billing protocol by 490Z1n


									TAGC is revising the billing protocols. Our goal is to have the new process in place by July 1st, 2011.

Please fill in the attached form and return it to TAGC (7121 KATZ)

The main changes to the user are the following

1) All users will be pre-authorized by the PI to use the TAGC facility*

2) PIs approve speedcodes for use in TAGC

3) All signup sheets will contain a speedcode for service

4) A copy of all invoices will be sent to the labs at the end of the month. These are for the lab files –
(TAGC DOES NOT REQUIRE A COPY BACK). If there are any concerns with the invoice please contact
TAGC as soon as possible so we can deal with any concerns before the invoices are processed.

5) All services will be billed after the invoices have been sent to the labs

*We have attached a form for authorization to access TAGC services. Please include all personnel in the
lab that are authorized to use TAGC services (technicians, graduate student, post Docs, undergrads) as
well as all applicable speedcodes. TAGC will charge speedcodes based on the sign up sheets at the time
of service request.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact TAGC 780 492 9004 or

Sue Kenney

TAGC Lab Manager

7121 KATZ

780 492 9004

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