mrs JS Tilley, 28 Sussex
cross steers and heifers, 10/22 mos from J & A Plumley, 21 Limousin cross steers and
heifers, 11/25 mos from CH & PF Green, 22 Aberdeen Angus cross steers and heifers, 8
mos from S Clancy, 20 Beef cross steers, 16/18 mos from C Weller, 20 Hereford cross
 steers and heifers, 10/12 mos from MJ & ML McCubbine, 15 Aberdeen Angus cross
steers, 17 mos from A Goldsmith, 14 Blonde d’Aquitaine cross steers and heifers, 11/12
  mos from Mr & Mrs K Watts, 13 Simmental x Friesian heifers, 22 mos from Colin &
  Gilly Broucke, 12 Simmental cross heifers, 12/14 mos from Muntham Farms Ltd.
                 NO SALE MONDAY, 9th APRIL - EASTER MONDAY
                      MONDAY, 16th APRIL - CUCKOO FAIR
 Entries already include part herd dispersal of 22 Sussex and Aberdeen Angus cross
  cows with their Sussex and Hereford cross calves, 1/5 mos old at foot from J & A
 Plumley,18 Simmental cross steers and heifers, 9/12 mos from H Hawkins and 15
Sussex cross steers, 12/13 mos from FA Starley P’ship plus many more good entries
                                    coming forward
                                 MONDAY, 23rd APRIL
                                     MONDAY, 30th APRIL
                                    SPRING SHOW & SALE
                          Entries now being taken for all these sales
                                     DON’T FORGET THIS
                                   SATURDAY, 31st MARCH
                                       at 10 a.m. prompt
                                 ARDINGLY SHOWGROUND
                                   The Second Spring Sale of
               Entries include:- Ford 3000 tractor; Trailers; Machinery inc.
 ‘98 M/F 185 big bale square, ‘94 N/H D1010, and Int. 440 conv. balers; Amazone,
  Vicon and Wessex fert. spreaders; Landmec and Fahr twin drum and Int. B23 finger
 mowers; Wessex 4’ topper; Kuhn tedder rake; hay bobs; many disc, chain and spike
    harrows; disc roller and ‘04 Grays flat roller, 8’ wide; big bale grabs, sheargrabs;
   squeezes, lifters, spikes; cattle crush with weighing facilities, post hole borer, Ibea
 chipper, log splitter, livestock equipment inc. chicken coops (as new), troughs, tanks,
 etc. fencing stakes, gates, chain saws, lawnmowers, inc. ride-on mowers, strimmers,
  hedgecutters, rotovators, pressure washers, generators, engines, pumps, concrete
mixers, garden tools & sundries, small tools & paint (as new), mixed shrubs, herbaceous
                           plants and fruit trees, guinea fowl, ducks,
                              cockerels, etc., in all over 1,300 lots
                                    Catalogues now available
                         **** FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY ****
             Vicon 4m heavy duty power harrow and drill combination,
      packer roller, levelling bar, etc, little used, all on purpose built low load trailer
                            THE HERSTMONCEUX COLLECTIVE
                                      At LIME END FARM
                                 On SATURDAY, 21st APRIL
       Entries now being taken for this sale and close next Thursday, 5th April.
              Please let us have your entries for inclusion in the catalogue
                                          NEXT SALE
                                at ARDINGLY SHOWGROUND
                                          to be held on
                                     THURSDAY, 3rd MAY
                                 Entries close Friday, 20th April
        at OSNEY LODGE FARM, South Godstone on SATURDAY, 16th JUNE
           Entry forms available for these sales go to
                                        ORFOLD FARM
                          Wisborough Green, Nr. Billingshurst
                               Important Dispersal Sale of
                          GRASSLAND/ARABLE MACHINERY
inc. ‘T’ reg. JCB Loadall 526S, ‘R’ reg. M/F 4235 with M/F 860 foreloader, ‘P’ reg. Case
   IHXL 4230 tractors; Haymaking machinery; Warwick Corn trailer; Workshop tools
                                  SATURDAY, 28th APRIL
                           On the instructions of E Luckin & Son
Entries of a similar nature are being accepted for this sale - please let us know what you
                     have as soon as possible for inclusion in this sale
                              Entries close Thursday, 5th April
                                        FARM DIRECT
                                         BULL BANK
                                    Pedigree Sussex bull
                              Frith Farm Breeding, 4 years old
                                   Purebred Sussex bull
                                        30 months plus
                                  Hereford bull, 3 years old
                                   Young Simmental bull
                         WANTED - Young Proven Charolais bull
                                       GRAZING LAND
                          60 Acres - Horsham/Newdigate Area
                                Conservation and / or grazing
                              90 Acres on the North Downs,
                                Dorking Area for the season
                        30/50 ACRES - HAILSHAM/LEWES AREA
                                    for grazing youngstock
                                       FODDER STORE
  Haylage, Silage, Hay, all bale sizes, round bale wheat and square bale oat now
      More Straw now available at various locations - Trading at sensible prices
                       Some Haylage in East Sussex - Offers invited
  RRW 07860 663345 / 01323 844874RRW 07860 663345 / 01323 844874
                            50 ACRES GRAZING AVAILABLE
                                 Frant/Tunbridge Wells Area
                              Tel: John Elliott 07767260287
                         REPLACEMENT CATTLE TAGS - £2.30
                         next day service including p&p (excl. VAT)
                                Official Run - pairs from 99p
                       Call Helen Sheppard (Allflex) 07766112126
                                        COLIN AXELL
                                SHEARING & CRUTCHING
                            TEL: 07851923287 - 01424 893939
                           SMITHERS BUTCHERY SERVICE
          For High Quality Bespoke Cutting and Processing of all Home kills
                    Cut, Packed and Labelled to Your Requirements
             Delivery Service Available - Weighing and Pricing Available
           Specialist in Processing of High Quality Sausages and Burgers
                   For this and any other meat related requirements
             Please telephone Steve on 07971405302 or 01435 813648
                       GRAHAM LONG - MASTER MOLE CATCHER
                 Member of British Traditional Mole Catchers Register
                        Domestic and Agricultural - Fully Insured
                    Day - 07795 226296              Eve - 01435 865370
                           THE LIVESTOCK PARTNERSHIP
                         BULL FERTILITY TESTING SERVICE
     Of the bulls* examined in 2011 1 in 7 were found to be sterile or sub-fertile.
 Even of the bulls that had previously been tested and found to be fertile 1 in 7 were
                            deemed to be unfit for breeding.
This proves the point that sub-fertility/sterility often happens in later years. 1 in 7 bulls
                                     have a problem.
                        Don’t play the lottery with your bulls!
Get your bulls tested this season by an experienced vet. With 700 bulls tested we offer
                   an on-farm service which is quick, easy and safe.
                 To get more information or to book an appointment call
                              The Livestock Partnership
                                      0845 313 84 34
                            MALT PELLETS AND PROTIENS
                              CATTLE & SHEEP BLENDS
            10mm cattle/sheep nuts at extremely competitive prices !
                 Fresh Citrus pulp available for immediate delivery
                                       01371 822181
                             BURDEN BROS AGRI LTD
                              John Deere Main Dealer

       Great Meade, Pump Lane, Framfield, East Sussex, TN22 5RN
                            01825 891111
         Church Farm, Church Lane, Stockbury, Kent, ME9 7RD
                             01795 843250
                          In the market for a versatile tractor?
               There’s never been a better time to buy John Deere quality.
                          To market the introduction of the new 5M,
                      we’ve configured a special edition that gives you
                       outstanding performance at a sensational price.
                   Ask us for more details of the NEW 5M-SERIES


                                 Plumpton College
                        Pork Butchery 24th 25th April
       Poultry – Processing 24th April. Practical Poultry Slaughter with the
                         Humane Slaughter Association 31st MAY
                            and rearing table birds date tbc
           Nutrition and Animal Performance with Mike Tame 17th April
                   Introduction Green Woodworking 12th April
                       Emergency First Aid at Work 11th May
                      Woodland Art courses starting 9th May.
                             A course day makes a great gift
          New Courses coming up with Matt Craig,of Batcheller Monkhouse.
     Recruiting and retaining good farm staff? Planning for Profit – Keeping the bank
       Training venues are in East Sussex, Flimwell and Netherfield, near Battle.
        Contact: Plumpton College Centre for Sustainable Food Farming and
                 - T.01580 879547
                         STOCK 1st LIVESTOCK SERVICES
                Offering a comprehensive range of Livestock Services
             to dairy, beef and sheep farmers throughout the South East

AI Service Bolusing Castrations Crutching/Clipping Consultancy CMT Dehorning
         Discussion Groups Locomotion scoring LIC Genetics Milk sampling
                NVZ Management Relief milking Scanning Training
                       Udder singeing Vaccinations Weighing
                          QUALIFIED MOBILITY MENTORS
                   CATTLE HEALTH PRODUCTS - Please enquire
     DAIRY/BEEF/SHEEP: Andy Ward 07815 909721 / Phil Martin 07971 360200
      FOOT TRIMMING: Peter Heath 07767 660784 / Paul Martin 07904 170245
                                Office: 01293 852722
       Email: Web:
                               HOLTRACTORS LTD
                                Hailsham - Sussex
    Phone 01323 841024 Mobile 07850851941 After Hours 01323 840077
   JCB Fastrac 1135                          Iseki, Kubota & Ford compact tractors
       ‘89 Case 885 4 w/d c/w loader                       Slurry tankers 700 - 1100 - 1600
    D/B 990 c/w p/loader, p/steer, D/B 885                      Sprayers 300 - 1500 litres
          J/D 3350 - 3040 - 2140                    Choice of 1 to 6 furrow ploughs
  ‘00 N/H TN75s 4w.d Super Steer                       Grain/Silage, bale, corn, GP trailers
‘97 N/H 7840 SLE c/w p/loader                          Tyres & wheels for tractors & trailers,
         Zetor 6911                                   New transport boxes - Toppers
  ‘88 Ford 6610, 4 w/d                               Chain harrows, p/hole borers, rollers,
Ford 5610 4 w/d LP cab c/w loader                  New fertilizer spreaders & various others
Ford 3600 c/w loader - 3910 – 4000               Rotospreaders, subsoilers, cultivators,etc.
       Ford 7700 and 7710                                     Welgar - 630 x 3 - 830 x 2
‘94 M/F 390 4 w/d c/w loader                  Welgar RP 12 x 3 - 200 & J/D 342 - 346 balers
‘83 M/F 250 / 135 / 590 / 50B+ loader             Various mowers, tedders, rakes, new and
    Internationals 574 - 674 - 785                    Flat 8 grabs, Accumulators, Spikes
                            Kuhn Primor trailed bedder/feeder
          Loaders to fit many tractors ~~ Tractors & Machinery wanted
                                 PAUL HUMPHREY FEEDS
               My Own Cereal Blends Ground and Blended by ourselves
                                approx. 15 protein and 13 me
                      Artic, eight wheel loads or split loads available
                                  or from our store in Essex
                                    Full UFAF Accredited
                                         also available
                    STOCK FEED & POTATOES, FRUIT BLENDS &
                                   OTHER BI-PRODUCTS
                                        Contact Paul on
                                        07860 658760
                                        01799 599361

                                  B.F. Armstrong & Son
                            Southlands Farm, West Sussex
                     FARMERS … GROWERS ...CONTRACTORS
                         For all your Farm Operational Needs
                         across Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire
          A friendly family owned and run business with a foundation in Dairy
         Farming. Our own farm supports 150 cows run on an extensive forage
       based system. We also carry out our own arable and forage operations as
                  well as contracting out our services to other farmers.
                      For all your farming needs please contact:
        Trevor Kensett on: 07860 499162 or Jamie Kensett on 07866 900807
             • Grass, Maize and Whole crop Silage (Part or Complete Job)
                                        • Ploughing
                                           • Drilling
                                        • Cultivating
                                   • Fertiliser Spreading
                                • Round and Square Baling
                                       • Haymaking
                               • Topping and Hedge cutting
                               • Muck and Slurry Spreading
                             • Feed Milling
                      • Forage and Straw Supply
                   • Straw bought behind combine
                              • Combining
            • Farm Management Services and Consultancy
• Contract Farming; Stubble to Stubble, Contract Farming Agreements
              Please call to discuss your requirements

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